November 12, 2012

BOM brochure

Ok, Dear friends.We are sooooo excited to announce that BOM has printed brochures.Yay!
Some of you asked or we have the printed literature or brochures or something else that to tell others about our ministry.So, here we go.

So, please e-mail to (in USA) to get how many brochures you would like to have 10, 30, 50, 100, 500 and more that to help spread the word.

It is a VERY helpful way to share Bible Orphan Ministry with others in your local community, churches, school groups, small group Bible studies, job etc. I have to say that you will receive these brochures absolutely FREE of charge.Awesome blessing!Praise the Lord!!!
We think it will be a good way to raise awareness!What do you think? :)

So, please, email and receive free BOM brochures to help spread the word about our mission.We so and so VERY MUCH appreciate and so excited to see what the Lord will do.Your involvement means heaven for us!Thank you very much!!!Blessings!

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