January 25, 2017

Nursery Room

Hello everyone!
 Ta-da! Here is our Nursery Room! It is done! Isn't it beautiful? :) We are soooo very excited what God has done through you all!
 For a very long time I was going to give an update about Nursery Room, one of our projects. But for many, many different reasons, I was not able... Forgive me, please.

Children have many different stuffed toys, developing books, musical instruments and many more.

Since the funds were quickly provided. We started immediately!In a short time has been done a lot of work and the parents could use the room already. And we are gradually continued to do rest of the work and other details.

Cozy and cute place to sleep for little ones.

Beds can move over and make a low that kids not fall down.

Play area. Kids can draw, play puzzles, anything. I really like that the 2 tables can be moved apart if necessary.

Place for breastfeeding newborn.

Oh, I love these clouds!The white shelves we were sent here. I thought, hmm it would be great to remake them and hang in the Nursery room. There you can put the toys, books, photos and much more. So, it were made the clouds. I think it turned out cute. What do you think? :)
Also, it took me a long time to find the sun lamp. Oh, I was thrilled when I found! Children love the sun! ;)

In a previous blog post, if you read, I wrote about the photo frame. Do you remember how God sent exactly what I was looking for? :) So, here is what we have done. Since we have many kids. I wanted to put each separately. But we had to place them on some photos with others.We believe there will be more children in the future. After all, the church is growing! :) Will have to look for another picture frame or come up with something else. Ha ha! I think, I already have some ideas for the future... ;)
We all love, love, love our Nursery Room! The cute and lovely nest for little kids and their parents! We all and especially parents are so very grateful for this special area! The room is very tiny for so many little ones. But it is much better then have nothing! It is warm in cold season, cozy, cute and adorable. Kids and moms have everything necessary.

Thank you! Thank you so very much to make it possible and participate in this cute and lovely project!Thanks a lot to help parents come to church and listen the sermon of God, growing spiritually and be closer to Him.Kiddies really LOVE this room and often don't want go home! :)
Thank you very much to being such amazing blessing to many precious souls in Ukraine!You are such a great encouragement! ♥♥♥


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