October 14, 2015

First time ever...

What a fantastic day had those beautiful young ladies few weeks ago!Those young 8 ladies have been first time ever out of the orphanage! Many of them are over 20 years old. Absolutely EVERYTHING was first time ever for these girls!Can you imagine not being out of the orphanage over 20-25 years old???...

They had never seen such a huge store and they were thrilled!When girls decided to buy juice and have seen a lot choice, they got lost and for a long time they could not chose what they want. :)

They first saw the scales and we have explained and taught them how to use it, how to weigh fruits and vegetables.

 They were very interested and excited to learn.

They had never seen a fish in the store and all kinds of it and were shocked that it's possible to buy it alive. :)

Ladies have never seen an automatic revolving door and they were afraid to go through them that not to get stuck. They laughted a lot. But one girl hurted her leg a bit. But then she was okay.

They first saw and learned how to use escalator. Most of them were afraid to get on the moving steps and lose the balance to avoid falling. Oh, no no I can not do it! they said. Some girls had to help by taking their hands.

How the girls were happy to ride on the carousel! Their eyes were shining and they were thrilled!!! Oh, my!

They have never been in a pet shop and never saw different animals. Oh, what is it?  Wow! look at this! What is the name of an animal? and many, many different questions were from their lips. This store was for them as a small zoo :)

 It was so fun!

Young ladies also had the opportunity to jump and have fun on the trampoline.

 They were so excited to ride in cars! It was so fun and they love it!!!

There was a lot of fun and laughter.

And the end of all the entertainments and fun, for the FIRST TIME ever the girls were in McDonald`s! Yay!
 They were waiting for this moment for whole year! Can you imagine how they felt and longed for? For some reason in the orphanage, we could not take them out of the orphanage so long. We prayed and asked the Lord to resolve this issue. Finally it happened! Praise God!!!

A few days before our meeting, the girls are constantly approached and asked. When we were going to McDonald`s? Is it true that we are going there? They would not forget taking us there? Young ladies were preparing for this event for a few weeks and hundreds of times asking employees about this event. :)

Girls had never seen franch fries and did not know how to eat. They had never seen a drink straw and did not know how to use and what to do with it.

First ice cream in McDonald`s and so on, and so on... And many, many, many more things were first time ever! Those beautiful souls were admired and they were overjoyed! :)

Day was amazing and we were so happy to see those precious souls smiling, laughing with sparkling eyes and with such happy smiles!!!! We thank God for the opportunity He gave us to bring such a great joy for these sweet ladies.
They all were soooo sad and did not want come back to the orphanage and asked to stay longer... :(

A one employer of the orphanage kissed and hugged us many, many times and said, You even can not imagine what you have done for them! All glory to God!!! :)

We hoping and praying take other 8-10 girls out of the orphanage. If you are interested, please email bibleorphanministry@gmail.com  Thanks. God bless you!!!

October 7, 2015

Incredible work of caretakers

God is good! Thanks a bunch to those, who make it possible! Thanks monthly sponsorship boys with special needs get diapers and baby formula. We are so grateful for instant food and special nutrition from our sweet friends from U.S. and Switzerland! Awesome!

We beyond doubt grateful God for an amazing and incredible work He is doing through nannies! They work really, really hard for taking care and loving sweet boys! 

Nannies feed boys, change diapers, clean rooms, take them outside, play and so on and so on...

Look at this tiny little boy V. how he looked a while ago...
"He was so bad, when arrived here. We thought he will die..." This words told us caretaker. Breaks my heart... :(

But look how V. looks today! Cuteness

He gained a weight. He started to now cry when his nanny leaves his room. When she comes back in the room and calls his name he quiets instantly. He loves to be held and cuddled, and he really likes being outside. Do you know this cuteness is able to crawl, stand while holding on and walk?! Yes, he was not able before... What a great blessing and wonderful progress of this little one! 

This little cuttie Ben is available for adopting. Maybe you are his loving mommy? :)
He simply cannot thrive in the institution. He so desperately needs to be in a devoted and caring family! Nannies can not give full love and attention what can give only a family!

Also we have one more stunning blessing and news! Guess what? :) BOM hired 4th nanny thanks to project Change for Ukraine! Can you believe? Isn't it amazing??? :)

We are soooo very excited that there are more "extra loving hands" to take care of the boys!How wonderful!

O give thanks unto the LORD; call upon his name: make known his deeds among the people. 
Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him: talk ye of all his wondrous works. 
Glory ye in his holy name: let the heart of them rejoice that seek the LORD. 
(Psalm 105:1-3) KJV


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