December 24, 2013

Wonderful news about Zhenya`s family!

Can you believe that Zhenya`s family moved AGAIN?Oh, my!Poor, poor souls...How many times they should to move to finding a better place?It would be so stressful for me...

This is very small house where lives Zhenya, her husband Kolya and sweet Vitya.Of course, the house leaves a lot to be desired...

It's like the girls opened the gate that the van drove into the yard.

 Zhenya has no washing machine and all the clothes she washes her hands.This is how dry wet clothes, even when there is no sun.

 Other side of the house

But inside is a small healthy man, who brings such a joy to his parents. Isn`t he beautiful? :)

 Even there only an one very tiny room, Zhenya and Kolya happily live there.We were very glad that house is warm. There is gas system, that helps to keep house warm.

That this precious small sunshine, grow and stay warm with his lovely parents.

Vitya has his first teeth. What a joy to parents! :)

It made ​​us smile and warmed our hearts. When serving tea,  Zhenya put the cup and dishes on the table, what were given to graduates of orphanages this year. It warms the heart and soul, when we  meet graduates, we see that they use the blessing that has been done by many of you. :) We are waiting to begin this exciting Projects next spring, a few months!

But the most wonderful news that I wanted to share with you. A one Christain lady has provided(gave for renting)  this little house to this precious family, absolutely free! They need to pay only for the electricity and gas. 
Kolya and Zhenya were forced to move out of this house. Every night came drunk people and harassed the family. Life became unbearable. This poor family were forced to move out of the house in search of another quiet place.

Kolya also found a good job. Seemed impossible and he was not sure he could find a job at all in this small town . But what is impossible for the Lord ? Just when this family moved to this town , the local authorities have started to build a bread factory and they needed workers . Thus a young father has a job! Even for some time, but he is able to feed his family. How wonderful !

Zhenya also began attends communities Christian believers. It's a bit far for them to come each meeting to our local Bible Baptist Church. When they can. They attend our church as well. Wonderful, what God is doing !

A few months ago we had an urgent prayer request for this family, as they stayed on the street . But look what the Lord has done! They have, though very small, but warm house. They are happy to live there! Kolya has a job. Zhenya started attending church services. And another. Little Victor in April will be the older brother! Kolya and Zhenya expect another baby. :)

So, so happy for this family!See what love and prayers CAN DO!Thank you, Friends!Thank you so VERY MUCH!!!!!!! I believe, thanks to your many prayers, God has done all these blessings. :) This is amazing what power of prayer can do!This is such wonderful blessing, when several hundreds brothers and sisters in Christ can pray together and bring glory to the Lord Jesus! How awesome is that? :)

Would you, please continue to pray for this sweet family? Both parents are former orphans, who still need so great support...Thanks.

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