November 27, 2012

Winter coats for orphans-update

First of all I would love to thank you all for prayers!God is so good!I feel much better.I need, probably several more days to recover completely but I`m rejoice that the worse is behind.But anyway I`m going to see a doctor in several days.I lost my voice and my health is not well lately.
Thank you so very much for all your concern, comments, e-mails!It`s so sweet, lovely and is great encouragement in heavy days.Thank you, dear friends!

So, finally I am able to share with you about amazing and such wonderful blessing we have!We are so exciting and praise God for His goodness and mercy!

A month ago we began our new project Bless Orphans with the Winter coats. Our desire and a prayer consisted in that, that to help 60 girls with special needs with winter coats. Because their clothes were worn-out and became unfit for use. With God's help we raised $1280 it certainly much less than it was necessary. But we rejoiced also to these donations and the Lord gives us the peace in hearts concerning this question. There were no discouragement or disappointments. Certainly, for us as people, always would like to make everything quicker and during planned time. But not so in Lord Jesus. He knows the best time, a place etc. In all that we can only trust to Him.

As the cold season came already and it was necessary to hurry up. Therefore we decided not to wait and bless 20 orphans with what we had.When we called in a institution that to specify the sizes of coats. "Oh, it would be so great, if you could help us and with footwear also. We absolutely don't know in what to put shoes on children and where to take it!"  members of BOM heard it on other part of telephone conversation. So, on raised money we decided to buy 20 coats and 20 winter boots to the same children.

Last week we traveled to other city that to buy at wholesale price of coats and footwear, that to save money. That was this day when we very much froze. Thus we could buy 20 winter and warm coats and also warm and easy 20 boots. They are fine for children with special needs. As they aren't able to lace up laces and often break zippers on footwear. These boots just excellent choice for them! So we spent $1045 for everything, and $235 still remained that to bless other orphans. Praise the Lord!

I know!I know and I know that many of you wait for these pictures.So, here are several of them. :)

 I need to check, what is there? :)

 Our treasures are in beautiful blessings
 You can only imagine their delight, joy, admiration and happiness. They all were so thrilled to get these new beautiful blessings!!!"Wow!Look at me!" "Wow!It is beautiful!" "I have new coat!" and you could hear many similar. :)

When we were going to go to the following group. One kid asked. "How about hats? will we have hats?" :)))

The next our loving souls.

 I love her smile!
 It is where they store crafts made with us, the tower of Babel. On walls there is nothing therefore that somehow to embellish white walls, children decided to attach crafts.


Dear our friends, we would love to thank you from bottom of our hearts to be part of this project, Bless Orphans with Winter coats.Without your gifts of love, without your donations, without your generosity, these precious children would not receive this amazing blessing and would be feel cold, feel uncared and unloved.Thank you very much for all your efforts, care and love of these dear souls.Thank you that you do not forget about them and pray and make a difference in lives of these orphans!We so rejoice and amazed how God provided!Thank you so very much for your involvement and to be such amazing blessing in life of these dear ones!

I would like to add that this project did not finish yet.It was our first part of this project.Our desire is to bless 40 more orphaned girls in other mental institution.The situation changed a little bit (for a good cause) and I will let you know everything about it, when we will be ready.God is doing something amazing. :)

November 25, 2012

Prayers still needed

Thank you very much for all your prayers!!!So, sadly but I still feel sick.

Last week we went to one city that to get beautiful and amazing blessings for orphans. I will tell about it more in a next blog post. I hope tomorrow, if God allow.
We left at night, though there were two o'clock in the morning, but was warm. And in the afternoon very much became cold harshly. We sisters very much felt cold. I so awfully felt cold that already wanted nothing and couldn't wait, when we will come back home. 
As this trip took us day and night, on the road back, the fever already rose, all body awfully ached and I was ill.
  So, there were several days. Because of the high fever, all body awfully hurt and I could make nothing. Now the temperature isn't present. But still have headaches and awful cough hurts.
I think that I chilled bronchial tubes. When I cough it seems that everything inside is broken off on thousands pieces, seems as burns and very painfully inside.
Also it seems that chilled any of nerves.I`m not sure yet. Several times something inside pressed and I was scant of breath.It was several times, was to pant very much that I already thought to cause ambulance. But thank God everything has gone.Please, keep pray for my health...

I don't want that there were any consequences in my organism. Because I suffer 18 years already because of this awful coughing in each cold climate.It brings troubles to me.But most of all I can not visit our all treasures.Our dear kiddies whom we love dearly.
We would be so thankful if you pray for health of all our team always. Every day health, force and energy are necessary to us.Thanks a lot!

Because of it I couldn't visit orphans in orphanages with team. So sadly. :(

But here I would like to share with you video. As in one of orphanages children said hello to me.Are not they sweet? :)
Children say "Privet" (hello)

So funny and so lovely.I miss them a lot!I do not know how many "hundreds" times I watched this video to see precious faces.

Thank you so very much for all your prayers, support and love!God bless you!!!

November 21, 2012

A quick note

Hello to everybody!Just a quick note.We have a wonderful news for you!Jesus is so good!!!But I will let you know as soon as I can...

Just would like to add that our current project Winter Coats to girls with special needs still continues.I will post a little later when I feel better because I got sick and to feel not well. :( 
If Lord Jesus gives you a desire become a part of this wonderful project and to help in needs of sweetest orphaned girls, please do through the PayPal account to Every your loving gift is a light of Jesus Christ and a wonderful blessing above and is very appreciating!

I would be so thankful for your prayers and very hope to be well again very fastly. :)

Love to all,

November 15, 2012

He is free...

 and any more doesn't suffer. He is set free from awful pains and sufferings. He is free from loneliness, distress and long days and years of agonies, because he is with Jesus...

Oh, dear friends, the precious Bogdan a few days ago has gone to Jesus on the Heaven. Now he is with Who created him and gave him life and loves more than we can think...Now he is in gentle and loving hands. Bogdan doesn't spill more bitter tears, but is consoled in presence of his Heavenly father. 

 "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away."
 (Revelation 21:4)KJV

Our hearts are broken and overwhelmed, though we understand that the Heavenly home is much better than here, where there is so much sin, a grief, pain and tears. Simply painfully, very painfully to see when you lose someone... 

Thanks a lot for your prayers and support. Thanks to all, who uplifted hearted pleadings to Jesus for our sweet Bogdan. The Lord Jesus made his will in life of this poor and distressful soul...

Doctor of mental institution let us know they did everything they could... and took care of this sweet child but sometimes we are people and are so helpless...

That baby food that we brought and still there are, the doctor told that will give to other weakened children, who need special care and a food.

Thank you again for your love and care of this poor and precious kid!

November 12, 2012

BOM brochure

Ok, Dear friends.We are sooooo excited to announce that BOM has printed brochures.Yay!
Some of you asked or we have the printed literature or brochures or something else that to tell others about our ministry.So, here we go.

So, please e-mail to (in USA) to get how many brochures you would like to have 10, 30, 50, 100, 500 and more that to help spread the word.

It is a VERY helpful way to share Bible Orphan Ministry with others in your local community, churches, school groups, small group Bible studies, job etc. I have to say that you will receive these brochures absolutely FREE of charge.Awesome blessing!Praise the Lord!!!
We think it will be a good way to raise awareness!What do you think? :)

So, please, email and receive free BOM brochures to help spread the word about our mission.We so and so VERY MUCH appreciate and so excited to see what the Lord will do.Your involvement means heaven for us!Thank you very much!!!Blessings!

November 8, 2012

Thanks to one orphaned girl, many children received Bibles

 I am so sorry, did not blog for some days.I know that many of you wait each update and it`s such encouragement for us.We have been busy as always.Also I was sick a little.But nothing serious, only caught a cold and my muscles of a back had hurt so much that I could not do something physically.Now everything is well.Praise God!
 So, I can blog again and I`m very excited! :)

Do you see so many kiddies?No, this is not an orphanage. :) I`m very exciting to share with you an awesome blessing and amazing day we had recently.
 It is interesting to see it, how God acts and uses people for His glory. I with such joy wish to tell you as thanks to one orphaned girl, many children received wonderful book, the Bible.

The matter is that an organization the Ukrainian Bible Society wished to distribute children's Bibles to orphans in orphanages. As to orphanages to get sometimes not simply and permission of the directors and many other operations is necessary. Then they asked BOM about it. Certainly, we were happy that our dear children would receive free of charge Bibles! But disappointment comprehended  because children in orphanages (those who can read) went home on autumn vacation.In one of orphanages now is quarantine. Children are sick with chicken pox. Poor kids. :(  And for other reasons we could not go to some orphanages.  Then we suggested to visit children in local children's sanatorium.

Sanatorium — treatment- prophylactic institution in which for treatment use mainly natural factors in a combination to physiotherapy exercises, physiotherapy and a balanced diet in case of observance of a certain mode of treatment and rest.

This sanatorium for tuberculosis prevention. If doctors noted, something wrong in an organism of the child, the weakened immune system that is subject to risk of a disease of tuberculosis etc. They send the child for treatment in hospital if needed or to this sanatorium.
So it is children's against - tubercular sanatorium (TB sanatorium).

From the left to the right is translator Tanya from Bible Society, sister Nita from America and the brother Bernt from Norway.
Children had possibility to look at puppet show that presented the Bible scene about our sinful hearts and about importance to find a place for Jesus there.
Brother Misha spoke to children about importance of reconcilement with Jesus Christ and what He made for us.
And at the end of wonderful meeting all children received a surprising gift. It is the Bible! All were very glad!
BOM helped to distribute it with such big pleasure.

The smallest ones, which aren't able to read yet, received small gifts, where there were sweets and school supplies.

It was awesome blessing that 80 kids from poor families could receive such remarkable gifts!
We were so glad that God used BOM to help these all precious children to hear and recieve God`s word.
Brother Misha with orphans and with children from families.

We had such amazing meeting with children and the sanatorium administration so warmly invited BOM come and continue to visit these children. May be God opens one more door? But when we can do it?...

You can ask how we got to this sanatorium? :)
The matter is that since summer one of orphans was in this institution as her family didn't wish to see her at house on summer vacations.The father of this sweet girl even started to threaten the director of an orphanage. "If you don't take away her, I  will kick her out on the street or I will bind to a tree and I will leave her in the wood".

 That this child wouldn't remain on the street, the director of a orphanage was stimulated to place her in this sanatorium. When we learned about this poor lovely girl Nastya, we started to visit her there.She felt alone there and stressful, she felt bored and unwanted. You would see HOW she flew to us when we came to her the first time! Sometimes she rang and with tears, begged us. "Please, come to me. I already can't any more!" 

 One wonderful family sponsors her and those gifts that sent to her, sweet lovely notes with Bible verses, there was such surprising encouragement for her and a consolation that she is not one and she is loved. If parents left her and don't care, don't want to see her and to them her destiny is indifferent. So there are those to whom her destiny and life isn't indifferent who prays and cherishes her in the hearts and daily prayers.

Nastya fell in love with the sponsors and calls them her dear family. It is surprising how sometimes the Lord connects hearts of people at distance of  thousands and  thousands kilometers! There is a thin thread for which there are no barriers, mountains and oceans, it is a thread named God's love in the hearts of the born again Christians.

For a long time training in orphanages began and Nastya received medical treatment long ago. We couldn't understand in any way, why she still in this sanatorium? why she don't take away, she shall be already in the orphanage. She very much missed her "home". And many other questions were twisted in the head.Why? Why she is still there in this institution and so suffers emotionally?..

But that day when many children from poor families could receive Bibles and hear the Gospel, we understood why. Thanks to this poor girl, thanks to her stay there, thanks to meetings with her, 80 children received the most expensive gift. It is surprising how God acts! In 1 day after this meeting with these sweet children, Nastya was taken away into the orphanage! She is already no more in this institution. Literally after our meeting there!It`s awesome blessing!!!Our Lord Jesus is so good!

But there is more to come. Probably for some dear souls only the beginning...

Do you see these 2 beautiful teen girls?Marina is in white jacket on the left and Oksana is the friend and her classmate.We met them in the same sanatorium when had the meeting with children. Both of them are orphans and are in the same orphanage where there I was many years ago... I was surprised partly.
 Sometimes I recall this orphanage as a gray gloomy and terrible building... Always it reminded me a prison. Sometimes it seems to me that it there was the most awful orphanage what I knew for that time. My last years were simply terrible and awful there. I couldn't wait when I will end and I can avoid everything that afflicted and humiliated me. And during same time it was terrible. It is terrible that you alone, are  unprotected and nobody will help you...

But HOW I was surprised that Marina accepted Jesus Christ a few years ago at our meeting in a TB hospital and today she is faithful Christian, loving the Lord Jesus with all her heart!

"I remember you". Having silently approached to us and having modestly told the lovely girl. "I remember when you came to us to TB hospital and told about God".
"What!?" I am shocked asked her."Do you still remember all our meetings?"Yes, she replied. "Do you still remember what we told you and showed in the Bible, how we learned Bible verses, songs etc?" Yes, lovely smiling, replied Marina.
Oh, my goodness!It`s AMAZING meeting!!!I could not believe to hear it!God, you are awesome!!!

Rejoicing I huged her and I was sooooo happy to this surprising meeting!

Having come home I started to look for with interest  long ago the forgotten pictures. And I found! I was so glad that on pictures Marina's face clearly was visible and I found its and recalled her partly. One of the reasons why I store all pictures! :) Only it is sad that for years earlier we had no camera. And many memories are stored only in our memory and our hearts.
But I was so happy that found dozen pictures where Marina was rather well visible.
Here are several.

Marina accepted Jesus Christ!She so grew since then! She was 12 years old here.I think it will be such sweet memory picture to her. :)
The matter is that in 2008 in addition to orphanages and orphans, we had a service in the children`s TB hospital. We visited children and had wonderful meetings with them telling them about Jesus Christ.Kids all time waited with such joy. Hospital administration always waited for us hospitably and there doors always were open. We had meetings only on the street. Indoors to us didn't permit, there was a risk to fall ill with tuberculosis. Did you know that Ukraine takes the first places in a tuberculosis disease in Eastern Europe? The majority of the diseased, is people in prisons and homeless.In Ukraine there is a obligation, each Ukrainian is obliged to pass photoroentgenography every year. The risk to get sick with tuberculosis was and is here but it in control.And God protected us always. :)

Holding meetings with children we even couldn't think that there could be orphaned children.We could not think that we can meet them and they will remember us and what we told them.It`s such wonderful blessing!

Marina is at orphanage since childhood.Her brother is in other orphanage and she miss him a lot. She never saw her father and mother  is in alcohol abuse.But this sweet girl prays for her mother and believe God will change her life.
 So, now we visit these two wonderful souls in this sanatorium and we visit, while they will be there. From that day we became friends and they are lovely girls who look for fellowship, friendship and support is necessary to them. ;)

We had such blessed and amazing day at that time!!!!!!!!God is sooooo good and surprising!!!!


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