January 31, 2013

Guess, whom we saw today? :)

Today was incredible day and we are so happy!We rejoice and praise God for His goodness, grace and mercy!He is so good!
"But I have trusted in thy mercy; my heart shall rejoice in thy salvation"
(Psalm 13:5)KJV

Jesus gave us possibility to visit our sweethearts lovies.My goodness!I can not express to you what an amazing day we had!
I decided to divide this blog post on two parts.Because there are so much to say and so much pictures to share with you.And I do not have much time because tomorrow we are going to other orphanage with Bible lesson and Saturday to one more orphanage with Bible lesson as well.We have to be ready.So, here the first part of blessed visitation.

We had chance to share about God`s love with older girls with special needs.It was absolutely wonderful time!

We thank you, who pray for our journeys and visitations of orphans.Today the weather became warm and the snow started to melt.The roads became very slick.Though we driving slowly, but our van skided off the road, threw over here and there.

On the way we saw this picture as the van skided off already.We stopped to help as didn't see anybody nearby who would help. But there was nobody. Probably that the driver went to look for the help somewhere.So, we continued the way.

 We missed girls so and so much!When we arrived they huged, kissed.And began to say they had birthdays.They WAIT very much this special moment to congratulate them with birthdays.Jesus remembers their special day!It`s such a blessing to see their joy, admiration and smiles!

 After studying of a new song, we conducted an object lesson and told Bible history, how the Lord spoke with Moses in a fiery bush and called him to force His people out from Egypt slavery.(Exodus 3-4)
When I took off boots to show how Moses put off his shoes. Girls started laughing.So, it was fun. :)

After animated film viewing about Moses, we played game. Where they should have "burned up a bush", answering questions on history.They loved this game and we had fun!

 Also we shared with them a small prize as a pencils.They were very excited!

Then we learned the wonderful Bible verse: "...My presence shall go [with thee], and I will give thee rest". (Exodus 33:14)

And in the end we made craft, where God has spoken with Moses through burning bush.In total what they were necessary, it colored and to cut out a picture. Then to cut out sheep and to paste them to the main picture. Thanks to sheep the craft could to stand. Also that the craft looked more interesting, they pasted cotton on lambs.It looked cute!

They loved this craft so much and with pleasure worked on it!We even did not expect it.What a blessing!
All sweet girls colored such wonderful colors and by their work we admired . They were so happy and their eyes shined with smiles.

Some girls never drew, never cut out, weren't able to use glue or did something similar. Now many of them draw, are able to use scissors and know as well as why use glue. It simplifies much and does our work easier. Undoubtedly  it needed many months, the strengthened work, but the most important favouring and encouragement were required. That they can and are capable, something to make! They study and try. We are so glad for them that though in small things, but we can be useful.

Some of them still need to learn.And it`s not surprise as them are a lot of but us are only four. :) But we are just happy be useful as much as we can.

Brother Misha teaches the precious girl how use the scissors. :)

God blessed our beloved girls and they could to receive body lotion.Probably first time ever!You can only imagine their joy and admiration!

 Thank you Musk family to bring so much gladness and impressions in lives of girls!
Now girls are so much happy they can smell so wonderfully!

We had such and such amazing time with dear girls!
I`m very exciting to share with you wonderful blessing we have had there.As soon as it will be possible, I will share with you and it will be continuation the blessed day we had. :)
Now I have to go and be ready for tomorrow.
Blessings to everybody!

January 29, 2013

About Daniel

We were able to tell Bible story last week to other sweet ones, the next day after visiting the orphanage.The day was frosty and cold some.Same as the day before.But we had amazing meeting with kids!We did not see them so long and missed them so much!Some children having seen us, huged us with such force that caused us physical pain. Yes, they can. They express so their love. :)
Some children are sick and could not be with us.So sad. But the class was full of small ones.It was such a big joy to see them all!

We learned that about 5 new small children came to this orphanage.So sad to see the abandoned little precious souls.So heartbreaking to know their stories and how they suffered being at home with their parents, hungry and not having necessary clothes.How parents does not care about them but spending all days long with vodka...How these sweethearts were affected from child abuse...
But here we are BOM team to show the love of Christ, give hope and pray God would heal the afflicted heart...
We pray God protect these children and through God`s word they will hear and see Jesus loves them.Once, this Bible verse touched my heart so deeply and forever. "When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up".Psalm 27:10 Hope it would touch their hearts also...

When we sang a song, Nadya taught a fine object lesson before Bible history about Daniel. As an umbrella protects us from rain and snow, so the Lord protects those who is faithful to Him.

Then we played a game, "Pin the tail on the lion".The one, who gave the correct answer on a question, had the right to pin a tail. Also the one, who sits silently and listens attentively. All children very much want to participate and sometimes is noisy because of it. Such way we induce them to discipline. And it works! Not every time of course.But most.You would see how they silently did sit this time, when wanted to play. 
Such happy face :)

In the end of meeting the kiddies made a craft, the lion with Bible verse  "But the salvation of the righteous [is] of the LORD: [he is] their strength in the time of trouble". Psalm 37:39
Brother Misha helps to children as all time.
We are so blessed to have some foam sheets!Thank you so much, who blessed us with it!Here it is very expensive and we never would not able to buy.
We made holes there that children could stretch a thread and make a mane to lion. The 1440 holes, it is a lot of! Oh!It took us several days to do it. :) Then children cut out a snout of lion and pasted wiggle eyes. And the head was connected by the brads. Thus the head of a lion can spin. Children were delighted and so excited! Even older children came into to do the craft."Oh, give me please, I would like to do the same!"
So, here are sweet boys with their lions

Can not wait the meeting with kids at this Saturday, if the Lord will allow.We prepare something special to them and I`m so excited!  :)

Trust in the LORD, and do good; [so] shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed. 
Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Psalm 37:3-4

January 28, 2013

The queen Esther

We have been so blessed to visit children with a Bible lesson in one of orphanages last week!Oh, we all were so happy to see each other!So many hugs, so many questions, so much love!I missed them so much!!!Oh, my!
We love especially a moment, when they run to us and hug.You can hear like some children cry out: "The Christians came!" Other children who did not know about our coming yet begin to run also.It warms our hearts and evokes a smile. :)

They just so sweet, precious and dear to our hearts.

At this time we told them Bible history about queen Esther.Irochka was queen and she deserved thoroughly to be her.She is so quiet and has calm character.Same as Biblical queen Esther. :)
 After watching the cartoon about this history also.Some boys even did "fall in love" in queen Easther and said "Oh, she is beautiful"! :) We mentioned, how God used the orphan Esther to save her people. God can use you too!They were surprised to hear she was the orphan.
 Then children had an opportunity to "crown the queen". Who gave the correct answer on a question, had the right to attach a crown but only blindly.

  It was very funny!

 When we learned the Bible verse good enough "...and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for [such] a time as this?" Esther 4:14(b)
Kiddies were very excited by making crowns for themselves the way they wanted.
 Some boys did not want to put flowers on their crowns(not surprise :)) and they said, we will be princes.So, children decorated the works as they wanted. They especially liked colored and glittering scintillants. Oh, it will be the real crowns, they cried out. 
Thanks to those, who sent us different decorations!
Please, make  pictures us in crowns! :)
 They were very excited by their work! After they have run everywhere and showed to everyone and cried out "I`m a princess!" or "I`m prince!"

So, even the day was frosty and cold some, about -14-16`C(57,2-60,8`F). We tired very much because we had some bags with all items and we got to the orphanage by bus and came back home.But we were excited that could to see and visit our dear souls and spent such wonderful time with them!God is good all time! :)

January 24, 2013

Do you see the difference?

The recently, when we visited mental institution that to have meeting with new caregivers, we wanted to see boys as well.

How we were surprised, when we saw the orphaned boy B. looks so much better than last time we saw him!
The sweet soul before...

Do you see his chubby cheeks and face?His bones look not so awfully.He got some weight! We do not know how much.But he looks so much better and it happened just for some months!Such a joy!
This precious boy has wonderful sponsor, who faithfully bless him just $15.00 monthly. Look, what difference can do a small blessing BUT faithfully!Thank you very much, Teresa, to make a difference in life of this  abandoned boy! 

Yes, poor B. still has many difficulties with his health. But I can only imagine what the loving family could do, if he was adopted once! Only one soul and just once... But it`s too late. He is 20 years old. And he is compelled to spend all the rest days in this small crib, where he spends all the time. Where he feels "surely"... It is his small world, where he spends the whole hours, days, months, years and will possibly spend there all the rest his life...

The doctor told us staff feed these the special children`s food other children, who have difficults with digest.

Thank you so much, sweet Friends for your faithful support and loving hearts to the needs of these desperate boys

Dear Friend,will you join also to bless other boys in their needs?Only a small monthly gift of love can be so helpful to needy souls!Only $0.50 a day can make a big difference and is so helpful!God bless your heart!

Some news about current project with windows

We are so glad to announce that we are on a half of way of our current project with windows!We had only week, when Ten For Orphans could to help us.But TFO and Grace Haven Ministries have a desire not to end the windows fundraiser till on January 31st. They plan to continue fundraising until we reach the needed $4,350.Amazing! The time on their site says that our fundraiser will end in a few days, but if the need is not met by the 31st, they will add more time to it. Currently, we still need $2,238.97 to come in, so we are almost 50% there! Praise the Lord!!!

We are so thankful, who took part in this such important project to help in this desperate need.And we are so excited and praise God we have almost half of funds and TFO and GHM have a desire to help until all funds would  reached.

Thank you very much for your generosity hearts and compassion to these poor souls. If you could bless in the safety and warmth of these desperately needy boys who are holding the windows during storms and suffering cold in the winter, it would make a big difference and would be so appreciated!We greatly would be thankful, if you please spread the word about this need but most important pray.Thank you so much!God bless!

January 22, 2013

Caretakers to precious boys

I have wonderful news for you dear Friends!First.Thank you very much for your prayers!We got to mental institution in twice longer than usually, because the road was not so well, as the roads are covered in ice now.But we got and came back safely and that is great!
Next we had wonderful meeting with the new caretakers and administration of institution.Honestly, I was a little bit the nervous.Who they are?Will they agree to work with these special children because the work is really heavy and not everyone agree to work there.Will they love and good care about these precious souls and many other questions twirled in my head.But everything was nice and we like them!

BOM signed the contract for a year with this institution.So, since the 1 of February sweet boys will receive better care and attention.
Here these two nice ladies E. and G.
 Bro.Misha as director of BOM told them and read what Bible says about orphans and shared the Gospel.We praise God for this privilege!

When staff of institution and BOM showed, acquainted and introduce them with what children they will be to work. Some children reached for them to hug, take on hands and to receive attention.I love it!

Thank you very much everyone who made it possible to happen!We are so excited for these precious boys!You make a difference in their lives and you are so awesome blessing!Thank you from bottom of our hearts and behalf of these boys!
Please, continue to pray God will work in hearts of these two ladies!


It was so sad to hear that two more children got to this place just for several days...

An one woman stayed alone with two children. The husband left her. While the grandmother and the grandfather were live, they could care of the child. But when they died, the woman not in forces to cope with two children and one of them are special kid. She with tears in the eyes shared the endured grief with desperate and broken heart. She can't cope with him physically because he shouts all the time, breaks and tears all in the house, uncontrollable. The house became thrown because mother not for a minute can't leave him that even to cook to eat. Also they live on one child`s small pension(what the government gives for a kid about $100-120 monthly) that though somehow to support the children.She was compelled to leave the special child there... that to go for work both to feed herself and to care of other her child...

So, this is one more reason why people leave these poor children there...So and so sad that they absolutely do not receive any support and help.Very often these families simply survive.

January 21, 2013


I have exciting news for you!Tomorrow is important day for us because director of mental institution found caretakers for our sweet boys and we are going to have meeting with them!Yay!
Please, will you pray for our meeting and out traveling tomorrow?The roads are ice-covered very much and it is impossible to walk or to drive.A lot of people fall down and get traumas.It`s like glass!Thank you so much!
If God allow, I will let you know all details tomorrow about it. God bless!

January 18, 2013

I do not have pneumonia!

I`m so excited and so thankful to each of you, who prayed for my health!I praise God, He absolutely healed me from this sickness!Many, many and many thanks for your support and prayers!You have been so great encouragement for me but especially in heavy days and I thank God and pray for you.My love to you all. :)
Thank you very much to be so amazing blessing!

I had days when I felt better and had days when it became worst.During all this period I had peace in heart and I believe because of your prayers. :) And I had days when I felt so bad and I cried as small girl and felt so weak physically and emotionally and pleaded Jesus to be merciful to me. I do not remember that I was sick so long by chills or similar to it.More than 7 weeks, it was long journey of sickness for me.I prayed and wanted to visit dear ones and beloved children and do other things in ministry.But Jesus worked...He tenderly and lovely worked in my sinful heart. He wants that I serve Him with whole my heart, as never before that I burn more for Him.His desire is that I would be much closer to Him and hear His voice.I felt physically so bad that felt myself like in burning furnace as three young men in Bible.It was His work, to melt my heart and make as His heart...Somewhere in the end of my sickness, I felt peacefully and easier much more in my heart than before sickness.It was His work through my sinful flesh.

And He even opened and gave me an answer to my question, about what I had not peace in my heart sometime.I could not understand, it was something strange...When it came back to my heart I thought it was my wrong thinking,it is my flesh.But when I began thinking, I not felt peace in heart again and again.It was so strange and I could not understand why?Even it was and is good, as Bible says.But God opened to me,  WHY I did not feel peace about it and I`m so thankful to Him!God spoke to my heart through a whole year I just could not understand what is that and why...What He wanted to say to me.Now I know!I believe God protected BOM from many troubles in the future!Jesus taught me many times and I learn not do something, when I do not feel peace in heart.Yes, I do mistakes but I learn to walk by His narrow way. Sometimes it`s really heavy when you have to give quick an answer. Jesus allows us fall down and do mistakes that we understand that we can do nothing without Him. And only with Him, trusting and belonging to Him and to walk by narrow way, we are blessed. I love Jesus and so grateful He saved me from hell some years ago and  feeling so greatly blessed to be His child!Jesus is so good!

Thank you very much again for your prayers and took time to read these thoughts.Much love to you all!

January 15, 2013

The new project- Windows for Orphanage

Since the need for care givers was funded more quickly than we expected and even much more money came in  for it. Ten For Orphans agreed with Grace Haven Ministries wishes to help BOM in the next project.It`s so awesome blessing!We are so thankful!

So, our wish is to help to an orphanage, where are only boys with special needs, ages 5-35 years old to replace these horrible windows.
Why? The building of the orphanage, where they spend most of their time is huge and there are more than 150 windows.
The orphanage is very poor do not have the funds to replace the windows.Director told us once that during strong storms, the care givers and older boys have to hold the windows so the wind does not pull them out.Also during the winter, it is very cold there.You can imagine through what these poor boys have to go.

They feel cold and unprotected there...
 The staff of the orphanage does everything that  winterized  windows but nothing helps because these windows are more than 50 years old and are useless.Can you imagine? It`s is 50 years old!

The expense to replace 20 windows is $4,350. As $1,065.96 came in above the need for caregivers, so we will apply that toward this need. It`s  25% of funds needed for windows!God already began to bless before start-up of this project.The need is 3,284 more.

The price includes 20 new windows, payment to workers to replace them also price for building materials and payment to workers to do esconsons or escarp around windows inside.It is other job what orphanage unable to pay.By other word it includes everything that orphanage would have absolutely new windows and boys feel warm and safe.
We have not much time while Ten For Orphans and Grace Haven can help us, only 16 days.

Will you please join us in this big project to see the joy of boys?As it is only  their "home".
We kindly would like to ask you to spread the word about this need, donate if you can.But most of all pray.Pray God open Heavenly windows and poured out His blessings above to bless these dear souls. As He did in our previous project.

Tax deductible donations can be made HERE or on the right side of our blog, where it says "Windows for Orphanage" it will go to Grace Haven Ministries or through chip-in on our blog.Thank you so much for any, even a little bit help!God bless you!

Our God is mighty!

We are happy.We are amazed.We are overwhelmed.We are humbled.We are grateful.And we praise and worship God!My soul rejoices and sings praise to our mighty and awesome God!

 "I will praise [thee], O LORD, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works. 
I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High."
Psalm 9:2

Thanks to mercy and grace of God, just for 3 weeks came in $7.065.96 during our latest project, to hire caretakers. Oh, my!Can you believe it? God simply poured out His astonish love to these precious boys.It`s real miracle and happened so fast!We even and think could not that it may be so fast!Wow!Praise the Lord!

We are thrilled to see amazing His love to these orphaned boys through those, who showed their care, through prayers, spreading the word, donations, blogging, sending emails and much more.Thank you so much!Thanks a lot for your open hearts and generosity. Many thanks for answer to a calling of Lord Jesus to care of orphans.Thank you very much to everyone of you and anonymous donors as well. :) Thank you to make a difference in their lives!

We are praising God for His grace and His mercies poured out upon these precious souls. 

From this amount $6000 will go directly to mental institution for monthly payment of caretakers.Director already began to look for good and lovely ladies, who would show their care of these children.Will you pray with us for this next step?Thanks.When he will find good caretakers, BOM will sign the contract with the institution for a year. We are so excited that we can help these poor kids and show though any small portion in their lives and to improve it.
The remain funds $1,065.96 will go to a next project about what I will tell you in next blog post.

Rejoice and praise God with us! :)

January 13, 2013

Been busy

I`m so and so sorry that do not update on blog!Every single day I`m going to do it. But I have been super busy this week by different things in ministry but most with our babies. :) Sometimes I feel myself as "mommy" and it`s fun.But oh, my!It is so heavy to find a time!As soon as possible I will update about some things and tell you what is going on here.Thanks a lot for your patience!

January 3, 2013

Update about current project

Dear friends, I have to declare that our current project proceeds and will continue until then we won't raised necessary funds that to employ caretakers, who would love and cared of these abandoned and poor children. The need of these orphaned boys is so desperate and can mean the matter of life or death. Ten for Orphans and Grace Haven Ministries, are not going to end the fundraiser to hire two care givers until the full need is met.We are so humbled and thankful for their willing hearts to help these needy souls.It`s a great joy and blessing for BOM!

So, here we are.The remaining need is about $1,700.It`s awesome to see how the Lord provides, as we have most of the sum! Praise God!

We would like kindly to ask you, please, share, send emails, blog, pray and donate, if you can.We know that you already did and not one time probably.But the need is still there...On behalf of these precious souls, please, spread the word about need of these boys.
 We all can not do big things but we all can do a little things with God`s love in heart to these treasures.

With humbled and thankful hearts, kindly we ask you.Please, will you help by any way you can?Thank you so much!God bless you!

January 2, 2013

Happy New Year from BOM! :)

 We are SO GRATEFUL to the Lord Jesus for the gift of another  unusual year and for such good memories.It was fun journey of life with many amazing and huge blessings and with terrible trials what help us to grow spiritually and trust Jesus, during the past year.We are so thankful for all your faithful support, great care and tender love that you show to Ukrainian orphans.We were able to help in so many needs of children thanks to your generousity and astonishing God`s love.We had so many excitement moments and such blessed time with kids, sharing the Gospel. Looking at the photos, we had so many awesome and huge blessings in past year.Thank you very much!!!

Thank you so much to be part of BOM and bring so much joy to the needy ones! We pray that in this New Year, God  strengthen us and challenge us to give our lives to those, who need us to be His hands and feet.

We wish you keep your faith strong in the promises of Jesus Christ.May this new year 2013 bring you His joy, peace and love and many wonderful blessings to your families and personal lives.May our Lord continue to watch over you, bless all of you abundantly and keep you safe.Happy New Year everyone!Enjoy ! :) Hope you will be able to see it.(Just click on the picture and wait until upload).

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