June 28, 2013

Happy Birthday precious Edick!

This little angel turned a year today!Can you believe it?How time goes soooo fast!

Many thanks Friends!Thanks to your wonderful love and generously support, this little man is in loving family with his wonderful parents.He is such treasure and so smart! :)

Happy Birthday lovie!

P.S. He looks confused on pictures.Many people gave congratulations to him.So, he could not understand what  is going on. :)

June 27, 2013

Preparation for wedding

We are not able to visit our beloved dear kiddies and do some mission work.We will start next week.Because....?!Yes, you read correctly!We are in process preparation to a wedding!How exciting is it?!Yay!

All our BOM team is members of one small and very friendly church.I love my church so much!Brother Misha is pastor as you know.So, we have to do so many and soooo many things to be ready!

Some of our lovely friends, members of our local Bible Baptist Church Charity are going to marriage this Saturday, the 29th of June.We are super and pretty excited for them!It is so amazing to see and know how God knits hearts of beloved ones together forever!It is so romantic! ;)))

You do not have to do it...But we would be so kindly thankful if you, please, remember us in your prayers.We have super busy days, so many phone calls, all kinds of practise, so many shopping and so and so and so many. Pray for this day of wedding, for nice weather, as forecast shows it should be rain :( and for bride Lyuba and groom Dima as well. Thank you very much!

And I can show you some pictures here after wedding.If you are interested.Just let us know! :)

My love to all!

June 22, 2013

Gifts to boys

We are very glad could to visit our precious boys!
Thanks to your lovely donations, we were able to buy diapers and  very good britches to all boys!Yay!What a blessing!Thank you so much dear Friends!

For those, who does not know yet.
If you would like to be part of the ministry and wonderful blessing to these orphans, showing your love and care to the needy ones.Only $15.00 for a month can be VERY helpful to Monthly Sponsorship for Boys Institution. You can send your monthly gift  on the right side of the blog, at the top.Thanks a lot!

Also we could spend some time with kids.

But most of all we are very happy to see that our caretakers LOVE these children!We could meet the lovely caregiver E. in working time.She was dressing children.

And she changed clothes of wet boys.
This lady has so soft and lovely heart.What is SO important to these abandoned children! E. said, these children are as my children. It was such a blessing to hear it.She is as a loving mother, who are worthless for the world, pour out her love as much as she can.

And one more precious blessing was hear from caregivers.
Some MORE boys receive a special formula, children`s food, what BOM brings there!Yay!
Love this smile :)

It was so nice to hear.That organism of this sweet boy with such sad eyes, began to digest a food much better. Our caregiver said, when she started to work several months ago, he vomited after every meal.Poor boy... Now he does it not so often, when they began to feed him special formula for kids.Such a progress!

Andrew demonstrated to us his muscles.He stays a guy! :)

Thanks everyone, who reads our updates! Many thanks for all your daily prayers and wonderful support!You are such a huge blessing to orphaned children in Ukraine! :)

June 16, 2013

It is never late to get a new friends :)

Hello dear Followers and Friends!
I would like to apologize that lately I am not very good in update and make you wait for any news.Thanks for patience and faithfulness.We appreciate it very much!

Having shared about amazing visits of all graduates we had recently, I simply forgot to tell you about one more experience we had.There were too many pictures and events and I wanted to tell you about everything and forgot about it.But when I pressed "publish" the post, just in moment I remembered about one more thing.But it was too late so I decided to tell you in next blog post. :)

So, when we visited orphanages and had meeting with graduated orphans, God blessed us with new friends, who had possibility to meet our precious kids also in an one orphanage and shared about God`s love with them.
Kim, in pink shirt on the right side and Olga her interpreter with teens
 All kids wanted to know, why Kim came to Ukraine from America, what she is doing here etc.They LOVE guests!This young lady with all her sweet family are going to move to Ukraine soon and serve to orphans with special needs.How exciting!Olga is a lovely Christian as well.

All teenagers loved our new friends and we had great fellowship with them.
Then we had dinner at cafe and chating about our dreams and many other things.It was great day to meet this sweet follower of Christ in person with a big heart to orphaned children, who follows our blog during  a year already :) Wow!It is SO exciting to meet those, who "knew" you already.
It was fun and exciting day with our new friends!

 A man [that hath] friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend [that] sticketh closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24(KJV)

June 1, 2013

Sending monthly newsletters

Every month or two we send monthly newsletters to all our donors and friends.We are blessed to do it! Not all followers of the blog or facebook page are able send donations. Money can not do what can do friendship. Most important love and encouragements, prayers and fellowship! :)
Probably someone is, who love BOM and pray.Some one, who can not help financially but would like to  get our newsletters.Would like to know our prayers requests and blessings. If you are the person, who would like to get it.Please, let us know leaving your email in comment or send to bibleorphanministry@gmail.com or to glazovm@mail.ru We will be just happy to add you to our list. :)Thank you!

Also, if you still receive our newsletters but you do not wish any more.Please, let us know.We do not wish to bother and obtrude. It is important for us.Thank you!
May God bless you all!

My love to all,


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