April 4, 2013

Sweet time with girls

We are very busy now by visitation of orphans.Every day I`m going to tell you what an awesome blessings we have.We are super excited!But after coming back home, I feel tired and do not have strength and energy to blog.

So, here is a short update about visitation of girls in mental institution we had last week.

When we only arrived, some children having seen us at a windows, started waving a hands.Day was gray and a little gloomy. But we saw warm light in the eyes of these precious children.Their dear faces shining brightly were so expressed and so excited.Oh, my!You would see their pure joy.It brings such blessing to our hearts to see their lovely smiles.

We had puppet show to them as always

what they love so much and were overjoyed :)

To tell Bible history to those, who understands a little, it was a little difficult this time. It was noisy a little.Some girls shouted sometimes. Honestly, it is hard to say. It because of their special needs, disability or pleasure.But we had a wonderful time anyhow!

Here we played puzzles.That team, who will make it the first, will win. Nadia and Misha helped girls.

They so loved this game! That we chose also other children to play. They were so happy and applauded.

Also girls liked to sing with movements.

They love music!

The wonderful blessing was that not smaller than 7 caretakers could hear the Gospel in this room and received Christian literature.Amazing!

Sweet precious souls helped us to gather our stuff in the end of program.These 2 dear girls are so special to my heart.They both are so sweet and darling.Just so love them!So sad they are in this place...

Often it breaks my heart and ask the Lord. Why so loving hearts have to be here? Why they have to suffer? Why?We know the answer. I believe, you know why...Bible says "...and the whole world lieth in wickedness". Just wait a day, when we will be in the Heaven forever with our beloved ones.Where will not be an evil and iniquity.Where we will be happy with saved dear sisters and brothers in Christ. Where we will be forever with Jesus.We should just wait with patience.

While we spent time with children, brother Misha spoke about God`s love to caregiver.In other rooms with opened doors, other caregivers also could hear the Good news. :)

The day and visitation was absolutely awesome!

We thank Jesus for each moment to see these dear children and spend time with them.We thank God for each opportunity to give our love and hugs.We thank our almighty God for your support and prayers!God bless you! :)


  1. I am so grateful for all you guys do. From one Christian to another...thanks,


    1. Thank you, Trina!We are only servants of God and do His will as many other Christians do. :)


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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