November 28, 2011

The story of love

The next day Friday as I said before, we could to visit next orphanage.And we had with orphans as usual Bible lesson.
When we just have arrived to the orphanage, kids who have saw us through windows started to knock on window that we have seen them and they waved hands.Ah!It was such sweet moment.They so were excited when they noticed that we have seen them!
When we came into a class to other kids with whom we have regular lessons, they all of them as birds have started to fly to us.They have been surprised and so happy to see us!They huged us and have been excited!It was sooo sweet! :)

At this time we told them a story of love, about Ruth.How she loved her mother in law that she left her motherland and went unto the land of Judah together with her.Also we learned character of Ruth about her love to Naomi, her loyalty to mother in law, that she was hardworking, kind, coy and lowly. Ruth was a woman of wholehearted devotion.Also this story teaches us great lesson of selflessness, and strength in times of hardship.And I love this story much! :)

After prayer as well we have thought back last Bible lesson we had.After that we were going to have object lesson before Bible story with vegetable oil, salt and water.But we have found that all vegetable oil had spilled out in a bag.Oops! :) It has turned over itself somewhere on a way. So we did not have object lesson.

After Bible story of Ruth, we could play game " Gleaning  Wheat". Each student answered a question from the lesson.  If they gave the answer correct they have taken basket and gleaned in the "Field of Boaz." They had right to pick up only 3 spikelets.We had enough.Our classroom floor served as Boaz's field. The kiddos loved playing this game. They love getting out of their chairs and learning  by playing.

The next we have learned Bible verse and learning it by playing.We named this game, "Help Ruth pick up spikelets". We took 6 kids who did not play yet and had divided them by two groups.

We have placed downwards spikelets in a floor for 2 commands. They should find words of a verse of the Bible between many spikelets.

After that they should to place it in hands of Ruth.
 They did it real fast!As everyone wanted to win!
Kids liked this game!It was real fun to find words of verse between different spikelets!

We learned verse  "My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth." 1John 3:18
Ruth showed her loyalty and love to her mother in law.We think it is good verse to memorise for kiddies.That we will love not only words but deed too.

Also we memorised words of Ruth by song with children she told to Naomi, several times.
Wherever you go, I will go.
Wherever you dwell, I will dwell.
Your people, my people, 
Your God, my God!     I LOVE soooo much words of Ruth!!!

Children amazed us! When we asked them before what Ruth told to her mother in law when she said to her daughters in law return to their mother`s house.They said correct words!It was such blessing to hear it and we were impressed!

Ok.This sweet boy had Birthday, yes, we had only one birthday child at this time.And we congratulated him.He  loved so much his kitten that Taras told us, he will be asleep with his toy.He liked his small gift!

In the end as well they made craft, paper doll of Ruth.They love very much to color something.So, they excited by doing this craft! The arm of Ruth is attached with a brad so that it can move.They loved it soooo much!
 We had nice and great time with kiddies!We were so blessed to be with them!We praise the Lord the each moment to be with them and bring Gospel!We enjoyed to tell them a great story of love!Hope these seeds of God`s word will bring  yield fruit of Holy Spirit in some time.

Are not beautiful these two little nice girls?
They have put on Ukrainian tradition costume and headwear.They could not be with us on Bible lesson because they had practise at this time of some songs etc.They could resort only some times on several minutes to see that occurs and came back back.
At this day in a city where is this orphanage was purty or social gathering, the same as Ukrainian people have made this hundreds year ago.This day is elaborate and can be  humorous and poetic.Also folks like to sing different Ukrainian folk songs a lot.
Ukrainian culture has a highly developed tradition of oral literature. Folktales, folk songs, folk drama, proverbs, riddles, and numerous other genres. Ukrainian people have liked to do all these things during purty or social gathering, which has named as "vechornici". Vechornici has name because of word vechir, what means by -evening.Because in the evenings when all work have finished, people liked to gather in the evenings and to spend time.But this is only culture and tradition which was in past :)

November 26, 2011

Many blessings

Do you see these sweet helpers? They are orphans who were flying to us to help, when have seen us, when we just arrived to an orphanage.They all are so happy to see guests and every one wants to help them!

Thank you so much for all your prayers!Thank you to be with us in blessed times and sorrows!
God is so good to us!We could to visit kids and spend time in 4 orphanages this week!
About one visitation with small ones I already has told you here.Next several days one after another Thursday, Friday and Saturday we have seen children in different orphanages last week.Really, I do not know when I will update, because the Lord has blessed and we are going  to visit 3-4 orphanages next week again! Is not amazing? Is not a blessing from the Lord Jesus?Wow!!! We are sooooo exciting when we can visit them and bring Gospel! We are so happy we can commit the command of God, "visit the fatherless... in their affliction".
I will try to tell you about all blessed meetings we had as soon as I can.

Here I would like to share with you a visitation we had on last Thursday and many blessings we have. 
We had such blessed time with kiddies!They all are so sweet, kind and wonderful!We all BOM team, children and staff of orphanage has rejoiced by blessing time to be together!It was amazing time!We are so happy and praise the Lord!

And yes, we spoke here about obedience to God, telling  them story about Jonah.
We played same games and sang song about Jonah and  have  memorized same Bible verse "to obey is better than sacrifice."1 Samuel 15:22(b) :)

Children were very active and were very exciting to hear story and gave right answers on questions about Jonah during game!We admire by them!They are very and very sweet kids!

Here Nadya is telling story about Jonah, to be exactly about whales.That they are big and incredible creation of God.

Next game, where children gave answers on questions.
The first question was, What is the name of main hero? Next question.What God has told to Jonah to do?
As you see on video, children really enjoyed playing this game.


But they were impressed more by next game.Oh, they all wanted to catch fish!It was so and so funny!
This orphanage has 190 kids!Trust me, that is not easy when a hall is full of kiddies! But not all children were with us.As this program for children, we took since 1-6 grades, they are 6-12 years old.Next time(we do not know yet when) we will come only to teens age 13-16 years old and will have more seriously time with them.
But really we had a great time with kids! :)

After this game we have learned Bible verse with them.They did it very well!

 We sang with them.

On video we are giving chocolate candies to children.


Ok.Next picture is where smallest orphans of this orphanage have received special gifts to them, colorful pencils(crayola) in plastic box and nice lead pencils.
We thought to give only for smallest ones, to first grade.But we have found there not many kiddies, only 7 of them.But we had 15 boxes!So, we gave to second grade too, for a class!Oh, children were so happy to receive these gifts!Thank you to those, who has blessed so precious and cute kiddies! Are not they wonderful?

On next picture you can see  school supplies we have presented to this orphanage.We are so happy we could to do it!The administration of orphanage were amazed and so and so thankful!They told, "Oh how we are happy to have you!" It was so nice to hear it! But we sure, we would not present these gifts to the orphanage without all of you.
We are grateful to ALL of you to share this need, pray for, donate, send boxes etc!We are so happy to have all of you, even we are far away but Lord spirit is one and everywhere.And we thank God to give you a wish to help orphans with school supplies! We thank God who works in hearts of folks and we admire by you!!!

The next blessing we have  Lord Jesus has blessed and we could to bless this orphanage by DVD player(on picture is in blue big box on right side)!Wow! They have jubilee 50 years of this orphanage this year!
They wanted to make a special day, celebrate it but they canceled it, because the teacher of music has died more than month ago and they could not find someone who could to help them.It is sadly.So, we could to buy special gift and have presented to the orphanage.They were very much surprised and amazed! And when we told them about school supplies too.They all even did stand up and began to applaud for us! We were embarrassed little. :) We explained to them, that All glory to God, because He cares about orphans and that He sent these gifts.

One more blessing we have that we could to witness about God to director of this orphanage.She is new worker there but old director he is on pension now.And we had such amazing time with her!Wow!Really she is very sweet and so kind woman. She loves children much and tries to care about them as much as she can.
Also she invited us as reverence of guests to their special day in orphanage that they will have in next month.She requested us very much and has let us know she will be happy to see us as special guests at this day.
Well, we could say nothing, even we would love to be there and it is such a blessing for us.Because we knew we did not have extra finances.And we had only for two orphanages which we were going to visit next several days.What we already did :)
This orphanage was last orphanage where we have presented school supplies.We do not have any more.Everything already finished.We need to help with supplies to 3 orphanages...

We even did not know where we will take finances to visit orphanages this next week.We prayed to the Lord and asked to help us in this need.Do you know what?That is amazing how Lord Jesus answers and blesses!He has sent even double blessing!Really I was crying to find out, it was tears of joy. God sent us $500 for school supplies and different needs of orphans!Isn`t amazing our Lord Jesus? He sends everything just in time!Wow! We are so blessed and inspired! Thank you so much for your prayers and gift of love!Thank you so much to those who sent us such GREAT blessing!We praise God for this blessing and answer of prayer!

It reminds me a Bible story when God has blessed widow, because she has fed Elijah.
"For thus saith the LORD God of Israel, The barrel of meal shall not waste, neither shall the cruse of oil fail, until the day that the LORD sendeth rain upon the earth.

And the barrel of meal wasted not, neither did the cruse of oil fail, according to the word of the LORD, which he spake by Elijah. " 1 Kings17:14;17:16

Is not amazing story how God cares?Isn`t God`s miracle?God provides all time in time we can serve orphans and help in their needs.We are so happy we serve alive and amazing God!!!

We are so blessed to have so many blessings these days!

In next posts I will share with you about two more visitations of orphans we had.Hope soon.

November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

First of all, we want to thank you for each of you, for each reader and each follower of blog!
We want to thank you for your faithful support and prayers!
We thank you for huge donations and for each little donation too!
We thank for everything God is doing in our ministry.
God always providing even through the storms when we start feeling that we have no faith and HE always comes through and sends of his angels you all.

 We thank God that some of families and individuals  the Lord has blessed us by you are very special for us! And became very special friends, that is truly amazing gift from the Lord!

In all things we give thanks. Every circumstance,trial, sorrow or joy,let us give thanks. Let everything that has breath praise THE LORD.

We are truly so blessed to have all of you!
Thank you God!

With love BOM team :)

November 23, 2011

Oh, how they just precious!

I am completely blown away by a blessed day we had today!!!We just admire what an amazing and good God we serve!!!We glorify and praise Him for his merciful to us and such kindness!

God has blessed and we could to visit today orphans in Children`s Home. I even can not tell you how we all (kids and BOM team) are happy by this visit! I`m so exciting and thrilled to share with you what we did there and many blessings we have! It was something incredible! Wow!

 Do you see these sweet faces who are singing a song?They are cutie ones with whom we spent time today.

Yes, we had puppet show.We sang several songs.It is the scenery of back side of our puppet theatre.But before we had program we had a fun time little bit with kids while we were waiting of other children who were going to this room.
We took one-two puppets and just looked out of theatre often and puppet has hidden her face very fast.Also puppet was laughing and did other acts.Oh, how they laughed!They liked very much puppets!
When all children arrived to the room, we began our program.

This cute boy played Jonah.

When kiddies saw a whale they were amazed! They spoke: "look at this whale!" "Oh, how he is huge!" "Is it big dolphin?""Wowwww!"  They loved whale sooo MUCH!

Children were much impressed to hear cry of sea-gulls and whales when we turned on they could to listen.They listened of history so attentively!
Next was our game, where they answered to questions about Bible story.They liked very much to pass on a whale to next when music was playing.They gave answer to all questions!We admire by them!

But there was such funny moment, when we asked them where Jonah was hiding from the Lord?One of kids said, in bushes.We all, children and staff were laughing.Are not they sweet and adorable? :)

After we repeated song we learned before, we played beloved already game by kids.Oh yes, to catch fish by numbered. This way we learned a Bible verse, as you already know :)

Look at this cute little girl how she is happy!

 Do you see how many of them wanted to play? :)

 They were so very much excited and enjoyed to play this game!

We added little a new rule this time.When a child catch a fish, turtle or what we have by numbered, he/she should to show this number on blackboard.This way we could to repeat numbers with them a little.They did perfect job!

And one more of important moments I would love to tell you.Do you know orphans do not have their own toy?What you think they feel when they see a some child has a toy but they has not their own?Just think.

Today these cute kids had rejoicings day! We could to give them not only chocolate candy but a toy!Wow!How they were impressed when they heard that Jesus sent toys to them!!!They were sooo much happy to hear it!What a wonderful news!

They began to make noise because of this joyful information.They were excited because of that! :)
As we spoke about obedience this time we reminded them about Jonah.We asked them: "Did Jonah obey God?" They answered, "No!" "Ok.What do you think, does God want you to obey him?" "Yes!!!" they all cried together. Just in moment they were sitting quietly!  It was such sweet and wonderful moment when they obeyed so fast! They are so amazing and adorable kiddies! :) I just want to hug all of them and tell how we love them!
They are such incredible creation of God and such adorable!And they are so pure and naif as lambs!

A short video of precious small ones is to receiving their gifts.
Look at these angels! Look how they are happy by received their gifts!Because now it is their own toy!!! Oh, what a HUGE blessing is to them! Can you imagine it??? They have own toy!

Oh, I forgot to mention that we gave cars to boys but different animals toys to girls.
 Oh, how they were happy!I even can not tell you! They were so very much impressed, excited and amazed!!!

Do you see what I see?Do you see this cute and little angel who hug her toy to herself? Oh, it is such a sweet moment and I want to weep over when see this picture.Is not she sweet and precious?

When they told us Goodbye, they all showed us their special gifts.They wanted we rejoice with them too :)

Isn`t adorable and beautiful this girl? I love her red hair!

Look at these happy eyes and smile! How is cutie this girl is!

He is soooo cute!Isn`t he?

Look at these sweet little angels! Are not they adorable?

One more sweet moment our director Misha has shared with us.And I would love to tell you.While brother Misha could to spoke with director of Children`s Home about God a little boy was sitting on her hands for a while.Only  in moment he said: "Ah, I will go to uncle Misha!He is awesome!" And he came up to bro.Misha and did sit down on his hands.Aww!Misha said he was surprised and it melted his heart.It was such sweet moment! :)

We had such blessed and incredible day! We are so happy and rejoice by that!I`m so and so happy, that feel as I`m almost in Heaven!!! :)))

Thank you so much to those who could to bless orphans by HUGE blessing to them to have their own toys!Thank you to make this day special to them!Thank you very much for your kindness and support!!! Blessings! :)

Visit of God`s treasures

It is such a joy for me to share with you all amazing God`s blessing we have! We could see and spent such wonderful time with God`s treasures whom we could to visit last week!They are such amazing creation who are needy love and care!Thank you so much for your prayers!We had such wonderful and amazing time with boys of special needs in mental institution!There boys who has Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, mental deficiency and different mental disability.We had such excellent and  fabulous time with them!Boys were soooo happy spending time with them!

In the beginning when we arrived there, we have presented diapers to orphanage.God has blessed and we could to bless orphanage a little bit.These diapers are enough only for 2 weeks.We would be so happy if someone will donate that we can buy more diapers to boys, because there is very big need with it.They need big and small sizes.Or probably someone can send diapers to boys.We spent $50 for these diapers.We would be very happy to help them!
Also administration of institution asked us to help with chemical things.It can be be washing powder, shampoo,soap, gloves what protect hands from chemical sore, things what to help to wash well floor, dishes, etc.
Please, can someone to help with these things?Thank you!

Also they asked us to help with food.There is BIG needs with all these things!

 Before spending time with boys, we gave candies and bananas to boys small and older who can not be with us at this time.And after that we could to be with other boys.

 In the beginning we were with older boys.Small ones were taking shower at this time.And it was perfect time for us!While smallest were busy we could to be with older boys.

 It was such blessing when they were sitting so quietly!We were amazed and praised God!

This nice boy helped us to tell a Bible story to children.He is so smart and very kind!

We learned with them a new song.They did gestures very well.Boys love so much guitar!They really enjoy to hear it and they show by their hands how they "play" on guitar.It is so nice and sweet!
After that we could to play, catch our fish.Dear friends you should to see their shining eyes how they were happy to play this game!!!How they smiled and laughed! Really, they were sooo MUCH impressed!We even did not expect this simple game will bring so much positive and active emotions!Wow! We were so much impressed to see them so happy!

Lokk at him!Is not he sweet?

And in the end we gave to them candies and bananas.We are sooo thankful to the Lord, He has blessed and we could to bring these sweets to them.Thank you Jesus!

Next meeting was with smallest ones.Oh, how they so sweet!It is such blessing to be with them!We had perfect time with small kids too!I would love to hug all of them and give my love to each one!They are so thirsty fellowship with folks!!! When they saw us, they were so happy!And we were happy not smaller than they. :)

 It was so funny when we heard how older wanted to be with us, when we were with small ones at this time.They wanted to be with us again and again and again! Is`nt wonderful?

Boys  applauded when puppets sang. :)

And they listened of Bible story so attentive! It was such blessing!

 Look at these next several pictures.There how boys are hungry of touching, hugs, holding their hands.While boys listened story, others just wanted to receive a love by holding their hands or just hug them.It is so sweet and heartbreaking in same time to know boys do not receive hugs, love and attention.Caretakers do not hug them, do not play, do not give to them attention.And they can not do it, they only do their work...But these boys are precious God`s treasures.
 God gave them life and we should to love them and give our attention as much as we can.They are creation of God about whom we must to care and pray.God so loved the world, that He gave his only beggoten Son.God teaches us His amazing, wonderful and sacrificial love.

 Some boys asked us stroke their heads.Oh, how they need attention and so little that to feel beloved...

And we played with small children too.Oh, they were excited not smaller than older boys!They loved soooo much to catch fish!They all got so many positive emotions! It was such wonderful time!!!

Look at this sweet boy.Isn`t he happy?

Look at Oleg how he is happy!He is so smart boy!We are sure he mustn`t be there, at this orphanage!He speaks and understands everything very well!

Sergey so sweet, quiet, clever and so kind boy!It is so heartbreaking to see his disabled hand.But he is very talented to do something by his hands!

Oh, yes!Many of them did not know how need to hold fishrod, they needed our help.Some of them needed to keep, as they wanted to turn over all water.It was very heavy to hold them.That is not surprise because they are hidden there from people and do not know how need to behave...

 And several of boys we needed to hold because Misha our head could not play on guitar.I took boy`s hands and sang with him with gestures, make him busy.And it helped, praised the Lord!

But some boys just wanted you held his hands and sang together with him.Is not a blessing?Look at boy who is singing with Nadya together.It is so and so sweet!!!

In the end we gave to these children, bananas and candies too.

Also we could to visit kids who are heavy most of all.Most of them are here on their bed all day long, doing nothing.They get fresh air only at nice and warm weather, most on summer time.But when it is cold, they do not go outside.Can you imagine their life?Lying in beds all day long, nothing to do, do not breath fresh air, nobody visit, nobody hug you and tell warm words,only hear yelling at them? That is more than terrible!!!

But there are few boys whom we could to take them and spend time.We had puppet show here and game.

Did kids were happy?Absolutely!!!
We had very nice time with them too.With several boys we could to play, holding them on our arms, hug, gave our attention and everything we could give them.So, sorry we do not have pictures.Because it is very heavy to make picture when you are playing with them.:) But we were such blessed to be with them!And they were exciting our time too!

When we told them goodbye, they asked us will you come back, will you come again?When you come?Ah, it is so heavy to hear it!!!We will  miss them so much and it breaks our hearts...

Also we could see and find out sadness moments what is heartbreaking and hurting.It is so and so sad...

Do you see this sweet boy?His name is Misha.This picture was taken 5-6 years ago.He was such kind boy, all time wanted we hug him. Not one time he flew to our director Misha that he hug him and cried all time: "Misha!Misha!" He wanted so much to receive a love and gave his love to us too.

Now he so looks
last times we noticed he changed much, he began to be not actively as before, he flew to us not often as before, he is sitting on bench so quietly. We asked ourselves often something happened.Why his behaviour changed? What is with him?
It seems that he began to undergo degradation.At this time we asked a caretaker about him.It was shock for us to hear that.Now I`m typing and my eyes are wet.It is so heavy and heartbreaking.This sweet boy lost his eyesight ...and he does not see any more.And we understood why his behaviour changed.It is so sad.I even can not imagine how is horrible his life!!! It was awful before but after he became blind it is more worst!Oh, no...

We ask you please pray for these sweet boys!Pray God care in His arms, they feel love.Pray for their health and their needs.We pray and plead God to help these poor boys, to have better health.Please, God help them!..


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