March 30, 2012

Our God is awesome!

Yesterday we visited girls in mental institution.We had such blessed time!Children received so many joyful moments and huge blessing! We praise God.I will tell you about this great journey when I will be able.

But here as I promised you. I would love to share with you about huge blessing we have, about our shopping to get gifts to orphans.

I will begin to tell in sequence to you all details of our project.

First I would love to tell you that we serve AWESOME God! Our Lord Jesus is faithful and sooooo good!His gentle and astonish love is majestic and exceeds all human understanding!He is great and amazing God!I`m so happy He is my Saviour and the best Friend!

Thanks to all of you we raised $1787.5. We are very grateful to you! It`s excellent! It`s $5.84 for each child. It`s almost same sum how we wanted to bless kid! For each child of $6. It`s simply remarkable!!! God is good! THANK YOU! :)

Following we needed to solve which orphanages to bless. It wasn't easy. Because we wanted to bless all kids and our hearts broken about each of them. We did not want to deprive someone of this wonderful blessing. As each of them has different needs. Eventually we made the decision which orphanages to bless.

We started to ring in orphanages and to ask how many children, classes(grades), children`s sizes of footwear and clothes of everyone, their age, how many children in each grade, etc. Then all of 306 children divided on older and smaller, boys, girls and teenagers. We needed to decide finally what exactly to us it is necessary to buy. Therefore we needed to count how many and what sizes of footwear and clothes. It was HUGE job! We counted all day, plotted the table that it was easier to us with numbers and the sizes and summed up, what how many. From all these digits our head ached. I am so grateful to the Lord for my dear the best friend and the member of our team, Nadya. I don't like to deal with numbers. Nadya made simply enormous operation!!! She is such great blessing to us!God knows whom put in ministry. :)

Then we went on one of the bazars greatest in Ukraine. And we went to that what is closer to us.Purchase of all things and trip took for us night and day.

As we only arrived on the bazar at 5.00 am(morning) , was still dark. Day was very cold. The wind was penetrating and cold. And at the end of purchases all were chilled, it seemed to the bones.But anyway we were excited to shopping. :)

For those who doesn't know what such is the Ukrainian bazar. We speak that you can buy there everything from a needle to the car. It means that you can buy most of what need a human or buy everything.All kind of clothes and shoes, food, furniture, wedding stuff, toys, everything for fishing, all kinds of carpets, school supplies and many other.There is wholesale and at retail.Prices are very different.So, before you go, you should to know a price where you live that you will not lose a money.What we did.We knew a prices here before our journey. This bazar works both at night and in the day in dependence in what day.

But you never know how many you can spare money, only suppose. Because it is necessary to walk and look for that what is necessary for you at the good price.So, what we and did.
The bazar is huge! Some days are necessary that to bypass all bazar and it is very easy to be lost there. But so we already there not for the first time. We know many places and ways. :)

We walked from a place to another  in search of the good and cheap price for many things that it was necessary to buy. It was not easy as we needed to buy on more than 300 children. We could buy some things 50 or 100. Then it was necessary to look for other places for the same thing. So we walked 9 hours in a row.It seemed that we walked about 50 kilometers already by our feet. At the end of day we very much were tired, thoughts were confused, that was difficult something to think, feet didn't obey. And it is not surprising. Because we didn't sleep all night long as were on the way.
Even brothers were tired. It was the heaviest trip because it was necessary to buy many things and to many children according to their sizes. We so were tired that next day, it was Saturday, we didn't go to an orphanage. We simply were unable.

But I will tell to you that it is worthy of it!!!

We have some blessings. The first, one couple at which we bought socks to children, blessed us with more 6 pairs of socks for children free of charge.So, we can bless more orphans with socks.

Next. Many things we could buy at very cheap price. We even couldn't assume that we can find at such price! We are sure. God led us to these places!

The next huge blessing. We knew that we will spare money but we didn't know how many as it is unreal to suppose. We have decided, if we will have some saved money to buy footwear to children at least couple of tens. We thought that we can spare about $287. But we weren't sure because didn't know the prices on this bazar. Friends, you will not believe! We could buy so many things and spare $1100!!! We spent money and spent and spent.But we saw that still had huge sum.We could not believe but we were excited by this great blessing!Can you believe it! Wow! It`s unbelievable! We never in life even could assume that save a huge sum! Honestly, all of us were shocked! But it was God`s plan.Because we could to buy summer footwear (flip-flops) to all 306 orphans!WOW! It`s incredible!What an awesome God we serve!!!

Also.We could buy about 30 pairs of shoes less than for dollar, 0.93 cent!Fantastic! And about 40 pairs of shoes about $1 for each pair!It`s because the size is bigger.What a blessing!

We bought everything  by wholesaled.That is why so cheap.At retail such footwear costs at least not less than $3.21 .When buy it is a lot, it is the high price.

Here are several pictures of bazar.


Next pictures are those things we have bought to kids.

Footwear, socks and underwear.

Toys, coloring book, notepads, pens to small children

 Soap, hairbrushes, shampoo, deodorant, shower gel.

Hairpins for hair and all stuff for girls.We can only imagine how girls will be happy! :)

 But we didn't buy everything on bazar what was necessary. Because there are a lot of things. We had either to stay there next day or to arrive there the second time. But all of us decided to look for things in other place.

So, for these saved sum $1100 we could to buy those things what are in next pictures.

So here 236 more pairs of shoes for boys and girls.We have found it in other place for a good price also, $1.32 each pair.

Pencils, toothpastes, soap to all age of kids and some clothes to older girls.

Poor Nadya with all lists of children, their sizes, numbers etc. :)

These days sisters pack and prepare gifts for children. The second day they pack only for one orphanage. It is also huge job that not to confuse the sizes of children and to suppose according to the list and nothing to forget.But we all really excited!It`s such a joy, blessing and privilege!I will upload pictures later.

We would love to thank you be involved in this project, Gifts to Orphans.We are grateful for ALL your prayers, donations huge and small, shared the link.We are VERY thankful for each your step to bless orphans in their needs!We praise God for each of you.You show your tenderly care and gorgeous love to those who need help.We are so grateful for your kindness and trust!!!We are so thankful for your Christian love!You are amazing and so wonderful!We love all of you!If I could, I would give my hugs to all of you. :)

And we thank God for each of you, even we do not know you personally and never will see.But God knows each of you, knows your heart and wish.May the Lord richly  bless you, Friends!

"Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen." (Ephesians3:20-21)KJV

P.S.Next week we are going to an orphanage, if God`s will and deliver these wonderful blessings, gifts to our precious kids.We are SO excited!It`s such joy and we are so thrilled!!!

March 28, 2012

Our beloved ones

Here I would like to share with you about wonderful visit we had with girls with special needs last week.
God blessed and we had such perfect and great time with our beloved children!

In the beginning we had Bible time with smallest ones.We had absolutely great time!They sat and listened so silently and attentively as though tried to catch each word told by you.They rejoiced to each game or action.They all are so precious and lovely!

As this time we told to small kids story about Noah. Here we played game. Where they blindfold shall place an animal than closer to an ark door.It was very funny and amusing!
 They selected an animal what wanted and placed it on an ark. It was also good possibility to repeat which animals they already know and to learn the new.

But before game we told them story about Noah also a flood.They loved pictures so much!

Also we give them stickers as reward for something. They admire and rejoice them VERY much!With joyful faces and shining eyes they show to everyone, that have sticker on their hand. :)

 Also we studied a new song with them about Noah with movements. They such lovely and amusing when sing. We admire them! Aren`t they precious?

 And at the end as usual we did a craft with them. Animals on a wooden stick. They very much liked this craft! It is very simple and to children very much is pleasant.They were excited  to do this craft!

Some children aren't able to color and use pencils. Therefore the help as always is necessary.We take their hand in the ours and we learn them to color.

This girl that sits next to me is so lovely and delightful. When we only arrived, she directly pulled me to herself that I would sit near her. Unfortunately she doesn't talk. But we perfectly understood each other.

At the end when we did the craft. I nevertheless sat down near her that to help. So she was so happy and glad that very much pressed my hand to herself and hid from pleasure.
I took her hand and learned her to color. You would see how she was happy and how she rejoiced!

This time there was other teacher. It was interesting that when we distributed to children pencils and preparations for the craft. The teacher said, no isn't necessary! to this child don't give. She isn't able to draw and won't be.She said that about several kids.
 We told her, that is fine. All children to draw when we come. And we give to all children of preparation(printed on paper) that they would work. How she was surprised having heard that all children draw(even she works there many years)! Also she saw that those children who never drew. This time they held a pencil in the hands and diligent worked on the project.
It seems that with our arrivals of the teacher will see that their children can do and on what they are capable. :) We noticed that many children who didn't know how to use a pencil, when we started to work with them. Today they perfectly draw and rejoice to their operation. Those who didn't know how correctly to hold scissors and how to cut. Today they cut. Yes it isn't absolutely accurate, but they learned that. We are very glad that children study if only a little with our visits. Oh, how we would love to teach their to many things! But there is time for everything... There can be a Lord will bless and we can make it in some day...

Do you see this cute and precious girl?
I think that you already guessed that she is small Masha who was shown on ABC News for an moment.She is such sweet girl!She is very smart, learns new things very quick, she loves to give hugs and receive them.She is so precious!!! If I could, I would take her to my home.We pray that Masha will find a lovely family forever.I`m sure parents will not be sorry.Masha is very special, with such lovely heart girl.

Isn`t she a little angel?When I asked her, who is on a craft. She answered correctly that it is a lion. But on Noah she told that it is papa(daddy).Awwww! It was so sweet! Papa where are you? Your little girl is waiting for you.

At the end we presented gifts to children at whom there was a Birthday.
 They were very happy!

Look at this precious smile!!! She is such happy by her gift!

After that we had Bible hour with older girls.We also had wonderful time with them.

After we sang some songs we played game. Where girls competed among themselves who the first will drink milk.It was very funny!
Then we showed them children's clothes and it there was a preparatory part to Bible history about baby Moses.

After that we played game. Where they shall help to rescue Moses moving a basket down the river, answering questions on story. We made the river and a grass from paper. In a small basket placed a doll who was Moses. Girls very much liked this game.They excited to play at this game!

But most of all they liked to play the following game where we studied a Bible verse with them.
Those who got a ball to a bucket, had the right to burst the balloon. Where in the inside there was a word to the Bible verse written on piece of paper.
 So we played while found all words of a verse which we wrote on a blackboard.
You would see how they rejoiced that to burst a balloon! There were so many emotions, pleasures of delight and an applause!It was great fun time!

And at the end  girls did a craft, kid Moses in a basket. The craft was simple therefore they quickly finished  with that. But to some girls the help nevertheless was required. Anyway all were happy and excited that we were together!

Not many girls were this time. As many of them were sent to hospital because of their mental diseases :(

But we are going to visit this orphanage again soon. :)

Ok.In next post I will tell you about our shopping we had and all details and pictures of our project, Gifts to Orphans.I`m very exciting and have SO many to share with you all! So, coming back soon! :) Blessings!

March 25, 2012


 Each time when we visit orphanages, each time it breaks our hearts at the sight of what footwear children wear... It breaks heart and very heartbreaking to look at it... The footwear very much worn out, with holes, with the wiped sole also isn't subject to repair. It is very big problem in each orphanage. One of the greatest problems, it`s footwear to children. Directors of all orphanages very much ask us to help with shoes to children.

 But we can't help to solve this problem. We ask you very much... Please, help to orphaned children! It`s urgent need! Some children wear footwear of the friends because their shoes is already so worn-out that isn't subject to repair. It`s too big or too small size of shoes for their feet.

It`s necessary footwear of all sizes and all types, winter, autumn, summer. Age from 4 years old to the adult, 35 years old. The footwear can be used, but in a good condition. Or we can buy footwear here from 80-100-140 hryvnias($10-12.5-17.5). Depends on that how many we will buy, what type of footwear and for what age.

Children practically have no footwear but wear what they have. They have no replaceable shoes, but only on one pair. Imagine how difficult it is necessary them and as they freeze in feet when their footwear get wet. There is no place to dry or shoes does dry some days. If footwear wet and to wear, it to collapse quicker.

 Imagine, what children feel when they look at someone at whom footwear better than their. Also imagine what they will experience when will receive new shoes or worn, but in the best condition. 

 Children pray, ask the Lord to help with their need and send them necessary footwear. Imagine, how they will be happy, delighted and impressed when the Lord will respond to their prayer... We ask you very much prays for this need.It`s cry of their soul.

  • Please, to share about this need on social networks, blogs, and with your family, neighbors, church members, friends, prayer group, at school, at work, anybody  to help these precious kids in their need.
  • Please, hotly pray God will do a miracle.
  • Please, donate or send shoes...if God gives you a wish.

 Any your step is VERY appreciated!Thank you SO much!May the Lord richly bless you for your great kindness,Christian love and considerate care!Our awesome God can do a miracle!!!

Quick update

I`m very exciting to tell you that we had shopping and we were able to buy a lot of stuff for orphans!I have soooo many to share with you how God blessed us.I will share with you of pictures and say in details about our trip.But it`s will be little bit later.We have to finish with all things to the end.

Here I would like to share with you last visits of orphans at 2 orphanages.I will do a quick update because do not have much time and I have to tell you much more.

At Friday we had not Bible lesson with orphans as every time.We needed to decide some questions with director etc. So, we had fellowship with kids.Every time we come there, every time children ask us that brother Misha come to see them.Especially boys.They love much when he plays with them.Friends, you would see how kids were happy to see him!They simply flew up to him to give hugs! It was very sweet moment.Oh, how they excited!

Children often ask us to bring Bibles to them.We pray we can bring them children`s Bibles.At this time God blessed us and we could to bring them New Testaments to learn and read.

Oh, how they were happy to receive this gift!We did not expect their such reaction.It blessed very much our hearts.We had amazing fellowship and also God gave us opportunity to witness to teachers of these kiddies. We were so blessed!God was so good to us at this day!

Look at these precious happy kids.Are not they sweet?
They are so dear to our hearts and we love them so very much!

Next day at Saturday we had Bible lesson in other orphanage.God blessed us by wonderful meeting and amazing time with kiddies also!

Here kids received their Birthday gifts.Here I would love to underline that it`s very important moment during our meeting with them.Children LOVE VERY much these gifts.
When we only come to orphanages, without having entered yet into a class(room), children run to us and already speak that they had a birthday. Also they look so lovely in your eyes expecting the response or they will receive a gift. Children very much wait gifts! Think, what you would feel if nobody in your birthday congratulated you, didn't present gifts, a card, warm words etc. Recently (a month ago) I had a Birthday and I was very happy to hear congratulations from people dear to me, from my sweet friends, to receive gifts and to separate our dinner of love. It was remarkable day! It is a lot of memories and the pleasant moments remained in my memory and heart forever.I was very happy this day!

But what they feel at their Birthday?Nobody congratulates, doesn't tell warm and gentle words, doesn't grant gifts and doesn't share the sweets, a pie, balloons etc. Trust me. Children feel lonely this day and it seems that nobody loves and all forgot about you. You simply are necessary to nobody. Very sadly. But fact. :(
Knowing what they feel our desire and the decision was to grant them gifts on how many it possibly. Children are very glad and VERY much appreciate it! Sometimes even in a month beforehand they speak that they will have a Birthday.

We would be happy to receive toys, games, dolls to bless orphans, to bring a blessing from you and joy to them.

Thanks to those, who send toys and do this day special in life of orphans, brings pleasure and love.Thanks for your love to kids!God bless you!

Here we spoke about David and Goliath. Children were delighted simply when saw Goliath! They were impressed so VERY much and interested. Who this guy? they asked.It was so pleasant to all this unusual visualization, that even teachers came to look and listen to history.

Game.Who gave the right answer on a question of history. Had the right to throw a stone into Goliath as David.We made stones from old papers.

 Game to study the Bible verse. Children shall overthrow  a big stone, "Goliath". With help by of small pebbles.

Who did overthrow down Goliath, had the right to open a word of verse. Then we studied it.

Children love to receive and give their sweet hugs. :)

Craft with children.Everyone was busy.

Also Sasha and Lyuba had meeting with teens at this day as well.They had a good time with children also share the Gospel, singing songs and had fun.

We had a wonderful time with children at this day!God is so good!We love these kids and thank God to be with them, share the God`s tender love and His great kindness and warmly.

March 22, 2012

World Down`s Syndrome Day 2012

So sorry this post is for the next day, today.I had a problem with server and could not upload video yesterday.

Here is a very simple video of our precious and beloved kids to share with you friends to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.
We are very thankful to each of you to being part of this ministry and you bring joy and hope to these special children.
We pray that these orphans who can be adopt will find the gift of loving family.And we pray for those who can not be adopt we will be able to share with them our joy and love.

They are so precious, honest, so pure and kind, with open hearts to receive and give their love.They melt our hearts with their smile and they so sweet and lovely.
 We love them and they bring so much joy and blessings in our lives when we able to see them.We pray we can make their life much better with God`s help.
Thank you for your faithful support, your love, care and everything what you do for them!
We are blessed to be part in their lives, bring a light and hope and make their lives happy if only a little.And we are so blessed to have everyone of you involved in this wonderful ministry :).


March 20, 2012

With your help

 We are very exciting to share with you our blessings we have!We are so exciting to have all of you, to be part of this wonderful ministry, to care about orphans.Did not I tell you? You all are awesome!We are very thankful for your astonished love and great kindness!

 With your help we were able to buy medications to orphans with special needs.And soon we are going to deliver them this blessing.The staff of orphanage asked us to help them in this need, to help medication from flue and help kids who suffer with epilepsy, they get Depakine Chrono.We could only pray and asked the Lord to help orphans.With your help we could do it, to buy 4 boxes and all kinds of medications!Praise the Lord!

With your help we could to visit 3 orphanages for the last several days.And if God`s will we are going to one more this week.I will tell you about our wonderful visits in next posts.

In one of them(yesterday) we were able to help them with school chalk.It`s enough them for whole year.Administration of orphanage was very happy and thankful for your support!

With your help orphans will be continue to get their Birthday gifts!We received recently a package of these nice toys.And it`s in time because we had only several of them. God is awesome, He sends everything just in time!

With your help we are going to buy 6 new pair of shoes to orphans!

 With your help we could to raise $1538.5 to help orphans to get their gifts.Wow!It`s amazing!It`s enough to bless 304 orphans in 3 orphanages!!!We decided to spend little smaller than we hoped that to bless 3 orphanages.
We need $150 more...We have ONLY 2 days.Can we raise some more funds to help in more needs our precious and darling kids?
This Friday we are going to buy everything.So, we have only 2 days.We pray and ask God`s will in it.

If God give you a wish to bless an orphan, please donate using our chip-in or paypal, it`s even better because chip-in takes some fees. :) But anyway any even a little donation can be very helpful!Thank you very much!

To know more about this project, read here.
We are very exciting and can not wait to buy and deliver these gifts to our beloved ones.We can not wait to see their surprise, joy and admiration!

With your help these all blessings kids have and will have very soon! :)
Thank you so VERY much for your wonderful Christian love what melts our hearts and bring so much joy and hope to abandoned kids.Thank you being SO great blessing to them!God bless you!

March 13, 2012

Our precious ones

Here I have promised to you will share with you our last meetings with children that we had. I am very excited and I rejoice about that, what the Lord does.How He is good to us and also blesses!

At first I will begin about a trip we make every Friday, to children with special needs. Undoubtedly children were VERY glad a meeting and couldn't wait already when we will begin. The class was full children, was a rather little to sit, as there were no enough places, some sat on a floor, but all were glad the meeting.

This meeting was a little unusual and differed from all. It would be desirable to make something unusual and to surprise children. As we should tell a Bible story about prophet Ilija and about all his acts and miracles. I have decided that the Bible history will be told not by me or sisters but a raven. Many of you know that ravens fed Elijah in days of famine and brought to him meat and bread."And the ravens brought him bread and flesh in the morning, and bread and flesh in the evening; and he drank of the brook." (1 Kings17:6) It would be desirable to diversify a lesson and consequently raven told story.

We searched a toy raven some weeks in all shops, markets and everywhere where only it was possible. Unfortunately we haven't found and it was necessary to do it by ourself. By means of knitted threads, chenille stems, wiggle eyes and a bow on a head it has turned out such interesting raven. 

Certainly she hasn't turned out which we to herself her(she was girl) represented, but has quitted very funny. :) As raven croaks.In Ukraine it`s karkat`. We named her "Karkarona". It was such joy to children and laughed at her name. You would see with what attention they listened to the story of ours Karkarona! In the class there was surprising silence! Children with such attention listened about prophet Ilija! We were delighted that have achieved result! Children so have fallen in love with our "guest" that in the end of meeting some of them approached and stroked her trying to talk with her.It was funny to observe on children. :)

But before the history, children have started to do a craft, raven. In the beginning we talked and asked kids, what the raven eats, where he lives etc. and was our preparatory part to history. As the craft was from paper plates. Children have colored it in black color.

How we didn't try to notify them that they would try worked over the work accurately, all the same some of them were soiled in black color and looked very funny and cute. Now I am sorry that haven't made a picture. It was ridiculous and amusing. :))) Children enjoyed and excited their work very much!

Well. When we have approached to that part of history where a  widow woman from Zarephath fed Ilija. We wanted to bless orphans with meal also.
Nadya has cooked pancakes on a flour and oil. When we gave them, we have told, imagine that each of you are prophet Ilija, and the widow is Nadya that feeds you. It was very exciting moment.

You would see with which pleasure and joy they ate it and asked still! Tell you a little secret. Nadya cooks very tasty and delicious!Shhhh! Do not tell her that.  :)  She is such wonderful and great cook and blessing for all of us.We enjoy her cooking very much! Her came up to cook such tasty pancakes only with a flour and oil. It was such great joy to children. There was so much pleasure and delight!

When we have played at one game, could study with children a Bible verse.
  "For thus saith the LORD God of Israel, The barrel of meal shall not waste, neither shall the cruse of oil fail, until the day that the LORD sendeth rain upon the earth." (1 Kings17:14)

One part of children hid meat drawings at room, where words of a verse were written. Other part of children were crows who looked for this food and should bring it, feed the prophet. Nadia was Elijah prophet. Children brought all words of a verse to her. Children were excited VERY much by this game!
It was so much fun when children looked for "meat".

After that children have continued to work over their projects. They have glued a beak to raven, wiggle eyes, bird arms, the Bible verse to a beak.It was such BIG joy to children very much that raven could move his wings! As they are attached by the brads.
They were excited SO very much and spoke, look my raven can fly!

Look at them.Are not they sweet and precious?
We were very glad to see happy kids.So happy and with full heart of joy we came back to homes.

Next day we could visit another orphanage where we also  spent time with children.
This time here we spoke about the first king in Israel, Saul.

Children very much rejoiced to play game where they could be a king. They said the desires that they would make if they were a king.After this game, Nadya has told them a Bible story how God chose Saul to be first king. (1 Samuel 9-10)

We played game to solidify their knowledge of Bible history about Saul. Also played game to study the Bible verse and we sang a lot. Children very strongly liked a song about Samuel that we have studied last time. They sing it with such joy and pleasure.

Also Sasha and Lyuba could have a meeting with teenagers, sharing the Gospel with them.They had a great time also!

 When we came back home, we have very much frozen because waited the bus about 40 minutes. Our brother Misha was in Russia with the father still. We recalled, laughed and dreamed that would reach home much faster, each of us dreamed of acceptance of a heat bath and hot tea. :) Though we have been dressed warmly, but we were chilled so strongly that couldn't move. We thought that we will be ill. But thanks God we all are live and healthy. The glory to the Lord that He keeps us safe from illnesses and different troubles!

 But we are SO glad and happy to visit orphans and to bring them pleasure, hope and love. To give our warm and gentle words, to give our tender hugs and time, that it is NOTHING in comparison of what as apostle Paul suffered in different travels and in his life.

 11:23 "Are they ministers of Christ? (I speak as a fool) I am more; in labours more abundant, in stripes above measure, in prisons more frequent, in deaths oft. 
 11:24 Of the Jews five times received I forty stripes save one.
 11:25 Thrice was I beaten with rods, once was I stoned, thrice I suffered shipwreck, a night and a day I have been in the deep; 
11:26 In journeyings often, in perils of waters, in perils of robbers, in perils by mine own countrymen, in perils by the heathen, in perils in the city, in perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren;
11:27 In weariness and painfulness, in watchings often, in hunger and thirst, in fastings often, in cold and nakedness. 
11:28 Beside those things that are without, that which cometh upon me daily, the care of all the churches."
(2 Corinthians 11: 23-28) KJV

But here I would love to stop on the important thing.In this orphanage as in EVERY orphanage children have a big trouble with shoes. The snow melts now and children have very worn out shoes which has different holes.
They try to sew and recover footwear, but it - is enough of it only within several days. And as a result the footwear becomes improper more. Feet of children are wet for a long time.The wet footwear dries throughout several days. Besides that they have useless and worn footwear out, all of them have no replaceable footwear there.It`s catastrophe!
Our hearts are broken...It`s very heavy and heartbreaking situation.Children have not shoes to wear.

Here is a picture of the broken sole that is stitched by threads. Whether will suffice it on long in wet and still cold weather???

We ask you to pray, that the Lord has provided this need, has shown His love and care of orphans.If you can, please, send shoes to those who need it.Or donate, we can buy that here, probably it will be even cheaper than send. We can scan and send a copy of bill for shoes in personal e-mail.That is no problem.But most, we ask you to pray for children.God will provide shoes.Thank you so much!!!


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