December 12, 2014

Just a simple thing make them happy!

Do you see this precious smile? I love it!

Do you see these happy faces full with joy and delight?

Do you see excitement of girls? Maybe you hear their laughter? :)

Well. We played in the snow with girls and threw snowballs at them few days ago. Just such a simple thing made everyone so happy! 

So sad that no one playing with them at the snow... But it is so simple, so fun and need nothing for that! Just snow and love to these souls.

The day was beautiful even not sunny. We laughed together and had fun. Just playing with those beautiful souls lifted the spirits and bring such joy!

Before the exciting time we had Biblical lesson with younger group. The story was about Joseph and his coat of many colors. (Genesis 37)

This little lovey is deaf and does not communicate...So priceless she wanted sit at lap.

At the end we made a craft, Joseph coat of many colors. Cookies, chocolate paste and M&M.

Dear friends, you would see how they were happy and so delighted! I can not find words and describe how much they were amazed!This girl was so excited and overjoyed she made this craft! She took Misha`s hand led to a place where she was sitting pointing to the "Joseph coat" with such great joy. She applauded and was thrilled! :)

Then they all ate their "craft". "Mmm. So yummy!" It made us smile and feel joy in hearts. We are so rejoice that simple things make so happy these children and bring such a joy!

Also BOM provided with different clothes what many of you sent.

Huge box of many puzzles.

Hats, socks and many other blessings.

Thank you!Thank you so very much to those, who made it possible! Staff of orphanage greatly thanked as they have nothing!

Staff asked us to help with bedding and towels. Towels look terrible and so worn out. Bedding should be provided 3 times a year. But orphanage uses beddings several years already!

The situation is going to be worse due the war and economic situation in Ukraine...The 25% of staff should be cut soon. How it will work where are children with special needs? It awfully even to think...

We have learned sizes of bedding is different in Ukraine than in US at least. If someone wish to send... I don't think it is good idea. Thanks for understanding.

If someone has opportunity and desire to bless these precious souls with beddings and towels, please email to   or leave a comment here. Thank you!Many, many blessings to you and your families!


  1. My cousins had a lot of fun playing in the snow with their younger new daughter - nine years ago this month! Time goes so quickly...Your pictures remind me of all the fun my cousins had. They also built a snowman in the yard of their small hotel, and none of people there had every seen one before and thought it was very funny.

    Two more boxes are on their way to you - older boys' plaid flannel shirts and turtlenecks for older girls. Hope they help keep the teens warm. A few other small items are also included.

    Keep warm, and thanks for all the wonderful things BOM does.

    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

    1. Ahh!How sweet your cousins had a lot of fun playing in the snow with thier daughter.

      Now all snow almost has melted. :( We wait for more snow to have fun with young adults and families, who are under BOM support. We had so much fun last year! They asked recently, will we have same fun playing with snow again this year? We all can not wait! Ha ha!
      Hopefully, we will play with children at orphanages as well :)

      Thank you very much for your wonderful support and bless Ukrainian souls with clothes!It means so much for us all!
      Thank you, Susan!


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