July 19, 2013

A small seeds for a big tree

We are so grateful for your open hearts to help Lena in her needs and to her baby!
It is such a great joy to see how your precious gifts are sending to the needy souls. We already raised $1,330. It is much closer to our goal. Praise God!!! Many thanks for your such awesome generousity!

Do you see this cute baby carriage? I love it! 

It is made for a cold and warm seasons. The Lord arranged so that we could buy for very good price. This carriage though used already but in an excellent condition. Lena will be able to use soon this baby carriage and to carry there her precious baby. Lenochka was so glad and excited  with this news! Thanks friends that you sow these seeds of love that in the future it brought glory to our Lord and that the big tree would grow. This tree of belief that will help Lena to come to the Lord and kneel before Him in a repentance prayer. Once, she told that she would accept the Christ, but she isn't sure, she is not ready yet. Time is necessary, that these seeds of care and love grew and in due time bore a fruit. Continue to pray, please!

When we bought a baby carriage for the Lena`s kid in one shop. I involuntarily saw when the seller of shop gave a small bag to other woman with the children's things which have been in advance prepared. While we waited our turn, between women there was a small dialogue. And I understood that the seller collects from time to time children's clothes and gives to this woman. This woman from some organization and I so understood that they help poor families, where there are small children. 

This shop is for the used children's things. Sometimes you can find there the used children's things in very good condition. The prices are different there and cheap and expensive. People bring what  isn't necessary for them any more to this shop and leave there. The shop sells at contractual price with owner, taking from him an additional payment, for services. Thus people sell things unnecessary them. 

Having witnessed this conversation, I meditated.Hmm... And why to us not to ask? Why not? Will be they able, though sometimes, to help children's things to orphans and lonely mothers? I meditated and couldn't dare to ask.

 But in an instant the seller of shop interrupted my thoughts and uncertainty. 

-And why to you not to ask for us to help you to collect children's things also? I became puzzled of such unexpected question a little and was in perplexity. 
-And is it possible? I asked. 
-Absolutely!- surely answered the seller. Here is our office number for you. You call, ask and what we will be able, we will help. The seller spoke giving me their business card. 

Even, if it will be some things and a small bag of children's clothes for our precious kiddies and lonely mothers. But is it not a blessing? Is it not God's hand? Such joyful and excited I flew home. It seemed that I rush on wings, my heart was filled by such pleasure and great joy ! Is it not God's mercy?Our God is awesome!!!  ;)


  1. Oh how wonderful to see the Lord work through this shop owner. What a blessing!

  2. Amazing how god showed the woman your need. So happy Lena is getting funded and help with her needs. She will see God's love through this. Always keeping BOM in prayer! Amy

  3. AnonymousJuly 19, 2013

    What a great service this lady is providing to needy families and children, and how wonderful for her to sense that BOM could use her services! This sounds like such a good "alliance" for all concerned. Blessings are multiplying!

    I am sure the caring assistance and Christ-like love you are giving Lena will help her learn to trust and I hope eventually, to believe. She must have felt so alone and friendless before you helped her. I am so glad you're in her life now.

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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