April 5, 2013

Visit of boys

One more amazing visit we had recently!
This day was so sunny and beautiful!Even snow still laid, but the sun very bright shined so, that was heavy to look. The whiteness of snow and a bright sun blinded eyes. It was already spring sun!

Spending a time with boys was beautiful also.

 We had puppet show.

 We told Bible story to those, who understands even a little.Boys sat so silently and listened history. It was simply amazing! In the room there was such silence that this even  made uneasy a little. :) We absolutely did not expect it and rejoiced in our hearts.Praise the Lord!

Song with movements

The game, where precious souls put puzzles. Children very much liked to take part. They were so excited! Thus we had some groups, where the BOM team helped boys and  more children could play.

  Even the caregiver helped boys! It`s great!She even helped boys to sing song too.And we love it!

Christian literature to workers

Thanks to your support, we were able to bring diapers to the needy children and special formula food.Awesome blessing!

I only think of these poor boys, who absolutely not react and don't speak. I even don't know or they hear at all. What can we make for them? How to bring them pleasure? What to make, that their eyes would begin to shine and we could see precious smiles? Some of them don't react or in general reject, take your hand away. When you try to touch and stroke, having shown at least a little attention and love. What to make, that they would feel necessary and saw at least a ray of love, at least a little bit light?What can we do?..

 Thou hast seen [it]; for thou beholdest mischief and spite, to requite [it] with thy hand: the poor committeth himself unto thee; thou art the helper of the fatherless. Psalm 10:14

 ...for in thee the fatherless findeth mercy.Hosea14:3

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