July 13, 2015

With girls about the 12 spies

Last week we visited these sweet girls.

As always we continue our "travel on Bible" with these young ladies telling Bible stories.

We told them Biblical history about 12 spies. It was fun when dressed up "spies" brought huge grape what we made from balloons.They loved it!

During a Bible time we played a game which we called "To Eat grape" :)

Who gave the right answer to the question of history, had the right to tear away the grape under the number to a question they answered. As always girls were excited to play!

They liked more to tear away the grape than answer questions. Ha ha!

 Also we learned Bible verse (1 Corinthians 16:13) "Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong." 

And in the end we made craft, spies carrying the grape.

This sweet girl always says she can't color. But after few minutes trying she did really well.

Most of the girls is very insecure, they lack confidence and always say that they can not do something.We cannot do a lot of things... But we try to break this mindset and teach them something, even a little bit, that they see and feel that they can do something and they are important to God. You could see their joy when they manage to do something!It is such joy to see their smiles and happy faces!

We are so thankful Jesus for the opportunity to visit these sweet souls!

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