December 26, 2015

Wonderful gifts to the young people

What a wonderful, wonderful blessings the young people received last week!!!! Praise God!!!

Love Olga`s smile :)

Lena was so excited!

They all were overjoyed as little children. Hmm. But who don`t like gifts?! Ha ha! ;)

Great helpers helping mommy and daddy to unpack gifts :)

Their joy and delight was no end!

Even Elijah was so happy by gifts that would not let anyone carry a box of gifts!!! It was so funny! The box was heavy. I have no idea, where he had the strength to carry this box! He is so little but so strong! Sweet kid.

Zhenya who never smiled before. Now she enjoys life and grateful for every gift from above.

Precious, sweet young souls... Please, remember them in your prayers, for their physical and spiritual needs.

We are so grateful to our generous friend, brother Kevin, who works very hard all year long that bless our young brothers and sisters in Christ such a wonderful and amazing gifts. Our thanks never will be enough how the young people were happy and amazed! Thank you very much!!!

Thanks to brother Kevin :)

December 23, 2015

A special gift for the young adults

Now is season of holidays all over the world. Everyone buy, prepare different gifts to families, friends etc.

But the young adults, who are under BOM support concerning about their special gift, it is housing. They realize that they do not have where to go and they may become homeless. 

The sweet family Kozaks. I love precious smiles of those 2 little men :)

And our beautiful young lady Yana.

Last year thanks to many generous and kind people we raised funds. It was huge and awesome blessing for what we are so thankful to God and you all! But some things happened unexpectedly and we had to spend more funds than we hoped and planned. Besides all expenses. Olga was very sick several times, so she was necessary funds for medical tests and medicine. After birth of Andrew her teeth became not good. BOM provided the help too. Also during the year Sasha worked maybe only 3 months. He has some issue. He struggle and trying the best he can. After spending all childhood in orphanage not seeing and not knowing what is the family. Many young people is greatly suffer emotionally. And they need our help as well. Thanks prayers of God`s children and mercy of Jesus Christ, Kozak family is doing much better.

Yana is great helper for Olga with her kiddies. When young mother need to go somewhere for a short time and more, Yana helps, when it is possible. Is not wonderful blessing from the Lord? :) 

Also, there often spend the night young people, who have nowhere to go or it is need to stay in the city a few days. Lonely or young families with children. Yes, there is a lot of kids often.Such a blessing! :)

Olga, Sasha, Yana and many young people need your help again. We can not leave the family Kozak live independently because they are not ripe emotionally, they have a lot more to learn, and most importantly they have nowhere to go with their precious kiddies.

We need to raise $2940 this time. $1,750 for rent of apartment for entire year. $1,100 for living allowance, food, medicine etc. And fee on PayPal. 
This year we need bigger amount because of unstable economy in Ukraine, clothes, food became much expensive. For example: rice %110,  meat %70, eggs %60, vegetables %34,  peas %50, buckwheat %150. Gas became expensive %285, heating in 3 times more, electricity %25, etc. It means owners will put price up for apartments also.  This month people received bills for heating around 800-1300 uah(hryvnia) ($33-$55) If a person makes per month $55. It means a whole his salary he should pay just for heating. There are no money pay for other utilities, food, medicine and other expenses.Pensioners receive about 1,000 hryvnia($42) pension. This means that they are not able to pay utility bills at all.People are shocked and scared. Sasha makes $50-60 per month.

Since we have a big problem with PayPal. We have only 5 days to raise at least some of the necessary funds that help these sweet young people.

We do not know, if we rise the entire amount... Because time is very short. But we will be inordinately grateful for any amount of money! Every day and every donation is very, very precious. 
Please, prayerfully consider the matter. Every little gift of love is very valuable and very able to help. Even $5 is precious in God's eyes. Can you help please Yana, Olga, Sasha and their kids Edick and Andrew are not stay homeless? Stay safe and warm. Present them this Special Gift .

No matter how much we raise, we will be grateful to God. He knows the best time and how much necessary. His time is perfect!

If you willing to save those precious lives, please send your gift of love through Blue button PitchIn on the blog. If you send through PayPal it will helps us do not pay fee, only add please a note "saving lives" or "for current project". Thank you! 

For those in the U.S. who wish to donate by check, make check payable to:
Bible Orphan Ministry 404 Greenview Dr. Caledonia MI 49316. Donations are not tax-deductible.

Thank you so much for your prayers, sharing the need or any participation! You are the best! :)
May God bless you greatly!

December 16, 2015

The door is closing...

 "Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us." 
Psalm 62:8

Dear Friends and Church of Christ,
we need your prayers as never before. BOM is in very big trouble... 

 Thank you to everyone, who has played a part in BOM`s life. We are so grateful for your love, whether you have shown financially or prayed for needs! Really. You are amazing! Thank you for bringing all orphans and the young adults before the throne of grace and mercy. 
But we have not a good news. We will not be able to get donations through PayPal after December, 28. A sweet and dearest family, who helped us for years, can not do it any more. God made lots of wonderful and awesome things for over last few years. But it seems the door is closing... We do not have PayPal in Ukraine and we need someone`s help. To make it clear for you. We have PayPal here but you can use for sending money abroad but not receive money. Our precious friends and BOM staff here working over this issue. And we need your prayers these days, weeks, maybe months... Please, pray God help us to solve this big trouble or open another door. He knows the best way. I do not have idea when. I do not know how. But I do have a peace in heart and I`m very thankful God. The young adults, who are under BOM support praying and fasting together with staff. Would you join in prayers, please?

Yes, we still can receive donations today and next weeks through PayPal. We can receive boxes and will be able. BOM can receive donations through Western Union or Money Gram. For more info, please email  
It sounds ridiculous. But, please, do not send donations through PayPal after December, 28. 

Thank you very much inadvance! Thank you for your love and support!!!

December 8, 2015

"I'm afraid to find my mother"

"I'm afraid to find my mother..." So words sounded on Ukrainian TV show, Говорить Україна (Says Ukraine), where BOM team has visited few months ago.

"I want to find my mother...". "I wish to find my brothers and sisters... " It sounds often from the mouth of the young people, who graduate from the orphanages. Some found, some no. Also there was a same desire of Lena(who is under BOM support) after when relatives Dasha were found.

One day someone called Lena and asked, if she would like to find her relatives. The young lady of course was delighted! But she was a little puzzled because she did not know anyone except sister Vita, who is under the support of other local Christian organization. Lena and Vita visit each other. Our girl was very scared go to television studio. So, here we are! To support emotionally our precious lady. We have a little bit experience and we know how it is. Ha ha! So after a while BOM staff and Lena were in the studio in anticipation of a surprise.  :)

I'll start in order.
The oldest sister of Lena, Tanya wanted to find her birth mother. She could not find her for some years. So, she asked for the help of TV show.The young lady was scared to find her mother because she did not know the truth and what to expect. Tanya did not know what a wonderful surprise awaited for her. Lena and all her sisters has no idea also. So, they all met each other during a show! Tanya even did not realise she has siblings. So, trying to find mother, she has found her sisters! Can you imagine what tears of joy flowed freely there?It was so emotionally! Oh, my! It was impossible to hold back tears. We are so very happy for Lena! And she learned she has a brother. But staff of television could not find him. Some people say he is in jail life term for murder. Some say he is released. But police and no one knows where he is or he is still alive... Also it was so sad to see how her one more older sister Ira survived... 

In first line from the left to the right, Oksana (BOM staff), Ira, Lena, Tanya, Vita, Alla (BOM staff). Above, Lena`s godmother and Misha(director BOM)

But no one did not expect how everything would turned, when all children have learned their mother is still alive, whom they did not see since of their birth!  All sisters were so sad to find out the truth about their mother who killed several siblings. She has/had 7 or 9 kids. One sister said 13. So, no one knows how many sisblins they have... But it was so very hard to hear like mother killed 2 of her kids.. One kid during a birth and second baby she killed the next day or so. Because the baby cried always... It was very hard to hear how she mock all her kids. Mother left on the street one her baby during a winter time, when it was frost, then she wanted to burn her. Thank God she was saved! Other baby she gave birth in abandoned and destroyed house and left her at hospital. Also she has broken legs and hands for another baby. The 2 houses were burned completely. A godmother of Lena told us much more heartbreaking stories what she could not say on television...There are so and so much to say. 
When mother came forward, she said that she does not know those ladies... She did not want to accept those young beautiful ladies, who dreamed and longed all life to see her and hug her! She ignored them...  Can you imagine how all sisters felt? What a pain of the heart! Everyone on TV show cried... It was so heartbreaking and so sad to see like young women were searching for their birth mother but she ignored them. 

After TV show ended all sisters cried and asked why? Mother continued to ignore and say, I don`t know you... Do you know why? Because of alcohol! 

It was happy and very hard emotional day for all of us... We were so happy for Lena, who found her siblings and Vita, who we know as well. Lena was greatly surprised and thrilled to meet her sisters! This is a wonderful reunion of relatives, who never saw each other. Amazing miracle! But how sad about their mother... We were coming back home with 2 different feelings in hearts. So excited and amazed about miracle in Lena`s life and so heartbreaking and so, so sad about mother...about whom Lena and her siblings knew nothing and never seen her...

During the show I watched and thought about so and so many kids we serve and how many of them suffer because of alcohol... How many of them stay at homes hungry, dirty, naked, crying, with broken hearts, fearful, begging for food on the streets or stay in destroyed and abandoned houses. How many of them survive and abused... How many of them have broken lives. Breaks. My. Heart... Devil destroys families and beloved because of alcohol... 

Fact. Ukraine has about 100.000 orphans. Can you believe?! 90% is social orphans, who have both or one alive parent but they abandoned them... In most cases, because of alcohol...

To watch video on Ukrainian and Russian languages. HERE Our Lena is in black dress. So sorry that no English. :(

December 3, 2015

And...More beds for orphaned kids!

Hello Everybody! The winter came! It was snowing yesterday but everything melted away already. We had very warm November what is abnormal for Ukrainian weather. But I was very excited to have a nice weather, except rains. Lol. I hope you stay warm in your houses and it is not pretty cold. :)

We are so very excited share with you all that 20 more beautiful beds have been made for precious kids! Awesome blessing!

If you remember we have started  this amazing project a year ago and 103 bed frames and mattresses have been replaced already. Pictures Here and Here and Here and what kids think about their beds Here :)

We have many precious helpers again! The old ones, who have a little experience and new, who were learned how to make it.

First 5 beds are ready! Yay!

It was so sweet and warms heart to watch how children were enjoyed make their own beds and help others.

Helped to make beds for little ones.

Precious kiddies

Administration of the orphanage has been amazed and surprised. Because those kids with whom they can not manage because of not good behaviour. Those kids were so active and such a great helpers! Maybe they are not 'difficult" kids as they are called there. Maybe they need just other keys that they open their precious hearts and trust you? ;)

Zhenya, such a sweet girl, who gradute this year...

Children were pretty excited and so happy!

We are so thrilled and so amazed by goodness of God to these beautiful children! We are so excited they have this wonderful blessing and can see sweet dreams and golden slumbers in their cozy new beds! God is so very good!!!!

We are so grateful to Change of Ukraine, bro. Daniel and his generous community, who make life of orphaned children in Ukraine better and brighter! Those astonishing blessings bring such a great joy to the kids! They feel loved and cared! Thank you very much to those who made it possible and is part of this amazing blessing!

November 18, 2015

We have done!

Hello everybody!
I'm glad to be back to blogging again! Yay! I was very sick recently and recovery took much more time than expected. We have a very large changes in the mission now. We all felt very stressful. But by the grace of the Lord, great love and tender care of many friends, gradually return to the old ways of serving the Lord. Your prayers for BOM and our lovely staff in the US would be very valuable and greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!!!

And so at last we can share with you the great joy that we finally finished Project, Preparation for the Winter! Praise God!
                                                                  (Proverbs 6:6-8)KJV
Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: 
Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, 
Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest. 

 We have been purchased some veggies and fruits before. Peaches, cucumbers, sugar, vinegar, apricot, garlic, green stuff for canning and much more. Here are more pictures.

Then, later, we bought hygiene, personal care items and more vegetables and fruits. Tomatoes, plums, eggplant, pepper, chicken and beef, canning corn, peas, pasta, buckwheat, rice, sunflower oil and many others. I do not even remember what else :)

You should have seen HOW young people were happy and amazed!!! Oh,my!!!

Oh, they were thrilled!!!

I really like how Sofia came out here! Is not she a cutie? :)

When we visit the precious young souls, we not only cover their needs but taught the Word of God and it is the number one priority!

At this time, we look after the kids so that parents can quietly, without distracting to listen to God's Word and learn from his wisdom.

Sweet families and young souls have preserved what was possible, and they are very happy that they have some reserves for the winter. Awesome!!!

A huge, enormous gratitude to all those, who participated in this amazing Project and has made it possible!THANK YOU very much!!!! Your small and large donations helped to see the hand of God in the lives of these young people, an astonished love and wonderful care. To make their lives brighter and more meaningful. Bring joy and delight. THANK YOU million times!!!

A little video of their joy :)

October 14, 2015

First time ever...

What a fantastic day had those beautiful young ladies few weeks ago!Those young 8 ladies have been first time ever out of the orphanage! Many of them are over 20 years old. Absolutely EVERYTHING was first time ever for these girls!Can you imagine not being out of the orphanage over 20-25 years old???...

They had never seen such a huge store and they were thrilled!When girls decided to buy juice and have seen a lot choice, they got lost and for a long time they could not chose what they want. :)

They first saw the scales and we have explained and taught them how to use it, how to weigh fruits and vegetables.

 They were very interested and excited to learn.

They had never seen a fish in the store and all kinds of it and were shocked that it's possible to buy it alive. :)

Ladies have never seen an automatic revolving door and they were afraid to go through them that not to get stuck. They laughted a lot. But one girl hurted her leg a bit. But then she was okay.

They first saw and learned how to use escalator. Most of them were afraid to get on the moving steps and lose the balance to avoid falling. Oh, no no I can not do it! they said. Some girls had to help by taking their hands.

How the girls were happy to ride on the carousel! Their eyes were shining and they were thrilled!!! Oh, my!

They have never been in a pet shop and never saw different animals. Oh, what is it?  Wow! look at this! What is the name of an animal? and many, many different questions were from their lips. This store was for them as a small zoo :)

 It was so fun!

Young ladies also had the opportunity to jump and have fun on the trampoline.

 They were so excited to ride in cars! It was so fun and they love it!!!

There was a lot of fun and laughter.

And the end of all the entertainments and fun, for the FIRST TIME ever the girls were in McDonald`s! Yay!
 They were waiting for this moment for whole year! Can you imagine how they felt and longed for? For some reason in the orphanage, we could not take them out of the orphanage so long. We prayed and asked the Lord to resolve this issue. Finally it happened! Praise God!!!

A few days before our meeting, the girls are constantly approached and asked. When we were going to McDonald`s? Is it true that we are going there? They would not forget taking us there? Young ladies were preparing for this event for a few weeks and hundreds of times asking employees about this event. :)

Girls had never seen franch fries and did not know how to eat. They had never seen a drink straw and did not know how to use and what to do with it.

First ice cream in McDonald`s and so on, and so on... And many, many, many more things were first time ever! Those beautiful souls were admired and they were overjoyed! :)

Day was amazing and we were so happy to see those precious souls smiling, laughing with sparkling eyes and with such happy smiles!!!! We thank God for the opportunity He gave us to bring such a great joy for these sweet ladies.
They all were soooo sad and did not want come back to the orphanage and asked to stay longer... :(

A one employer of the orphanage kissed and hugged us many, many times and said, You even can not imagine what you have done for them! All glory to God!!! :)

We hoping and praying take other 8-10 girls out of the orphanage. If you are interested, please email  Thanks. God bless you!!!


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