August 28, 2014

Lots of experiences for a day and wonderful blessing

Yesterday in the evening an one young orphaned guy called me.
-How are you? I asked.
-Very bad.
-Something happened?
-No. I just do not want to live anymore and want commit suicide.With sureness said guy.
-Does anyone know about your decision? with great concern I asked again.
 -No. Only you.
I read as many as could Bible verses and said that is not good idea, Jesus loves him, he is not alone. God has a perfect plan for his life. In my head always was place of scripture (Jeremiah 29:11) "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end". 

After phone conversation I understood we must to do something and immediately!We were greatly concerned and felt helpless.We prayed all church and thank you very much all our friends who prayed for this guy.

So, went to him.At 9.30PM we all BOM team were speaking already with this guy trying comfort him and find out the reason. It was terrible that NO ONE did not know about his decision, no friends, no caretakers of orphanage. He is not talkative and never share his thoughts and feelings with anyone.This kid is quiet and never got in troubles. 
But depressions does not leave him, feeling alone, fear. He graduated orphanage this year and tomorrow will start independent life.He has absolutely nobody to support and help him during first time of his "adult" life!I can only imagine what felt this poor boy.

After private conversation we decided take him and his siblings orphanage out, make if only a little brightly and rainbow-tinted  their day.

So, next day, today Sasha and his siblings Grisha and Valya spent all day with us.Do you remember our "flower girl"?Yes, it was Sasha, her brother, such a young guy, who in a week will turn 19 years old. It is a heartbreaking and scary. It`s a very sad reality...

Kids were so glad to be out orphanage!At the beginning we dressed them. Can you believe all clothes you see on them it`s clothes of their friends? Their own they had only underwear. Poor kids. Thank you who sends clothes. It was so helpful!

Sneakers and sandals Valya had, they took borrow at their friends too.In the morning was VERY cold and rainy today!Brr!Can you imagine this beautiful girl in rainy cold day +12С( 53.6 F) in sandals?When Valya had put on sneakers. Oh, it is so warm, she said.She especially was happy having shoes.

But have not found shoes for Grisha. So, we went to bazar  buy something for him and few more things for Sasha and Valyusha.

We learned that Sasha does not have autumn and winter jacket. We bought today a wind jacket. We plan help him to get some more few clothes, warm sweater, autumn and winter coat, winter boots. If you have a desire to help this poor guy. You are very welcome! Just leave a note sending gift of love for clothes for Sasha. Thank you!

Then all got hungry. We wanted take them to McDonalds as they never been there. But today was so many people!So, we went to a cafe, as everyone was very hungry.
They get used to eat same food at orphanage always. So, they started to buy much food all kinds. I think they just wanted to try something new and bought lots of food :) Poor kids.

Then we went to a entertainment center.They first time ever went on the escalator. Valyusha all the time was afraid. Oh, I'm going to fall down. Oh, how it's not fall down. ;)

We showed them a pet store. They have been amazed to see lots of different animals.

Lots of different beautiful fish, snake, spider, chameleon, turtles and many more

 The most funny. Valya said, I never thought you can buy a cat! Funny girl. Well. In Ukraine you can see lots of running cats and dogs on street, everywhere. You can pick up any, if it does not have owner of course. Many cats and dogs are in orphanages and children feed them. Valya was greatly surprised, why you need go to a store and buy cat, if there on streets lots of free of charge :)

But the most precious teens LOVED a big supermarket! Honestly, we were surprised.
Wow!It is huge! You can buy so many food?!they said amazingly. :)))
So, we showed and taught them how to buy food, what choose etc.

 For some food you need use the weight. We showed and taught how to use it.

 Then was a practice. They took few bananas.

Valya used weight. She was a good student. Sweetheart learned fast and was so excited! :)

"Oh, that's a lot of chocolate! I never seen so many chocolate!" They were blown away! :)
For a long time they could not choose which chocolate they wish.Sweet kids.

When we walked this precious girl was so greatly impressed and asked. Do the store has ice-cream? When I will graduate orphanage(next year), I will come here to buy ice-cream.

Oh, darling you do not need wait a year to buy ice-cream!They were sooooo happy to get some! ;)

Grisha got lost seeing lots of ice-cream, was so impressed that could not choose. Precious kid.

Then they learned how pay for food at cashdesk. "Now I know how to do lots of things in a store, said Sasha. I do not afraid go a store any more." He was so happy!

So, these sweet kids have been AMAZED to be at store! Trust me. Just go to a store buy something it was something very special for them all. They always were greatly impressed by something or overjoyed.

I'm typing teary. Only a little thing can make happy an orphan. Just a simple thing can bring such a great joy to a precious soul, who deprived and has absolutely nothing own. Only something little what for us is ordinary and daily...

Spending all day with them we talked about Jesus answering their questions. When we were ready said good-bye, Sasha said. "I want to be with Jesus in the Heaven". Wow! Amazing! So, two brothers, Sasha and Grisha asked Jesus save them and change their lives. Oh, my!Can be a better blessing?! We were thrilled glorified and magnified God for such unexpected awesome blessing!

Yesterday we did not know how to help him, only comforted through the Bible and pray.Yesterday Sasha did not want to live but today he has a future!Oh, my! I still can not believe!
Please, remember him in your prayers. On Saturday he will go to a trade school, where is lots of criminal, alcohol, drugs. We worry about him. Pray God keep him away from evil and sin. Pray for all 3 kids  they grow spiritually, will come to know God more and He will become so real to them and they become new creations in Him. Pray for them as they have lots of emotional issues.Thank you!Thank you so much for your prayers and support!God is good!!!!

August 27, 2014

Blessings to little ones and a great need

We visited today little cuties and provided clothes.

Oh, HOW they were happy and delighted! Wish you could see their smiles and joy!
Thank you very much to all who sends clothes!What a great blessing you are for orphaned children!

Look at this precious smile!

Such happy little girl ♥

Am I cute or what? :)

 Kiddies love visitors and so warmly thanked for blessing!

This sweetheart always hugged brother Misha and thanked him.

Then she sit down on his lap hugging and showing her gratefulness.

Not only this sweet little girl but many others wanted hugs and love.

 Little boys started to discuss and one of them say "I love this aunt" and pointed at me. This absolutely melts my heart. And breaks my heart at same time that how many little loveys need attention, warm hugs, sweet word, tender care and just love. How many of them do not have mommies or daddies or they just do not visit them...

Talking with caretakers about orphans life after they leave orphanages. They still remember small Stella, Olga Kozak and many others. Even there are nice caretakers but they cannot replace a loving parents.God created a family in the beginning, so a child should be in a family.

But there is great need in autumn and winter boots for kiddies! So, if you have any opportunity send us used boots but in good condition or send money and we could provide, whatever you think is the best. We will be just happy to bless these little loveys!

And there is bigger and urgent need!
In connection with the problem of the supply of Russian gas to Ukraine, we do not know what to expect this winter. 
"Gas consumption by heat supply companies during the heating season should be cut by some 30 percent in all oblasts, Vice Prime Minister and Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities Economy Minister Volodymyr Hroisman has said".

Thus, all government institutions recondition gas-fired boilers for firewood or coal. Everyone should be ready for winter. Last year we had very cold even in September.

Director of Children`s House said she cannot sleep over month as she does not know where take money for  firewood.So, we are kindly ask you help 80 little kiddies stay warm this winter. Tomorrow we are going to help provide a little firewood for the orphanage. But we need $700 more to help these sweet kiddies stay warm and healthy this heating season. 
On behalf of these orphans we kindly ask you, please if you can to help.Could you help, please, these little feet stay warm?Even a little $5.00 is very helpful!Director was so much happy, when we said that we can help a little. And then she agreed pray with us and asked the Lord to bless, provide remained needed funds and take care of children.You can be the answer of prayer!Just with a little donations, together we can make a big difference! 

The blue widget on the blog will show the raising funds and how much we will need.THANK YOU very much as always!May God bless you!!!

August 22, 2014

A raspberry field

Yes. This is how many raspberries we picked off of the bushes with the young adults. Don't they look delicious and yummy? :) Young people learned how make a jam and freeze berries for winter. 

We picked them at a farm of our Christian friends, who has a large several fields of  raspberries. They live in other oblast or region. They have a business growing and selling raspberries.

As our friends are farmers and have lots of different animals also. During all life our precious orphans dreamed to ride on horse. So, they dream came true. They have been so delighted and so excited!!! :)

We spent lots of time talking about the Lord till late night. It reminds me, when Paul often talked and taught Christians till break of day. "When he therefore was come up again, and had broken bread, and eaten, and talked a long while, even till break of day, so he departed". (Acts20:11) What a great and lovely Christian fellowship we had!

Then in morning we started to pick berries.In the morning was so cloudy and it seems will be rain. But God answered our prayers and blessed with a sunny and beautiful weather.We all were so glad and praised our Heavenly  Father!

For the first time in the life orphans picked raspberries. It was so wonderful spending time with them, teach about the Lord and hear their thoughts or stories about their childhood in orphanages, their worries, aches and joy. 

 I love raspberries!Mmm :)

We all so happy with God's provision having lots of berries!We so glad orphans could have a Christian fellowship, learn something new and get a new experience. They get new life skills. They learn work and prepare for the winter. They learn to help others . As we picked all these berries for all our young adults. :) What a great blessing!

Coming back home on the way we visited a Tunnel of Love. Posting a picture of it few days ago on Facebook, I had no idea, we will be there soon. Life is amusing thing! ;)

Tunnel of Love is a beautiful spot in Klevan in Rivne Oblast. A three kilometer railway section leads to the fibreboard factory.The train goes three times a day and delivers wood to the factory. However, the trees make a green corridor, which attracts many couples, as well as photographers for its eye catching avenue. This a beautiful romantic place!

The picture cannot show how beautiful there as it was getting dark, when we were there.

We came back home very late night but happy with many God's blessings.Thank you for stopping by!God bless you! 

August 18, 2014

His faithful hand upon them

Few days ago we visited our treasures, boys with special needs in mental institution. Brought a blessings, diapers and baby formula, we had a wonderful time with boys and caretakers too.Everyone was very glad!

Few more boys were transferred there again...Some from the baby house but others due to the war in East of Ukraine. Parents fled but can not take care of their kids.They left them there.How sad and disappointingly...So more abandoned precious kiddies in crib, who need tender care and love.

Our caretakers are doing wonderful.
But staff started to speak again about the great need of more caretakers.We understood that we must to do something.Do something for the boys! As the need is really, really huge, Friends. Only an one sweet boy need to feed about 1,5 hours. He has a trouble with digesting food. But there so many more, who need a help!

Due to the economic and political situations in Ukraine. Director of the mental institution was forced to cut several employees for orders of local authorities. This means that in institution less caretakers, who would take care about the boys.

We planned to hire one more caretaker. But a little later. We understood that boys can not wait. As every day matters! We should help these precious souls. We had funds only for several months. So, we decided do it with a faith that Lord will supply the rest of funds. We decided to hire one more caretaker and continue pray that the Lord will bless to help these treasures. It was not easy decision for us. But our hearts are sad,  broken and hurt for these boys.

Do you know what?! God is so good!!!! He has provided all needed funds and we can hire one more caretaker for whole year!This is awesome blessing! Because He is marvelous and good. Because He loves them. Because His faithful hand upon them. Amazing!We are so happy!

Would you, please pray together with us God will help find a woman with a kind and a loving heart to these boys? Who tenderly would be taking care of them and be "their" mother.Thank you!

August 11, 2014

Bad news - urgent prayer request!

With a broken heart, dear Friends and faithful Followers, ask you pray for Zhenya`s family again...
They are forced to leave the house where they live now. The owner wants to settle some relative there. Both Zhenya and Kolya feel frustrated and afraid. They both with their little precious kiddies, do not know where to go and what to do. Again fear, helpless, frustration, heartsick. Again they forced find a housing. Will they find something? They have only 3 weeks! It is very and very short time. Do you remember how long we tried find something but  no avail? Do you remember where they wanted  live because they had no other way? This all is terrible, friends! With 2 kiddies on hands they in high risk stay on the street.

Please, pray for this poor family! God bless and would provide a housing for them and they would not stay on the street again. That their hearts will see God`s glory and they would give praise of Him.Pray God will do a real miracle. At this time can be harder find something as many, many people flee from East of Ukraine, finding a shelter because of the war.

Also, please, keep praying for our country, God be merciful and stop this evil.Today, except dead, hundreds thousands people are homeless in Ukraine because of the war...

"A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, [is] God in his holy habitation. 
God setteth the solitary in families: he bringeth out those which are bound with chains: but the rebellious dwell in a dry [land]." 

August 6, 2014

Preparing for the winter

"Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise,.. Provideth her meat in the summer, [and] gathereth her food in the harvest." (Proverbs 6:6,8) 
Young adults as ants and they learn prepare for the winter. BOM teaches these young people life skills. These precious souls learned how to can fruits in jars. These days we have preserved peaches and plums. 

They were so glad to learn!

Sasha wanted to learn to can also :)

It looks delicious!Mmm. Doesn't it? :)

Next few days we taught them how can preserve tomatoes.

First canned tomatoes

Young people so glad to learn and so excited will have some food for the winter. It is such a great blessing, they say :) How wonderful!!!

August 1, 2014

New housing

We were forced find a new housing for the young adults/family again. The owner decided to sell the apartment. We had a very short term to find something. God blessed and we found the housing in very last day! What a blessing!
We even like this apartment more, than we had the last one. There will live Kozak`s family and Yana. All of them are very glad! 

Yana`s grandfather kick her out on the street. Yana cried and felt so disappointed and heartsore because she had no place, where to go and live. God gave us a wish to help this precious young lady.

This orphaned girl is so happy she has her own room! She says it`s such a big difference, when you at orphanage and nothing belongs you and in one room live many girls. She is overjoyed!

Precious Edick loves make a pictures. So, he followed me everywhere. Such a sweet kid :) So, here are few pictures of their apartment.

Kozak`s family room

and Yana`s room.

 These sweet souls will live there a year. Hope, we wouldn't need move in one year again. :)


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