March 25, 2019

"Come... and rest awhile"

And he said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while: for there were many coming and going, and they had no leisure so much as to eat.
(Mark 6:31)

   We live too much in public as many of you I believe :) We are excited and carried away by public meetings in orphanages, trade schools, giving consultation for needy souls, visiting lonely and afflicted, church meetings, babies, taking care of teens, societies, paperwork, too much work on computer, emails, bookkeeping, blogging, social network and such like things. Problems with young people is worse — and yet at times we are wearied and exhausted with both these, and both at once. That`s not easy to be a mom for teenagers... Details in another blog post :)
  There are times when we give and give and give and feel like we can’t go on. Until like being made keepers of the vineyards of others — our own vineyards are not kept. Jesus understands that. He whispers, “Come away by yourselves to a quiet place and rest a while.” We needed that quiet time with Jesus to recharge our batteries and renew our spirits to continue in our vocation. These times of retreat were important to not only get away from the pressures of a many souls that would seek to conform us to its ways, but  refresh and vibrant relationship with God. 

We felt burned out, emotionally tired. Our batteries were running out to the point that we became ill. The BOM team started having heart pains, a high heart rate, terrible chest pain, back pain, dizziness, weakness and much more.The last weeks have been very hard and very stressful...
We prayed that the Lord would send funds so that we could go to a "desert place" and rest. We felt that our forces were running out.

And he did it! He heard our prayers! Our Heavenly Father sent the necessary funds! I was super excited that I cried all day from happiness! Yep. I was shocked and amazed!

The longest sledding track 3 km, where you can get a speed 50-60km per hour

Amazing view!

Yes, so much snow. In many places 2-4 meters high

We planned to climb some place between the mountains and see its beauty. But the wind was super strong that it was easy to be knocked off your feet and I began to choke on the lack of air. We returned so it was extremely dangerous and this year not a few people died in the mountains :(

So, we could renew your batteries and had so much fun! We refreshed our fellowship with our Saviour and enjoying the amazing Ukrainian nature and breathtaking winter mountains.

We are so grateful to our donors that, not knowing it, they became the answer to our prayers! Our gratitude will never be enough! We heartily thank those who made it possible and blessed us renew our emotional and spiritual strengths! Now with new strength, we can take care of hundreds of others! 😊May God richly bless you!!! ❤❤❤

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