November 28, 2017

Lovely Nest for the Kozaks' family

We are super excited to start a new HUGE project!Renovating housing for Kozak family! ♥ Yay!

Ok, we'll start from the very beginning. WHY this is VERY important:
  • The young family has 3 beautiful kids. Sasha and Olga, both orphans and without housing. Most of you know this precious family :)
  • Sasha Kozak has a property. I will not delve into the details of the laws and stuff so as not to confuse you. But this room in the dorm belongs to him. Some time ago we wanted to help make repairs and settle his family there. But this was impossible for many reasons. Now after a few years, it became possible! Praise God!
  • If the family does not settle in this room in the near future. The state will take Sasha's room and this will bring even more problems and worries. Because no one lives there now.
  • The family will not have to move every year from the apartment to the apartment. This happens quite often for various reasons.
  • BOM will not need to look for housing for this large family every time.Nobody wants to rent an apartment to a large family. Even with one child. This brings many experiences and difficulties for the Kozak family and the BOM team as well.
  • Thanks to this, we can help many more precious souls who need housing. In the house where Kozak family lives now, a young family can live, and several other young ladies, one of whom expects the baby soon.
  • The most important thing. The young family will have their own housing! Although small but their own. Where they will feel settled and safe instead insure where they will live next month.
With God's help, we hope to raise $3100 The room is abandoned and it is need to do very, very much! The money will be spent on renovating the room, in particular walls, ceiling, new windows, doors, new electric installation, etc. There is no electricity at all. Also there is an opportunity to make a tiny kitchen. After repair, it is need to buy/order new furniture for a young family. Olga has long been dreaming of a bunk bed for her boys. Will we make a surprise together? ;) 

Can you imagine the admiration and joy of young family to have their own lovely nest??? What a wonderful blessing to have a roof over your head! ♥

If God stir your heart to bless this sweet family, you can use the blue button on the right side of the blog. 
Also you can send a gift of love through PayPal Let us know, please and we will add the donation on the blog. Please, leave a note for Kozak family
Or send a check  to 
Ting Ministries 
Stephanie and Brian Carpenter
29 East Poplar Street
Lebanon Pa 17042

All donations tax deductible!

Every, even a little donation is a wonderful blessing for the young family!THANK YOU very much!!!!

But mostly we ask you to pray with us God will provide all needed funds. There are a lot of nuances and details. We need the wisdom of God, help and His favor! Would you share the need, please? :)
Thank you so much for any participation! May God bless you!!!

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