October 29, 2012

Olya and Sasha have all necessary funds!

Ok. I wish to share one more amazing blessing with you. We are sooo excited! I think that you already guessed from the name of this post :)
Yes! Yes! YES!Olya and Sasha, our young parents, have already all necessary funds! We are so much glad and happy for them! We thought to raise necessary funds $1765 till the end of December of this year and it would be fine. But didn't pass EVEN MONTH as the Lord blessed surprisingly! One wonderful person blessed $1445 that completely to cover needs of our lovely teenagers. It is surprising and we have one more huge miracle! Hallelujah!It`s AMAZING!!!

Thanks a lot to all for prayers and donations! Look, what does the Lord Jesus and how surprisingly cares of needy souls! Thanks a lot for your surprising care, great kindness and amazing generosity. Many thanks for your open hearts and unindifference to needs of the poor and involvement in our ministry.

 Thanks for that to help Sasha and Olya to live for a year in the rented apartment, to grow up their delightful and sweet kid, Edik. Thank you that to help with their remaining daily needs, medicines, the food, different expenditures etc. Many thanks for everything that you do, dear friends, from bottom of our hearts!
For one need it is less!God is soooo good!!!We are in awe!

That is not all! I`m going share with you one more amazing blessing! :)

God takes care!

Somewhere about two weeks ago here, I told to you that the Lord made a real miracle. Also I was going to share with you later, when everything will be made. And so at last, I can share with you about that how God cares of orphans and hears prayers of the children.

We have here many needs... But some of them were VERY urgent because of a season and getting cold. Our hearts were broken and we couldn't stay indifferent to needs of 4 teenagers, who had no necessary clothes. Thank God, today they have winter clothes and footwear, thanks to your donations.We are so excited for them!
 Also we worry and we pray about girls with special needs that to bless them with winter jackets.We have already $545!Awesome! Thank you very much!

In addition we have a big difficulty with our missionary van. Please pray!

And still it was necessary to help immediately to a mental institution with medicines about which they asked us to help. We had only 10-14 days to help.

 And some these needs  were in past and some are STILL the urgent. In total that we could, it to kneel and beg God about mercy and about a miracle. Our hearts were broken and we didn't know how to help...  We prayed and in one-two days God answered and made a miracle, having sent us amount of money EXACTLY what was necessary to help mental institution, where are boys with special needs.
  We were so glad and impressed, God sent to us exactly this amount of money! God knows everything and cares of precious orphans, knowing their many needs. 

It`s funny that the same day, we were going to ask you about this help.I already sat down for computer to bloging about that. But I decided to check out our account. I could not believe my very own eyes! We were so impressed and amazed that we hadn't to do it and the Lord already sent!Wow!
Thus, we immediately acquired and could provide a flue vaccine, to dear boys with special needs. Orphanage do this every year, that protect children against catch cold, flu etc. And it helps. But this year the mental institution couldn't pay for it, and asked us. We were so glad that the Lord cares and sends all necessary. And it was enough!We paid $550 for vaccine.

Praise the Lord!Praise the Lord!Praise the Lord who still do miracles today!!!Our God is awesome!

I`m going share with you about much more miracles.So, please, coming back soon! :)

October 28, 2012

About Jonah to orphans

Dear Friends, God is doing just amazing things here! I`m so excited to tell you but in the next posts. :)
My soul sings and exults! I have very much to tell you.Therefore return here soon. :)

But here I would like to tell you about a lovely meeting that we had last week with children.
We so rejoice of each meeting and possibility to tell to orphans about the Lord, about His love, about great Bible heroes and wonderful miracles that are described in the Bible, in this amazing book.

This time we had a possibility to tell to precious orphans the Bible story about the prophet Jonah. About that as he tried to run away and hide from the Lord and what as a result turned out.

After we recalled last stories by means of pictures (they made it perfectly), we studied with our dear ones the song about Jonah with gestures.
As the craft took time a little more, we decided to divide into two parts. Therefore in the beginning they colored  by color pencils of the Jonah and scissored out. The picture was double-sided therefore children also spliced it among themselves.

I think it was a good preparatory part to the main. Then after telling the story and animated cartoon viewing, we played game to  reinforce knowledges.

They very much liked to fish! Each fish was numbered. Which fish they will catch, on that question and responded.
They were very excited!!!
Between fishes were also a crab, starfish and a crawfish. Nadya  excellently explained a distinction between it and difference.
Then we studied the Bible verse."For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments."(1John5:3(a))KJV
 Jonah didn't obey of God in the beginning and escaped from Him as many of you know this wonderful story. Therefore God wants that we showed the love to Him obedience and execution of His commandments or judgements.Children know, if you love God, you shall to conform his commandments . :)

After that we repeated with them song already learned in the beginning and continued the second part of the craft.

Here it was necessary for our kiddies the Jonah that they scissor out before, to place in the middle folded double a tracing-paper and to splice edges. Then to scissor out two parts of a whale from construction paper (we printed before), to place Jonah in belly of the whale and the edge to splice among themselves.
Thus the Jonah was in belly of huge fish and could move. Children were simply delighted and are much impressed! "Look, my Jonah can move in belly of the whale", they cried out. :)
They loved very much this carfts!!!
Also on the craft, there was verse that we learned.
Orphans in orphanages got used, what they do all at lessons(any project), they leave it to the teacher. Some children started to come for the first time to Bible lessons this year and couldn't believe that they can take away this project with themselves and it doesn't need to leave to teacher. "Really? Wow! I can take it with myself!" Joyfully jumping, kids cried out.

Do you know that orphans lay down the crafts under pillows and to sleep with it??? They know that it belongs to them and that is why they enjoy projects.

At the end of meeting we congratulated those who had Birthday, having reminded that the Lord remembers them special day even if all forgot about it. Oh, how they were glad and excited! You would see their shining and happy eyes!

Precious kiddies that only started come to our meetings couldn't to believe that this gift belongs to them and they can enjoy it. "Really? Is it right? I can leave it to myself?" It was necessary to convince long of that, it is gift from Lord Jesus and from this day belongs to them. I think that some of them for the first time in life received these gifts... "Yes! It`s amazing! Yay! I have a gift!" They cried out with delight.

"Wow!That is so beautiful car!"
Sasha kissed and huged us hundreds times! "Look! Look everybody at me!I have a goldfish!" He was simply amazed and so impressed with the gift! So sweet kid. ;)
It was probably the most surprising part of our meeting. Children were so impressed with the gifts. O, my goodness!They jumped, shouted, rejoiced, showed each other their blessings.It was so sweet and heartwarming to see and hear their admiration.
PRAISE THE LORD!!!!That He grants so MUCH pleasure, joy and delight to the poor orphaned children, deprived of all this.

October 24, 2012

Bless Orphans by Winter Coats.

Well. Dear friends. We begin our new project, Bless Orphans by Winter Coats. We were going to carry out this project more than a month ago. But sometimes there are unforeseen situations and it is necessary to change or postpone everything. Therefore this project VERY urgent also!!! Because the cold season already began and time is VERY short.
 Orphan`s coats are very worn, have holes, broken zippers what cannot be fixed and coats are in an awful condition.  Very often the child wears a coat for many years, when a child grown, the same coat pass on to other child, who wear it for several more years... So one coat or a jacket can wear 2-3 children many and many years. As a result it becomes unfit for use, doesn't make warm and children very much freeze.

Our desire, that children would feel comfortably and warmly. Our prayers to God, that children would see that the Lord loves and greatly cares of them. 

Winters in Ukraine are very cold, especially when air is humid or damp.Even not strongly low air temperature to become simply intolerable. The winter for many Ukrainians it is simply catastrophe and to become every year serious test and a cause of life and death. Last winter over hundreds Ukrainians froze from cold and an awful frost. From Wikipedia for last winter in 2012.
We beg God that orphans wouldn't feel cold as last winter, and felt God's warm and presence through blessing having warm clothes. If we could, we would blessed ALL orphans with a warm coat or a jacket and winter boots...

Our purpose to raise $3090 that to bless 60 girls with special needs in mental institutions.

This picture was taken 3 years ago.Caretakers asked us to help these sweet kids to get the warm jackets.We were not able to help them...And no one did not help them still...I believe their coats became worst for these several years.So, our wish to help them with God`s help, this year.It would be such a great joy and excitement, if they could to receive new winter jackets.

Please, can you help us to help 60 orphaned girls with special needs to receive winter jackets?God made so many miracles.We pray and very hope to help our dear ones to stay and feel warm at this future winter. Please, can you help us to bless these precious ones, as poor teenagers several days before?
 It`s VERY urgently, Friends!Time is VERY short!The earlier we will raise necessary means, the earlier we can bless dear children...

We would be so grateful, if you tell others about this big need. Everywhere, where only it is possible. Please, pray God help these all kids. Thank you VERY MUCH everyone, for all your efforts to help, many prayers, love and greatly care.God is good and His love is astonishing!So, our hope and trust only Lord Jesus.

If the God prompts your heart and gives you a wish to donate.Please, use the blue chip-in on the right side of our blog. Every little bit a help is a great blessing for us!God bless you!

October 22, 2012

Teenager boys received the blessings!

We are so thrilled and so amazed by God`s love and mercy!Thank you very much to you all for your such great care, love and support of our dear teenagers. We are soooo grateful for ALL your donations and generousity!Thank your open hearts we could to raise $875 to bless 4 poor teenagers in their needs.It`s simply amazing how God cares and shows His love to them!Thank you so much!Praise God!!!!

We were able to buy absolutely ALL necessary clothes and shoes!Yay!God surprisingly blessed so that we could save and on this money to buy them sport suits and gum shoes that was very necessary for them in trade school also. And also we could buy them room slippers. Such small, but a necessary thing they also unable to get. Boys were very glad to all things and warmly thanked. It overwhelmed our hearts, when we heard their prayers of gratitude to Lord Jesus. "Dear Lord Jesus, we thank you that you sent us such kind people that helped us with our needs...".
 Here are some pictures.
 All boys received warm trousers for winter time.
 Winter beautiful and warm jackets, caps, scarf and  room slippers.
sweaters and sport suits
underwear, socks, warm gloves and other kind of trousers.
Denis in his new jacket

and all dear teenager guys with their new clothes.
with new winter boots.
God is so good!We are so happy for these sweet boys!Praise the Lord!

I thought you may be interested to see it...Here it is a little about their life in a dormitory. This dormitory looks very poor.

This broken locker doesn't close.
 Therefore someone thought up something like the lock.Simply bent nail on two screws.
It is small as though a place where to cook to eat... These are two collapsing bedside tables. A place for storage of products. There it was empty. :(
 The awful worn mattresses on which guys sleep. A board they lie in order that the mattress didn't move, when they sleep. So we were explained by children.
Also in the middle of a bed, which are many years, children lay down a board (if it will be possible to find) that would be more convenient to sleep and the back hurt. Because the metal grid very much caves in and then the back during time or after a dream hurts.These beds very much are unsteady. If you sit down, it seems that you would fall down.
 It is the door lock in their entrance door in the room. The administration of trade school told that children should change this lock for own money. Hmm...Interestingly, how they are able to do it, if they have nothing to eat and dress? Such strange rule. Instead of that what to help these poor kids so they still should repair everything for their money (without having them), what they didn't break.That is not right...
It seems, that here the lock already changed many time.
The tiny corridor, where are many rooms
Children have no own bathroom and a shower, where to be washed. If I correctly understood, so there one shower on all floor.

It sadly having seen it. These guys should to survive, as that, what to keep the things and that somehow to "improve" conditions of the room.

We are so grateful to all of you, sweet friends, for your amazing support, wonderful care and God`s love to these our precious teenagers.Thanks a lot for your spreading the word, prayers, to blog and your gifts of love.Many thanks, that you by your kindness showed God's care and love to orphans and helped with their many necessities.You not only helped with their needs but blessed them young hearts. It`s such a great joy, joy, joy!THANK YOU!!!!Please remember about them in the prayers.God bless you!

October 21, 2012

Update about precious Bogdan

Yesterday the Lord gave the chance to us to visit a mental institution for boys with special needs. They were so glad to see us! Pulled hands, only to greet, hug, joy of the meeting!What a joy!

But now I would love to ask you all to continue to pray for precious Bogdan. He feels better and he is not in hospital but in a mental institution. But he continues to be in VERY serious condition. Awful spasms twisted his small and thin body in awful poses. It is terrible to see, friends! It is impossible to look at his awful sufferings without tears... Simply heart is squeezed seeing his terrifying pains, and sufferings. It hurts and breaks heart to see how this sweet and poor boy fights for life. His eyes are full of sufferings and tears, from an agony and pains. He AWFULLY suffers...

We plead Jesus Christ about favor and mercy to this poor orphan. We beg Jesus to set free from these awful and terrible pains and sufferings... We pray that God, his Heavenly Father and the wonderful Creator would do his will in life of this desolate heart... Tears, simply bitterness and disappointment tears...I do not know...I simply do not know how he can be STILL ALIVE so suffering...

Thanks a LOT to all for your generosity and kindness! Thanks dear friends, for your prayers, care and love to precious Bogdan.Look what your love can do!
 Thanks to your donations we could buy a necessary food to improve his digestion and that it would strengthen his health...PLEASE, please, keep pray for this dear precious soul!Many thanks!God bless!

October 18, 2012

Visits of orphans

Thank you!Thank you!Thank you for all your donations and prayers!God is so good!We raised all necessary sum $825 to help precious teenagers in their needs.We are so excited!We are so happy to bless them! Praise the Lord!!!

But here I would like to share with you about visits of orphans we had lately in different orphanages.It was so remarkable and amazing time with all children!We were very excited and enjoyed our spent time.God wonderfully blessed our visits!!!

In this orphanage we had a special program where we spoke about friendship.What the Bible speaks about friends, which we should be friends etc.And Jesus Christ is the best and remarkable friend!

We sang songs

We had fun

We had a Bible history about David and Jonathan's friendship.
 Then children had a possibility to learn to shoot from bow. As always was a lot of desirous :)

Also children received candies in the end of program.

At some of days, we had a Bible lesson about the prophet Jonah in the next orphanage.Children very much like this history!
Here we learned the new song about Jonah.
Aren`t they just cute? These two sweet cuties are sisters.The older one helps to her younger sister, who got to the orphanage this year at the first class. So, sad to see when if a child from an one family get to orphanage.Then the next sister/brother became older, get to same orphanage or into another one. And it worst because brothers and sisters can not see each other sometimes by years...or lose one other forever. :(
The craft is whale with Jonah. Kids loved it very much and excited to make it!
We got tired very much.And at the end of this day there was very beautiful sunset. And I simply could not that not to make a picture. ;)

Also the Lord gave the chance to us to visit these small sweeties and to share with them our joy and love.
They all were so much excited by received candies!
Also wanted just simple warm hugs...

One boy so loves our brother Misha and he was so glad of the meeting that presented to him this small gift, a piece of the paper.What the orphan can present deprived by everything and not having a personal things? It just melts your heart.But in this small piece of the paper, all his big heart, kindness and love. Children's simplicity and open heart to love and receive love...

Ok.I have to finish.So sorry.It`s very shortly because of a lack of time. Tomorrow we are going to next orphanage. To visit our beloved ones and share God`s love with them as well.Now is 3.00am almost.I need to rest ;)
Love to all!

October 16, 2012

We are so close!

We  are so and so excited that we are so close!Thanks a lot for your many diligent prayers, wonderful donations, spreading the word about the need of these sweet boys!Look what Jesus is doing!We are so close to raise $825 to help poor "age out" teenagers in their needs.We are at $625, it`s 75% of necessary sum. Amazing!God is so good!!!
We are so thrilled we can help them to stay warm at cold Ukrainian winters and see and feel God`s love around them.

We still need $200 more to get our goal that to bless 4 teenagers.Only $200 to help to provide with their MOST necessary needs.PLEASE, please, continue to pray, share, donate, if you can...Every little bit of help is very appreciating!

We have only several days.And the need is VERY urgently!God bless you!

October 11, 2012

The help urgently is necessary to teenagers!

We are VERY excited and we exult, because Lord Jesus answered our prayer and created a real miracle!God is soooo good! But I will share with you a little later, when everything will be made  to the end :)

But right now I want to tell you about teenagers, who suffer a lot and need our help VERY urgently, friends. About whom our hearts hurt and worry. About whom our hearts are broken completely...Our hope and trust is Lord Jesus, Who sees their needs and is capable to help them. Who loves them more than we can think. And Who wishes to make a miracles and in their lives and to bring perfect pleasure and glory to His precious name.

Do you see these sweet guys?I`m talking about them.From the left to the right Dima, Vitya and Zhenya...

We had possibility to visit these teenagers recently. They were very glad to see us! We had wonderful friendly  fellowship.Everyone rejoiced!

 This year they graduated an orphanage and got in training school to become builders.

The library hall of this school was given to us for fellowship. It was amusing to see everything. The training school building is the very old. Since Post-Soviet times. It seems that all system, furniture and all the rest was built many years ago and a lot of things still remained.
Here is other side of the library.There are no computers for training at this training school and it seems that all students read all these books.
 This is student's dormitory. Where there is no hot water. And only once a week and if to have the luck that and twice, can take a shower.

 But now I want to ask you to pray diligent for these lovely teenagers and about their needs. These boys at all have NO winter clothes, footwear, socks, caps, a scarf and all the rest. Do you know that those clothes that on them, everything what they have it and wear every day? Some of children have even NO sweaters.Oh, my! And those sweaters that they wear, they borrowed at the friends... Their footwear is very worn and in holes. :(
 They have just ONE bag on all, where they carry writing-books and textbooks. Can you imagine, what they now feel and think, when there is a winter and is already cold?
 They receive a stipend of 270 hryvnias ($33.75) Their parents left them long time ago.. and do not care about them.Some do not have parents.So, how they can live and buy necessary things having such stipend?It`s impossible!

 It breaks our hearts and we plead Jesus Christ to help these poor teenagers...It`s simply heartbreaking...
 So, our desire to help to get the most necessary things for the winter. A winter jacket, footwear, a scarf, a cap, a sweater, underwear, socks etc. We need to raise $825 for 4 children. They ARE STILL 16 years old kids, who need our help and care.
Dear friends, it is already very cold and they already feel cold. Therefore it is very urgent need. We ask you please pray that Lord Jesus would help these poor guys. That God would show the mercy and that He loves and cares of them. If we don't help in time them, they will start to be ill, feel cold and it will bring many other problems.
 Please, can we show together God`s love and his care to these boys?Can we bring together with you a great joy and pleasure to these needy teenagers?

 Dima, Vitya, Zhenya...
 and Denis (who was sick and could not be with us). :(
 need URGENTLY our help, dear our Friends!!!We have VERY short time...

If the Lord gives you desire to help these sweet children, please use the blue chip-in on the right side of our blog. Let Lord Jesus Christ will bless your heart and will bring you pleasure in participation of this need.
We request you kindly to share about this great need everywhere it is possible, on social networks, blogs, e-mails, friends, members of your family etc.Please, pray we can raise necessary funds...We need urgently to help these dear souls.We need miracle.THANK YOU very much for every your step, prayer and a help!!!


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