March 31, 2016

Update about little Lisa 2

We all, especially young mother Olga would love to thank you for prayers! Lisa is doing better!

She is still at hospital where she receives a special medical treatment and should stay there few more weeks.

Poor girl :(

 After 2 months finally we know the diagnosis of little Lisa.It is sad that doctors could not find the illnesses so long... But an one doctor did it for a week!

The stomach and intestinal inflammation and also herniation esophagus. This is a big problem for the little girl, because she can not eat a lot of different foods. Frequent pain in the abdomen and stomach. So Olga forced to buy a special meal that Lisa was on a strict diet. Also girl has a serious failure of the immune system.She has broken the autoimmune process.

Lisa looks happy and joyful often. But she has high fever often, pain in stomach, her feet cover by blue spots. She can not sleep at nights, feel sick after meal.

Thanks a lot to those, who generously helped greatly this little girl! We hoped that money will be enough for treatment also. But the money have been spent for many medical tests, treatment, food and so on. They have no money now and Lisa necessary continue the treatment. It seems it would take a very long time... The doctor said that every 6 weeks, Lisa will have to undergo treatment for 3 weeks. And there are 5 courses of treatment. It seems that it will take a year of treatment!Wow!

It seems most of the time little girl should stay in hospital. Instead play with her little sister, with her friends and classmates,  go to school as many kids, enjoy and have a happy childhood, she must to spend many days at hospital in other city. Her little sister miss her very much and her mom and cries every day. Poor kid. The hospital does not have a special games and treats for kids. There no TVset or other amusements for kids. No special food. Only bed and window where you can watch the nature. So, hospital is very boring as many hospitals. 

Olga has to pay around $40 for 3 weeks for a place at hospital. $2.00 for a night because they are not local residents. She has to pay around $200 for few more medical tests. Also funds for medicine. Besides it they need eat every day. Lisa can not eat food at hospital, only some kind. Hospital does not feed mom. She has to buy food for herself.

We kindly ask you. Could you please, help Lisa become healthier and live joyfully with her little sister? Could you please, bless this little girl with your small gift of love $5, 10, 25, 50 or more to continue the treatment? Olga does not has these money because she does not work. No one can help to treat her little girl. Her hope is only Jesus Christ.

We have a PayPal account. If you are interested to help little Lisa. Please, email us  at Thanks.But most of all we ask you to pray for healing of this little girl. God is able and powerful to do it and no need money! 

Thank you in advance for all your love and care! Thank you very much to remember this precious girl in your daily prayers! May God bless you!

March 11, 2016

A Nursery Room-new project

I`m so very excited to start this new project! Because of the little ones! Our church is growing little by little. More young people join, so and more babies :)

It is so exciting and such a joy to see young families at church with their kids.

 But we have a big problem. As we have lots of babies and toddlers now. Children do not have place where to play during a church that parents can listen a sermon or when we get together to have a fellowship.

They do not have a place where to sleep. This how babies and toddlers sleep sometimes :)

Mommies do not have a place for breastfeeding and change diapers. 

If toddlers can sit down with parents sometimes and stay during a church. They are learning :) But this is impossible with babies. Especially when they are crying, hungry and so on. We help young parents how we can but it is hard physically, especially when no a nursery room.

So, we are here kindly asking for your help. To renew and buy everything for the Nursery Room necessary around $1200. Our church consists about 70% of former orphans, who need the help. These money to raise is impossible for us. We have a very tiny room at church. But it is better than nothing :) The funds will be spent for furniture, such as crib or two, beddings for cribs, 2 feeding chairs, little table and several chairs for toddlers they can draw etc., dresser or any locker for diapers, blankets, toys and all kids stuff, renovation walls and the floor. It is not in good condition. Carpet for the floor and so on. 

Would you please become a blessing for little cuties? That they can sleep peacefully in cozy cribs but not on the floor, where is cold especially in cold seasons. Would you, please send your gift of love to little ones, they can develop well and play in Nursery Room that parents can no worrying listen a sermon and enjoy of fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ? And that mommies have a room where they can change diapers and feed their little lovies. ♥

Please, prayerfully consider this great need. Any your gift, big or very little is greatly cherished! To make a donation please, use the blue button at the top of the blog. 
Those precious babies deserve to be cared and loved as every child on the earth :)

Thank you! Thank you very much for prayers, kindness and love!!!! May God bless you!!!

March 2, 2016

One more nest for homeless souls

Some time ago we shared the picture of this young lady on BOM facebook and asked for prayers. The prayer request was very urgent! Yaroslava and her 5 years old daughter ate only once time a day. Because of this little Kristiana is getting sick very often. So, her mom can not work and she had to stay at home. But at same time Yaroslava necessary to work to make money and feed their little family. And one more huge need they had, they were homeless. Yaroslava were at many places and governments also asking for the help. She was denied everywhere. They had only few days and had no place where to go! Can you imagine thoughts and fear of the young mom?She was alone and had no hope.

But happened something incredible in lives of these sweet souls! This little family is not homeless anymore! :) Yay! We were looking all ways possible to help Yaroslava and Kristina. We could find nothing! So, it was only one decision to rent an apartment for them. God blessed miraculously! Because the owner do not mind that family with children live there! This is awesome! We even could witness him about Jesus :) Usually it is very hard to find apartment that owner  would agreed kids live there. We were so excited by kindness of the owner and saw the God`s hand in it! Praise God!

He gave us permit to move furniture and add what we would like.

We really like the apartment is clean! And we plan to add other curtains and more other things to make their nest more comfortable and cozy. ;)

It was sweet surprise for Yaroslava and Kristina. It was exciting to see their surprise and joy. :)

Also they do not eat only once a day! What a great blessing for poor souls!

 Our sister (Yaroslava has accepted Jesus Christ few months ago) is so grateful God! You would see her joy, sparkling eyes and kiss everyone, who bring food for them. Such a blessing to see happy souls! :)

But we have a great need! We rented the apartment with a faith that God will provide funds for this sweet family. :) We simply could not leave them on the street and let them stay homeless... Each month we need to pay $120 for the apartment. So, we kindly ask you for the support of this sweet souls. Would be someone interested to cover needs of the small family, please? Maybe 6 persons can donate $20 each month? Maybe two or one? :) Maybe Church or Bible group? Would be someone interested to devote a small gift of love monthly to stay them safe, cared and loved at the nest? 
You can send donations through PayPal account and leave a note "Housing for Yaroslava and Kristina". Please, email for more info Thanks!

Thank you very much, who prayed about Yaroslava and Kristina! Little girl is getting sick often and her mom has difficulties with job. Your prayers would mean so much for them both!

Many thanks for your support and love! Our thanks never will be enough to thank you all! Thanks a lot, who has provided the housing for the small family for a month and feed them! Praising God and celebrate the blessings in lives of the small family!My love to you!!! ♥


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