May 31, 2012

Do you know that..?

Do you know that we raised $1.546 for 10 DAYS! These are 70 % from an amount that it is necessary to help to the orphaned girls to receive new mattresses and pillows! It means that we are SO close to reached of the goal!Yay!I simply can not believe my own eyes!
Oh my !!!I seriously can hardly see through my tears!Look what the Lord has done! WOW!God is sooo good!Praise God!!!!!!

We are humbled and in awe of all things. Look, what the prayers of the saints can do! We are so blessed the Lord has brought each and every one of you into our ministry.We are soooo TRULY blessed to have all of you! We still need your prayers, sweet Friends!We still need your help to get our goal.We need to raise $660 more.Please, keep up the good work! Please, Pray.Share and Donate.Thanks a LOT!

"Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?" (Jeremiah32:27)KJV

May 30, 2012

Good and bad news...

This updating is about the father of our brother Misha and director of BOM.

We have for you good and bad news.
Good news, that prayers can do miracles. It indeed, our dear friends. Thank many your prayers the father of our brother Misha, is still alive.
This is real miracle. Thank God! Neither doctors, nor friends, nobody can believe in it that he is still alive! Each time our pastor Misha goes on funeral to the father and each time he stand up on feet and he become better. At this time he started to eat and he started to stand up on feet too.

And bad news. He has a sick heart and as the result other illness joined. It seems that he has the hypoxia. Also he had a stroke.When his son arrived to him, his father raved and didn't understand that occurs, forgot names sometimes, behaved as the child. Therefore to his son Misha, it is necessary to look after him, to comb, feed, shave, dress, to wash etc.and stayed longer time there.

Here what brother Misha says:
"I understand that not for long remained, though doctors say that such senile status can be prolonged still any time. 
Now he in such status that for me it become by pain to look at him, such helpless. Such to worry is very difficult, day after day, day after day.... And it passes day after day...; I shave him, I feed, I take him out under a hand on a yard (is very weakly), I dress, I sit with him at nights. Today had cut nails to him and nearly didn`t cry... After all I remember that once in the childhood he cut to me nails, and now I do to him, because he is unable. And sometimes I simply hug and say - "Father, I very much love you", and he is silent, probably, already understanding nothing about what I speak.So painfully that I nearby, and he doesn't feel joy from my presence, as earlier. It is difficult to tell and show the love, and it is so heavy to transfer it when your important words and your feelings to dear person are known only to you, and he doesn't know it, or - simply doesn't understand.

It`s heavy to look at him, but I love him, and he very much is dear to me. Difficult that this love isn't mutual, and is one way, with no strings attached .
I love him, even if he doesn't understand it, or nearly doesn't understand. I understood, though, likely and not up to the end how we are beloved by the Christ. I understood more that the love to my father became even more strongly not is dependent on any consequences in his life.
Though I am and in bitterness, but partly enjoy his presence... and probably in his last days..."

  Our hearts are broken with bro.Misha and it hurts.It`s so heavy to carry this burden...

He is so deeply grateful for all your many prayers, e-mails and support!It gives him strength and peace in heart, even it`s hurts. It helps him to carry this burden and see love of Jesus, through your great Christian love and care.He so much appreciates it.Many thanks, sweet Friends.

Dear our beloved brothers and siters in Christ, Dear Church of Christ, we ask you to continue to pray for brother Misha and his father, cover them in many your prayers, God give them peace, comfort and provide all their needs they have.Please, pray God will do His will in their both lives, what He wants...We know God will do what is the best even it`s heavy and you do not understand.Please, pray...Thanks a lot!God bless you!

May 28, 2012

Denied because of Down Syndrome...

I looked and cried.It breaks my heart... It were tears of bitterness and tears of happiness.

Elena Muzolevskaya wants to adopt a girl with Down syndrome, but officials forbid her to do it.
A resident of Simferopol Muzolevskaya Elena - qualified nurse and mother of two children. Hearing the story of Veronica - a girl with Down syndrome, abandoned by their parents, Elena wanted to adopt a child, but local officials denied her in this. In the studio, "To say Ukraine" to discuss whether there is in our country, unspoken discrimination against children with Down`s syndrome and why these children do not allow to adopt.

I`m so sorry that this video is on Russian. :( Probably someone knows Russian or someone who would help with it... It is necessary to watch!

One more meeting

I LOVE these precious smiles!Aren`t they cute and sweeties?Ah, we so love these darling souls.
The Lord gave the chance to us to conduct with them one more Bible lesson, telling about God's miracles and his care of his children. This time we told them story about Elijah how the Lord used him and made many surprising miracles/(1 Kings 17-18)

I told you early here that we made a puppet a raven who was a guest(in other orphanage) and told to children about Elijah, as ravens fed him.( 1 Kings 17:4) It was such joy to children at this orphanage too!
All of them so attentive and with amazement listened to what our raven Karkarona (her name) told. It was amazing and such wonderful moment! All children listened and looked at her with delight, in fact she was our guest. ;) Kids wanted to pet her and were soooooo excited!They LOVED her!

As the puppet of raven drew attention of children, it was easy to tell a remaining part stories about Elijah, what Nadia and made.It was awesome time!

Then we played game, "feed Elijah". One part of children hid slices of paper meat where the Bible verse was written and which we studied then. Other part of children, which were in a role of ravens, shall find this meat and bring to the protagonist of the Bible story, by other word to feed him. We had Nadia as prophet Elijah.

Kids were so much excited to play this game!They were so thrilled they should to find something.As they love to hide and find!The game was excellent too!

Look at this sweet boy how he is happy that he found this piece of the meat.

Then children did a raven craft. So that saved time at lesson and children weren't soiled in black color, we ourselves painted paper plates by black color, before going to this orphanage. It was necessary to paint 70 pieces. It simplify much more work of children. They should paste only a beak of raven, where it held the Bible verse that we studied. Also to paste wiggle eyes. Oh, how they simply adore, when eyes move at their crafts! And with help of brads to attach wings to raven, that it could "fly".
They were SO much excited to make this craft!And especially that it can fly!

At the very end of a meeting we congratulated who had birthdays. Oh, how they were glad to gifts! Before the lesson began, children already hurried to tell that they had a birthday. Some children asked:" Will you congratulate me and present a toy to me when will be a birthday in 3 or 4 months?" 
Many orphans wait these gifts for some months forward! Please send toys, cars, whatever you can.., that we could congratulate them. It is a special day in life of each child. You need to see their admiration and such pure joy when they receive them!
Our desire to make their special day, at least a little more joyfully and absolutely another from all common and gray days their lives. Please, remember that nobody congratulates orphans, and they so wait for a gift...Thanks!
 We had such great and wonderful time with these kids.

Well.With these souls, dear to our hearts, we can meet not soon... They go to homes on summer vacations. They go there, where for them don't wait, where they aren't loved, where they can meet an evil and violence, misunderstanding and humiliation.It so sad and breaks our hearts that here on the earth, they simply are necessary to nobody, lonely and thrown... Please pray, that God keeped them from any evil and troubles.Pray that they saw the God's hand in their lives, love and his care.Thanks a lot!

"But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God." (Luke 18:16) KJV

May 25, 2012

A blessing from Canada

I wanted to share with you what a huge blessing we received from Canada!But it is seems that we have two huge blessings! :)

The first. Many and many thanks to each of you for involvement in our new project, Sweet dreams of orphans. It is so awesome and excited to see that for couple of days we already have 37 % from that amount what is necessary to help girls. It means that we already have for 50 mattresses!!! WOW! What a great blessing!We are humbled and overwhelmed by your wonderful care and such open hearts. We are so blessed to have you!
Such huge joy to see, how the Church of the Christ  to cares of orphans and pours the love on them.It`s AMAZING blessing!
Dear friends, we thank everyone of you. Please, keep up in the same spirit, participate as you can, spread about this need, pray and donate. Even a small amount is beautiful seed which the Father can multiply! Please prayerfully consider being a part of this great project! Thank you!

The second.Look what we have, what a surprising and great blessing!We received a parcel from a dear sister in Christ, from Canada, who has such HUGE heart to orphans. Who does so very much for our dear children. Simply there are no words and I am speechless.All glory and praise to Jesus Christ!!!

Look how much we have and so many beautiful things. Soft toys to children, there are a lot of new and beautiful socks for girls and boys, the foam and are a lot of different items for crafts with children. Even small glittering stickers. I am sure. Children will be simply amazed!There are so many different things that I can't list at all.It`s awesome blessing!!!

 A some girl will be blessed with this beautiful absolutely new jacket. Isn't it beautiful?

And even there are a lot of different delicious food for BOM team.  :) Fruits jam, peanut butter, spaghetti, macaroni, mustard, peas, honey, lentil and much more. It is so fun to study and see something new from foreign countries!

Tell you, that this parcel came in time for a some reason.God NEVER is late!Praise the Lord!
We are so glad and happy!We are so blessed to have you and we grateful to God for each of you be part of this ministry to precious children, those who are unnecessary to anybody here.But you aren`t indifferent to their needs both their children's hearts and lives.You are awesome Friends and our brothers and sisters in Christ!Thank you!!!

May 21, 2012

Sweet Dreams of the Orphans - new project

 Dear our loving friends and faithful readers, brothers and sisters in Christ, we begin our new project -Sweet Dreams of the Orphans. The purpose of this project to bless orphans in their need with mattresses and pillows that they could sleep, forget about awful nights and with a joy thanked the Lord.
The administration of an orphanage asks us to help long ago in this need, but we can't help orphans without the God's help and providing.

 This orphanage has 90 girls with different special needs, age of 5-35 years. There are girls with Down Syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, mentally retarded, Apert Syndrome, delayed of developmentally and others. We visit this orphanage regularly with Bible lessons.It`s same orphanage where Annya received a wheelchair a year ago.It`s same place where girls received school supplies.It`s same orphanage where girls received wonderful gifts recently.

 Status of these mattresses and pillows the simply is awful. These mattresses are more than 30 years old! You can imagine what is there inside of mattresses and how it is not easy to sleep to orphans.In the inside of pillows are rags that does incapable to sleep on them. That causes mass of inconveniences and sufferings. You can imagine how heavy to sleep at night to children and as awfully they suffer. And if children with special needs sleep not enough or badly, it brings more problems both for children and for employees of orphanage.

Special inspection of orphanages requires that mattresses changed EACH 6 years. But the orphanage unable to provide all orphans and to solve this question.

Once we saw a sweetheart child that slept simply on this metal grid because of absence of mattress. The grid was covered just by a simple sheet. Can imagine how this child felt and suffered on this grid??? It`s terribly!

Seeing these mattresses and pillows simply breaks our hearts.And became a burden since then.There are no words...

The need is to raise fund $2.206 for a month, for all girls that to help to bless each of them,by a mattress and a pillow.This sum includes mattresses and pillows for all 90 girls and all fees.It frightens a little, because a large sum. But the need is more there.

But when I start to think as wonderfully and generously the Lord blessed our last project.How much we made with your help before in other projects, that just makes really smile, because we know that we have some very loving friends and readers who care, want to help and pray. You all make us grateful every single day for this wonderful community of friends we have and enjoy being a part of. 

Dear Church of Christ, dear our brothers and sister, can we do it together in one team, in one unity of Spirit for God`s glory and joy of precious children?Can you please help to make sweet dreams at nights of these orphans with special needs?

 If God gives you a wish, you can be a part of this great project, by these ways.

  • Please, share about this need everywhere you can...via e-mails, on social networks, at your families, at churches, with friends etc.
  •  Please pray that the Heavenly Father of these orphans would bless and provided in their need.
  • Also you can donate through chip-in on side bar of our blog.Please, remember that each cent and $ is very necessary and very appreciating.
Thanks a lot for involvement in this project, thanks for your tender loving care to these children and prayers. We very strongly appreciate it!God bless you!!!


About prophets to orphans

God gave the chance to us to conduct the Bible lessons last Friday and Suturday at orphanages.Here about one of them. 
It was great and wonderful day with children!All of them so rejoiced when saw and ran to us.It was such warm and friendly meeting.Having received lovely hugs from children, we began a lesson.

After we prayed and sang the song, we repeated with them 3 kings about whom we learned before, Saul, David and Solomon. Children attached figures and names of kings. We were surprised, delighted and are so thrilled that all of them still so well remembered all stories! It warms our hearts and brings such blessing that children remember, despite that passed enough time.

Also having remembered about Elijah, we told them story about Elisha at this time.

We love to make something interesting, so decided to surprise children. We printed Naaman and laminated, so it is possible to place in water without being afraid that it will become wet.We drew leprosy by a felt-tip pen and when lowered in water, it was gradually washed away. (2 Kings 5) Children were amazed and surprised!They LOVED it!
Rest of parts of history about Elisha and miracles, which God made through him, they looked on the animated film.So we continue to study prophets. Children already know two from them, Elijah and Elisha.

To solidify knowledge of history, we played game where children added puzzles. We printed these big puzzles that the picture would be visible to all children.
That who gave the right answer on a question, had the right to attach a puzzle. Thus we had the picture where the widow spilled and sold oil with her sons.(2 Kings 4:1-7)  Children were excited so much to play this game!They LOVE puzzles!

I love 3D operations! Therefore to diversify and make interesting training, made a gold Bible verse unusual. Having printed it in a big format that would be visible to all children, we decorated this picture, pasted fire from reaped paper, having glued cotton wool to make clouds volume. Also made foam leaves of palm tree and cocoes.It was so fun and I love it!
The Bible vese is: "But without faith it is impossible to please him." (Hebrews11:6)If you want to see miracles in the life, you need to trust to the Lord.

Even if it is necessary to work over any project, until late at night, (or to the morning) and to get up early in the morning that to go to an orphanage. You still feel tired and not got enough sleep. But dear friends, it is worthy of it! It is worthy of it how children admire and thrill! It is worthy of it to surprise children and to bring so much joy in their lives! :)

Here children do a craft, Elijah on a fiery chariot.
 We found many small boxes and made chariots having painted by red color to facilitate operation for children. They needed only to color horses, to attach fire to chariot, Elijah and Bible verse that learned before. And at the end to connect horses to chariot with help of drinking straw.
It was fun to work on that!
Isn`t his smile is precious?
I love these kids! They are such darlings and smart boys. They are three friends and finished their job the first at this time.Aren`t they sweet?

At the end of  meeting we congratulated those children at whom there was a birthday during this time.Of course, they love their gifts!Aren`t they darling?
Boys so liked cars that they started to play directly and other children asked to play. It is not surprising.Where they will take these toys to play?
Alla placed the bunny in chariot of Elijah and so played with it.She loves him. :)

These dear and precious kids permanently ask and so much plead to come and to them also.It breaks our hearts that we can't do it. But we very much and very much hope that next year, they will join our Bible class and also can study the God`s word and enjoy fellowship.

It was the last Bible lesson this educative year, in this orphanage. We can continue only in the following autumn. All children go on summer vacations. Our hearts are distressed from that they go there where for them don't wait and they often see misunderstanding and violence in their families. Please pray for these children that the Lord would save them from the evil and they saw His love and care.

Please continue to pray for the father of our brother Misha. He is not better... Probably our Director of BOM will stay there 2-3 weeks more. No one knows...It depends how long his father will be alive. Many thanks, dear Friends.We know, God hears your prayers!

May 17, 2012

One more great and fruitful day

   I am so excited to share with you about this meeting with graduates that we had next day after meeting before. This day and a meeting were very special and blessed. God is so good! He consoles and give strength in heavy days, He shows the presence, the love and mercy by His blessings.

Do you see this guy on a picture? This is Misha, one more orphan who is Christian, saved by God's grace. Two years ago when he came to us, he had no winter clothes, footwear, personal care items, often hungry and there were a lot of other troubles he had after graduating an orphanage.Maybe some day I will tell you his story. He still has many physical needs but he is excited to visit orphanages with us when he is able.
  This time he could testify, what the Lord made in his life. Also was huge blessing that he said about the problems, experiences and worries what he had, after the orphanage termination, to those, which children he knows and remembers. They are only younger than he for some years. He was in the same orphanage. And it was so impressively to see as children listened him carefully!They know him!

  We sang with teens.Brother Misha preached, gave manuals, warnings etc. We had wonderful meeting! We saw and felt presence of Holy Spirit. We saw as the God's Word concerned children and there were tears on their faces.Even a teacher was crying who was with us during this time.

   At the end of the meeting when our pastor gave an invitation to repentance. About 15 orphans walked to up front to pray! They asked that Jesus saved them and changed their life. Wow! Honestly. We didn't expect that! It was such HUGE blessing and SO impressively!It was amazing!!!We were excited and praised God!

Next pictures are teens receiving your gifts of love and  God`s blessing.  ;)

Kitchen utensils
Books "Thoughts for young men" wrote by J.C. Ryle

The pearl of God, Bibles

 Beautiful girls and boys, our younger brothers and sisters in Christ  :)

 After the meeting children didn't want to disperse. Our younger friends, brother Misha and sister Valya(in blue sweater on the left side of picture), told to teenagers what can expect them after orphanage. Oh! Do you know Valya also was in this orphanage? Therefore she knows these children and could tell what she knows and learned.What a great blessing!
 It was so fun that 5 of us, those who have been in orphanages before (Director Misha, younger Misha, me, my sister Oksana and Valya) could to be at this time and have fellowship with these teens.

  This teen shall move in the fourth time from the orphanage to another orphanage. Oh, how it is heavy... He cried. Poor boy. It was so heartbreaking to look at him. We could only hug and consoled him. Director Misha spoke with him about God's love. 
  Some of us(BO team) also several times moved from an orphanages to other orphanages and we can understand his pain and what he feels.Many children move to orphanages. Jesus gave us a privilege to tell to him that God has the special plan for his life... As well as in life of each person. "For I of know the thoughts that I of think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end." (Jeremiah29:11)

It was the last orphanage what we visited with graduates.The trip was simply magnificent, amazing and such joyful!The visit was fruitful and we are so happy. The Lord granted so many blessings that we were simply in awe.Director and all staff of orphanage were amazed by these wonderful gifts and thanked warmly too.

  We would love to thank each of you for acceptance involvement in this project, for your generosity, such kindness and opened hearts. We glorify the Lord that His hand wasn't reduced to enrich and fill need of orphans. We glorify the Lord and we thank for wonderful blessings and for saved souls of orphans. Thanks our dear friends! Thank you that you show God's love and you are feet and hands of Jesus Christ.God had so greatly blessed this project in many ways.We are so excited that from different countries such as USA, Ukraine and Canada many people were involved.Thank you so much for many prayers.It`s so amazing to see His hand, goodness and mercy!All glory to the Lord!!!
We love you all!

This short video is for you all. I don't think that interpretation is necessary to you  :))) 

Heavy but blessed

   First we would love to thank for many your prayers, for our brother Misha and his father.Tears leak as a stream, tears of the humble heart and great God's love, kindness and mercy.Thank you, our dear friends for your love and such kindness in these heavy days.Your Christian love simply melts our hearts and bring glory and praise to our Heavenly Father and Saviour.
  God hears your prayers, dear brothers and sisters in Christ!Thanks to your prayers the father of brother Misha is still alive. Though he is in very serious condition, but his heart still beats waiting for the last meeting with his son and a meeting with the Saviour in the Heaven. Also the Lord sent necessary finances that our pastor could go and see the father.It`s great blessing!Thank for your great love and kindness.
Praise the Lord for all His mercy and goodness!We are so blessed by His grace and astonish love!
Our pastor is on his way the second day already. Please, keep him in prayers and his father, Yuriy. Only God knows, how many days his father and our brother in Christ will be alive...Thanks.

   In these heavy days for our brother in the Christ and director of BOM needed to be solved, how to be, how to do correctly and right. The father on a death bed, it is necessary to be with him in recent days or hours of his life but he lives in thousands and thousands kilometers from here. And at this time we had only several days to say goodbye to graduates of orphanages, because then we wouldn't see them.These all things in one time and in two different countries... As though it was not sick and it is heart-breaking, the decision was made, first of all to say goodbye to graduates of orphanages, to tell them about the Lord, to give the last manuals and lead to the Lord, if God`s will. And it was the right decision, we believe! Yes, it was not easy but right.Our hearts are broken but God helped to do right decision and as the result, blessed . We prayed and asked that the Lord be merciful and prolong life to the father of brother Misha. So, we could visit orphanages during two days. The Lord  surprisingly blessed with huge blessing and the father of our director is still alive by mercy of Lord and thank your many prayers. Praise the Lord!

So, we could visit one more orphanage where there are graduates.It`s one of biggest orphanages.There are 31 graduating children, the 2 grades.
After a meeting, we could provide your huge gifts, showing your care about them. :)
The blessing is really huge! Isn`t it?

 Jewelry to orphans,  the God's word.
 We are so blessed could provide Bibles to these children.

 And the magnificent book, "Thoughts for young men".

The director (to the left of me) this orphanage was so struck! All employees of orphanage couldn't believe that blankets and utensils are for each the orphan. All were inspired, amazed and warmly thanked.
 Many children came running to look and admired looking what gifts graduates receive. Many small children asked. "Will you present too to us such gifts?" :) They were so sweet.

We had great time and were so happy that could provide these wonderful and so necessary gifts to these teenagers!

In next post I will share with you about one more huge blessing we have :)  Hope today. So, coming back soon!Thanks.


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