August 21, 2020

Thorny and wonderful path...

 It is sometimes difficult to understand why God allows trials and hardship. Awful pain, many tears, helplessness, confusion, many questions "Why?"... But no matter how hard the Lord is always there! He knows the pain of our heart. He never leaves, but supports and shows His hand! It is important to learn to see these blessings in difficult times and thank the Lord. But it could have been worse! The three youths Shadrach, Meshach and Abdenago were on Furnace of fire. But the fourth was with them - the Lord! The Lord is always there in fiery trials! 

  Two and a half years ago, little Elijah fell ill with Rassmussen's encephalitis. Elijah spent almost a year in the hospital. Every day he got worse and the doctors gave disappointing forecasts. We were told  it was necessary to operate on the baby and remove part of the brain to save life. It was unbearably painful and terrible! We found the only neurosurgeon in Ukraine who performs such surgeries. We raised the necessary funds. But something constantly prevented the surgery! Elijah's frequent illnesses, measles in the hospital, doctor's trips abroad and other factors. All we could do was entrust the Lord with the life of a baby. We could not do anything and felt helpless ... Time passed ... Elijah was melting before our eyes and slowly leaving ... It was scary and terribly painful. It is scary that the kid was innocent of anything and so much pain from the loss ... We will never forget the time and words when all the hospital staff told him only a few days left to live ... We counted the hours of his living to the Lord ... Elijah was the first baby in our region with such a diagnosis. Doctors were scared, some nurses were afraid to help seeing how the baby was suffering. They did everything they could ... We prepared for the worst. But Elijah continued to live! 

   Last summer the BOM team was preparing for a trip to the United States, to give a report and meet with sponsors and dear friends. Everything was going so great and smooth! Many were waiting for us! We saw many blessings and were confident that this was the will of God! Our joy and delight knew no bounds! It remains only to get a visa for Pastor and BOM Director Misha. And what was our surprise when he was refused a visa! God, how is that ?! You started to bless... We have not seen the slightest obstacle! And here is such a surprise! It was somehow strange ... We saw how God blessed absolutely everything! And here is a bright "No"! And you know what ?! In the midst of this incomprehensible situation, God gave us peace in our hearts! 

Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.(Phil.4^6-7)

We could not understand and only trusted Christ. So, God had a different plan. 

  We understood when 3 weeks later, our Brother in Christ was admitted to the hospital due to poor health and was preparing for a surgery. A doctor said that he did not give a chance for improvement and even for a life! Exactly one month later, we learned and understand what relatives and friends feel when they hear the word "Cancer"... To be continued...


  1. Alla, you and everyone at Bible Orphan Ministry are in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings to you all...

    love from
    Susan in Kentucky

    1. Thank you very much, Susan! Blessings to you too

  2. Dearest Alla,

    I just read your update on FB, and am praying healing and renewed strength for Brother Misha and for you. Both of you are on my church's prayer list as well. I hope your doctors can provide the best medicines and other treatments for both you and Brother Misha.

    Sending safe hugs and lots of love from Susan in Kentucky!

  3. Not sure my message arrived, but I am sending a check for the new refrigerator to Ting Ministries - please use any left over money for Brother Misha's medical needs. Love to all at BOM, and Merry Christmas!

    Susan in Kentucky

  4. Dear Alla,

    I am thinking of and praying for you and all at Bible Orphan Ministry this evening. Brother Misha was one of the most Christ-like people I've ever know about. What a blessing he was to so many, many people, and what a wonderful example he has left us. We will miss him badly, but I am thankful he is free of pain, at peace, and in the presence of God now.

    love to all,
    Susan in Kentucky


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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