November 13, 2013

Our thoughts can become reality :)

Did you ever have it? When you think about something, and after a while, it became a reality? Just think and reflect on something ... And your thoughts become reality. I believe that you had. :)  Born again Christians, who find a daily solace in their Savior, who is trying to walk the narrow way and do His will. Experiencing the feeling and excitement, when the Lord makes our thoughts a reality. Because the Bible says:
(Psalm 37:4) "Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart". 

How awesome is it! God left us a promise, if we admire, delight and find joy in Him. He will fulfill the desires of our heart.Is not amazing blessing?

This is one of my beloved Bible verses. Lord fulfilled a lot of my heart desires, which I could only dream of. About what, I'm only just thought and.... never could think that this can become a reality. ;)

I am very happy to share with you a blessing, what blew my mind!Where God has shown that nothing is impossible for Him! (Jeremiah 32:27) "Behold, I [am] the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?" 

About 2 weeks ago we went to one trade school because we had to solve some things. When we were about to leave, in the other side of the room, the girl was standing at the door and waved her hand. Next to her was another girl. The teacher made ​​a joke and said: "Oh, the girls must came to the boys and waving to them". There, in the class room were several boys. And we smiled headed to the exit, to the door.

When we approached closer to the girls. One of them said hello, smiling sweetly.
After a moment, I saw a familiar sweet face. I'm a little confused, wondering where I could see her... She began to show us a photo, where was of her class and team BOM together. Joyfully exclaiming: "I remember, I remember you!" pointing to a picture of who is who. We realized that she was waving to us.
Sometimes it's hard to remember the names of thousands of children. But God knows. :) I was stunned remembering the girl! It was such a joy that Nastya kept it and took a photo with her at this trade school. Remembering us and that last meeting a year ago... It warmed our hearts.Such a joy!

Nastya is left on the photo in yellow blouse.
But a few minutes later I was even MORE stunning!"Oh, God, I can not believe! I can not believe my own eyes. I can not believe that this has happened ..." I thought at that moment...

Each year in May, we present special gifts to graduates of orphanages with the last meeting with them. We always interested and ask administartion of  orphanages about the children. Who, where and how live after leaving orphanages. In May this year, we asked about these teens and it was sad to hear about Nastya.
That she nowhere, in any college has not entered and stayed the home. I do not know yet everything about her family. But I know that her family is one of the disadvantaged. Maybe just no one was able to help Nastya ... Since that time, thoughts kept running through my head ... Maybe we would have been able to help her? Maybe one day we would have helped her enroll in a college, any school? Maybe... Probably not. Who knows? This happened several times over several months. I by thoughts sometimes came back and thought about Nastya....

Also, since the last few months we are busy most of the problems of teenagers and young adults. I thought several times... What, if we take a ride on several colleges, trade schools in our city and find orphans , those that we know and invite them to church? Maybe we will not be able to help in all their physical needs , but we can tell them about the Lord , about Who will be able to comfort them and help them. Who can be their true Friend and Savior. In the first years, these children are very hard to settle in new places. 
I thought...Maybe if several of them. What if, we will find them and let them know about BOM. That we can pray for them . And we are here to help, what we can.

A time went on... Thoughts had run in my mind. What if? What if?.. In which school to go? Where to find them? and other questions...

A moment later I remembered my thoughts about Nastya... and that to find  graduates  orphanages ... 
I was extremely surprised, amazed and impressed! Oh, my! How it can be? I could not believe!In front of me stood a  beautiful young girl... The one, whose thoughts were spinning in my head a few months. 

Picture was made a year ago on same picnic :)
The one that I thought how and where she is ... But I never thought that I would meet her again! :)Amazing!

So, about 2 weeks ago we met precious young lady Nastya( in green sweater in the photo) and her sweet friend Katya with long beautiful hair. You will not believe it! But Katya is also a graduate of the orphanage, but the other one. They are both first year of study in a trade school and in one group.God is awesome!

Both girls were already in  service of the church and were able to hear the word of God.We also had a lovely fellowship and tea with some young people. :)

I am SO happy and praise God for His goodness and miracles He is doing! :)

Please, pray for these two beautiful souls. Remember in your daily prayers. Pray that they would open their hearts to Jesus and He changed their lives.Thank you!

But there is a sad side of the story. A few days before our meeting with Nastya. Burned down her house and perished her stepfather.All her belongings burned."I have nowhere else to go ..." Nastya said sadly. Poor girl ... Pray for her. Who knows? Is not for this purpose, the Lord has connected our vital roads?


  1. I am so glad that you have reconnected with Nastya! What a blessing for everyone, particularly during a very difficult time for her. I am sure BOM will provide her with a lot of encouragement and caring.

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

    1. Susan, thank you for rejoicing with us because of this blessing. We are so excited! Nastya is very sweet girl.

  2. This is a joyful story...and I see that God is weaving Nastya's life, and weaving yours together with hers.

    1. Yes, it is unbelievable that our life roads met again! One more detail that I forgot to mention. Nastya is from same orphanage, where I was many years ago :)


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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