December 31, 2013

A dream that came true

I am so rejoice to tell you about awesome blessing what happened recently!

Most of you...I believe, you already "know" sweet Yaroslava, whom BOM supports.HERE I shared with you about some of troubles she had and how miraculously God blessed her. And mentioned her dream.

Since childhood, she dreamed of learning to play piano.But because of finances, even after graduating orphanage, she could not realize her dream.

But many years later, her dream came true and became a reality! Praise God!!!!!!

Faithful Heavenly Father wonderfully blessed! An one sweet woman, piano teacher in the U.S. has become a tool, and the answer to the prayers of Yaroslava. Today this lovely girl studying this instrument that to serve to the Lord and glorify Him, Who saved her and changed her life.Awesome!

But again, it was not without injustice to the orphans...
Director of a music school denied of our girl, because she orphan... :(
Does it seem strange to you? Orphans here are often faced with injustice. It breaks the heart of course, sometimes makes you angry or feel helpless... Often wipe their bitter tears and cried out to God for justice and protect these precious souls.

But again, God allows difficulties to happen because holding up something to bless wonderfully  and give the best that He has already prepared. (Romans 8:28) 

Also, in a situation with our dear soul. A one director denied to Yaroslava. The poor girl was ready to cry and was so upset. 
But in another music school, other director agreed and she liked our sweet girl. :)  Lord arranged everything just perfect and wonderful teacher and classes for weeks and a lot of different things!God is SO good as always!!!!!!

After the first lesson, Yaroslava did not go home but flew on the wings of joy. She was sooooo delighted and jumped for joy! It seemed there was no end of joy and she talked incessantly about her experiences and delighted. She could not believe that her dream finally come true! :)

The first steps playing piano 
We are SO happy for precious Yaroslava!!!Thank God that helped fulfill the dream of this sweet girl!!!!!!Special thanks to sister in Christ, Julie K.! :) Love you all!!!!!

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