August 18, 2014

His faithful hand upon them

Few days ago we visited our treasures, boys with special needs in mental institution. Brought a blessings, diapers and baby formula, we had a wonderful time with boys and caretakers too.Everyone was very glad!

Few more boys were transferred there again...Some from the baby house but others due to the war in East of Ukraine. Parents fled but can not take care of their kids.They left them there.How sad and disappointingly...So more abandoned precious kiddies in crib, who need tender care and love.

Our caretakers are doing wonderful.
But staff started to speak again about the great need of more caretakers.We understood that we must to do something.Do something for the boys! As the need is really, really huge, Friends. Only an one sweet boy need to feed about 1,5 hours. He has a trouble with digesting food. But there so many more, who need a help!

Due to the economic and political situations in Ukraine. Director of the mental institution was forced to cut several employees for orders of local authorities. This means that in institution less caretakers, who would take care about the boys.

We planned to hire one more caretaker. But a little later. We understood that boys can not wait. As every day matters! We should help these precious souls. We had funds only for several months. So, we decided do it with a faith that Lord will supply the rest of funds. We decided to hire one more caretaker and continue pray that the Lord will bless to help these treasures. It was not easy decision for us. But our hearts are sad,  broken and hurt for these boys.

Do you know what?! God is so good!!!! He has provided all needed funds and we can hire one more caretaker for whole year!This is awesome blessing! Because He is marvelous and good. Because He loves them. Because His faithful hand upon them. Amazing!We are so happy!

Would you, please pray together with us God will help find a woman with a kind and a loving heart to these boys? Who tenderly would be taking care of them and be "their" mother.Thank you!

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