February 27, 2014

URGENT! Time has come!

This blog post is so very special, friends and  VERY URGENT!!!Every day counts!

Some time ago, I have already mentioned about Masha. She is a sweet and precious young lady, who graduated last summer orphanage.

Recently we learned that she can no longer learn in school, where she studied with Olya.The fact is that Masha was considered invalid or disabled till the month of January this year.She's  talking badly and has easy mental retardation. When this sweet girl underwent a course of treatment at the hospital (by law ) that would again make group and receive pension by the law. She was told that she is healthy and did not need government assistance! Then she ran for a long time for various government instances in the hope to renew disability group again , but it was useless . In school, where she studied, Masha had to say goodbye to her, as it is officially considered not disabled ( despite the fact that she needs help and treatment ! ) Administration may no longer keeps her there.

Communicating with one of the staff of the school, we learned that they still held Masha about a month, hoping that she still be able to get a group of disability . They appealed to different institutions , sent a lot of paperwork. But all to no avail . All tearfully said goodbye to Masha. Even the worker school, she almost burst into tears telling us about this girl. Knowing HOW she wanted to study!It breaks the heart...

Our goverment is obliged to help people with disabilities and meet their needs . But the result is obvious... Of course all of this is discouraging and saddens. There is no justice and care for orphans and the disabled...

Knowing this young lady personally,  how she was glad attending church meetings,we couldn't stay away. We decided to go to her home and to better learn the whole situation.

Common Ukrainian village, where is a small school with a small shop, with hundreds of homes, where live mostly elderly and old people.

 As young people trying to leave the villages to get an education and find any work. Even, it is underpaid. Because in the villages, poverty and no work. Alcohol, drugs, death, powerty,emptiness, there is no hope and future.

 But we were most disappointed, when we saw in what terrible poverty Masha lives.


Her situation is common, as many social orphans have.  Her father drinks heavily. There were cases, when the beat of his household, and Masha was beaten from her father also.

Powerty, abuse, alcohol and so on...

This precious soul tearfully left the school... Since hoped to get an education and to arrange her life.

You should have seen how she was glad by our arrival! Her face lit up with joy, and when she got the box, it seemed there was no end of joy. She sincerely thanked for everything. This girl is deprived of everything! Even things such as soap, toothpaste, brush and pen, is a great joy and blessing. Do you remember how she was very happy by new boots?

Do you remember when at this blog post, I said that we absolutely had no idea what God has prepared and what His plans?.. But now we know and this time has come! Time to save this precious girl from street life and give a hope and future!

Our desire is also to help Masha with health. She has a very bad teeth, and perhaps there is an option to have surgery in the larynx that she could speak better. We do not know ... It takes time and money to the survey. But now the most important thing to Masha could continue to learn. Teachers say, if someone paid, then Masha could TODAY to continue her studies!

We need to raise a minimum $722, that this girl could study, for 4 monthes.  This money will be used to pay for education, food and pay for a dorm and % PayPal fee. Also as Masha will not receive a scholarship. Need money for basic daily needs. 

If Masha had $180, she would have already been able to continue her studies TODAY. So, this is URGENT need!

If we do not help, her life would be similar to that lonely, abandoned and ruined building...

Will we show together to this sweet girl, God's love and care? Will we be able to give her future, hope and save from terrible life? She DREAMS and hungers to study! 

Please, prayerfully consider this need and take part, if you can... EVERY a little bit gift is a big help!
If the Lord gives you the desire to participate in this little project and give a future to this poor girl. Donations can be made via purple PitchIn, "Give Future to Masha". THANK YOU!

The watch has started to ticking and every day decides her fate...

February 25, 2014

A little bit about everything

A very short update. We continue to serve our Heavenly Father, visiting lonely souls and orphans in orphanages.

Most meetings we have with graduates.

With those, who will start to live independent life in several months...

 Most of the kids are scared and  afraid to leave orphanages .

Please, remember them in your prayers.

Finally we have prepared a main program to go to orphanages. Tell kids a Bible story about Birth of Jesus and bring gifts.It takes us longer then we planed. But anyway we are very excited! :)
If anyone has a chance to help us with acrylic paint, ANY color and ANY number. We would be very grateful!!!!!! As we often need it. Thanks.

We were so glad to have packed these special gifts to our dear teens and young adults.

Over 240 orphans will receive these so needed personal care items. The socks deodorant, soap, shampoo, shower gel and chocolate :)

 THANK YOU so much to everybody, who took part in this awesome project!!! You are such an amazing blessing to many Ukrainian kids! Many thanks for your sending parcels, what helped and became such great blessing also! ♥ 
What a great joy will be soon in orphanages! :)

Also we have funds for one more month to hire caretakers! Praise God!!!! As you see(on the right side of the blog,PitchIn) God blessed by $4,150. THANK YOU to those, you send those gifts of love to the sweet boys. Please, keep sharing! To follow, know all events and updates you can HERE.

PLEASE, continue to pray for Ukraine!!! Troops finally left Maidan at the capital. It seems there became more quiet... But the situation is still VERY tense here. Everyday something happens.So many different things is going on! But the most. Please pray that Ukraine would not split and for our government. We love our beautiful country and our people, but the situation more and more hard... Our hearts are saddened and it hurts very much. :(

February 18, 2014

Violence Returns to Ukrainian Capital!

PLEASE, PLEASE, keep praying for Ukraine! It's so heart wrenching watching this all what is going on here. Today is high tension in Kyiv .Violence Returns to Ukrainian Capital agian! Today is a huge turning point and at this moment, it is worse than any day with regards to violence, since it started in Ukraine.  There so many injured and some died. 


Our hearts are so very sad...My heart aches and tears are running. It`s hurt, very hurt for my country.This is so horrible!

For those who follow LIVE stream is HERE

Update Here and HERE on English also

Today roads to capital started to block. People are outraged by the closing of the Kiev subway.  Closed subway.

We are safe!BOM continues to do the work, visit orphanages, graduated orphans and the lonely souls. They are safe too.But prayers... we need many your prayers, dear Friends. Please, pray God saved from civil war and for the peace in Ukraine.This is so terrible!

On Friday, in 2 days, we MUST be at Kiev/Borispol!!! We expect a special guest from USA, who greatly supports ministry and will spend about 10 days with BOM. We are so and so excited! Such a blessing! And at same time worry for this day, Friday.Please, pray for God`s protecting and safe!!!Pray for Ukraine without ceasing!!!

February 14, 2014

Soft and tender as a flower

Do you see this beautiful young lady sitting between boys?My heart absolutely aches for her. I often think about V. And she stole my heart... <3

Last summer we visited kiddies in summer camp with our friends.

After the meeting, we could have a little fellowship with the kids. When we were ready to leave this precious girl began to beg us: 
-Please, taking me with you! I do not want to be here! I'm terribly bored and I feel bad here. I only want to be with you! Take me away, please!
-But that's impossible... 
-I know! But please, take me away of here.-she continued to plead...

Oh, my!Her pleading absolutely broke our hearts...Its was so sad and heartbreaking to leave her there...

Searching for her photos. I was shocked and saddened. This sweet girl looks so sad and distressed at all the photos...Here are some of them.

And even when we held a meeting with teenagers recently.

Throughout the meeting, she sat sad with  lowered  head. This makes me sick :(

Since the summer, I tried to contact her looking for different options. But it was hard and to no avail. So we decided to visit her in an orphanage. When we asked some worker that she would be called. Administration orphanage asked: "Oh, you've come to the V. and her brother G.?"  Yes. Without thinking we replied. Then we looked at each other surprised and realizing that this flower girl has a brother?  We did not know this. But we were even more surprised, when her 2 brothers came to us!Wow!

So, here are these sweet souls. 
Sasha(on the left) is oldest 18 years old brother. Dreams to be electrician. He likes to make everything and to have a deal with electricity. He is "age out" kid already. This year will start independent life. He is not talkative. But Sasha does everything he is told. But this sweet guy does not know where to go after leaving the orphanage... And who knows, whether his dream will come true? He(and his siblings) study in a orphanage for children with special needs. We think and pray. We do not know whether there is an opportunity to help him? Is it real for him?

V. is a kind, quiet and unassuming girl.She is VERY sweet and lovely!This lovely soul is soft and tender as a flower.This beautiful young lady will remain in my heart as a "flower" girl. "V" said that on May 10 she turns 16 years old.She is so dear to me!

G. (on the right) 17 year old guy. Very sweet and smiling. He is kind and quiet boy. He and his sister are in one class/grade.The 18 October he will be 18 years old.

Do you know that the "flower" girl and her brother "G"(on the right) are available for adoption? I do not know all details of International adoption. Here is "V" info on Ukrainian site.Sad.Very little. Here is G. info. But on the picture there the brother of "flower" girl does not look like he is, as for me.But it probably is too late for "G" to be adopted by foreigners? Only by Ukrainians.

They were brought to the orphanage after extreme neglect by their mother, in early childhood.Since that time they have not seen her. They do not even know or she is still alive. One worker said, Oh, how hard these kids will be, after they leave of orphanage! This even more broke our hearts as we know reality. :(

These kids are SO talented!
This lovely girl embroiders very beautiful, neat and so diligent! I love to embroider too. :) But she works just amazing and I was struck by her ability and neatly. She embroiders on the lessons,  at recess, when goes rest, another word always that make herself busy and maybe find comfort in this.

This, so small ship,  G. made by himself and presented to bro. Misha. Isn't amazing this precious guy?Brother Misha was so humbled and said this gift is very special and so dear for him. Since this day our pastor keeps and carries this precious gift with himself everywhere :)  

My plea and prayer today is...Maybe... Maybe someone will want to support "V", this beautiful and tender flower? She is a little hidden girl. Maybe someone will want to show your love for her that she could open up completely in all her beauty. She is often sad. Perhaps, someone will want by your care and attention to bring joy to the girl and see the smile on her face. Maybe someone will want to support even whole family? They are GOLD! Trust me.

When we talked with these guys. The sweetheart admitted to us . When she was told that someone came to her, she was scared a little and on the way all the time was thinking, who it could be. After all, NO ONE EVER in her life came to her personally! Oh, my! When we said that only came to her, and not the entire orphanage . ( Before we saw her brothers ). She was astonished and surprised.
At the end of the meeting with them, she still could understand. She approached to Nadya and asked. But why you came only to me? Why you came only to me but not to someone else? It was clearly visible that she was greatly amazed :)

My desire is that this beautiful girl would  see and feel that she is NOT ALONE and that she LOVED by the Lord. You should have seen their glowing eyes, when they got a packages of sweets ! The "flower" girl and her brothers were so pleased and heartily thanked . Maybe someone wants to show God's love and care for this girl and her brothers???

On the way home after our meeting with these precious kids, I wanted  cry. I hardly kept my tears.My heart was absolutely broken for these souls and my heart aches till today. Will we do something in their life of these brokenhearted?

February 10, 2014

The incredible time with young souls in trade school

A few days ago God blessed us with an incredible meeting with young adults and teenagers in trade school.The spending time with them  was amazing!Coming back home we rejoiced and were thrilled!!!! 

Initially, when we arrived the dorm administration was not very glad that we were to meet in the hall. Not one employee complained about that they are "bad" children, their future, it is a prison. Does not it depend on us, on the society to prevent them from the destructive path????
How sad was to hear it...Most of these sweet souls are from many different orphanages. They forced to study there. Not because they wish, only because to be saved from the street!That these souls need just the help and care, understanding and love. The most, they need Jesus!

Also there administrating started to repair the hall. Senior tutor was very worried that the kids can steal tools. She warned us, if anything they will steal or break, we're goin responsible. Great!We agree! Just let us please,  hold the meeting!
Also she offered us a small dorm room, as very worried that everything will be ok after meeting with teens. We decided to stay in the hall convincing her not to worry and we agreed to take over responsible. And it was the right choice! Since in a small room, we just would not fit. The hall had almost 30 people with the BOM team! Amazing!Yay!

Would you pray please, God change hearts of these lonely and poor teens? I would spend whole days there, showing the Christ love and listening their heartfelt stories. They need someone, someone, who loves and understands them. They are still kids, only with  the broken souls and hearts.Only Jesus Christ can heal their precious souls. That`s why we come there! To give hope and show the Love.

Imagine. Parents abandoned them, then spent childhood in orphanages and now should study in place, where they can not realize their dreams. They are not free and can not chose. Government decide instead of them what to do. But forced to study in place, just to be saved from the street.

The testimony of bro. Misha was great. Abandoned, orphanage, street life, jail and much more. He warned them that life in jail is terrible.It's very scary, when you wake up in the morning on a table saw someone's severed head, just because someone  did not like him. When you sleep in a room on the concrete bed, where the walls and ceiling are covered with snow and ice.But the hell is worse!

Also, many times we reminded them that they are not forgotten, that someone remembers and loves them, someone wants to give them a bright future and a hope. They are special for someone, despite the fact that many humiliate them and neglect the only because they had no childhood and were in orphanages. And that someone, is Jesus! They all sat so quietly and listened attentively. Honestly, I did not expect that everything will be so perfect. The meeting took place simply amazing! Nobody nothing stole. :) And on the contrary, many of them came up and asked various questions. It was so awesome!Thank you, Jesus!

These young adults are sweet and precious but not "bad" as we were told!

We sang along with the children. But since they loved to sing with a guitar. They asked us to sing something else with them. It was so great!

At the end of the meeting everyone received a package of food from the blessing we received recently.
Kids did not know what is it and never seen a hot cocoa mix Nestle in small envelope, only in jar. Also about other food. 

They were so happy to hear that someone in America loves them and sent this food to bless. 

Also at the end we had cookies and juice. Thank you! Thank you so much to those, who sent gifts of love to bless these lost sheeps by food!

It was very noticeable how quickly they all ate and were hungry. When  brother Misha asked, who of them are malnourished and often hungry at school. You will not believe! Everyone raised their hands. Wow! It was so sad to see and hear that these children are malnourished... :(

So, your precious gifts are such a wonderful blessing to feed them!Thank you friends!

Also some teens were blessed by different clothes and jackets.

And even bags. Some guys immediately put on clothes and did not want to take it off. :0)

But most amazing blessing was that 6 young souls trusted Jesus and asked Him to save them!Oh, my! It was so wonderful and awesome! God is good!

Would you remember them in your prayers, please? From the left to the right Bogdan, Andrew, Ira, Valya, Alyona  and Sasha. So and SO happy for them!!!!!

We rejoice and praise God for this incredible meeting and blessings we had! He is so good always!!!! Isn't He? :)

February 3, 2014


When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is check emails, read and publish comments on the blog, look what is happening on our BOM facebook page, read messages there, answer questions and so on and so on. I love to do it, even takes much time! :)

One morning while doing my usual work, I read this shocking comment on the blog:
"Omg Dasha is my sister...I'm her oldest sister Sasha who was adopted with Yana and Vitalik!!! I've been trying to find Dasha PLEASE CONTACT ME!!! THANK YOU!!!"

What?! Is it possible? Is it truth?!  Wow! It's incredible! It's a miracle!!!!!!!

By publishing a comment here, I could not believe it! After all passed so long time!My hands feverishly shook with excitement. What to do? What to do? How to contact them? Thoughts were running in my head.

Then I read this email: "Hello!!! I am Dasha's oldest sister Sasha who was adopted with Yana and Vitalik!!! I have been trying to find Dasha and I'm so happy to find her on this site!!! PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP!!! THANK YOU GOD BLESS!!!"

So, what happened friends?This incredible and fabulous news!!!!!Oh, my!!!

The young lady Dasha was trying to find her siblings, who were adopted many years ago and live in USA.
Soon it will be 3 years as I wrote HERE, and we tried to help Dasha find her siblings. HERE is some information that Dasha could give us. But it was useless till this time.  Thanks to this, on the blog Dasha`s relatives found her! This is amazing! After soooo many years!!!Wow!Our God is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Since 1999-2001, FIRST TIME for so many years, siblings were able to see each other and talk on Skype with Dasha!!! Undoubtedly it was a VERY emotional moment, tears of joy and happiness, delight, surprise, love and much more!
Dasha with tears shared with us that all these almost 3 years, she prayed that God helped her to find her  3 sisters and brother. Isn`t amazing answer to prayers?

Another sister Dasha, Kristina, when she learned that her relatives were found, workers  of the orphanage could not comfort the poor girl, she so wept for joy. As they told us. Director of the orphanage gave us permission to come and chat on Skype.We took our laptop and modem. (There are no Internet and computer for kids). We praise the Lord for what he has arranged the Director heart to give us permit , because it was already a late hour. Undoubtedly, all employees are very happy for Kristina and could not wait to see communication with people  over the ocean :)

When Kristina seeing her siblings started crying, all those present could hardly contain their tears. It was such a touching moment.

Drawing for siblings <3  :)

Here is made a short video of this touching moment :)


This is a wonderful reunion of relatives and long awaited meeting, gives me hope to never give up! Do not give up, when you are in search of some relative, do not give up, if you are in fervent prayer for someone, do not give in eagerness, ANY work or ANYTHING!!!  NEVER GIVE UP but BELIEVE and WAIT!!!!  :)


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