April 19, 2018

Necessary items for graduates

The main reason for our night trip yesterday was the purchase of gifts for graduates! ;)
Every year they leave their orphanages empty-handed...Life is very hard for them without support. Each year, BOM blesses teens with the necessary items.

So, we have started this huge and wonderful project to bless 60 graduates with blankets and kitchen utensils!We are so excited!!! We went early at 3.00 AM to another city to the bazar. God was good and blessed in many ways!

We could buy blankets and kitchen utensils at a good discount. Isn`t it wonderful to see God`s hand in it?

At night it's harder to drive on bumpy roads. But God is good and we had a safe trip!

This year the roads became even worse in Ukraine. But in some places it is already being repaired. Therefore, we really hope for improvement so that we do not have to repair the van after almost every long trip.

This is what happens when you drive on bumpy roads in Ukraine ;) You're losing parts from your vehicle! Ha ha!Thank God that we noticed it in time! 

Nature wakes up and everything blooms that so pleases your sight and brings a joy to your heart!

We are very grateful to everyone for donatings and participating in this wonderful project! It's so great not only to cover the needs of many but also to be a participant in the joy and admiration of precious hearts!THANK YOU very much!!! ♥ May God greatly bless you!!!

Please, pray for graduates, for their hearts, for their needs and that they would give their lives to Heavenly Father.

April 4, 2018

Resources for a tired mom

Resources for a tired mom, it was the topic of the seminar a few days ago devoted to mothers or very busy women. Many young adults suffer emotionally and physically very much... Many do not know how to help themselves. It breaks your heart... The purpose of the seminar was to help young ladies, to give information on how to take care of themselves that there were strength and energy to take care of their sweet family. And also that mothers could emotionally and physically rest from their children.  :) And it succeeded! We had an incredible time!!! We studied, we had a sweet fellowship and we had a wonderful time! It was AMAZING!

We sang and it was beautiful...

We learned...

Beautiful young women studied The love languages to know how to help ourselves and help their families.

They learned how to take care of the heart, mind, body, and soul.

 Precious Karina. Such a sweetie ♥

Since we were all day away from homes it was great to fill not only, mind, heart but body too and to have a lovely fellowship ♥

That the mind does not explode from a lot of information, the young ladies could rest outside, breathe the fresh spring air and enjoy the beauty of nature. :)))

We played fun games

And we even had a small romantic dinner! Why not? ;)

At the end of the seminar, all received 2 books, about the upbringing of children and about the relationship with husband. All the ladies were delighted with the gift!

Many young women greatly thanked for the wonderful time and rest! After all, some mothers with many children for all the years could not leave them for a single day to rest! Can you imagine how they are exhausted emotionally and physically besides daily routine worries?

Mommies were so inspired by the information, rest and lovely fellowship that many immediately the very next day began to work on themselves! How amazing! Many have seen problems in the upbringing of children or problems with their husbands. Some have realized how important it is to take care of their health and emotions. Many young ladies have not read books for many years! Some began to fill their minds and read books. Everyone can find 10-15 minutes throughout the day to read the book. The main thing is to want to do it. ;) Some started to plan their day! Many have realized how weak their relationship with Christ is and what needs to be done for this. Wow! It's such inspiring!!!

We hope to continue doing similar seminars from time to time to inspire moms and women and to help them in their emotional needs. 

We are so grateful to Christ for this wonderful opportunity and experience!!! Praise God!!! We also sincerely thank all those who helped to fulfill this plan!!! ♥ 

P.S. God began to bless from the very beginning when we were given a 40% discount on renting a building! How awesome!!!


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