July 12, 2017

Journey and impressions about US(2)

Continuation of my journey to the USA...

Oh, how I was surprised to see the Ukrainian-Russian store in Washington! I immediately recognized the faces of Ukrainians or Russians. Store, food, nature, ukraine or russian-speaking people. For a moment, I felt like at home. ;)

Silver Falls State Park in Oregon is a waterfall lovers paradise!!!

The waterfalls are stunning!

It's hard to explain... But it's such an incredible and amazing feeling, when you walk under the waterfall! Terrific! I felt so very happy to experience this!

They are huge!

It was so fun at Olympic Game Farm!
Not only is there a pretty incredible variety of animals(buffalo, deer, elk, bears, yak, llamas and many more) in this little park, you can feed them while driving your car through it! I dreamed to see a deer near to me. This time I saw their incredible variety! Spotted Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, European Fallow Deer and others. Super excited! They are so beautiful! 

A lot of these animals are rescued from bad situations which makes me extra happy to see them livinging at this beautiful place. 

Buffalo got his head straight into the car!!!

Oh, Hoh Rain Forest...I could not believe my eyes when I saw this beauty! Just unbelieveble! It always rains.

This huge moss on the trees creates an impressive beauty and it seems that you are in a fairy tale.

 I was amazed by the silence of this forest. It was terribly quiet just heard as the drops fell down.

This is amazing place! It has blown my mind! God created this forest sooo very beautiful!

Kalaloch Beach. I also had the opportunity to see the ocean again! Awesome!!! I was super excited! It is very different from sunny California beaches. :)

It was a storm and a strong wind was blowing. It was quite cold. But this is a fascinating and breathtaking place...

It was funny when I watched the huge waves...

Suddenly, in a moment I was in the "middle" of the ocean! Wow! ;) 

The tide began. I thought I would be wet till the knee. Ha ha!

Ruby Beach...In itself the awesomeness of nature leads the souls away from sin and worldly attractions, and toward purity, peace and God.

It helps to grow into a deeper relationship with God by seeing many of the beauty that are so plentiful in God's creation.

It was so interesting to visit the store Dollar Tree. I was surprised that you can buy so many different things for a dollar! Wow! It really helped us with Baby Shaver what we had recently! It was fun sent supplies to my homeland. So I already have the experience of sending a boxes from the US to Ukraine!Thanks to our generous and dear friend!

Never in my life thought that I could be in Seattle!!! Wooow!It was awesome ride by ferry! It was an amazing feeling, a delight and an unforgettable experience!!!

Diver! Diver! I do not believe my eyes! I was so thrilled like a child!!! I guess I'm the only one adult, who made a photo with him. Ha ha! It's hard to forget the crazy Ukrainian girl. Later he met me at  Aquarium and said that it was fun to have a picture with me. And of course, took a photo of him again but without his diver suit. So neat!

 Aquarium in Seattle is amazing and so beautiful place!It's so cool not only to see many, many different fish, a huge octopus, interesting jellyfish, but also to touch the starfish! Yay!

It turns out that the seals teeth need to clean also! :))) The show was interesting.

The most I loved to play with a seal!!! I was delighted and super excited like a child! Look at him! Isn't it cute???

Watch a short video :)))

Dozens of seagulls overpowered me, when I fed them. It was crazy but fun!

Famous tourist Public Market Center was a lot like Ukrainian bazar :) But I never seen so many seafood and so big lobsters.

Oh yes! I could ride a monorail! It is so amusing!

The view from Space Needle is breathtaking!Wow!

When you look at the huge city and understand how small we are as ants before the universe. How insignificant we are in the eyes of almighty God... And how He is so good and merciful to us all sinners...

I had a blast and amazing time!I'm so grateful God greatly blessed me with this incredible time to see so many, many beauty and praise Him for His goodness and grace!

Thank you for your time and patience while reading this long post. :) I wanted so much to share the huge blessings and great joy that filled my heart! I hope this brought you joy as well!

Then I flew to Pennsylvania. To be continued... Next blog post will be much shorter ;)

July 8, 2017

Journey and impressions about US

I`m so very excited to share with you about mission trip and amazing journey I had in November/December! Finally, after 7 months I can share my impressions and delight about US! ;)
I'm sorry that it took me so very long! Every day we are super busy and it's getting harder to find at least 5-8 hours for the blog post. This blog post took me the half of the year! It seems I need a secretary! Ha ha! I have so very much excitement, impressions and I'm afraid that something is not to be missed or forgotten. The hardest part was to choose the right pictures among a few thousands. ;)

So, visiting different churches, various groups, meeting with many beautiful brothers and sisters in Christ and sharing what God does through BOM in Ukraine.

God greatly blessed in many ways! It was so precious to meet in person those who are praying for you several years already. You have no idea but when you learn it humbles your heart. ♥ Thank you dear friends! Or meet in person sweet people who you met through online. This is so wonderful blessing! 

So, the adventures began! The plane in Borispol took off much later. Therefore, upon arrival in France, and we had about 20 people going to Los Angeles, we were catastrophically late for the flight! We all the group ran like crazy! It was funny. It was so nice and lovely when the airport staff stood with "Los Angeles" signboards and directed where to run. Yes, yes to run instead of to walk! It turns out the plane in airport Charles De Gaulle was waiting for us when group of about 20 people will arrive from Boryspil! Wow! What a service! It was so nice!
The airport impressed me with its beauty, sparkling gerlandes in this period of the year and many things that fascinate the view. And I managed to take a few snapshots and even make a small video without missing an opportunity. ;) Craziness. Right? Hmm. Who knows when I'll be here again? :) And then I ran without feeling my legs. I could only see this in the movies, people running at the airport. And now I had to go through it myself! Now I remember it with a smile. It was fun!

Interesting and unusual lounges to wait a flight and rest.

I loved to use the camera and watch where we were flying! The flight has landscape cameras and it was amazing to watch! Wow! So neat!

My heart did not stop knocking in excitement.I flew to America again? Is it true???Is`t not a dream? You will not believe it, but I pinched myself several times to make sure that I do not sleep! Ha ha!

The longer I stood and waited for my bag, the more I realized that it had not come with me.Oh, no! Not again... When I approached to the airport employee and explained about the lost bag. He asked, "Are you Alla Vasilieva?" What? How can it be? How does he know my name??? It turns out that the worker already had a list of lost bags from France. It was so cool! Somewhere around 24 hours, even late at night my bag was brought to the address! Wow! Another great moment of service I was very surprised!
And I did not feel a jet lag again! God was so good to me!I was just tired because I could not asleep for 24 hours of flight. But in the morning I felt great!

So, I again could see the ocean!I was amazed that at the end of November the weather was so beautiful! The water in the ocean should be cold. Right? It was almost the end of autumn. I saw how several children swam. Should be "walruses" and not afraid of cold water, I thought...

Do you know what? The water in the ocean was warmer than in spring when I saw it for the first time in my life! Indescribable beauty and delight made me cry... I could not hold back the tears of gratitude to God for another opportunity to see the ocean, for the beauty and for those dear friends, who made this possible... Thanks to God for what lies ahead of me, so much all the unknown and beautiful ... For so many wonderful and generous friends, who have brought this amazing gift for which I am immensely grateful and happy!Thank you very much!!! ♥♥♥

Huge algae thrown from the ocean to the beach. I sad that I have not designated than to show how large this is.

beach Crystal Cove, CA

My dream was to visit a planetarium somewhere... And it came true in Los Angeles!I was able to learn about stars, meteorites. Even see a piece of the planet of the month brought by the astronauts to earth! Very interesting place. Also I was very impressed by the show! It was incredibly cool!

"Lift up your eyes on high, and behold who hath created these things, that bringeth out their host by number: he calleth them all by names by the greatness of his might, for that he is strong in power; not one faileth." (Isaiah 40:26)
It's so awesome to find out what is created by our wonderful Creator! After all, through this we can learn more about the power and mighty of God and admired by His creation!

What? A two-floor train??? Wow! I'm wondering how it looks inside ;)

I had a wonderful opportunity to see and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in America! I was eagerly awaiting this day! Hooray, I learned how to make a pumpkin pie! We do not make pumpkin pies in Ukraine. Such a great experience!

Some time ago I was presented a book by a sweet my friend. Name is "The KGB`s most wanted" Learning of what Josef Bondarenko faced during arrest, imprisonment, and loss of freedom for almost ten years in the merciless state of the communist driven society of the U.S.S.R.

The book impressed me so much that I read it in a few days! I have never read books so quickly. This book will help you learn the history of the U.S.S.R, understand the culture of Ukraine, encourages, inspires and motivates to great steps in the faith in God! This is the wake up call we all need. This is the real deal!Must read!
The wonderful blessing is that I had the privilege of  meeting with his daughter Vera, beautiful and inspiring sister in Christ!I was so very blessed!We had amazing time together!
Vera is second from the left
To be continued. In the next blog post I will contnue gladly to share  about my trip and adventures. In a few days! Don`t miss a post! You can sign up for notifications when I make a new post and follow the journey on BOM facebook using the buttons on the right side of the blog. Thank you! 

Thank you so much for your spent time to read, reflect and enjoy. I hope it blessed your heart!Have a wonderful day friends!

July 4, 2017

Baby Shower for two mommies!

As we are expecting 2 precious babies, boy and girl. We made a Baby Shower for two mommies. :)
I'm so very happy that the decoration of the hall took us only a few hours, not days, as it was many times before! We searched for information and everything necessary for this special holiday, then all by ourselves, cut out, drew, made crafts, etc. Although it took a very long time, but it was worth it to bring a pure joy and make a special holiday for mommies! ♥ This time we were helped by the fact that I was able to buy many things in the US in the Dollar Tree and send it to Ukraine while I was there. I loved this store! Thanks a lot to those, who helped to make it happen! I was greatly surprised you can buy so many cute and beautiful necessary stuff! So I already have experience shopping in the Dollar Tree and send parsels to Ukraine from America! Ha Ha! ;)  But and if it's serious, it helped me a lot to save time, energy and nerves.

So, we had such a wonderful and amazing time! We played funny games. It was hilarious!

Both young ladies live very poor and are not able to buy the most necessary items. BOM was able to bless sweet mommies with clothes, diapers and many different items for their babies. It was such a pleasure to see their joy and admiration!It is such a great blessing to bring joy to many souls, to see them smiling, laughing and happy!

Everyone was surprised take a small gift paper bag home. Candies, like a pacifier. It was so sweet! Everyone loved this special time! We thank Jesus for such a great time we all had together! It was amazing! Please, pray for the health of both mothers and their babies.  Can`t wait to meet them! ♥


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