November 14, 2019

ONLY 2 weeks to REUNITE the FAMILY!!!

   OK. Our ministry is gaining a slightly different turn...
   Dear friends we only have 2 weeks to save the family !!! Yesterday, the Children's Affairs Service called the mother of two of our sweet girls to deprive of parental rights, and appoint me the guardian of the girls as they live with us! Sveta, 16 and Luba, 17. It was a real war! The poor mother cried inconsolably... It was all painful and scary to watch. It is terrible how the world is cruel and how Satan wants to break up the family and sow bitterness, tears, pain, disappointment and grief. We began to stand up for the poor mother and asked the Social Service to give her a chance to start a new life. She is addicted to alcohol but cannot stop because of her surroundings. Due to alcohol addiction, she is not able to fulfill parental duties and obligations. She has no home. She lives anywhere.She is homeless... Therefore, the girls not only have nowhere to come home for the holidays.They have nowhere to go at all!!! Therefore, they spent all their childhood in the Children`s Home and then in a orphanage... There was a time when a young woman did not abuse alcohol and worked since she lived somewhere. So, we have a hope! Her friends and surroundings have a huge impact on her. The Children's Affairs Service gave 2 weeks for the mother to find housing and work. If in 2 weeks she does not solve this issue, she will be deprived of parental rights!!! This is terrible! But today we have a chance to save this precious family! Let the sweet girls live with their beloved mother! 

From the left to the right Alla, Natasha, Masha, Sveta and Lyuba

  We immediately began to look for a housing at our city so that she immediately moved! We have VERY little time!She does not work, so she is starving. :( She has absolutely no livelihood! While a woman finds work, she will need funds and her children for food, at least for a month. Also help pay for housing for several months until everything is settled down.

  Can you imagine what happiness it is when the whole family is together, mom and her precious children! Indeed, the very first family was created by our Creator in the Garden of Eden. What a relief for all of them not to worry about each other. So that the girls do not worry about what happened to their mother, is she still alive? What a joy when the whole family will come to the meeting of our church and hear the Word of God! Not only girls but their mother can hear the Word of Salvation, about hope, forgiveness, Christ love, hope and much more! Tears of happiness are pouring down my cheeks when I think about what an incredible happiness it is to see all of them together joyful and happy !!! What a blessing it is when their mother sees the love of Christ and the care of their family through Christians! The woman ceased to feel like a mother and a woman. She feels exhausted and completely lonely... Through this care, we can become her friends and the only salvation!

We need to raise $900. Each donation can be a salvation for these girls to stay with their mother forever! Is it not for this that God called us to sow goodness, hope and love? Isn't that what the Lord calls us to do, to give people a chance and hope while they are alive? Yesterday, the girls were upset and cried. If we do not help, the family will be destroyed and one of the girls will go to the orphanage again! Can you imagine their tears of happiness when the family reunited???Satan destroys families but God creates! Will you become a part of the reuniting of this sweet family, please?
We believe with all hearts God is going to create something beautiful and amazing!!! ♥♥♥

  If the Lord prompts your heart to bless the family Fodor  you can send your gift of love to Ting Ministries. May God bless you!!!💖
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November 11, 2019

Mom of 6 teenagers!

If someone told me a few years ago that you would be the mother of six teenagers. And they all will live in your small and cramped apartment. I would say that this is not for me. "No! No! What are you! Never, ever in my life!!!" And I would laugh out loud! :)))

Welcome three more teens to our family! Two beautiful young ladies and a teenager boy.

Sveta, 15 and Natasha,15

Vova, 14
   Yes, it is noisy, and we have a lot of inconveniences. One bathroom, a very small kitchen, very crowded where everyone pushes each other, the girls sleep in small beds in three and much more. But the children are happy!  Sveta is in the 10th grade of a regular/hight school, Vova is in the 9th grade, and Natasha is studying as a hairdresser. 

  The life is crazy here! We are super busy with kids!Some children require a lot of attention!!! The last few months I sleep for 5-6 hours. Iam so happy when I can sleep 7 hours! :))) I am learning to be more organized to take care of children and to continue serving in orphanages. Learning. A lot of learning...Now I understand more large families! Lol

  We see how children change and learn something new. We learn together :) They learn to take care of their things, use household appliances, keep order in the house, be responsible and much more.

Sveta and Natasha learn how to buy and save money

Well, and most importantly, learn to forgive, enjoy and be thankful for small things, help each other, enjoy life and just love.
   Every Sunday our family goes to church where children can hear the Gospel and be in fellowship with Christians.
    Our main goal through life in the family is not only to teach the main life skills but to show the care and love of Christ. So that one day the Lord would become their Heavenly Father and Comforter.

Girls do their school homework
Precious girl rejoices of the fountain

  There are so many different difficulties besides teenage behavior problems... Difficulties with the government, documents, a lot of confusion and different nuances. I don’t know how long these children will be able to live with us. But every day for me is another opportunity to show the love of Christ. Every day is another opportunity to comfort, encourage, hug, teach something new, share the Word of God and just love. It`s a great joy and privilege! ♥♥♥

  We also have financial difficulties. Every day we need to give children funds for bus and meals at the school. Often in the school they need to buy notebooks, books and various things. Only $40.00 a month is needed for an one kid for bus ticket and meal at school.All children have digestive problems, with teeth, etc. They often complain of abdominal pain, often get sick. Some eat a lot because they were hungry at their homes and orphanages. We need to help children become healthy so that they can study well and enjoy life. We spend a lot of finances on food and hygiene products, in addition to other needs. 
We need someone whose heart belongs to orphans. Someone who has burden in heart for teens. Someone who can adopt these beautiful children in their heart and support monthly.

These are orphans, whose parents are alive but abuse alcohol and do not fulfill their parental responsibilities. Children visit their parents from time to time. Recently, one of the girls said. When I sleep in cold and  dirty bed in the village in the house visiting my parents, I cannot wait to return here (home to us) to a clean, warm and soft bed. :)
Yes, when they return from the villages, they take a shower and wash their clothes. There is no running water, no firewood, no electricity, no livelihood. Nothing!

  If the Lord touches your heart to bless these beautiful souls bloom and become successful members of our society, you can send your gift of love through Ting Ministries. Please, consider this need prayerfully!

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   And as always, during blogging time I reach out to all of you and ask for your prayers! Would you join me in asking our great God for prayers of strength, inspiration, and strong physical and emotional my health, God`s wisdom, and His patience, please? And for my beloved sister Oksana.Would you join us in prayer for changing hearts and minds and for the salvation these sweet teens? That God will bless and provide for all their needs. And that God bless and placed these precious souls where they are needed to be...

October 31, 2019

How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity

"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!
It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments;
As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the LORD commanded the blessing, even life for evermore."
( Psalm 133)

 What a beautiful Thanksgiving we had in church this Sunday!🍂🍁 🥰

The hall was full even many were sick and were not able to come! 

Many praises and thanks to the Lord, singings, testimonies!😇 

 In the end, we had a Love Dinner where everyone together could eat and have a wonderful fellowship. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  This year is very special for all of us. A lot of things are happening in the ministry. A lot of different great trials in ministry and personal life... Only one test ended, the second began, then the third ... We all learn to live with new difficulties...
Our church is small but friendly as a big loving family. ♥ Because of his illness, the Pastor Misha could not be in the service for several weeks. I also could not be in church for several weeks. Stress and various experiences led me to gastric tuberculosis. The past two months have been especially difficult for all of us. I feel much better now. I thank and praise my Saviour! I believe that it will all be over soon. It takes only time and great patience. :) God is so good!

We began to appreciate fellowship with each other even more. It’s like a balm for the soul, you feel resurrected and renewed after 2 hours of church service and few hours fellowship with precious friends, dear brothers and sisters. 
Passing through the valley of trials, our church is like a small island of Love, where you can find peace and rest for your soul. We are especially grateful to the Lord for our large loving family! ♥♥♥
Please, continue to pray for the healing of Pastor Misha, for his needs, for the spiritual growth of the church, for replenishment with new souls and BOM staff as well.Thanks a lot to those who support our church!😍

Oh, did I tell you that we had baptism this summer? :)

September 27, 2019

SAVE the LIFE of the PASTOR!!!

   For almost a month, Pastor Misha underwent various medical examinations to confirm the diagnosis of cancer and the presence of metastases.

Thanks a lot to everyone for participating!!! Med.examinations are VERY expensive and we would not be able to do this without your participation! THANK YOU! Thank you a million times for your Christian love and generosity!!!♥♥♥ Your love and care humble our hearts.We praise and glorify God for His mercy to the Director of BOM !!!

Yesterday was the last necessary examination and final consultation with a doctor before the treatment.
We found that Pastor Misha has stage 3 esophageal cancer. :( The tumor is large enough 5.5 cm, and the doctor said to grind all the products on a blender so that food does not irritate the tumor.

 The doctor said that it is urgent to start treatment, otherwise it may be too late ... We asked to wait at least a month to raise the necessary funds. But the doctor said that waiting a month it is a lot! When a week ago or so the Pastor did the PET and CT showed that something was wrong with the lymph nodes on the right chest. But what was our great surprise yesterday that there are NO tumors and metastases in the body! :) Praise God for His mercy !!! Brother Misha is on a strict diet, refused many foods and is trying to do everything to become healthy again with the help of the Lord. 

 We need $12,000 more to start the treatment! For us it is a lot of money! But not for the Lord!We will update on Thermometer on the right side of the blog. Since brother Misha will be treated in an Israel clinic in Kiev. Thank God that not in Israel but in Ukraine! Here the treatment is much cheaper!!!

The amount includes 28 radiation and 6 chemotherapy, necessary and additional injections, hospital stay, 1.5 months living in Kiev while treating, transportation, special nutrition, vitamins, repeat examination after treatment and so on. We really hope that this will be enough for next 4-5 months of treatment.

 We plead the Lord to fill all the necessary needs and send funds on time! We cannot start treatment until all the necessary funds are available! Pastor's life is in DANGER! Please, help SAVE his LIFE so that he can serve his Savior with new strength and health! Today, he continues to serve the orphans and the church as much as the our Heavenly Father gives strength. But cancer is an insidious affliction who eats up the body from the inside and our brother in Christ often gets very tired. :(

 If the Lord prompts your heart to encourage pastor Misha and BOM Director in his medical treatment, you can send your gift of love to Ting Ministries. May God bless you!!!💖
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 PLEASE, share the need with your church, family, school, friends and so on. PLEASE, pray for a MIRACLE!!! We thank God for His perfect peace in our hearts! Our hope is ONLY the LORD JESUS!!!

"And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4 :7)

September 3, 2019

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST for Pastor and BOM Director!!!

   Today many churches preach about the support of lonely, widows and orphans. Many churches, fulfilling the command of God, have these ministries. And that`s great! But what if the church itself consists of orphans, who needs help and support?
  Our Bible Baptist Church Charity is extraordinary, different and consists of 80% of orphans. We praise the Lord for His mercy and the opportunity to serve the orphaned kids in the local church!We do not have a Sunday, so that there is no new soul or orphan! Praise God!!!

  After the service, we have a little fellowship over a cup of tea and a small snack. Many are undernourished because the life of graduates of orphanages is very hard and salaries are very small, barely enough for food. Most don`t work. Many come to not only eat, but also make new friends or even just chat.

  With absolutely broken hearts, we inform you that Pastor Misha has esophageal cancer... This is shocking and horrible news for BOM staff, church, friends, and many who know brother. This what we never ever expected...

  Last week doctor said to do the surgery immediately, otherwise it may be too late... He said everything is REALLY bad... When bro.Misha eats he cannot swallow the solid food, he began to get very tired the last six months, lose weight, severe chest pain and so on. The doctor said, if you want to live.., you must be in the hospital today immideiatly! 

  Bro.Misha was at hospital a week already. He passed some medical and a biopsy test. He was going to have the surgery this week. But the doctor does not guarantee that this will help... and pastor saw many people who die in several month after surgery. 😢 So, no surgery this week.The government hospitals are not well and medicine is very, very poor in Ukraine. That`s why many people die there...

 You must undergo some medical tests without anesthesia, which is very painful. As pastor Misha swallowed the probe last week. He said that it was very painful. Doctors could not insert the probe into the esophagus and were forced to fill his stomach with air. Brother Misha says that it was like a torture, but he suffered because there was no way out. Other tests were also painful. 

  Also, the attitude of medical workers is not very good. They can humiliate you and not fulfill their duties properly. Medicine in public hospitals is free. But this is only on a "piece of paper". People have to pay big money almost like in private clinics to stay alive. Private clinics have much better care, medicine, attitude of medical workers etc.

But despite all this, Pastor Misha could to witnes about Jesus Christ to 5 men who were in hospital room with him.

For today brother Misha was discharged so that he could be examined in Kiev. We very hope this week he will see other specialist.

Cancer.., this sickness is the first time that we have faced and much to learn and go through... We don’t know at what stage the cancer is... It is also not known whether he will have surgery or some other treatment. If you have experience in treating cancer in a non-traditional way, doctors you know, friends who can give advise, anything, any help.. We will be very thankful!

For today, please pray for peace and calm in the hearts of the BOM team. The next few months will be very difficult for all of us... We need the grace and mercy of God. PLEASE, pray that the Lord will bless with wise doctors, arrange everything and send the necessary funds as everything is not cheap...Pray for pastor Misha, for his healing and for grace of God. Pray that God will have mercy and prolong life to brother Misha! We CAN`T imagine what would happen to the local church and the service of the orphans! We have NO ONE to replace him!!! Only he holds BOM and the local Church!!! He serves hundreds, thousands of orphans and the lonely. He brought hundreds of people to Christ! He is loved by many! Praying for a MIRACLE!!!

If the Lord prompts your heart to encourage pastor Misha and BOM Director in his medical examinations, you can send your gift of love to Ting Ministries. May God bless you!!!💖
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Stephanie and Brian Carpenter
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P.S. To send encouragement message and questions to Pastor Misha, please email

June 24, 2019

Hidden from father

A week ago we were looking for a 15 year old girl. Olya graduated from boarding school this year. Her father drinks, beats mother and kids, humiliates them, abuse, threatens. He even tried to kidnepped Olya and blackmail her mother! Can you imagine what the poor girl feels?! It is impossible to describe all the horror that this poor family has experienced and endures! They hide in a wild and remote from civilization village in a very old house, where the roof leaks and mosquitoes "eat" you! We have millions of them this year! In a village where there is no school for children, no a kindergarten, where there is no work, mobile phone works with difficulty in certain places.
 The medical first-aid station is closed and it is noticeable that it has not been working for a very long time. So, if you feel bad, you have to die there...

  There are very few families. About 70% of abandoned houses. Transportation does not go there. You have to walk more than an hour to the nearest village to catch some kind of transport.

 There is no store in the village either. People in the village say that the "store" comes 2-3 times a week and brings them some food. The "store", this is vehicle what brings groceries and it stays about 30 minutes. And then goes to the next village. If you did not have time to buy bread or what you need, you will wait two more days when the vehicle comes again.

  The kids wanted ice cream. But ice cream will be in a few days, maybe... It is not difficult to imagine the state of perishable products, when there is no refrigerator in the car and today it is 35 degrees of heat outdoors...

  Olya is very scared, along with her mother and her smaller sister and brothers.She looks lost When we gave money for groceries. You should have seen how mother and children were happy! ♥ She thanked heartily and was ready to cry... After all, they had only 150 uah($6.00) for living! Their family receives child care in the amount of $150 per month. At one time they received $65 per month for 4 children.

Olga's younger brother was very pleased that he drove the car! ;0)

“Then Jesus told them this parable: ‘Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Does he not leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, “Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.” I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent’” (Luke 15:3-7).

The parable of the lost sheep offers an extraordinary glimpse of heavenly emotions. The shepherd calls his friends and neighbors together, saying, “Rejoice with me.” The rescue of the lost sheep was a cause for proclamation and celebration.

We traveled many hundreds of kilometers and villages to find Olya! We drove from village to another wild and lost village asking people. It was crazy! Mother hides a new place of settlement for fear that their father did not find and kill them! Olga`s mother was greatly surprised how we have found them! The Lord miraculously blessed us and could find sweet gilr! Olga is so happy she is safe today and could stay with us for a while! We were very happy, rejoiced and celebrated in our hearts, when we found Olga, like shepherd a lost sheep! :)

Roads where we often have to drive

June 13, 2019

This is WHY!

   How would you feel while living in this house? What would you think when you sleep on a dirty and broken bed? What would you do, if you are often hungry? 

  When we arrived and entered this terrible house, it was a HUGE shock! Dirt, the smell of cigarettes and alcohol, the stench, the dark and old house that is about to fall... All this terrifies and the question arises. Do people live here???

  We knew that Sveta was living in terrible conditions, but we had no idea that they were so terrible. Huge shock and silence! I began to understand the young lady much better, why there are some difficulties in everyday life and behavior. Our hearts were absolutely broken when we saw where she grew up or sometimes she came to visit her parents and smaller siblings. I stood silently for a long time and was ready to cry.

  Children seemed to be ok with this... Because they are used to this life and have not seen anything better in life... :( I`m typing and my eyes are full of tears. My heart is heavy... I do not find words to explain this whole nightmare...

Yes, they sleep on this bed

  Do you see a small sandwich and a half orange on the table? Natasha, who is 14 and graduated orphanage this year. She brought the food from the orphanage. The poor girl knew that there was no food at home ...

Here is sleeping 13 year old Vova. Yes, on this terrible and dirty couch, without a bedding,without a warm blanket and a soft pillow and probably full of lice and bedbugs.Can you imagine how cold it is in winter?

There is no electricity in the house

These leaky and horrible doors lead to the street.

The support inside the house so that the ceiling does not fall down on head

A rotting ceiling that can collapse at any time...

Seeing all this nightmare and danger in which children live, we simply could not leave them there!!!

  Parents drink for a long time and absolutely do not care about these beautiful kids...By court decision, they should be deprived of parental rights in several months.

 Children will live until the end of the summer with us. When they officially become orphans (on paper), the state will decide their further fate.

  Kids were so excited to be out of home! You would see how Sveta laughed and was so joyful her younger sister and brother are with her!

Brother Misha taught Vova how to use a fork...

And what kids don`t like icecream? :)

  When we started to wash all their clothes that they took with them. It broke my heart that the clothes were in the same condition as the house. Everything looked like trash and there wasn’t anything to be washed because the clothes were very worn out. Therefore, we are forced to buy these lovely souls ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!

  This is the reason WHY children get to orphanages! Poverty, hunger, hopelessness, alcoholism, abandoned, violence and much more... They survive! This is the reason WHY we attend orphanages. This is the reason WHY we support graduates. This is the reason why BOM supports poor families. And this WHY your support and prayers are so cherished!

  Today, these lovely children are safe, sleeping on clean beds, taking a shower every day, their bellies are full, they spend time together, laugh, play. We study the Bible daily. It was funny when one of the girls began to eat and Natasha said. "Wait! We did not pray yet!" And they live only a few days with us! They quickly learn new things and are so sweet! :)

  But most importantly, they are surrounded by love and care. We are so blessed to take care of them! We do not know what will happen to these kids. We ask you to support us in prayers, please. Pray God to give us wisdom, strength and patience. Pray God to change their minds and precious hearts. They are absolutely  immature and such children! Pray for God to take care of their needs. They have some health problems and we will need time and funds to help these sweet souls. We need take them to a dentist. Also Natasha is 14, but she is so very tiny as a 9-year-old girl! We need to help her body to grow. And many other worries. We need the mercy of God... Thank you so much for your care and love! Your prayers mean a lot for us!!! ♥♥♥ God is so good as always! We love you all!!! :)

June 11, 2019

God sets the lonely in families (part 2)

  Last year, when we first took teenagers to the Carpathian mountains. We were very worried, there were a lot of difficulties and experiences. But God blessed in an incredible way! And it was one of the best trips!!! During the week while we were living with the children together, God began to work with my heart. Knowing the horrible stories from the life of children, it overwhelmed my heart even more knowing what awaits them outside the orphanage... The more I prayed, the more and more God gave me the desire to take several girls into my family to help, protect, teach them life skills and surround them with care and love. I knew it would not be easy... Perhaps even harder than I could imagine. I knew that I would spend more than one night in tears and that more than once my heart would be broken. But the heart pain for these abandoned and defenseless girls was stronger. Stronger than me. Love and incredible desire was beyond my strength. 
 My greatest fear was. Can girls get along with a special girl? Will I not be a witness to insults and strife? Can I handle it? How will Masha feel? and so on...

 I forgot many details of life in the orphanage. But when the girls started living with us and doing some things. My brain turned on in a moment and I remembered that we did the same thing at the orphanage! Wow! At some point, it became shocking to me and scared a little! I was even confused for a moment by suddenness. That I do not remember much, but my brain remembers! I thank Jesus that He set me free and healed my heart!What a mighty God we serve!

The girls are sweet and very different ...
 Luba, brave and confident in herself, at first glance, was very worried and afraid to live in a students dorm ... When she heard that she could live with us, the girl burst into tears...

For one of the girls we were told that she was a difficult teenager. I decided to try and prayed that the Lord would give me the opportunity to try to help this beautiful young lady, to do everything in my power. "Even if she lives several months and go, I will be grateful to You my Lord", I prayed. My heart was broken.We know her from 4 years old, when she was in the Children`s House, which BOM also supports.

Lyuba at Children`s House
Lyuba at the orphaange
On the first day of trade school, it turned out that the administration had "forgotten" Luba to add to the list of students who had to live in dorm and there was no place there. Coincidence? I do not think so! God already knew and prepared a place for her! If people forget, but not God! God has a place for orphaned child!

  Sveta had a similar situation, problems with the settlement in the domitory. She was very frightened, confused and defenseless ... Again an random event? God has no random events! He had already prepared a place for her also! When she officially (according to the documents of the trade school) came to our home. You would see her! She became so happy, joyful and even more talkative!We could not believe our eyes!

"God sets the lonely in families..." (Psalm 68:5)

 Girls live for almost a year with us.This is what Lyuba says:
  •  During these years you have replaced my parents.
  • You support me very much, both emotionally and physically. I learned a lot from you.
  • I changed a lot for the better while living with you. Everyone noticed and is talking about it. I became softer, generous and grateful. You taught me a lot to appreciate what I have. In spite of some difficulty, you need to love what you have, that I live, I have my arms, legs and so on ...
  •   During this year, when I live with you, I do not remember when I was crying. I was more pleased and more joyful!
  • I saw a lot, and learned a lot about what I did not know before. I also learned a lot about God. Since our guests at the orphanage told only about the creation of the earth and nothing else.
  • I learned that God is not only there in the Heaven, but always near. He represents Himself through someone when trouble comes. When it's hard for me, I always turn to God and He helps me. I used to think that God created everything and just watched us. Now I know more about Him. I did not even imagine that He would act so fast in my life!
  • Without you, I would not find a job and get into trouble. Thank you for the help!(Lyuba is going to work soon during summer time).
  •   If I lived in a dorm, then I do not know what would happened with me... I have no idea. But I see how girls survive in the dorm.
  •   I have no one to share my worries as mom and dad are constantly drinking alcohol. And you are always near me and constantly support me! You are always with me when something is wrong.You became like mom for me.
Love heals broken hearts!!! ♥♥♥

The other girl was very reserved, rarely spoke, only briefly answering questions. She always looked sad and with her head down. Sveta has very low self-esteem, uncertainty...At the boarding school, she had little contact with anyone and rarely was friends with someone. Sveta did not know what she wants from life, did not know what she liked or what she loved, there were no desires or dreams. :( She looked like a small cute snail that hid and was afraid to lean out.

Children who grow up in secluded places and are isolated from the world cannot see anything. When they finish an orphanage, it is difficult for them to adapt and face various difficulties. Very often graduates of orphanages are 5-10 years behind their peers and often immature. Sveta is such a sweet girl. God gave the desire to take her into our family, teach life skills and protect against all dangers. Once, when we gave her money for her needs (for a bus ticket to school and other needs). She burst into tears ... and revealed her precious heart about her personal experiences at her family...

Over time, Sveta began to unfold more. Talk more and even laugh! Today, every day you can hear this children's light-hearted laugh in our house! She found friends and became much more confident in herself. She began to defend for herself and to assert her rights. The girl began to study better in school and in her free time to practice her favorite needlework. When she hears words of encouragement, you would see her shining eyes!Sweet girl...

Looking at her, I see myself in childhood, with low self-esteem and many other problems. She still has a lot of problems. But we see huge changes in her life and behavior! This gives us tremendous hope! We pray that Jesus saved her and healed her broken heart!♥

Sveta is studying for cooker in a trade school
  Both girls became wonderful friends. Once Lyuba said: "I never thought that we would be friends with Sveta! After all, in the orphanage, we were not friends at all!" :) When she hugs, she keeps you for a few minutes without letting go. ♥

The girls learned to cook pizza
   Children came from very difficult families, where they were deprived of childhood. :( The girls had to go through and see a lot of things ... Orphanage, a shelter for children and a lot of terrible moments both in the families and in the boarding school. Insult, humiliation, ridicule, indifference, loneliness, abandonment, helplessness, drunkenness of parents, tears, fear, hunger and many, many other things.

 And you know what? God turned my greatest fear into a blessing!They became best friends with Masha! :) They protect her when necessary, help, have fun and more. And they even fight together against me and Oksana! Haha

Yes, we have difficulties ... Big and small. It is not easy to be a mom of teenagers with a broken heart and soul. I realized that I, as a mother, need to learn a lot more, very, very much! Every day I learn something new... Every day I learn to depend on Christ, needing His wisdom, patience, and strength. We need a lot of prayer, love and patience ...

Lyuba often remembers and is delighted that we remember and support her from the very childhood.Once a few months later living with us, she asked:" Maybe you adopt me?" And Sveta. "Yes! Yes! And me too!" This is impossible by the law of Ukraine. And I always tell girls that I adopted them in my heart. ♥♥♥We are very attached to each other and love them dearly! We are feeling blessed to support and love them! They stole my heart...

 So, our small family is growing ♥ :) God is doing AMAZING things!

Please, pray for the hearts of these beautiful young ladies! God cover their needs.So that they entrust their lives to Jesus Christ! That He changed their minds and healed broken hearts. So that in Him they find salvation, comfort and peace in hearts. Thank you so much! ♥

May 18, 2019

Camp for Graduates!

An one 15-year-old girl shared with me once.

  "My parents drink. There is often no food at home. My father often has delirium tremens, he shouts, is aggressive, he grabs everything that comes under his hands to hurt someone. More than once he beat my mother before my eyes. Once he left home and was searched for several days. He was in the forest all this time. I am afraid to live in a house with my parents. When I'm home, I shake with fear and can't sleep. I do not know what awaits for me tomorrow..."

  We know this sweet girl from the Baby House, when she was 3-4 years old. Often she looks sad and depressed. Today she graduates the orphanage...
There are a lot of such and similar stories...It is terrible, heartbreaking  and painful for these precious kids...

Every child has experienced terrible moments in life... God repeatedly in His Word says to care for the needs of orphans.
 "Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world." (James 1:27)

 One of the parts of our ministry is to help in the emotional needs of orphaned children. They live daily in poverty, fear, uncertainty about the future, defenseless, lonely, homeless, abandoned by their parents, seeing violence and mockery in families and so so much more...

  We are starting a HUGE and VERY joyful summer project! Our hearts are thrilled!
Our big desire and prayer to our mighty God to take 50 orphans to the summer Christian camp!Wow! For us, this is a huge amount! But we do not wish to leave anyone aside!

  Thanks to such camps, we make friends with children even more! We get to know each other more, children make new friends, learn about God, get answers to their questions, get hope and much more!
Thanks to THIS incredible trip we have become a huge family! Very often, children come for the Weekend to BOM staff, and we spend time together! It is AMAZING what the Lord does! Even today, when I write a blog post, there are 7 girls in our house. ;)

 Sveta S. "I wanted for a very long time go to the Carpathian mountains very much. I saw mountains on TV, what a beauty there is! And when BOM told us that we were going to the Carpathians, it was a big shock for me and so one of my dreams came true! When we only drived there, everyone was so very happy and thrilled! Most of all, I liked it when we went up on the lifts and you could see all the beauty of the mountains. And of course the mountain Goverla! This is an unforgettable experience, joy, pride in ourselves and our class, when everyone climbed the highest mountain in Ukraine. Thank you very much for giving us such an unforgettable trip to summer camp in mountains! 😍 ❤"

 Their teacher was very surprised and said, "I do not recognize them and can not believe my eyes! What's going on? For the first time in 9 years of work, I see them new!"  The love heals wounds! :) 

This amazing gift not only gives them hope and confidence, but also shows that they are not forgotten, that they are not alone and the Lord loves them! It will bring great joy and delight! Awesome adventures! Enjoying the magnificent creation of the Creator Himself! 
Throughout the year, teenagers often ask us. "Will we go to the mountains this summer again?" :)))

Many of the children live outside of poverty and can only dream of such a trip! For many 14 years old teens, this trip will be the FIRST time in their lives!

For 50 souls it is need $ 6,650. This is $133 for a week. About $20.00 per day for a person. This includes absolutely everything! The travel, rental vehicles, accommodation, food and much more. For us, this is a HUGE amount, but not for God!

Would you like to become part of the great joy and delight for orphans? Would you like to touch the heart of a child and present this amazing and wonderful gift?
To bless orphans and become part of emotional healing and enable them to live with a loving BOM family.
You can send your gift of love through Ting Ministries. Please, leave a note "Camp for graduates". Thanks!

Send a check:
Stephanie and Brian Carpenter
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street
Lebanon Pa 17042

We will divide all young people for 2 groups. The first trip will take place June, 14-20
$133 will remain FOREVER in their precious hearts thanks to your love and care!!!♥♥♥

PLEASE, share the need with your church, family, neighbour, friend etc!And most of all we ask you. PLEASE, pray with us for a MIRACLE!!! God will provide all needed funds and this trip will bring amazing blessings in the orphans hearts in the most incredible way!!! ♥♥♥Thank you so much!!! May God bless you!!! ♥♥♥

May 14, 2019

God sets the lonely in families

   "I felt like a homeless, and now I'm a human..." These words were uttered by a young lady after we bought her several new things. She was so happy and so excited  that she called her friends and talked on the phone, ran to work to show employees her new clothes, took pictures and put up them in the social networks. It seemed the whole city knew that the girl had new clothes! Her joy was not the end!!! :) ♥

   So, what happened? More than a year ago, someone phoned me and said that Masha was going to take money on credit. I instantly rushed to the bank to stop her from this idea and from the consequences of what a girl might expect. Orphans often do not return loans and they often have problems with the law. 

  We met Masha on the street. We know the young lady for a long time and were happy to meet. She was very hungry! We fed her and had fellowship. When I asked the girl, where do you live? She burst into tears... It turned out she had nowhere to live! Oh, my! How?!

  After she graduated orphanage and then a trade school, she lived with her friend in a dormitory for several months. Then her friend moved out, and Masha was forced to look for another housing. For several weeks she lived in a strange family. She came only for a night. In the morning she left and wandered around the city not knowing what to do... Then she was placed in the center for the homeless. She was frightened and ran away from there.

   I understood that I had to do something so do not to leave the orphan on the street... I understood that I could not help everyone, but I can to help an one. The Lord gave me the decision to take Masha to live with me. I was scared. Since there were serious reasons for this.I knew that this would affect our ministry, the privacy of my sister Oksana and my personal life. I didn’t know if a 20 year old girl could change. I had NO IDEA what to do with her and that it was God's plan ...

  I prayed and asked for the help of God, I asked all our friends to pray. I did not know what to do with her. She was so helpless as a small child... She was terrified, unable to help herself and defenseless. I saw that she had a lot of difficulties in all areas of life. I felt helpless because I didn’t know where to start... Because it’s a huge list of things to teach this poor soul. Trust me, huge! 
  We started to learn the elementary things. How to take care of yourself, make the bed every morning, say gentle words. We taught her how to hug. At first she did not perceive it. But today, when she goes to bed, she asks. "Alla, will you hug me?" :)))

 We were surprised that Masha kept all the documents. Orphans usually lose them. Once studying her documents, we discovered that Masha had another sister whom she did not know about... And that her father died some time ago... :( The poor girl was shocked and  overwhelmed. "Why didn't anyone tell me about it at the orphanage?" the sweetheart asked with tears in her eyes...

  Honestly, every day I waited for her to leave... It is difficult for orphans to obey the rules. I waited that one day she would not return home. I was scared and at the same time heartbroken for her. That she is so helpless. That she will again be on the street. Absolutely not mature and not ready for independent life. This poor girl has a lot of issues...

  Orphans have a lot of difficulties after they leave orphanages. They do not understand that because of their behavior, they can easily be killed, that some situations are very dangerous and their actions can completely destroy their life.
  Masha is kind, very trusting and people manipulate her life, using for their own purposes.

About a month later, we began to see results... It was clear that she tried and it gave us a great hope. Masha very quickly found a job and started earning her first money.

  The young lady could not and did not know how to make tea. She was terrified to turn on the electric kettle. I decided to start teaching her to cook with elementary things. When the young lady learned to fry scrambled eggs. She was  so super excited that she cooked it every day for several weeks!!! :)))
Masha learned to use different household appliances, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, microwave and others. She likes to help to cook in the kitchen.

   Once I asked her. If you like to cook so much. Why don't you go to school to learn for a chef? We helped the girl arrange all the necessary documents. During this, we faced many difficulties and realized that the poor soul would never do it herself in her life! If you know Ukrainian system for paperwork :( God loves her and has a special plan for her life! The Lord himself arranged this meeting 1,5 years ago to help this sweetheart!

  Do you know what?! Today Masha is one of the best students in her group! The precious soul not only cooks well, but is very active in the life of the trade school! She gladly performs the important task assigned to her. Also she won second place in the game of chess between adults with special needs and first place among the women! There was no end to our joy!!! Masha exulted!!!That is huge victory for this sweet girl!!! ♥

   If a year and a half ago, the girl did not have dreams and did not know what she wanted from life. Today she has a dream to work in the kitchen as an assistant chef. We pray that her dream will come true some day!

  Masha loves to be in the fellowship of the church! She loves when we read the word of God together daily. "I feel that something is happening in my heart and it becomes easy and calm there, when we read the Bible". The girl shared her thoughts once. ♥
 It humbles and warms my heart... The main reason is show her the love of Christ!!! That is most AMAZING blessing when a soul feels the presense of God! The precious girl often asks to pray for her salvation. Will you pray for her, please? :)

  It is not always easy... There were many tears and many prayers. Sometimes it was very difficult and unbearably painful... There were moments when I wanted to leave home for a few days and weeks and be alone in the distance...There were moments when I survived the depression. But thank God for many years of serving the orphans, I learned how to overcome this crisis.

   The trauma of childhood is the worst thing that can be... Today I understand very well families with children with FASD(Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder). I know very well what a child with a childhood trauma is. I know  what is tantrums. I understand families with children with special needs. I have to learn soooo much yet!

  When I was thinking. Where will this girl go? What does she feel? What will happen to her tomorrow? She will be on the street again, in danger, alone, in fear... I was even scared to think about it. I realized that she was in pain. That is the spiritual struggle of my spirit and flesh. What the farther I am from Christ, the more I hope for my own strength, the more it hurts me. But the closer to Christ, the more I trust Him, the more you feel His presence and the easier it is to endure all issues. When I have no strength, I begin to give up. God shows his powerful hand. ♥♥♥
And we have seen not once incredible miracles in Masha's life! That was something! We were in awe! A real miracle! 

Masha first time in mountains. She was thrilled and thanked million times!:)

   During these 1,5 years, I realized that I needed to change myself ... I realized how weak I was and I can do NOTHING without Christ! I am totally dependent on Him! Totally! God taught me a lot! I am learning daily and happy to be in the school of Christ! It is not easy to live with a teenage girl with a broken heart and soul. But believe me, it's worth it! When God comes first, when you daily understand why you are doing this. It's worth it! It is worth experiencing all the pain and tears when you see the first small glimpses that give hope. It is worth worrying when you see how the suffering soul needs your help and depends on you. It is worth suffering when you see these small or huge changes in the life of a precious person.
Birthday with BOM family :)

  We do not and cannot know what will happen tomorrow. We don't know God's plans for Masha's life. But we thank God for giving the opportunity to help this poor girl and become part of her huge changes in her life. Over the past year and a half she has changed a lot! Everyone in the church community sees these changes and is undoubtedly happy for her. She began to bloom! She began to live a full life and flourish! God taught me soooo much personally and the whole BOM team as well!

   The Lord accepted us into His huge and loving family. He called us His children and surrounded us with his overflowing love. We praying that the Lord help us to recognize and see those around us, who He wants to put in our family. He sets the lonely in families. We are praying that our hearts be open to Him and to others.♥♥♥

And this is only the beginning of the story. The rest of the story to be continued soon…  ;)

P.S.I just finished this blog post and one beautiful young lady sent me a message. "Call me urgently!" I called her back. And she was crying so much in the phone saying that today her mother died from alcohol ..


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