September 10, 2014

URGENT-Save the family before the cold weather!

A month ago we asked you pray for Zhenya`s family as they had forced to move out again as many times before and they had no place where to go.It was terrible!Also we were greatly concerned where this poor family will live and the cold season is coming.

Well. As it was impossible find something, any housing. They were forced to move into this house...
The same house, where lived Zhenya`s mother in law who is sick with TB.This house is damp, abandon, neglected and uncared...They took a special lamp from hospital and placed it for several days in house that kill TB bacillus. Hope it helped and there any more TB bacteria...
It looks shocking and fearful live there.But they prefer live in this house then stay on the street with their precious babies on the street...

 So, they took out all this trash and cleaned the house.The house does not look like year ago.

But the new nest still looks bad and remains not in good condition. Zhenya says it`s cold now there...

 What do you think feel babies, Vitya and Nazar?Can you imagine they feel the cold there?!During a day it`s nice weather now but nights become cold already.

They do not have own gas or electric stove to cook. Zhenya always takes in borrow and use neighbour electric stove. But now neighbour does not wish give her stove any more.

This sweet family started to renovate the house. But they had money only for wallpaper for a room. Then everything stopped as they absolutely do not have funds.

 As every family they dream live in house where is warm and is most vital conditions.Especially after they moved out many times and had so many troubles.

Can you imagine live these babies in this dark, terrible, damp and cold house? Can you imagine live them in such house in winter where in windows, walls, ceiling, everywhere are holes?

This great need is VERY URGENT! Because cold weather is coming and they should do something. But what this poor family can do as they often hungry, have so so many needs, live in such desperate need and poverty???

They both are abandoned orphans who spent all their childhood in orphanages. They know how it is be there. They raise and keep their sweet kids that they never get there. Kolya and Zhenya try to do everything they can. But they need help.

So, with God`s help we plan to raise $3100 to help this family in renovation the house before the cold weather.These funds will be spend for remodel windows, doors, floor, walls, ceiling, transportation expenses, gas or electric stove, firewood, furniture not new but used in good condition and many more.

 Could you please.., help to renovate the house of this poor family and stay warm in cold weather, especially in cold and frosty winter?Your any amount will warm their hearts and bring glory and praise to Jesus Christ.Any gift is greatly appreciated. Please, prayerfully consider the need...
If you can please, send donation through the blue PitchIn button on the blog.

Or just send donation through PayPal  as PitchIn takes fees. It will help save money. We will add your amount to the button PichIn on the blog that people can see. Also, please leave a note that this donation is for Zhenya and Kolya. Thank you!

We would be SO thankful if you please, pray God will bless with necessary funds and we can help the family in time.Also, if you can, please, share this need everywhere it is possible... As every day matters!
THANK YOU! Every a little your participation in this great need is priceless!


  1. Praying...
    And amazed to see all what you can do with such a small amount of money !

    1. Thank you very much, Nicole!We very hope this amount of money will be enough to help this family.

  2. Prayers for this young family, and for a successful renovation of their house before cold weather comes.

    Is Zhenya's mother still living in this house? Praying for her, too....such a sad story, but it's good to read that Zhenya and Kolya are doing the very best they can to improve thiings, and that BOM is helping them. I have some smaller winter pajamas that will soon be on their way - perhaps Nazar and Vitya can wear them.

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

    1. Thank you so much, Susan!

      Oh,no! Zhenya`s mother in law does not live there. This sweet family would not live there now. It would be impossible for many reasons. Some of them is that she drinks alcohol and is sick with TB.At least it was a year ago.Kolya and Zhenya did not see her over 1,5 year or so.

  3. so excited to see the numbers grow !!!!!!!!! :)


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