June 14, 2012

We have all necessary funds!

Praise God! We have all necessary funds to get new mattresses and pillows to ALL 90 girls! ? We raised not $2.206 but $2.266!Can you believe it? We are so excited that we could do it with God`s help, not in 5 weeks as we thought and expected, but in 3 weeks! Miracle! Miracle! Our God is great and mighty one! He is so good and is all-powerful! Is that something impossible for the Lord Jesus? Thanks a lot to all, everyone, all who took part in this great project. Thanks sweet Friends!
We are so thrilled, girls will receive soon new beds.It`s such huge blessing!We can only imagine their joy and admiration.
If God allows, next week our beloved girls can receive this wonderful blessing. We work on it. That as soon as possible they could have sweet dreams and sleep on comfortable mattresses, not suffer any more and glorify Lord Jesus in their hearts and prayers.What a joy and great blessing!
I can not wait to share with you pictures, when we will have it. :)

You make a BIG difference in lives of these orphans!THANK YOU!!!

Blessings to all!

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