December 28, 2017

The beginning is already done!

Repair in the house Kozak family has already begun! What a great joy!

First. We would like to thank absolutely everyone, who takes part in this huge project! Whoever prays, donates, shares this need, any little participation is very important for us and especially for this beautiful family! We collected all the necessary amount of money! Praise God! Thank you soooo very much!!! Many, many thanks to all, for your generosity and kindness! YOU are AMAZING!!!

Second.Repair has already begun! We had to hurry up to the cold and severe frosts to make a window and door. That workers staying warm could continue the rest of the internal work. There are still a lot of work to be done!

Honestly, I'm a little nervous and feel overwhelmed to think things over, do all the right things, conveniently and functionally. In fact in this room there will live 2 adults and precious 3 kiddies. Prayers for wisdom and quick work will be deeply appreciated! :) 

At the same time, we are very excited and happy to help this poor family have a roof over their heads and their cozy and lovely nest! ♥

December 26, 2017

The whole Wedding and Thanks from Sasha and Yana ♥

Here are a few photos and video of the whole wedding of our lovely Yana and Sasha. It was a super sweet and amazing time! ♥
Since the young couple did not have money for the wedding, they thought only to register their marriage and receive a blessing in the church. We decided to make a surprise and make small wedding for the newlyweds. Why not? ;) We played games, sang songs, showed funny and amusing sketches and enjoyed delicious food. Everything was just great! Also, BOM presented the washing machine to young family. It was huge surprise and their joy and delight was not the end! It touched and warmed the heart to see them so very happy! ♥♥♥
We are so very thankful to everyone who helped to make this day so very special and memorable forever! They felt loved. This special day will stay in their precious hearts forever! Thank you very much!!! ♥♥♥

Look, at these happy newlyweds and how love and joy is radiated on their faces! ♥ Their thanks :)

Sasha: I am grateful to all and the church for everything that has been done today, who helped us. We did not have the money, and we could not even think that we are celebrating such a beautiful day. We are blessed with many gifts and necessary things. We are grateful to all who helped us! And we thank Alla, who helped us with the choice of clothes. She went shopping with us everywhere and helped us. Today, we came to the church to receive blessings, changed with the rings and the church gave us a real holiday. We did not know, and even could not imagine what would happen and we are very pleased. We came to church and it was made a happy day for us! Thank you very much for all!

Yana:I would love to thank you for the wonderful gifts and the beautiful holiday that was done for us with Sasha. I did not expect.  I was very pleased and blessed my heart. Thank you for all the blessings and everyone, who participated in this. Thank you very much everyone!

November 28, 2017

Lovely Nest for the Kozaks' family

We are super excited to start a new HUGE project!Renovating housing for Kozak family! ♥ Yay!

Ok, we'll start from the very beginning. WHY this is VERY important:
  • The young family has 3 beautiful kids. Sasha and Olga, both orphans and without housing. Most of you know this precious family :)
  • Sasha Kozak has a property. I will not delve into the details of the laws and stuff so as not to confuse you. But this room in the dorm belongs to him. Some time ago we wanted to help make repairs and settle his family there. But this was impossible for many reasons. Now after a few years, it became possible! Praise God!
  • If the family does not settle in this room in the near future. The state will take Sasha's room and this will bring even more problems and worries. Because no one lives there now.
  • The family will not have to move every year from the apartment to the apartment. This happens quite often for various reasons.
  • BOM will not need to look for housing for this large family every time.Nobody wants to rent an apartment to a large family. Even with one child. This brings many experiences and difficulties for the Kozak family and the BOM team as well.
  • Thanks to this, we can help many more precious souls who need housing. In the house where Kozak family lives now, a young family can live, and several other young ladies, one of whom expects the baby soon.
  • The most important thing. The young family will have their own housing! Although small but their own. Where they will feel settled and safe instead insure where they will live next month.
With God's help, we hope to raise $3100 The room is abandoned and it is need to do very, very much! The money will be spent on renovating the room, in particular walls, ceiling, new windows, doors, new electric installation, etc. There is no electricity at all. Also there is an opportunity to make a tiny kitchen. After repair, it is need to buy/order new furniture for a young family. Olga has long been dreaming of a bunk bed for her boys. Will we make a surprise together? ;) 

Can you imagine the admiration and joy of young family to have their own lovely nest??? What a wonderful blessing to have a roof over your head! ♥

If God stir your heart to bless this sweet family, you can use the blue button on the right side of the blog. 
Also you can send a gift of love through PayPal Let us know, please and we will add the donation on the blog. Please, leave a note for Kozak family
Or send a check  to 
Ting Ministries 
Stephanie and Brian Carpenter
29 East Poplar Street
Lebanon Pa 17042

All donations tax deductible!

Every, even a little donation is a wonderful blessing for the young family!THANK YOU very much!!!!

But mostly we ask you to pray with us God will provide all needed funds. There are a lot of nuances and details. We need the wisdom of God, help and His favor! Would you share the need, please? :)
Thank you so much for any participation! May God bless you!!!

November 15, 2017

Congratulations to the Newlyweds!!! ♥

Look, who decided to tie their lives forever!!! This is officially! Yana and Sasha are husband and wife!!! We are thrilled and super excited!!! We are so very happy for lovebirds!♥♥♥ We are so delighted for the birth one more beautiful family! Congratulations to the Newlyweds! 

Tears of joy for this lovely couple. Both of them are orphaned. Sasha is deaf. But they are not alone. They are loved by many and they are a perfect match! God is creating something wonderful and amazing...It is really beautiful when God writes a new love story. 

We are thankful that God is using them both in ministry for deaf people to bless others. We love them both so dearly!!! ♥ 

We are blessed and look forward their new life and journey together. We are thankful for how the Lord has brought them together, and look forward serving them their Saviour as husband and wife. Please, pray He continue to bless them to reach more deaf people for Christ. And for their needs as well.

 We had a beautiful ceremony at church and small Ukrainian wedding. :) It was super sweet time and realy amazing! In the next blog post we will upload more pictures and videos and tell more about wonderful blessings ;)

November 3, 2017

How the gold ring led me to a country of my dream

From the very beginning, I would love to say that our God is mighty, great and amazing! This blog post is dedicated to His wonderful acts and miracles! I`m super excited to praise Him for His goodness, overflowing love and to share about awesome things He is doing in BOM and my personal life as well! Through many problems and trials(personal and in ministry), God shows his power and love!You can see and feel His presence in small and large things, comfort and hide under the shadow of His loving wings. ♥ He is soooo very good!!!

In April this year, the BOM team sorted clothes for orphans sent by many people from several countries. A gold ring was accidentally found in box!!! Wow! We immediately wanted to find the owner of this ring and return, guessing that for sure this person is disappointed about the loss, and in perplexity where it can be. It was a woman's ring, there was no doubt. We shared on the facebook BOM page, social networks and private messages. It did not take long to wait. Literally in a couple of hours the owner of this ring was found! Wow!!! It turned out that our dear friend and generous sponsor from Switzerland! Amazing!We were all shocked by what happened and so thrilled that the owner of the ring was found! We started working on getting the ring back to the owner. All our efforts were unsuccessful. We waited and believed. We knew that God has a plan... But which one? What plan?

So, few months later I was invited to Switzerland! What??!!! Woooow! Oh, my! I thought that I would die from the happiness!!! Ha ha! Really. I thought that my heart would jump out with a thrill and excitement!!! ;))) Even now, when I am typing these lines, my heart is thrilled and my hands are shaking in awe of God. "Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling" Psalm 2:11

A couple of days before the trip, God spoke to my heart through the Holy Scripture. 

"And in that day shall ye say, Praise the LORD, call upon his name, declare his doings among the people, make mention that his name is exalted.
Sing unto the LORD; for he hath done excellent things: this is known in all the earth.
Cry out and shout, thou inhabitant of Zion: for great is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of thee."
 (Isaiah 12:4-6)
It is very interesting HOW God can speak to your heart exactly same what you need, even you read daily?! It seems incredible! How God is doing it??? Exactly time, place, exactly what you need in right time?! I love it! I "knew" that God prepared something amazing and great! But what? I could only trust my Heavenly Father... 

So, adventures began!On the way to the airport the screen-wiper in the car in the middle of the road broke! There was a downpour! It was still very far from the airport... It was impossible to go! Call a taxi? Very expensive. In the village where we stopped there is no taxi, no shops, no gas stations. Absolutely nothing. We stood in silence for a while and did not know what to do... Repair it? But how if heavy rain? All the service centers were still closed as it was early morning. Thousands of thoughts were spinning in my head. What to do and how to be??? I did not want to miss the airplane!!! I started to get nervous. And at the same time, I thought, God, if you do not want me to fly to Switzerland. Since to miss the airplane, the probability was very high! OK. Help me to humble and accept your will... Inside was a spiritual struggle! I so badly wanted and dreamed and already was on my way to Switzerland! It seemed that here, and that's all the plans will collapse! But at the same time I understood that God's plan is perfect, even if we sometimes do not like it. :)
We prayed. And we started to drive... In the beginning very slowly and then faster. It was dangerous to go because of the heavy rain and nothing was visible! It was frightening that any car could jump out of nowhere and we could easily get into an accident! We were frightened and ride in silence. Brother Misha was really a hero!!! He said that few days his eyes ached because of the strain after this drive! It was crazy. Risking and hoping for the mercy of God, we arrived at the airport on time and at the last minute I managed on the flight!  Praise God!!! It is funny. When we just arrived the rain stopped!!! :)


Metro at the airport in Zurich with different sounds. Mooing cows, different melodies. It's so cute!


When we met with my sweet friend at the airport, we stood for a long time embracing each other, not believing that it has happened... So much emotions filled my heart, excitement, happiness, warmth and love...

Why did I go to Switzerland? And what did I do there?
  • Return the gold ring to my precious friend. Give her hugs and thank her for the generosity and love to Ukrainian children ♥
  • To meet wonderful sponsors and friends of the BOM. It was such a pleasure to meet them in person!
  • I shared about Jesus Christ, about His wonderful miracles in the BOM and my personal life.
  • Several years ago I prayed to go to Switzerland. Yes, it was my dream! It seemed crazy, right? I love mountains terribly! But over time, I began to think, how could this be? It is very expensive. I do not have that kind of money. I stopped praying after losing faith. Therefore, this remained just an unfulfilled dream.So, never lose your faith in something unrealistic for you! ;)
  • My dear friends showed the beauty of their country. Alpine mountains, thousands of lakes, rivers, friendly people, lovely and cute houses, beautiful cities. All incredibly gorgeous!!! From what you see already captures the spirit!!!
  • Several years I prayed for one more thing and God answered in an amazing way! This was the main reason of my trip. God Himself brought me there!!! It was His plan for my trip there! No my plan, not my dream, but God's plan! This is private :) The golden ring led me to the country of my dream and my Heavenly Father fulfilled his perfect plan. :)
What impressed me in this country?
  • The fact that this country is accurate watches, delicious chocolate and cheese. This is without talking. :)
  • Nature! Gorgeous nature is simply indescribable!!! AMAZING!!! Photos cannot convey all the beauty! This must be seen!
  • I did not expect to see a lot of corn and sunflowers. Corn is used for feeding cows. It was interesting to see the same trees and flowers in the mountains as in Ukraine.
  • A lot of tunnels! Just hundreds! 

  • The Swiss are very protective of their nature! What is very great!
  • Everywhere is quiet. Nowhere does music sound, not on the street, or in a cafe. Absolute silence. It's so wonderful! You enjoy the silence and it's so relaxing... Just a paradise on earth.
  • The water in the lakes and rivers is so clean that you can drink it!There are a lot of different fountains in cities, where you can drink water or simply refresh yourself in the summer heat.
  • Very clean :) Trash in Switzerland is recycled again into bottles and different things. Can you believe this backpack made from plastic bottles??? How cool! Wow!

  • As in Ukraine, most people use public transport. But I did not expect to see so many. Trolleybuses, trams, buses and just hundreds of trains!All public transport goes with accuracy not to a minute, but to a second! 
  • Bicycles are everywhere! Hundreds! No. Thousands of bicycles in the parking lots. I've never seen such a huuuuge number of bikes in my life! Very impressive!
  • Everything is automated. You do not need to pay any grandmother for parking or buy a ticket in a trolley bus a woman gives you a ticket. For this, there are special machines. In some stores, you can pay for the goods without a cashier. Again, machines. And you do not need to stand in long lines for half an hour(as in Ukraine ;)) Very comfortably. 
  • It is interesting there no the police on the street at all! Except, when it was Switzerland Day I could see few policemen. Very unusual.
  • The Swiss love their country very much. Flags are absolutely everywhere you can think of! Even the bread is baked in the form of their flag. The Cross is symbol of the flag. I wonder, how the bread would look like with the Ukrainian trident? ;) Oh, do you know that the Swiss flag is square and not rectangular?

  • And oh yeah! I really liked the Swiss food! The food is not spicy and not pungent. It seems kinda like in Ukraine. :) The national meal Käseschnitte. Bread, cheese, greens and a bacon. It's very delicious! Mmm!

  • Rivella is a national drink made from whey. Really neat! This is lemonade with a little gas and different tastes. It is really good!

And... I would love to share with you some more pictures of this gorgeous country!

My first meal in Switzerland! The sausage from beef on the grill is so delicious! Mmm! So tasty! Probably the most delicious in my life! Ha ha!

Is it possible for a day to visit 3 countries? Yes! If you fly to Bazel, Switzerland! It was not yet 7 pm, how neat it was to visit 4 countries for a day!!! Sounds like something incredible and crazy!?
I was in Ukraine, Switzerland, Germany and France!Just for an one day!
There at the end of the bridge is Swiss. Photo taken from Germany. Yes, yes! You only need to cross the bridge and you will find yourself in another country! So great!

France!Never in my life I could imagine that this could happen to me!!! Wow!


This is how you feel, when you see the Alps for the first time in your life!!! ;) Height above the sea is more than 2,350 meters(7,710 ft).

Brienz Rothorn in center of Swiss

Very impressive!!!

Magnificent view from Mount Pilatus. "O LORD, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches." (Psalms 104:24)  

It is gorgeous, beautiful and breathtaking!!! Our God is amazing Creator!!!

 "For, lo, he that formeth the mountains, and createth the wind, and declareth unto man what is his thought, that maketh the morning darkness, and treadeth upon the high places of the earth, The LORD, The God of hosts, is his name."(Amos 4:13) 

"Behold upon the mountains the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace!"(Nahum 1:15) :)))

Do you see little temple? Isn`t it neat idea to build it there?

The Chapel Bridge Kapellbruecke in Lucerne


What God is doing, it is very beautiful, inspiring, touching and very emotional! I really loved this wonderful country and I am very grateful to my Saviour for the opportunity to visit there and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the wonderful friends He blessed us with!♥

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed. ;) May God bless you! :)


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