July 31, 2013

We have guests!

I am so thrilled to announce to you, dear blog readers that we have 2 young guests from USA! Yay!How is exciting!

Andrew and Trevor
Andrew and Trevor will spend 2 weeks serving our Lord with BOM staff. It such awesome blessing to see young souls serving the Lord!
Andrew is a son of our wonderful friends and my dear friend Sabrina, who advocates, I would say of BOM and does so many awesome things to the ministry.So, it is a double blessing for us, so precious and lovely. :)
We are so thrilled to bring glory to the Lord Jesus and do His will with His children!!!Awesome blessing! :)))

July 28, 2013

Would you pray for healing please?

We need your support in many prayers, dear Friends.God has made so many miracles in BOM ministry to precious children and personal lives of the team as well.
And now we ask for mercy of the Lord Jesus and miracle in life of a one small 11 years old girl Vlada.She is a sweet and Jesus-loving girl, daughter of Nadya, member of BOM team.

Recently, when this sweetie started complaining of headaches often and fainted. It frightened her loving mother and she decided to visit the doctor together with the kid. The diagnosis was made to this girl, a Maxillary Sinus Cyst of a nose. :(

We never heard about it but here what I have found.

Common Symptoms

Symptoms such as headaches; facial pain, including in a tooth or eye; chronic sinus infection; pressure; and swelling can be experienced if a maxillary sinus cyst grows too large or lies in a sensitive area. These cysts can form near the opening of an ostium, a tube that allows the sinus to drain, and can close off the opening. This causes increased facial pain and swelling because of the prevention of normal drainage.

To diagnose a maxillary sinus cyst, a computed axial tomography (CAT) scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exam is performed. Other testing, such as an electronystagmogram (ENG), which measures eye movement, might be necessary to rule out other causes of the patient's symptoms. In some cases, a doctor might perform an endoscopy, in which a thin, flexible tube with a tiny camera on one end is used to examine the sinuses.

Medical treatments used when a maxillary sinus cyst becomes infected or large enough to cause significant symptoms consist mainly of courses of antibiotics and surgery. Traditionally, open sinus surgery was the only option, bringing the potential for scarring and a long recovery time. The effort to avoid risks such as these has caused endoscopic sinus surgery to grow in popularity. In endoscopic surgery, the entire procedure is done by viewing the image sent from a tiny camera that is inserted through the nostril of the patient. After the cysts is surgically removed, a biopsy might be performed to ensure that it was not cancerous.   Taken from HERE 
 We kindly ask you to pray for completely healing of Vlada.But the greatest problem in that that the doctor can't appoint treatment for Vlada. Because it is necessary to pass completely medical testing. The doctor says that probably it will be necessary to do surgery, but at first it is necessary to do sound medical judgement. It costs huge money. Nadya feels absolutely helpless... As mother, she worries and concern for the daughter, but can't help. Therefore her hope and a trust only on God's mercy. 
"For thou [art] my hope, O Lord GOD: [thou art] my trust from my youth". 
Psalm 71:5(KJV)
Our blog read the majority of mothers, who have their own children. I think, you can understand how Nadia hurts and what her heart feels for the child. Nadya is my best friend.My heart hurts because her heart hurts for her childie.Please, pray that the Lord would bless this sweet girl and provided to her all necessary to do medical testing and doctor appointed treatment to her  or will probably have to do surgery. One God knows...
With the broken heart, we graciously ask you to pray for this situation for this child. If the Lord moves your heart and gives you a wish to show attention, care and God's love to this small precious girl, you can send your blessings through PayPal thebibleorphanministry@gmail.com. Many thanks for all your love and kindness!May God bless you!My love to all!
P.S.Certainly, I will inform, if there are any changes...

July 20, 2013

Great news!

Praise God!!! Alleluiah!Jesus answered our prayers! He is so good! Finally, after long days of worries and trials, family Watkins  will be flying home on Sunday morning and be home for Lindsay's wedding. Passports are printed and everything is well!What a great joy! Many and many thanks for all your prayers, dear Friends!We are so blessed to have all of you!

But this family still needs huge quantity of money. If the Lord gives you a wish, and you feel in your heart to help them or you have any questions or wishes. You can contact them to this address. Andrea Watkins <kalavaan8@gmail.com> Thank you! They are amazing family and deserve it. I have a reason to think it.  :)  May God bless you!!!

July 19, 2013

A small seeds for a big tree

We are so grateful for your open hearts to help Lena in her needs and to her baby!
It is such a great joy to see how your precious gifts are sending to the needy souls. We already raised $1,330. It is much closer to our goal. Praise God!!! Many thanks for your such awesome generousity!

Do you see this cute baby carriage? I love it! 

It is made for a cold and warm seasons. The Lord arranged so that we could buy for very good price. This carriage though used already but in an excellent condition. Lena will be able to use soon this baby carriage and to carry there her precious baby. Lenochka was so glad and excited  with this news! Thanks friends that you sow these seeds of love that in the future it brought glory to our Lord and that the big tree would grow. This tree of belief that will help Lena to come to the Lord and kneel before Him in a repentance prayer. Once, she told that she would accept the Christ, but she isn't sure, she is not ready yet. Time is necessary, that these seeds of care and love grew and in due time bore a fruit. Continue to pray, please!

When we bought a baby carriage for the Lena`s kid in one shop. I involuntarily saw when the seller of shop gave a small bag to other woman with the children's things which have been in advance prepared. While we waited our turn, between women there was a small dialogue. And I understood that the seller collects from time to time children's clothes and gives to this woman. This woman from some organization and I so understood that they help poor families, where there are small children. 

This shop is for the used children's things. Sometimes you can find there the used children's things in very good condition. The prices are different there and cheap and expensive. People bring what  isn't necessary for them any more to this shop and leave there. The shop sells at contractual price with owner, taking from him an additional payment, for services. Thus people sell things unnecessary them. 

Having witnessed this conversation, I meditated.Hmm... And why to us not to ask? Why not? Will be they able, though sometimes, to help children's things to orphans and lonely mothers? I meditated and couldn't dare to ask.

 But in an instant the seller of shop interrupted my thoughts and uncertainty. 

-And why to you not to ask for us to help you to collect children's things also? I became puzzled of such unexpected question a little and was in perplexity. 
-And is it possible? I asked. 
-Absolutely!- surely answered the seller. Here is our office number for you. You call, ask and what we will be able, we will help. The seller spoke giving me their business card. 

Even, if it will be some things and a small bag of children's clothes for our precious kiddies and lonely mothers. But is it not a blessing? Is it not God's hand? Such joyful and excited I flew home. It seemed that I rush on wings, my heart was filled by such pleasure and great joy ! Is it not God's mercy?Our God is awesome!!!  ;)

July 13, 2013

Need a miracle!

We need a miracle Friends!This is URGENT prayer request!!!

Right now the Watkins family, are stuck in country with their both newly adopted children Masha and Charity. They can not get home until the children's passports are printed and delivered. They are running out of money and the plane tickets are going up it price. They need approx $2000.00 if they do not print passports next week. They cannot afford to stay in Kiev anymore but cannot leave. 
There are some more families with their adopted kiddies are stuck here in this predicament, with same issue. All these families are running out of funds. We have a trouble with printed passports in Ukraine for several weeks already.This is something that could not have been forseen...It is terrible!

Could you please pray that this situation is cleared up ASAP? Pray for passports to get complete at beginning of the week so they can return home? Pray for this family, they can be in time for Lindsay`s wedding on July 27th, who is now in Ukraine, with her newly precious sisters. 

We were wondering... If any of you would love to be a blessing to this sweet family? That they will know they are loved by God`s outpouring of love. Watkins family sponsorship page is  HERE with a tax deductible donation.THANK YOU so much!Every, even a small gift of love is so big blessing to them and encouragement!

Also please, pray for other families with their children, who are in same issue with passports.I even can not imagine what go through all these families. They did so much that to rescue all these kiddies, devoted their hearts to give them a bright future.And now for a some reason they have to suffer and go through all these troubles...My heart is aching.If I could to do something, to help these precious families...

July 9, 2013

Meet Lena, please...

Honestly.I do not know how to start... I was going to blog about it weeks earlier but could not find words.Many thoughts turn around in my head and it is difficult. It is hard, when you wish to help a person but you do not know HOW and you feel so helpless...

Imagine, how much it is possible...
When you a kid, you have been transfered from your family to children`s house.But you do not remember many things because you was a small girl. You do not remember faces of your brothers and sisters, you can not remember faces of your darling parents, mammy and daddy.You do not remember your father at all, because you never saw him... But you remember well and feel scared to death.When someone begin to scream and fight, you begin to tremble, want to hide far away in a corner or under bed.And you think that nobody will find you there. In children`s home you have been deprived your own things, because everything belongs not to you. You did not have your own toy or book. No one huged you but ignored, did not pay attention at all...

 But you grow, time goes and then you are transfered to an orphanage.Where are more grey and sad days.No one visits you and you feel alone.You with such disappointment look at other girls, who look  better than you and have beautiful dresses. And you have also a dress but only one, old and shabby one...

When you became a teen many questions come to your head.Where are my parents? Why they do not come? Are they alive? Why they left me ? Do I have brothers and sisters? How old they are?What they do now? Why and What is so and so and so many...

Then at the age of 18 years old you graduated the orphanage, you feel scared, where you will go?Where you will live? Where I will have a meal? But in same time you think  I got adult and everything will be well...

Then a trade school.You found a new friends, met your love.

Months later, you was told that you have 8 more brothers and sisters, who were born from 3 different fathers. You are a middle kid. Been more exactly not 8 but 7 children.Because your smaller, a little sister died in young age. You do not know names of your siblings, how old they are. Where they live. You only know that smallest brothers and sisters are in some orphanages...And they go on same difficult life road as you now. Have same feeling, same fears and emptiness in heart.

You try to find and meet them but everything is useless.It breaks your heart much more...

Not so good everything in your friendship with boyfriend. But you do not know how everything should be.And you think it is ok.That is fine. You think everything only begins.You only begin to live. You dream about happy life with your lover and you think everything will be good. 

But then your dreams smashes in a  moment. You feel scared. You do not know what to do? Your head turns around. What people will say? What will think friends?You feel much worst than years ago.You want to run away far away and forget about everything. You feel yourself awful and used... because you are pregnant... Your heart shrinks.Tears leaking on your face. Many bitter tears but you do not feel it.
 But you feel more awful and have more bitter tears, when your boyfriend having learned about your pregnancy, about your little precious baby refuse  marriage. When, with cry of your heart and many tears, you remind him about his promises to marriage on you... He stops to call to you by the phone and finds many excuses do not visit you any more and take care of you.

What felt this poor girl?What she thought? What pain she felt at those days? It is heavy even imagine... But this is real heartbreaking story, Friends about real person...

Meet Lena, please...

This beautiful young teen, never in her life have not seen her father.She even does not know his name.How sad.Her mother was in jail years ago because had murdered her younger sister, being a drunk.Her mother still drinks...Does this young girl knows about it?..I absolutely do not know.We have been told about it by a social worker. :(

Lena eats very little, to save money for housing.She lives in dormitory now.But when she will give a birth a little baby somewhere in August, she can not live in dormitory any more because of rules.There are can live only single persons.

BOM supports this sweet soul buying a food to her.

When BOM asked Lena why she would not leave her baby in baby house as many girls? She replied, I even had not thoughts  to leave her there. I know how bad to be there without parents.I want to give my love to my baby as I was deprived it.How precious is this?We love it!

So, our wish is to help this precious soul, feeling loved and take care of her. We plead and pray to the Lord Jesus to raise $2000. These finances will go to help Lenochka to buy all necessary things to her baby, be ready for childbirth. We expecting a girl! Such a joy! Also to help our young mommy with housing, food, clothing, whatever she and her baby will need during a year.

We already prepared some baby clothes and other things for newborn.Many thanks to those, who sent newborn baby clothes before!

If someone wish send to Lena and to her baby-girl, a clothes, food, whatever the Lord would place on your heart, you are welcome. She will be only happy! 

We very hope through these acts, Lena will feel love of the Lord Jesus and one day would ask Him to be her Saviour.She began to read the Bible and visits the church.Would you please, pray about her salvation?Thanks.

Can we do it together? Can we show Christ love to Lena, through support of her and her little angel?Can we bring joy to heart of this sweet girl and  glory to alive God?

We kindly ask you to pray about this need, to help Lena and her baby.Also, would you PLEASE, share about her need?Many thanks, dear Friends!

If the Lord gives you a wish, you can send your gift directly to BOM through PayPal  thebibleorphanministry@gmail.com  Just select option "I'm sending money to family or friends" and leave a note that this gift is to Lena and her baby.Thanks a lot!

The thermometer on the right side of the blog, will show you how much was raised.It will not show automaticly. We will update it. 

THANK YOU very much for any your help and involvement!May God bless you!

July 5, 2013

Gotcha Day of little princess!

Oh my! I can not describe to you how happy we are! Sometimes I think my heart will jump out right now because of  GREAT joy! :)))

Do you remember our BOM story on ABCnews? :)



Do you remeber when "our" little star Masha was airing on television as well?

Do you remember our conversation with director of orphanage about adopting this precious little soul? :)

God answered your prayers, dear Friends.
Today this little girl is out of the orphanage and has FOREVER her loving family!Praise God!!!
She is became such cute and beautiful in new outfit. :)
The Watckins are beautiful Christian family, who adopted one more precious little girl Charity and both girls are not orphans any more.Awesome!

They brought teddy bears, bracelets, scarfs to girl.Girls all were overjoyed!

I love my sister! :)
Saying goodbye to all BOM

and even to her friends

Masha loves her family!She waited all morning when they come take her out.When they left orphanage she took hand of her daddy and did not want to leave him.It was such a precious moment...

We are so happy Masha is NOT orphan any more and is on the way to her loving home and family in USA. We are super excited she will have bright future and will blossom near those, who loves and adore her :)

Photo for memory

We rejoice and praise God! Our hearts and souls sing song of praise to our powerful and awesome, loving and merciful God, Father of orphans and our Saviour!

This darling and sweet little soul is second girl with Down syndrome, who was adopted through BOM. Can you believe it? It`s AMAZING what God is doing! Our hearts are overwhelmed and humbled...

"...My soul doth magnify the Lord, And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour. 

12:2Behold, God [is] my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the LORD JEHOVAH [is] my strength and [my] song; he also is become my salvation. 
12:3 Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation. 
12:4 And in that day shall ye say, Praise the LORD, call upon his name, declare his doings among the people, make mention that his name is exalted. 
12:5 Sing unto the LORD; for he hath done excellent things: this [is] known in all the earth. 
12:6 Cry out and shout, thou inhabitant of Zion: for great [is] the Holy One of Israel in the midst of thee.
(Isaiah 12:2-6)

July 2, 2013

Pictures of wedding

God is SO and soooooooo good, Friends!I`m so happy to thank you for prayers and tell you a little about wedding!

In the beginning the groom and the bride undersigned for a local Registry Office.

When they left the building, we congratulated them blowing in a soapy bubbles. They liked idea. Sometimes people shower of newlyweds with petals of roses, rice, whom than to be pleasant.  
I very much worried, and what if there will  be a rain? And what if the wind will blow not in that party? But everything turned out fine. On a photo it can't is so visible. Probably is not so successful photo. Because I ran, all solved, made pictures, was generally occupied. But it was so awesome and beautiful! Very much it was pleasant to newlyweds and they were delighted. The surprise means it was successful. And this is most important! :)

Then, there was a beautiful wedding ceremony in church.

After that there was 3 hour walk where friends, relatives, generally everybody, made pictures with the groom and the bride and who with whom wanted.

At the end of day all invited celebrated this lovely celebration at restaurant.

We not only ate, but sang, acted out a ridiculous scenes about marriage and played games. It was very amusing and cheerful.

One of games.Here the bride with flippers standing, had to burst all balloons in which there inside were coins.You can imagine, how it looks to burst balloons by flippers. :))) It was funny very much!

 Then the groom, by means of boxing gloves on hands, has to collect all coins on flippers of the bride. This game is called "financial bubbles". As it wasn't easy to collect to the groom coins, as it isn't easy to earn money what to support a family. It was so much fun!

At the end of wedding, newlyweds cut a wedding cake and treated all.

I`m so and so thankful dear Friends for all your prayers!God blessed this wedding soooooo amazingly!
The bride, groom, friends, relatives, another word, everyone loved the wedding and enjoyed this day very much!

We had so many little blessings during preparation and in wedding day.When we counted it was a lot!
Here are some of them:

  • The bride and groom had some trouble with renting car before the day of their wedding. But God so miraculously blessed to decide this trouble! 
  • Some part of decoration at church, I did for 20 minutes! About 40 minutes before guests had to come. Wow! I could not believe my own eyes! I was thrilled  and thanked God so much! Because I made same part of decoration before the day of wedding about hour and half. Then I had not time to do it, because we practised, prepared other things for this day and after it was very late.I went to sleep at 2.00 AM.
  •  I woke up in 2 hours, at 4.00 AM and absolutely felt very well thanks God. 
  • God blessed me in preparing of the program for wedding.All these weeks we prepared for this special day but I absolutely had not time prepared the program.Can you believe it? I was worry very much! And was ready to scream! What I will do? What I will say to the bride and groom, to guests etc, etc? I understood very well it was so important.I tried to find  a time every day but it was impossible. You will not believe! When I woke up in this beautiful day of wedding at 4.00 AM I prepared program for 2 hours!One more miracle! I believe with all my heart that my awesome Heavenly Father led and blessed. He was near me at this time.Praise God!
  • Many unbelievers came to church for wedding ceremony and could, not only saw but hear, how it should be marriage, relationship between husband and wife etc.
  • Some unbelievers, who did not like Christians, could be on wedding from the beginning and to the end. They were blown away by all things at this day and liked very much. They even took part in wedding party and helped in some things. Christian people who know them, were greatly impressed and could not believe their behaviour. We believe, they changed their thoughts about Christians. :)
  • And one more amazing blessing. We had rainy weeks lately. We prayed and pleaded Jesus Christ make a miracle. We checked the weather every day. At this day all forecasts said there should be rain. But it was not! No any drop! We all were so excited and overjoyed! The weather was amazing!It was not hot and even in second part of day was sunny. We wanted that it was nice weather for pictures. God did it!And rain was next day but not in wedding day! Awesome blessing!

THANK YOU so very much from bottom of our hearts for all your prayers!I believe, God made so many miracles because of your support, dear Friends. :)  It`s so awesome to have such wonderful and sweet friends!You are so amazing blessing!Many, many thanks and hugs to you!


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