July 13, 2013

Need a miracle!

We need a miracle Friends!This is URGENT prayer request!!!

Right now the Watkins family, are stuck in country with their both newly adopted children Masha and Charity. They can not get home until the children's passports are printed and delivered. They are running out of money and the plane tickets are going up it price. They need approx $2000.00 if they do not print passports next week. They cannot afford to stay in Kiev anymore but cannot leave. 
There are some more families with their adopted kiddies are stuck here in this predicament, with same issue. All these families are running out of funds. We have a trouble with printed passports in Ukraine for several weeks already.This is something that could not have been forseen...It is terrible!

Could you please pray that this situation is cleared up ASAP? Pray for passports to get complete at beginning of the week so they can return home? Pray for this family, they can be in time for Lindsay`s wedding on July 27th, who is now in Ukraine, with her newly precious sisters. 

We were wondering... If any of you would love to be a blessing to this sweet family? That they will know they are loved by God`s outpouring of love. Watkins family sponsorship page is  HERE with a tax deductible donation.THANK YOU so much!Every, even a small gift of love is so big blessing to them and encouragement!

Also please, pray for other families with their children, who are in same issue with passports.I even can not imagine what go through all these families. They did so much that to rescue all these kiddies, devoted their hearts to give them a bright future.And now for a some reason they have to suffer and go through all these troubles...My heart is aching.If I could to do something, to help these precious families...

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