March 29, 2014

Pure joy

Wonderful and soooo great time we had with girls!After Bible time, games, songs, story, learning a Bible verse, these precious souls received a beautiful gifts from God. All younger kids received stuffed toys and elder girls received hair-clips and all these stuff for hair. Everyone was so excited! There was soooo much laughter, glowing eyes and smiles!Oh, my! I wish that you would have seen this admiration and delight!!!  :)

This made smile and warmed our hearts to see how a small thing can bring joy to a child and make happy. There was such a pure joy!
Thank you! Thank you very much for sending all these gifts to bless and bring such a great joy to these sweet kids. God bless you!!!

Puppet show for smallest kids

So priceless

Aren't her smile is precious?

Love her smile and how she hugged many times her toy

 Isn't cute this little lovey one?

Kissing her toy

No words...

This sweet girl was so happy by her gift, that began to tremble. She came to me on her knees, hugged and so warmly thanked. It seemed there was no end of her joy.

Such a sad face.Perhaps, this toy will be only one consolation for her...

And sad moments...

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