June 27, 2014

A new coworker?

 Yes! BOM has a new wonderful coworker! We are SO excited! Because it will help us very much in ministry, especially for me. :) What a great blessing!
Our precious and dear friend (for whom I am sooo thankful God) Sabrina will help coordinate donations through PayPal for BOM and she is able to help with those things.
So, if you have any questions about donating through PayPal or any other questions about donations please, email Sabrina Musk  sabrinamusk@charter.net Thanks.

June 20, 2014

Arrived to Ukraine to be baptized?

 Have you ever had to be a witness? Have you ever seen it? Have you ever heard, when American or from other country born-again Christian came in another country to be baptized? Well. It happened with us and in our local baptist church in Ukraine at first time. :)

We had not many baptized souls this year, only two. Yana, a precious and very sweet young lady, who is a Christian and wanted to obey of God`s commandment, to be baptized. "The like figure whereunto [even] baptism doth also now save us (not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God,) by the resurrection of Jesus Christ." (1Peter 3:21)KJV
She is a treasure, who was abandoned by parents in early childhood, spent all her life in baby house and orphanages. Today she is child of God and she has a Heavenly Father, who loves her so much!Yana was so happy and  thrilled at this special day of her life.We are SO happy for her!!!Praise God for this wonderful blessing!!!!
And other very special blessing for us. Andrew, who supports BOM, came here from USA for 6 weeks and wished to be baptised in Ukraine. What?! When brother Misha, our pastor announced it, everyone was pleasantly surprised. Everyone could not believed for a some time. :) But we were so happy and it blown away our mind.Wow!

This young guy had no possibility to do it in his country. Our pastor Misha was happy to baptize him. :)

God miraculously blessed this special day for all of us. He blessed with a nice and sunshine weather, as we have rainy days here during several weeks already.So, we had a wonderful church ministry near beautiful river.

Everyone enjoyed and especially these two in white clothes.

Then congratulated them with flowers

Don't they look happy? I love their beautiful smiles!

Then everyone wanted make pictures with baptized souls.

Stella`s family

Kozak family and others....

Yesterday Andrew went home. It was so hard to say goodbye to him... Everybody hardly kept tears. We had sooooo many blessed days visiting orphans, lonely souls and beautiful places of Ukraine. We enjoyed fellowship and had lots of fun. God amazingly blessed his presence in Ukraine!Spent time with this young guy was awesome!

Andrew said, when he visited last summer he was a guest and a new friend, now he feels like a close friend and that we all (with church)are family to him. It was hard to hear in prayer when he prayed, "God please, help me come back my home in Ukraine". But. He is gonna come back in the end of this year, in winter!Yay! If the Lord will allow, we will meet in 6 months again! Yes, his heart is here, in fairytale country as he says :) So excited of his coming again.

We all love how he looks in Ukrainian traditional vyshyvanka :) 
By the way many people ask about poppies. These are wild poppies in the field. We have lots of fields like this one. No one planted them :) God is a great gardener.The best we found is here, where I blogged before.

If you still hesitate or come to Ukraine...and spend time with members of BOM visiting orphans and lonely souls, graduating orphans, beautiful places of Ukraine. You are welcome! You never will be the same and come back home with another heart. Yes, it is absolutely safe now to be in center and west of Ukraine, despite terrible war we have now, except east of Ukraine. At least for today... Just let us know and we will be just happy to help you! :)

THANK YOU Jesus for ALL blessings! You are SO good as always!!!! ♥

June 16, 2014

BOM team and beauty of Ukraine

We wanted to renew our BOM team photo. Wanted to make a picture somewhere unusual and a beautiful place. Then the idea came to make a picture in a poppy field. In Ukraine, there are many these fields. So we waited poppies bloom since autumn last year. :) It is suprise of this year those beautiful flowers bloomed very much, even more than last year. Some people asked us about dresses. Yes, they all embroidered.  Andrew and brother Misha both dressed in handmade embroidered shirts. We call it vyshyvanka. You can find it everywhere, all over Ukraine.

So, here we are :)

Here are little more other pictures.
Andrew even more fall in love in Ukraine. His heart stays here forever. We name him American Ukrainian :)

 Or sometimes we call him Ukrainian Cossack :)

We love our beautiful country, nation and people. We thank God for nationality and that He settled us here.
May God bless you and your families continually! Much love! ♥

June 8, 2014

More graduates

It was the last orphanage where we gave precious gifts to graduates. Last orphanage, where we said goodbye to the teens.As I told you before we have been invited to Last Bell ceremony. Children leaving the orphanage looked sad and happy.It was very emotional day as orphaned kids cried and we were ready to cry also. It always hard to say goodbye to someone special to your heart...

Brother Misha was able to give the last instruction from the Bible to graduates during the ceremony.Then in the end of Last Bell, all precious souls, who start independent life, received these beautiful gifts.

We would love to thank you heartly, for taking part in this awesome project. :) Through your care and love many orphans received these wonderful blessings, Bibles, blankets and kitchen utensils. All kids were super excited and warmly thanked.Thank you!THANK YOU so very much on behalf of Ukrainian orphaned children!!!!Without your support and prayers many things would not happened. Thank you from bottom of our hearts!!!♥

June 4, 2014

Please, help save Elijah from baby house!

Do we have more babies? :) Oh, yes! We have more young mothers and families, who need the help.
So, if you have possibility send clothes, diapers, all kinds toys, rattles, pacifiers, feeding bottles, all needed items for babies age 0-4 years old. The mommies would be very and very grateful!Thanks.

But here I would love to speak about one very poor family, who loves dearly their son.This is very sad and heartbreaking story, dear friends. A very little and adorable Elijah( Ilya or Ilyusha as we say) can be in baby house, for a very simple reason...His parents have no enough funds to raise their little angel... :(

Let me, first introduce you this precious family. His sweet mom Stella was abandoned in 11 months old in baby house. Then she was transferred to a baby house, then to an orphanage. She graduated orphanage some years ago.  Stella knows she has a sister but never saw her...She said that always felt alone and dreamed to be with her mom. But it never happened...

Her husband Vadim, got to an orphanage, when he was a small 9 years old boy. Since this time he never saw his parents. He says very often, "I always wanted to have a family. Now I have my own". 

One day we had a haircut at church. Every quarter we have free haircut for orphans.

 Ilyusha in 4,5 months had a long hair. Stella was encouraged cut hair for her babe. She was so glad and she had a little haircut as well. Sweet baby behaved so quiet!

Then we have found that very often Stella does not have possibility to buy diapers for her son. BOM blessed her by a big package of diapers. Stella was amazed and could not believe that this all package was for her angel. This sweet mommy is so gentle and humble. "I will take only few diapers. I can not take all package" she said feeling uncomfortable. :)

Then we fed her as all day long she was hungry.

Stella was SO excited, overwhelmed and SO happy!!!! She said to husband. Do you know what? They helped by free haircut for our Ilyusha and for me, gave diapers, fed me and gave money for food! :)

Young mother thanked BOM many times, hugged and kissed.It seemed her joy had no end!
Even when we skyped with some of our friends and families in US. This sweet girl was with us always and said. Please, tell them how you helped me. Funny girl. :)

We have found when Stella was at hospital for delivery of baby, she had nothing for her son. Vadim works very hard. All money they have, they give to owner for a housing they rent. They both do not know how long they can stay there. Very often this family does not have food at home at all and all necessary things for their adorable son. Stella  breastfeeding her baby. But often she is not able because she is hungry often. Oh, my! Not one child deserve to be hungry! 
Their family lives in such desparate poorness...that Stella cries often and with tears asked her husband to leave their baby in baby house. Because they have no money to grow him. She knows it is NOT the best place...But out of desperation she does not see other way...
Stella says "I DO NOT wish my baby was there. Because I was there all my life and I know what kids feel. I want give him all my love that I had not in my childhood. I want to be always with my son, as I always wanted to be with my mother. I love him so very much!" Oh, my.I hardly kept my tears listening this poor girl.

 They live on the 6th floor. When Vadim works, Stella can not carry down the stroller and take a walk with her son on the street, go to the store, etc. They live in such poverty and need, they do not have money even for an elevator. It costs around $2-4.00 per month.
Andrew and Vova helped to carry down the stroller from 6th floor. 

These are real people, real lives, real needs. They need our help. This family lives in such powerty and desparate need... They both are orphans, young couple who need support and help. Since that  time with a very little help this family received, Stella does not stop to visit church services and she likes to hear about the Lord. They both like very much to be with us and spend time in fellowship. Vadim and Stella love very much their adorable Elijah. And this sweetheart already became one of our favorite babies!  Stella has no enough milk(as she is malnourished) they can not buy baby formula. It is about $25.00 for 2-3 weeks. They say it is too expensive for them. Would you, please help this family to save their baby and will no leave in baby house? Would you, please, prayerfully consider to support this sweet family? Can we together show the love of Christ for them? ANY amount for diapers or food would be very and very helpful for these poor souls. They will appreciate it VERY MUCH! If God moves your heart, sending any amount, please, leave a note, for Stella`s family. The gift of love can be send through PayPal  thebibleorphanministry@gmail.com

 If you have opportunity send any clothes for infants or any babies items, toys, you are very welcome! Can be used, only clean and in good condition. Most of the clothes Elijah has too small for him.

Look at this sweet baby. Isn`t he darling? How we can leave him and not help?

We pray this family will see more light in their life, light of Jesus Christ. We pray they will give thanks and glory to God, who takes care of orphans. 
Thank you very much for taking time and read this story. Feel free to share and pray with us God will be merciful to little Elijah and his parents. Feel free to ask any questions.Thanks a lot. Your prayers mean a lot for us!


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