September 19, 2014

Heartbreaking news...

I have so much to share with you but not now...Our hearts are broken...

Our brother Misha and director of BOM learned that few hours ago died his father. Thanks to God he lived about 2,5 years more after his sickness with heart. But as every human his time came today...

Please, pray God console and comfort his heart and send needed funds for funeral. We all are very sad, feeling pain and cry for the loss and sorrow of our Pastor... 
Thank you so much for your great love, many prayers and support, sweet Friends.


  1. may God give you comfort.

  2. Oh, my dear friends! I am so very sorry, but rejoice that Brother Misha and his father were reconciled, and that Brother Misha's father took joy in the wonderful work his son does through BOM.

    Those additional years and months of life were a blessing, and it's good to know that the love between father and son grew during then and that they became close in heart, though they lived far apart.

    All of you, especially Brother Misha and his family, will remain in my prayers during the days ahead, for the comfort of Christ, and for traveling mercies during the sad journey ahead.

    Susan in Kentucky


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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