February 28, 2015

It greatly touched my heart...

This week we could have Biblical meetings at 4 different orphanages with teenagers, who will start independent life in few months. Each meeting was wonderful and we had such a nice time with young people.It is hard emotionally. Because we remember them as little boys and girls. They have grown up. They have changed and ready to leave orphanages... But as for all of us, they remain still children... In their behaviour, thoughts and such naive. Time flies so fast! Unbelievable!

Also we were able bring jackets to little ones with special needs. Oh, my! You would see how they were overjoyed and happy! They screamed, jumped, hugged. Soooo sweet and priceless!  Thank you very much for sending boxes and giving the opportunity to visit little souls and bring joy and love!Thanks a lot for your wonderful support!

But at one orphanage the meeting was very special! We have noticed that was present teacher, who was singing with us and learning Bible together with teenagers. We saw how attentively she listened every word. Then in the end of the meeting she stand up  and with tears thanked greatly for teaching of these young souls and she never heard such wise words and it greatly touched her heart. Wow! God, you are awesome! After she approached to administration of the orphanage telling them about our meeting. Administration was surprised and started to thank us. 
Amazing! God's word is powerful! Praying Lord Jesus change hearts not only precious kids but staff of the orphanage, who has a great impact on lives of these souls!

Much love to all!♥

February 19, 2015

Before and After

I know. I know many of you waited those pictures so long. I couldn't to do this blog post for a some reason. So, finally!

Here are pictures of renovated Zhenya`s house! Yay!
There are done so much!We have done some renovation of the house Here and Here. Zhenya and Kolya so happy they are safe, stay warm and their kiddies with loving parents. Amazing blessing!

We are so thrilled! Looked, what you have done for this sweet souls, saving them from cold! I hope it will encourage you how God is good and mighty!So, enjoy pictures of renovated Zhenya`s house now! :) 
God bless you, Friends!!!! ♥

Before and


Before and

Before and


February 18, 2015

Generator for precious souls

I have posted on FB already but not yet here about HUGE, HUGE blessing we have. I hope you will forgive me. I had not possibility. 

So.Some time ago God has provided generator for boys with special needs.Amazing!!!We have been blown away by goodness of God!!!!

 It means the administration of mental institution don`t worry any more what to do, if government will turn off the electricity.

It means that heat system will be OK, if institution will have troubles with electricity. This means that boys will stay warm!

This wonderful gift helps greatly in many vital things! Wow! God's love is marvelous and simply overflows!We are sooooo grateful to Danny Widder and his community in USA make it possible! Thank you!Thank you!Thank you so much!!!

We are soooo thrilled for sweet boys! ;0)  God is SO good!!!! ♥

February 7, 2015

A renovated nest of Sudarik family

Finally I can share with you a promised pictures of Sudarik renovated nest.

We really love how it looks like now!It looks lovely and fresh. Everything was painted and cleaned.

Do you see the difference before

and after? :)

Second room.

The kitchen before

and after.

 The owner is very glad her home looks much better than before.

We are so happy for Ruslan and Marina!We thank and glorify the name of God, the renovation was made just in time! Thanks to your generosity and Christian love, the sweet family is saved from living on the streets! You saved them from terrible cold, hunger and they are safe! We can`t imagine what would happened, if little newborn baby would live in this awful and abandoned home. Both young parents are so happy they have place, where to live with their sweet son. They are not afraid and don`t think any more where they will spend next night. They are not afraid for their safety and little Artem. They feel cared and loved. Ruslan said, I understood that God is great and mighty to do miracles :) What a wonderful and awesome blessing for 3 precious souls!

Both Ruslan and Marina thank you all for your amazing support and daily prayers. We greatly thank YOU all! This small family would not be saved without your participation and care. YOU made it possible!!!Thank you for showing love of Christ and His presence!Thank you!Thank YOU very much!!! ♥

I`m also super super thankful for you and the fact because of your support, love, and sharings. It's warm our hearts like crazy to see you all share our blog on Facebook, emails etc. and we love seeing all of your beautiful comments. And it's super emotionally!Have an awesome weekend, friends! :)

The adorable newborn baby is at home!

Look at this cute and adorable baby! How wonderful and awesome! He is so beautifully made. Baby Artem is at home today, healthy and is doing well.

Little boy was sick with jaundice few days. But today he is at home with his loving parents.

We took Marina out from the hospital and she was so glad come into the lovely, warm and safe home. Pictures of their lovely nest will be in next blog post :)

Thank you! Thank you very much for your prayerful and financial support!It mean so much for this young couple!

We thank God that precious newborn baby boy is safe and with loving parents! Can be a better blessing?! :) God's love is astonishing and amazing!♥


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