November 5, 2016

I come back to America!

Yes! Yes! You are reading correct! I come back to America! Awesome! I am thrilled and so very excited!!! This is so amazing blessing for Bible Orphan Ministry and for me personally!!!!! :))) God is doing amazing things!!!!!!!

It happened so suddenly! God began to prepare my journey before I was invited. I see God's hand in so many little things that encourage me and give soooo much joy! I dreamed to meet some precious people, who support BOM generously and became dear friends. God makes it possible! God led one family from Pennsylvania to contact me a few hours before the flights were booked! I was not planning to be in the PA up to this point. But when they contacted me, I saw and understood through some moments and details that was the plan of God! :) Wow! So many wonderful things are happening! Thus, I will be in California, Washington and Pennsylvania 3 weeks in November / December!! So exciting! New people, new meetings, new adventures, meeting with dear friends and donors, sweet fellowship... and so on... So, what will I do in the US? I will have a meeting with donors, BOM friends, share about our ministry and have a sweet time of fellowship with those, who have become dear to our hearts :) I`m so happy to celebrate Thanksgiving in America and curious how people celebrate it! ;)

We are so grateful to sweet friends and families, who make it possible! It humbles my heart seeing God's grace and mercy that we often do not deserve... His generosity and love is so great. Our thanks never will be enough. ♥

And little sad moment. I go back alone. Oksana twice apply for US visa already and was denied. :( You never know God's plans... But we have to trust God that His plan is perfect. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

Little by little, I began to prepare for the trip... It seems that my heart jump out of joy! I get nervous a little bit. Ha-ha! I have to do a lot work before I go! It remains less than 2 weeks!

I would be so thankful for your prayers, please! For my preparing. For my traveling will be safe and sound. God will touch hearts of people about BOM ministry. And His will would be made in every step and action there. Thank you very much! Your prayers mean so much!

P.S.For more info, please contact Thanks. 


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