May 25, 2016

Fellowship with our young friends

Last Saturday we had a picnic! We were going to have it for several weeks but were not able because of rainy days and several other reasons. But finally it happened! Yay! Except our church we invited students from trade schools. So, we had over 50 souls. The day was simply fantastic! God blessed with nice and warm weather, we had shashlik and so much fun games!

When we called to students and sent money that they can come(stipend is very low so they can not pay bus ticket). The young people always said, we can not wait come for picnic and eat shashlick! All were thrilled and could not wait for that day! :)

Are you ready for many pictures and videos? :)))

Guys were learning how to do shashlik

While sisters set the table, we could play a few games. It was funny when Vova "took a shower", caught the balloon by hand. Probably he forgot that the balloon was with water. Ha ha! :)

Many students loved to shoot a bow!

Therefore, many have learned this skill

We called Vadim, "a local bear".  :) Some of the kids accidentally threw a frisbee to a tree. Vadim dared to climb up the tree and take it off.

Boys, oh, boys!

Kids were excited to play different games as well.

And then, when everyone was already pretty hungry, we had a kebab/shashlik!

Everyone was pretty excited!

Many of the young people ate it first time in life!Wow! Can you imagine what a treat it was for them? 

Vadim had Birthday at this day. He said, "It was such a blessing to celebrate my Birthday and have a wonderful fellowship with my closest friends together!" And again, he did not expect! We made a surprise for him :)

After all were fed, we could continue to play games and just have a sweet fellowship.

We had lots of, lots of fun!!!

We played all kinds of crazy and silly games

We laughed a lot!

Everyone was enjoying by spending time together.

And we played  again our favorite game!
Oops! This is what happens, when you miss the balloon with water. The cold shower! :)

And again!

And again! It was soooo funny!

It was about 8 pm but no one wanted to leave... The day was absolutely beautiful and amazing! We all had so, so , sooo much fun!!!!

The next day we took young adults to the local park.

Some of them never ever been in the city! Why? Because some orphanages are at villages where are absolutely nothing for fun. No parks, lakes, swings etc. And while they are there kids can not leave teritory of the orphanages.  Then trade schools in villages, where are nothing for fun. So, some young people were amazed. Oh, how beautiful! How wonderful! and so on. Just taking them to the park made them so happy!

We had no idea. But this day was Family Day in the Park. It was fun!

Then, like a big family, we returned to the church for the service. After the service we were able to feed all. It was so wonderful!

I have never seen. But it was so cool to watch when the bird flew to the nest and called the baby birds to eat. It was so cool to watch! And it was at that moment when we were about to sit down to eat in the picnic day. 
It reminded me that many young people like baby birds. They flew out of the nest, finished orphanages. But they are so young, weak and powerless... And as the baby birds they need spiritual food, support and someone who will be able to be next to them supporting and feeding them.

Thank you! Thank you very much for helping us to make it possible! Thank you for feed and support them!

And one of the most wonderful blessings. The next day, Dima went to the pastor and said that he felt like a family and want to accept Jesus Christ. How amazing!This young man became part of God's family!Praise God!!!

Dima is shorter and in blue jeans.

Young people going back to trade school hugging, kissing and warmly thanked for 2 days wonderfully spent, for picnic, and all the entertainments. It is so awesome to make someone happy and bring joy! ;)

May 17, 2016

Baby shower for Nadya

Surprise! Yes, Nadya(the BOM staff) got married and became pregnant. It was hard to keep this secret :) A little baby boy should come to the world in a month.

Nadya became pregnant, and the doctor said that thanks to pregnancy learned that her spinal hernia increased. Also he said that in 2 years it would happened anyway and Nadya would become disabled person... :( How terrible for the young lady! But Nadya learned earlier about her trouble, thank God. It eventually start to cause terrible pain and Nadia stopped to walk. She simply was not able. Later, doctors admitted that they were going to draft documents of her disability because they  believed that the legs will be refuse and she would not walk... But Nadya is spirit strong woman! She did not despair and start searching herself how start to walk. Thanks to the efforts she found a doctor, who could help in her treatment and do without surgery. And a month later due to special exercises, she began to walk! Today she feels great and the baby is healthy and growing well! Doctors can not believe their eyes and say it was a miracle. Yes, it's a real miracle that the Lord has made! We all and Nadya`s family heartly thank you for your fervent prayers! Thank you VERY MUCH sweet Friends!!!! Thanks to the support of your prayers the miracle happened!

I LOVE very much to do surprises! :) To make someone to say "Wow"! :))) But who don't like?! Ha!
So, we wanted celebrate this miracle, this special event, make a surprise, Baby Shower for her and it was a sweet possibility to have fellowship with the church and friends. 

I wanted to make something special as she is my dear friend for 20 years already. Wow! And we never fighted and yell till today. Ha ha! Yes, we had misunderstandings as all people have. But we understand each other perfectly. I`m very blessed to have her as my dear and precious friend!!!! ♥

We were super excited to find this such a beautiful and wonderful place! I thought, "Hmm, it will be a perfect place for Baby Shower."

Nature is beautiful in the woods! People try to save trees building houses.

And they did these cute houses for birds.

And so we all came and prepared special place for our mommy arrival.

Our centerpiece, Diaper motorcycle :)

Everyone was busy doing their work.

Then everyone was expecting the arrival of our mommy. And everyone was excited and waited to see the reaction of Nadya. :)

I told my friends blindfolded Nadya from home and without saying anything to bring to this place. Ha ha! Yes, they told her where to go and where to come around. It was so fun to watch and it was hard not to laugh!

She absolutely had no idea what awaits her!!! :))) All were silent, even the children were silent. I think they were wondering what is going.

"Surprise!!!" All cried out when she took off the blindfold. Nadya was amazed and of course was pleasantly surprised! "Where I am? Where I am? Wow! How beautiful!"  lol. Everybody applauded and was happy for her :) It happened! Surprise succeeded! Ha ha!

All together

We had a meal before having fun. As everyone was hungry already. It was sweet time of fellowship.

Then we had a lot of funny games.We had a great time!

The idea of the game is "Mommy needs an extra set of hands" so daddy is helping mommy change the baby.  Daddy is blindfolded and mommy can't use her hands to help only say what to do. 

It was hilarious!

Next game. Wins the one, who has the greatest number of diapers hang on the rope for a minute!

One of the funniest baby shower games is for the women break into teams (up to five persons per team). Each team has a doll, blindfold and diapers. The object is for each participant to place the blindfold on, take the current diaper off the doll and place the new one on while blindfolded. After the first person finishes diapering, they run to the next team-mate who places the blindfold on and has to do the same. The first team to finish diapering wins!

Moms sometimes have to do some work and look after the baby at once. Would the daddies cope, holding the child and do multiple jobs at one time? Who will to hang the biggest amount of clothing per minute, winner!

Kiddies also took part in the games!

They were so excited, curious and thrilled!

I love queue in the game because everyone wants to take part.

Players must use a chopstick held in their mouth (no hands) to pick up binkies from a table. We took wooden skewers for burgers. First player to pick up a certain number of binkies or player that picks up the most in the allotted time wins. This is not easy! But it was hilarious!

Olga won!

So amusing when brothers played!!!

More practice and bro. Misha learned how to do it!

Who the first drink the liquid from the bottle with no hands, wins!

Everyone left the wishes for baby boy. So sweet memory.

Time to open gifts.

We had such a great and amazing time! Awesome!!!! It was so beautiful, so fun and lovely time with the church and our friends! Nadya was thrilled and so happy! Everyone was pleased and remember funny and amusing moments. :) We plan come back to this gorgeous place sometimes.

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! 
 It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments; 
As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the LORD commanded the blessing, even life for evermore. 
(Psalm 133)


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