May 10, 2019

Incredible 5 days!

  During this educating year, we became very good friends with graduates of the 9th grade one of the orphanages. Every week we came and held Life Lessons. Teaching how to solve conflicts, how to behave in society, why it is important to take care of your body, what the Bible says about this and much more. Children leave from orphanages are absolutely not ready for independent life and meet with very many difficulties. With each meeting, we noticed how children change. They began to open up more, to share their experiences and problems, asking for advice. With each meeting we became closer with each other more and more.

  Young souls from very poor families, where parents abuse alcohol and do not care about their children. They meet with hunger, violence, loneliness, humiliation, neglect, fear and much more. Many have not seen their parents since early childhood and do not know where they are... Some live with a grandmother who is very sick, barely walks and needs help herself. Some live with other relatives because they are afraid to go home. These sweet teens age of 14-15 years, leave the orphanage in a month. They are in fear, confused, afraid to start something new, there is no future, there is no hope... :(
We decided to invite them to live as a loving family and bring at least some joy and give them hope showing the care and love of Christ. ♥

   The BOM staff lived with teenagers for 5 days. We ate, sang, prayed, spent time, had fun, taught the girls how to wash dishes, use the washing machine and much more! One of the girls said. "I am so glad to have a great time with you. At least I will learn how to wash dishes properly!" :)

  When 15 souls live together, this is crazy! Ha ha!. "Alla, I did not take a towel with me." "And me and me." Four girls in one voice. "Alla, I do not have pajamas," the other girl. "Alla, I need a pillow." "Alla, I need a blanket." "Alla, how to turn on hot water?" "Alla, I have a headache." "Alla, I want to drink." Now I understand families with more than 10 children! :)))

  On the first night I was sweating! Really. I felt very tired physically waiting for 5 hours until late at night, when the washing machine finished washing for 15 people. Sometimes I waited until 2 AM and barely alive got up at night to change clothes and shoes for drying so that the children would have what to wear the next day. 

  This time we saw a REAL need. We need another washing machine! If the Lord has promted your heart to bless in this, we will be VERY grateful! :) ♥ Donate HEREThank you so much!

  Often, children come to us for the weekend and one washing machine does not cope. :)
This time there were many children. Only 10 girls in my house. One bathroom and shower. And you wait for two hours for your turn. That`s a problem. Lol. But I`m okay to wait as the girls enjoyed the bathtub at least a little bit. Since there are no bathtub in orphanages.
We have only two beds to sleep. The girls slept on three in one bed. Someone slept on the floor, someone in sleeping bags due to lack of bed. One girl N. is so tiny that she slept on the armchair, having put several chairs. It was very uncomfortable to sleep, but the sweet one was glad that she is not at the orphanage. And in this inconvenience she found joy.

Several, children came in terrible shoes and it fell apart from the rain. Thank God we found shoes! Brother Misha gave his shoes to one boy. How great that size fited! The kids were so excited!

One day we rode bikes. It was supposed to be raining, overcast and cloudy. We prayed and went to the beautiful waterfall with faith. We were lucky to see how the fish goes to spawn! It was so fun and another experience in the life of teenagers! It was getting hot. And instead of rain, we returned home with sunburn! Lol!
Although teenagers have returned tired, but happy and full of wonderful emotions!

For many years the children did not leave the orphanage and everything was for the first time for them! The orphanage is far away in the village, where there is nothing for entertainment. Kids often roam the grounds of the orphanage in wistfulness, not knowing what to do. This leads to depression even more. :(

  The other day teenagers had the chance to go on a picnic. We sang psalms, heard the Word of God and ate the most delicious kebabs! We have cold and rainy days now. Again we prayed for a nice weather. And God was so good to us !!! For several hours the rain stopped, and we were even able to play different games and launch a kite! It was a real miracle! Praise God!!! All the children were delighted! For many teenagers everything was for the first time !!! For the first time in communion with the church, the first kebabs, for the first time in their lives, launched a kite, and so many Christian friends showed love and care.
  We had an amazing and such a beautiful day! At the end of the day we had an adventure. The van would not start. But everyone was very happy and thrilled!!! Many thanks to all who blessed, brought so much joy to orphans and helped to make this day so special !!! 😍


  Being in a zoo, you would see the joy and delight of precious souls when they petted and fed the animals !!! One girl said excitedly: “Oh, I’m ready to hug and kiss you!” The children NEVER been in the zoo! Can you imagine their delight and joy?!

 We took them to McDonalds. Oh, how much joy it was! But since there was no place because of the crowd. We took food with us. The kids were so excited !!! "Wow! McDonalds. I've never been there!" Teenagers often repeated. We had to explain to the kids how and what to eat.

 To watch video HERE :)

  We became wonderful friends! They are so sweet and soooo precious! Oh my! These beautiful souls have taken a special place in our hearts! I can not express all my feelings now! 😭 These INCREDIBLE days will remain forever in our hearts! None of the children wanted to return to the orphanage and asked to stay for a few more days ... It was hard to say goodbye ... 😢 

   The next day, one girl wrote. “When I returned home, I learned that my father was drunk and I had to go to the orphanage. I so want to get back to you! I love you very much! ” Tears. It is so heartbreaking ... 💔 They are abandoned, alone and unprotected...They are so very young to start independent life so soon...

 Many thanks to all, who bless these sweet children! Many thanks to those, who give hope and future to these young souls! And thank you very much for the opportunity to not only tell, but also show the love of Christ !!! ♥ Although we are very tired physically these days! But trust me! It's worth it! Worth to see happy abandoned children! It is worth to bring incredible joy and delight in the life of young hearts! It is worth giving hope and showing the love of Christ! ♥♥♥

P.S.While I am typing this blog post. Two more girls asked about coming to us. One young lady asked: "Can I come to you for a few weeks? We have no water in the trade school for a week already. I can not wash and do everything necessary and it is very boring here, I do not know what to do..."

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