April 16, 2015

Hello from America!!! :)

Only a week later I realized that I am in America!!! Really. I felt like I see a long sweet dream ;) I would love to thank you all for prayers!!! God is soooo good !!!!! The flight was great and I even did not get tired to get to U.S. The time changing was not a problem for me at all. Even it is 10 hours difference. So, I am doing great thank Jesus!God answered your prayers.I am so thankful to all!!! ♡

I stayed at California first. The family what is hosting me is so, so and sooooo very sweet and so very lovely!They treat me like a queen. Almost every day their love makes me teary and see the Lord's hand in every thing. I feel loved and greatly blessed by the Lord Jesus!!!

I made million pictures and videos. Ha ha! I'm so pretty excited to share with you few of them!

The garden of oranges. Never seen oranges on trees! ;)

San Bernardino County. The nature is gorgeous!

Big Bear Lake.So beautiful place!

My dream came true!!! I never thought it can be real one day!! I saw the ocean!!!!Yay!!!

The view is fantastic!

I love big waves!

Oops. This is what happens if you stay close to the waves. :) Yes, I was wet but excited!

One man made those statues of Bible heroes many years ago.Interesting.

 About 400 western movies were made at this old city.

 And Disneyland!Yay!

Joshua Tree National Park

The flowers are so pretty. Our God is such great Creator!

It was kinda interesting touch to cactus. The light some thorns are little soft but darker are hard.

Then I was posing to make a picture. And just in a moment thorns stuck into my hand!!! Oh, my! And at once I remembered the Warning I have read before. Do Not Touch! But crazy Ukrainian girl has broken the law. Lol. It was hurting a little.

The most hard part was I could not take it away!!!But that is not all. While I was trying take it away, the next bulb of thorns stuck to my foot!Haha! That was hilarious!!!! Thank God it was took away. It was bleeding a little. The bruises showed up next day on my hand and foot. I still have it.
Finally the bulb was taken away and thorns were much easier to pull it out. :)

 It reminds me that God many, many times warning us through the Bible. Warning, do not touch a sin, do not try to do it! If you do, you will be in big trouble! Oh, well. I had quite funny experience with cactuses in America. Haha! Good lesson! 

Amazing place!

God has been so and sooooo good in many ways! the Lord Jesus had a plan of my coming to America, no doubts. One generous man donated HUGE amount $$$! It amazed and made me teary. Seriously. BOM had so many different needs. Everything we could, it only pray.... When BOM got this huge donation I hardly kept tears... I could not believe!!! So, our current project Housing for Adults finally is over. Praise God!Thank you so much , who made it possible!!!Also we have funds to fix our van and so on and so on. Our Heavenly Father simply pouring out His love and blessings. This all makes me speechless...

I am sad to leave California. I had amazing time, I ever could think or dream. I love it! Tomorrow I am going to Arkansas,  then Texas, Kentucky and Michigan. 10 more flights wait for me. I very hope  my travels will be safe and great, same as when I arrived to America ;)

I would be very thankful you keep praying for my travels and me being in America. Thank you so much again!!! ♡


  1. What a wonderful time you have been having! You are seeing and doing so much! California is a beautiful state - and so are Arkansas, Texas, Kentucky, and Michigan :-).

    Thanks for sharing your adventures with us - beautiful pictures, too. I hope the rest of your trip goes well, and that you get to meet interesting people and do interesting things everywhere you go. I'll be glad when you come to Kentucky!

    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

    1. Oh, thanks a lot, Susan! I had awesome time in America! Yes, I met interesting people and saw interesting things.Thank you so very much for your hospitality again ;)

  2. I'm so glad you're having a good time in America! Thank you for sharing your pictures.That is neat about those Bible statues. I've never heard of them before! I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and that all will go well and safe with your travels!

    1. Thank you so much, Melanie! I had amazing and safe trip travels in America! The Bible statues are in Desert Christ Park in Yucca Valley. It is neat place! :)

  3. AJ from Texas (South part of Texas)April 17, 2015

    Oh I'm so happy that you are having a great trip here in America. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. Those are some great pictures. Praying for safe travels and that you continue to have a wonderful trip.

    1. Oh, AJ.Thank you very much! I am just happy to share pictures of God`s beauty. God greatly blessed me with travels!Thank you again for prayers! I really appreciate them.


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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