May 30, 2013

One more awesome day, with students

One more awesome blessing I would love to share with you!

Just about a month ago we visited students in trade school and asked you to pray for them here that God would give us possibility to have a Bible study with them.

Having our schedule tight and full as always, we had no idea when we can visit them and how often. But we had a burden in our hearts and it overwhelmed us to pray and ask Jesus Christ give us a possibility.

  We knew we will be more busy, it will take more responsibility, time and another things.But we were excited at same time and could not wait to visit them again and share God`s love!

And finally it happened!We had such beautiful time praising Jesus through psalms, playing games and learning the Bible with these young adults. It was simply amazing!

Some workers of the dormitory, where live these children, listened  God`s word too. It is such a blessing!

A wonderful joy was when 2 souls asked Jesus saved them and changed their lives.Praise God!

At the end of the meeting we had drinks and sweets.

They really excited to have it!

This is not all.In the end each of them got a big plastic bag of food. They were amazed and so rejoiced!

Thank you!Thank you very much for all your wonderful donations to these sweet souls!Thanks to your gifts of love, we could have so awesome and lovely meeting, sharing sweets and the food. We plan to continue visit these teenagers as much as the Lord will give us chance. We are so blessed! Many, many thanks for your wonderful love!!!

Dear friends, they need Jesus so much! It is such a great blessing for us, sharing His love with them!Please, remember them in your prayers Jesus heal their souls and hearts.

A little conversation:
-I`m so happy today! an one young guy said, walking together to the van with our director of BOM.
-Why?-asked brother Misha.
-Today is a such wonderful day in my life! We never had such meetings as this one.You came and visited us.You comforted and do not forget us, brought food and God`s word.And that is why I`m happy!
Dima lovely smiling said. :)

May 28, 2013

Just a simple thing...

I`m working on another blog post and can not wait to tell you about one more awesome day we had recently. :)
 But right now I would like to tell you shortly something, what absolutely melted my heart...

You know that women, ladies and even little girls like all these things, as nice dress,  pretty-pretties, make hair, body cream, perfume and all this stuff. We are a little different than men. :)))

We had a fun with Olga and I innocently suggested to make her hair a little.
-Are you serious?! she asked surprised
-Yes. Why not?
 She sat down on chair, was trembling and having hidden her face.
-What happened, dear?
-Wow!Wow!Wow! It is unbelievable...It is unbelievable...It is unbelievable, every minute Olechka was saying.
-I`m excited and so happy.I`m thrilled!I can not believe...So emotionally this precious young lady was telling.First time in my life someone is making my hair...It was my dream...And then she started to cry...

Oh, my goodness!It was tears of happiness.Can you believe it?

She was overjoyed! 
-I love, I love my hair! I will tell it to Sasha(her husband). He will not believe!- with such a joy said Olechka.

Oh, my!!! Such a simple thing brought tears of joy to this lovely girl...Such a very small action touched her heart.It absolutely melted my heart...

It touched me so deeply. Sometimes we think to make something big, something awesome to orphans showing the love.But sometimes a small acting of love can melt and overwhelm their hearts...And even make real their hearted dreams and bring such a blessing.

P.S.Today a small Edick made his first 2 steps by himself. His parents were so happy! :)

May 26, 2013

Angels sing a praise!

If you follow our blog a year already. Looking at this photo, I think you can guess already which project we had recently :)
I`m so and so excited to share with what awesome blessings we have!

God has been so good to us, as always and miraculously blessed our project to graduates.Our previous weeks were very busy!

We had meetings with these teenagers before and spoken about many things that to warn them. Knowing that we see them for the last time and these kids think they receive freedom leaving orphanages.We spoken about friendship of boys and girls, love and marriage.The most favorite subject of all teens in whole world :)

We sang songs praising Jesus and played games.

But most important, we having read and learned to use Bible.

What this Book of Life saying about all these important things.

Brother Misha is teaching some Biblical teaching.He likes to draw that explain better to children.

Teens learned to build a home.Just as at house construction in the beginning there is a base, then walls and at the end a roof. Same as and at family creation. At first the friendship between the guy and the girl, then the love and only then comes intimate relations in the marriage. Often teenagers start building their vital house from a roof that involves many consequences.

Also we had a moment.When some guys in turns bit apple.They liked it!

But then Nadya asked everybody, what apple everyone would choose.The whole and nice or bitten already?Would you take bitten apple?Everyone cried out that they would chose nice and whole apple. But Why? Of course, everyone gave the right answer. :) 
Then we explained, whole apple represents a girl, who kept herself for beloved one to be happy in marriage.The bitten apple, is a girl who had not kept herself and had let to "bite" her everyone. Same is with guys.

Same was with rose.Everyone likes nice and whole rose but not without petals.
We remind to these young adults that everyone of them are beautiful and special but for one, for beloved one, whom God already prepared, they have just to wait and be careful.

In all 4 orphanages, all teens loved this subject! We had such great time! Many of them said, they learned many new things.It was such a blessing to hear it.We very hope it will help them in future not make mistakes and keep from a sin.

In the end we gave beautiful gifts, kitchen utensils and blankets, what we could buy thanks to your generously and sincere donations. The kids were amazed that they have their own things! :)
But most, we are happy that we could provide them  Bibles!

In the end as always telling goodbye and many sweet hugs.I ready to cry now...

Beautiful blessings to more orphans

once more blessings in another orphanage

and a lots of sweet souls with awesome blessings!

One of orphanages now has not 9, but 10 classes already. Such way some children, from same orphanage went to the 10th class. They still have gifts that we presented them last year. Therefore, that not to leave them without a gift, we presented to them big "candies". So we called the wrapped up big bathing towels, always the necessary thing which orphans have not after leaving orphanages. Wow! they told having seen a gift. Children very much rejoiced and thanked that they didn't remain unnoticed also.

Such precious souls

Some teens did not want to leave and continued the conversation.Such sweet young men.Our hearts aches knowing they stay alone without support.
PLEASE, remember all orphans, who "age out". Most of them fear to leave orphanages, their "homes", where they felt protected, if it can be so said...

But most AMAZING and unexpected blessing during these visitations we have...That these precious souls asked Jesus saved them and changed their lives!!!Wow!

And these souls in next orphanage!

And these sweet young adults!

And this young lady!Wow!Wow!Wow!Praise God!!!

 "I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance." (Luke15:7)

Over 20 dear and beloved young lovies bowed their hearts in prayer to Jesus! We are so excited and praise Jesus!Angels sang a praise, these previous weeks and the Heaven rejoiced!So and so awesome!God is SO good!

"Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth." (Luke 15:10)

With humbled hearts we praise and thank Jesus.We absolutely did NOT expect God would bless so miraculously!Oh, my!I do not have enough words to describe you what I feel and have such a pure joy. We are overjoyed! :)))

We are so very grateful everyone of you, who took part in this awesome project! Many thanks for your help and care of these souls.Thanks a lot for your wonderful gifts, what helped to make it real.But most we are so grateful for your prayers! As you can see the result of it. ;)

Please, please, keep pray for these all teenagers.Each of them has their own heartbreaking story. It is so sad...They have so many troubles in their lives...Thank you!

May 22, 2013

New windows are established!

Hello dear friends and faithful followers of our blog!

I`m so excited to share with you that our project with windows in orphanage for boys with special needs finally finished.It took little longer time as we thought and planed to do.But anyway it is done!
New beautiful 10 windows are established!Administration, staff and boys warmly thanked. Some staff of orphanage even have been amazed :)

We are so grateful everyone for your generous hearts and kindness!

Thanks your wonderful donations and love, boys have new windows in their bedrooms now. Yay!

They will feel warmly in cold climate.But most, they can see and feel your love and tender care through this awesome blessing.

THANK YOU!Thank you VERY MUCH for taking part in this wonderful project, caring of orphans.We are so humble.How we can thank you all? ;)
This is so great blessing to the orphanage and precious boys!May the Lord Jesus bless you all and your families!THANK YOU!!!

P.S. We have some amazing blessings!Can not wait to share with you all ;)

May 14, 2013

A blessing days with new friends

Hello everyone!Finally I can update about some wonderful blessings we have.

In previous blog post I told you that some family from USA is going to come and spend some days with BOM.So, they came and we had amazing time visiting of orphans! God has been so good to us!  We had a wonderful and fun time.

So, we had a possibility to visit our little treasures telling them about God.

The weather is very nice now, such warm as summer. After program we played with kiddies outside, blew bubbles.

They were so excited, rejoiced to play and catch bubbles!It was so sweet and fun time.

In the end kids received beautiful pajamas.It was even more joy! :) Thank you very much, Susan Booker!

Then, we visited another our beloved souls with Bible lessons.At this time we have spoken about 10 plagues of Egypt.

As we need extra hands always.Our new friends were wonderful blessing and helped to those, who needed help.

Girls made craft frogs, as one of plague of Egypt. :)

Also Jesus gave us a possibility to visit a young lady, who gave birth a little precious baby.We congratulated her, and presented necessary difference items to newborn boy. 

Honestly, we have been in shock.We thought probably..,probably someone could to help this family, knowing their situation. As Zhenya is very young orphaned mother and her husband works since New Year and brings to home 100-200grivna for a month ($12.5-$25.00 sometimes more...). When we came...We could not believe and it absolutely broken our hearts...The newborn baby is so tiny and small that the clothes we bought smallest size, it is still too big for him.
This little darling boy had only ONE baby linen that a hospital gave and mother should return it.This family had not at home food,  ABSOLUTELY nothing! Even it is very nice weather outside, at home was very cold because the house is very old. We told to the mother that she keep open a door that warm air come to the house.Outside is much warmer than inside! But it is heavy in same time because there hundreds mosquitos! It was impossible to sit there! Oh, poor little boy Vitya...  Mosquitos bites him all time! We wanted to buy something against these creatures. But did not find.This family lives in small town and people snapped up everything! This year we have too many mosquitos! Brrrrr!

Zhenya was very happy received the food and all items to her baby. Can you imagine her condition, being a hungry daily, plus breastfeeding her boy, at cold home, being bite by mosquitos every day, having nothing to her baby, living is such poverty and not having ANY hope for help...Oh, my! I even can not imagine how it can be? When she showed to us her son Vitya, I was ready to cry...

 Seeing the condition of this family, it is very heavy...It is so sad and breaks heart.

The Lord Jesus brought us not only help in physical needs, tell about Him to the mother again. When we have been there, Zhenya`s father had guest there, who spent many years at orphanage too.He is not able to help to his children.He even did not have money come back to home, where he lives...We shared the Gospel with him as well.

But the most joy and awesome blessing for us was, when Zhenya`s neighbour, a teen Roma came to this house to see who visited  her ;) He lives without parents too, only with his older brother. This young man (in orange T-shirt on the picture) listened about God, salvation, His love and he asked Jesus Christ saved him! What an awesome blessing! Praise the Lord!
So, we have one more reason to visit this small town again and again. ;0)

We had wonderful and such blessed days with our new friends, this beautiful and Christ lovers family!
BOM team with family Branscum
Even we spent several days.  But we were ready to cry telling them goodbye. Tell me, why it is so heavy to say goodbye sometimes? :)

May 3, 2013

Update in pictures

Hello everyone!I feel so and so sad that I`m not able to update for every visit or something special and tell you in details.I would love so much to do it! I`m very excited  always to tell you what the Lord is doing in BOM. But for now very short just in pictures, about main and previous visits of orphans and events what happened for last weeks.I`m so and so sorry... :(

So we had...

A wonderful time with typical teenagers in an orphanage.

 Awesome visit of precious girls!

One more great meeting with teenagers in another orphanage.

A support and visitation a young and poor living pregnant teen.She gave birth a little son several days ago :) We are going to visit her and congratulate her and her husband very soon.

Bible lesson with sweet souls.

Sharing our love with another dear kiddies and deliver special gifts.

Taking care and supporting of another our precious graduated young adults.

Purchase of beautiful gifts to graduates of orphanages that we are going to provide to them soon.

So many adventures going on here.I very hope I did not forget to say about general events . :)

Also next week an one wonderful family from USA is going to come, stay here and spend several days with BOM. We are so thrilled!

Our love to you all!God bless you!


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