March 11, 2016

A Nursery Room-new project

I`m so very excited to start this new project! Because of the little ones! Our church is growing little by little. More young people join, so and more babies :)

It is so exciting and such a joy to see young families at church with their kids.

 But we have a big problem. As we have lots of babies and toddlers now. Children do not have place where to play during a church that parents can listen a sermon or when we get together to have a fellowship.

They do not have a place where to sleep. This how babies and toddlers sleep sometimes :)

Mommies do not have a place for breastfeeding and change diapers. 

If toddlers can sit down with parents sometimes and stay during a church. They are learning :) But this is impossible with babies. Especially when they are crying, hungry and so on. We help young parents how we can but it is hard physically, especially when no a nursery room.

So, we are here kindly asking for your help. To renew and buy everything for the Nursery Room necessary around $1200. Our church consists about 70% of former orphans, who need the help. These money to raise is impossible for us. We have a very tiny room at church. But it is better than nothing :) The funds will be spent for furniture, such as crib or two, beddings for cribs, 2 feeding chairs, little table and several chairs for toddlers they can draw etc., dresser or any locker for diapers, blankets, toys and all kids stuff, renovation walls and the floor. It is not in good condition. Carpet for the floor and so on. 

Would you please become a blessing for little cuties? That they can sleep peacefully in cozy cribs but not on the floor, where is cold especially in cold seasons. Would you, please send your gift of love to little ones, they can develop well and play in Nursery Room that parents can no worrying listen a sermon and enjoy of fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ? And that mommies have a room where they can change diapers and feed their little lovies. ♥

Please, prayerfully consider this great need. Any your gift, big or very little is greatly cherished! To make a donation please, use the blue button at the top of the blog. 
Those precious babies deserve to be cared and loved as every child on the earth :)

Thank you! Thank you very much for prayers, kindness and love!!!! May God bless you!!!

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