June 30, 2015

Baby Shower for boy and girl!

We had a Baby Shower! Yay! For Stella and one more lady in our Church. We planned to have this event some time ago but were not able for a some reason. So, it was sweet and lovely surprise for our momies.

Except reading Scripture, we played lots of games and had so much fun!

Games for moms

 For dads

 And for all who were present at baby shower.

We had not only ladies but men and kids. Everyone wanted to share the joy of momies. :)

 After having lots of fun, the time was amazing! Stella and Lyuba opened gifts we prepared for them.

 It was such a lovely moment to see their admiration, joy and excitement. It warms your heart to see someone happy :)

 Of course, all these items what have been on the table, Diaper  Babies, boy and girl and Diaper Banquets, etc. they took home also. We will have 2 more little angels, boy and girl soon. Both ladies thought the Diaper Babies are dolls.What a surprise!  Ha ha!We had not time to make a Diaper cake. Because it was 5.00 am already and we had to be ready. Oh, yes. We didn't sleep all night. :) So, we made Diaper Babies. It was so easy and fast!

In the end every one could to fill a hungry belly :)

We are so thankful God gave us this opportunity to share the joy with our moms just in time! Today little Diana was born! Congratulations for Stella and Vadim! Such a precious blessing for parents! We can`t wait to meet her, this little treasure and to share her picture with you all! Yay!

(John16:21) "A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world."

June 26, 2015

A new beginning?

Hello Everybody!
I don't really good in updates in blog lately and I really miss it  :( We had some serious difficulties in ministry recently and I was not able to update... It was a tough and very hard time! Thanks mighty and merciful God everything is behind! Our merciful Father made a remarkable miracle! Our God is God of wonders!!!!!
Your prayers for BOM always appreciated!!! :)

Here I would like to speak about our beautiful young lady Yana.

  While Yana was study at the school, many young people have been invited and visited our local Bible Baptist Church. It was such a joy to see young souls at the church and share Christ love with them! I have noticed Yana is very communicable and finds very fast contact with young deaf people. Some of them visited our church as well. They would like come back but no one in our church does not know Deaf language, signs. So sad :(

  I learned signs about 13 years ago at a Bible college. An one American missionary taught us the deaf signs for several months and we even practised and visited local Internat (orphanage) for deaf children. I could have fellowship and it was so exciting we understood each other! 
  I remember well our teacher (the missionary) told us often. We have to teach deaf signs and repeat often. You never know how God can use you telling a deaf person about Christ. "Oh, this not for me", I thought :)  Now I am so sorry I forgot absolutely everything! Oh. Bad girl. 

So, Yana led deaf young people to church. I told her several times. "Maybe God wants you learn deaf signs and tell your friends about Christ?" "Oh, no, no, this is not for me!" answered the young lady. 

This past Spring we learned that she can not study at school for cook anymore because of new law and changes of some paperwork. She faced with a huge problem and could be send kind of like a mental institution or Internat for disabled children. Poor girl was very scared! Everything we could, only pray and ask for God`s mercy. 

One day, she approached and asked me, "Why God is doing it?"  "I don`t know. I don`t have the answer... Maybe God has another plan for you?"  I answered trying to comfort her.

NO one, ANY school did not want to accept Yana! Through some time, lots of paperwork, medical exams, lots of meetings, calls, was found a place for Yana. You won`t believe and I believe it will make you smile. Yana will be study at Internat for deaf children. :))) Only this Institution agreed to accept her! So, now Yana must learn the deaf language :)  When we have been talking with her recently again, she said, "I understood it is what God wants I do and it is His will". 

Yana will be study for a year at 12 grade. After graduation we hope she can come back to school for cook and finish her education. Now young lady learning signs and is doing really good.She got a little knowledge, while was at the school for cook and had fellowship with deaf young people. Now she improves and learns more. 

That is not all! We have been in the Internat and had meeting with director, administration and Yana`s teacher. They all are so sweet and so kind people! We were so blessed to know what a beautiful people work at this Institution! Do you know what?! They invited us tell kids about Jesus! It can be regularly meetings. Same like in orphanages! What an awesome blessing! Because by the Ukrainian law you can not speak about religion in schools, Universities, trade schools etc. 
BOM is so blessed to share Christ love in government Institutions(orphanages)! 

So, for now we do not know yet what God wants we do. Maybe in future when Yana will be our interpreter?  New beginnings? Who knows? :) 
 For today we ask you about prayers. Please, pray God continue to burn Yana`s heart in learning deaf language. God give the opportunity to invite deaf children or adults to church and lead them for Christ. Also, God shows clear His will to us concerning Internat for deaf children. Thank you!

I am so excited to see what God has in His plans! :)


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