December 31, 2013

A dream that came true

I am so rejoice to tell you about awesome blessing what happened recently!

Most of you...I believe, you already "know" sweet Yaroslava, whom BOM supports.HERE I shared with you about some of troubles she had and how miraculously God blessed her. And mentioned her dream.

Since childhood, she dreamed of learning to play piano.But because of finances, even after graduating orphanage, she could not realize her dream.

But many years later, her dream came true and became a reality! Praise God!!!!!!

Faithful Heavenly Father wonderfully blessed! An one sweet woman, piano teacher in the U.S. has become a tool, and the answer to the prayers of Yaroslava. Today this lovely girl studying this instrument that to serve to the Lord and glorify Him, Who saved her and changed her life.Awesome!

But again, it was not without injustice to the orphans...
Director of a music school denied of our girl, because she orphan... :(
Does it seem strange to you? Orphans here are often faced with injustice. It breaks the heart of course, sometimes makes you angry or feel helpless... Often wipe their bitter tears and cried out to God for justice and protect these precious souls.

But again, God allows difficulties to happen because holding up something to bless wonderfully  and give the best that He has already prepared. (Romans 8:28) 

Also, in a situation with our dear soul. A one director denied to Yaroslava. The poor girl was ready to cry and was so upset. 
But in another music school, other director agreed and she liked our sweet girl. :)  Lord arranged everything just perfect and wonderful teacher and classes for weeks and a lot of different things!God is SO good as always!!!!!!

After the first lesson, Yaroslava did not go home but flew on the wings of joy. She was sooooo delighted and jumped for joy! It seemed there was no end of joy and she talked incessantly about her experiences and delighted. She could not believe that her dream finally come true! :)

The first steps playing piano 
We are SO happy for precious Yaroslava!!!Thank God that helped fulfill the dream of this sweet girl!!!!!!Special thanks to sister in Christ, Julie K.! :) Love you all!!!!!

December 30, 2013

Bad news. Prayers for precious pregnant mommies!

I have bad news for you dear Friends.

Recently, I told you that Kolya and Zhenya are expecting their second baby. But we learned that our sweet mommy may lose this precious babe... Please, pray for the health of our young mom and her little treasure. That this sweet family might rejoice, when the little one will born.

And more bad news and prayer request.
Our dearest Olga very poorly tolerates pregnancy.She has a very bad anemia. Olga suffer from this since her childhood. Never been treating her health in orphanage.Does anyone pay attention to this minor illness?

I was not paying attention as well... Until the doctor Olga said that it is very bad. This not only affects the development of the child and mother. But also in the birth process. The doctor said that there may be bad consequences with the child or the mother.  Or Olga simply  may not  survive during childbirth...

Here what I have found on Internet:

Severe or untreated iron-deficiency anemia during pregnancy can increase your risk of having:

  • A preterm or low-birth-weight baby 
  • A blood transfusion (if you lose a significant amount of blood during delivery)
Doctors said they would do a blood transfusion for Olga, if the hemoglobin does not increase in the near future.
  • Postpartum depression
  • A baby with anemia
  • A child with developmental delays
What I have found HERE
Iron-deficiency anemia during pregnancy is linked to an increased risk of preterm deliveryand low birth weight. It's also associated with a higher risk of stillbirth or newborn death, so it's something to take seriously.

We help our young mommy with iron rich foods but it does not help... And I am not very happy that Olechka has a bad appetite. Probably because of anemia?

Sasha is not happy doctor of Olga. He not once complained that he saw not a good attitude to his wife. Once a doctor appointed injections to increase iron in the blood Olga. When husband bought it, he read the instruction, he learned that these injections are contraindicated for pregnant women at all!It COULD KILL their baby!!!! Oh, my. Why are doctors so irresponsible??? But we trust them our life! So scary. Ooh!

Sasha complained chief medical clinic, explaining the situation. Chief doctor said that will deal with their doctor . And advised to continue to go for a visit, but do not buy medicine, those that she attributes, and to go to another doctor ( to whom she said ), and to consult with him.

Wouldn't it be better to change the doctor at all?I really do not know or they can do it.One of these days, Sasha is going to go to the clinic to resolve this issue.

In any case. PLEASE, pray for lovely mother, for her health and their baby. If earlier she was not afraid to give birth. Today she is very scared. Sasha also worry and is afraid of losing his dearest and beloved wife and unborn sweet boy. Pray they trust more to the Lord and for peace in their hearts.Thanks a lot!!

December 27, 2013

New vision and a new hope

One day, a young girl came to visit an ophthalmologist with a nurse of orphanage. It was an ordinary workaday gray day, is no different from other days of this poor orphan. She is blind in her right eye and the left very bad sights...
 What the doctor will say? Perhaps there is some hope? After all, day by day I see the bad ... Thought 16 year old girl, sitting in front of a doctor waiting for something better. 

-Dear, things are very bad and you need to wear glasses. Do you know about that? The doctor asked. 
-Yes... But when I wear glasses, my head starts to spin. So I can not wear glasses... Replied the young lady. 
-Well, then you need the eye-lens. Can anyone help you? asked the doctor again knowing she is an orphan.

And here burst into loud laughter. 
-Who? Her lenses? You laugh!Who will help her?Who needs she?-sarcastically said the nurse of orphanage. 

Like a sharp sword plunged into the little heart! Sounded like the last sentence. "Who will help her and who needs she ..." 
So lonely and helpless, orphan girl was ready to burst into tears in the doctor's office, barely holding back tears ... The words stuck in head,  "Who needs she..."

This is a REAL story of young lady, Friends!This is a real story of orphan girl, who felt this hurt and had no hope!
It's NO secret. That many orphans have to pass through the valley of humiliation and helplessness...Many orphans pass through the valley of fear and without hope for help.

But this heartbreaking story has a wonderful end.And this is one more wonderful blessing about what I was going to share with you all for a sooooo long time...

Today, this precious soul distinguishes red and orange colors. Before  this, all blended into one. She began to see more clearly and to distinguish shapes and images. Lovely M. even started a little better to see! How awesome is that? Praise God!!!

This beautiful young lady has a wonderful sponsor from Canada.For the past half-year, she wears lenses already and sooooo happy that God answered her prayers!She is VERY grateful and always thanks God in prayers for this awesome blessing. How amazing is this to hear a thankful prayer from orphan?

Recently we learned that this poor girl has no winter shoes and wears a jacket of her classmate. Learning the details, praying and thinking how to help her. We learned that her friend and beautiful girl O. also had no a winter jacket and boots. Oh, poor children...How it can be?
I know. I know how they felt... One day, I was also in the winter without boots at orphanage.

Seeing and knowing how they are cold. We could not bear it! You should have seen HOW they are poor lambs cold and trembling at the day when we bought the necessary clothing and shoes. Still not understanding the size and did not really see self in the mirror. They trembly from the cold,  hurried to report. "Oh, I love it! I love and it's exelent for me!" When we again asked: "Are you sure?" "Oh, yes, yes!",-they happily responded with sparkling eyes. They both were overjoyed and so happy!!!!

We so and SO happy God miraculously provided winter jackets and boots to these lovely young ladies through His children, who opened their hearts to bless these orphans.We are so glad to know they will stay warm this winter. God is so good!!!

Next year(in a few days, :) ), in summer, these 2 precious girls will join to our local church and stay with us , where we fully will be able to help them in needed things and support them. We are so excited!
They can not wait for, when this will happen also, as they have to endure a lot and to go through at orphanage. But they also very scared, because they do not know what awaits them in the future and where to go.They both want to enrol to some colleges.Would you, please, remember them both in your prayers? 

Can you believe that these 5 ladies are from an one orphanage?
From the left to the right.  I, sweet M. in blue, Oksana(my sister) and precious Yaroslava.And lovely O., who is not on the picture. But I guess you already saw her above. :)
Hmm. Don't you find it interesting what God is doing? :)

December 24, 2013

Wonderful news about Zhenya`s family!

Can you believe that Zhenya`s family moved AGAIN?Oh, my!Poor, poor souls...How many times they should to move to finding a better place?It would be so stressful for me...

This is very small house where lives Zhenya, her husband Kolya and sweet Vitya.Of course, the house leaves a lot to be desired...

It's like the girls opened the gate that the van drove into the yard.

 Zhenya has no washing machine and all the clothes she washes her hands.This is how dry wet clothes, even when there is no sun.

 Other side of the house

But inside is a small healthy man, who brings such a joy to his parents. Isn`t he beautiful? :)

 Even there only an one very tiny room, Zhenya and Kolya happily live there.We were very glad that house is warm. There is gas system, that helps to keep house warm.

That this precious small sunshine, grow and stay warm with his lovely parents.

Vitya has his first teeth. What a joy to parents! :)

It made ​​us smile and warmed our hearts. When serving tea,  Zhenya put the cup and dishes on the table, what were given to graduates of orphanages this year. It warms the heart and soul, when we  meet graduates, we see that they use the blessing that has been done by many of you. :) We are waiting to begin this exciting Projects next spring, a few months!

But the most wonderful news that I wanted to share with you. A one Christain lady has provided(gave for renting)  this little house to this precious family, absolutely free! They need to pay only for the electricity and gas. 
Kolya and Zhenya were forced to move out of this house. Every night came drunk people and harassed the family. Life became unbearable. This poor family were forced to move out of the house in search of another quiet place.

Kolya also found a good job. Seemed impossible and he was not sure he could find a job at all in this small town . But what is impossible for the Lord ? Just when this family moved to this town , the local authorities have started to build a bread factory and they needed workers . Thus a young father has a job! Even for some time, but he is able to feed his family. How wonderful !

Zhenya also began attends communities Christian believers. It's a bit far for them to come each meeting to our local Bible Baptist Church. When they can. They attend our church as well. Wonderful, what God is doing !

A few months ago we had an urgent prayer request for this family, as they stayed on the street . But look what the Lord has done! They have, though very small, but warm house. They are happy to live there! Kolya has a job. Zhenya started attending church services. And another. Little Victor in April will be the older brother! Kolya and Zhenya expect another baby. :)

So, so happy for this family!See what love and prayers CAN DO!Thank you, Friends!Thank you so VERY MUCH!!!!!!! I believe, thanks to your many prayers, God has done all these blessings. :) This is amazing what power of prayer can do!This is such wonderful blessing, when several hundreds brothers and sisters in Christ can pray together and bring glory to the Lord Jesus! How awesome is that? :)

Would you, please continue to pray for this sweet family? Both parents are former orphans, who still need so great support...Thanks.

December 17, 2013

Soooo many blessings for many precious souls!

Well. I do not know from what to start... Because my heart rejoices and triumphs! :) We all are blown away and amazed by the grace and goodness of our Heavenly Father!!!BOM received a LOT of gifts to orphaned children!Oh, my!It`s AMAZING and HUGE blessing!!!!!

We received huge 6 boxes!

Where were these wonderful and amazing things for girls...

and boys

clothes and blankets

many so beautiful dolls
 and food

 And then some days later, we received again 6 huge boxes!Amazing!

so many different goodies

 lots of food again!

love these cute pajamas

And even different blessings to staff BOM. So sweet :)

Some sweet souls already received these awesome blessings!

We were able to visit family of Zhenya. She was so surprised and soooo happy receive so many things!

It is so exciting! When we visited Zhenya we met there her classmate Tanya, who graduated an orphanage this year. We very hope will see her soon again!.. We meet more and more graduating orphans. It is so sad to hear their sad stories. But it is so awesome to see what the Lord is doing!
It is interesting that we met Tanya in perfect time!God is SO good!
I also have a very good news to you about Zhenya`s family :)

On the picture Tanya is in black jacket. Sweet girl. And in the middle, happy Zhenya. Love her precious smile!

Then we could visit Lena. Who was so glad and excited by gifts also!

Also other precious souls, Sasha and Olga Kozak, Yaroslava and Olya  received amazing blessings also.

They all were sooo thrilled and amazed!Oh, my! It was priceless and sweet observed for their impressions :)

There was so great admiration, delight and funny phrases. But we loved the most when. Yaroslava(in white T-shirt) was amazed that she always has found more and more socks. And always said, "Oh, I have so many socks!Oh, I have more socks!Oh, my!I have even more!" Also when Olya Kozak(in pink) was surprised to find a sausage there in the box. And when in the end, the same Olya Kozak asked. "Is this from Kevin?"(the man, who sent all these blessings). When she heard, yes. She said: "Oh, I adore him!"So, all laughed. 

Also they all were looking for a letter or postcard from brother Kevin, who sent it all. When Yaroslava asked, "Have you read your letter?" Olya said: "Oh yeah, where's the letter or postcard?" She was so excited and so impressed, when found it in the box. As you can see on the video. So, so sweet!

Special thanks to brother Kevin for these so many HUGE blessings and such generosity!

I already posted pictures and video on Facebook. But not all have opportunity follow on FB. So, I decide to share with those, who unable to follow on social network. Hope it blessed your hearts also :)
I am so sorry that not always able to share all events here.

Also the organization "Share the Lovies" blessed BOM about 100 stuffed animals! Yay!

Can not wait to share this wonderful blessing with kiddies!Special thanks to family Branscum, who made it to happen!

We are so humbly blessed and grateful for ALL your gifts, boxes and such great support! Our hearts SO thankful and bring glory and praise to our Saviour and Father of orphans!!!!Oh, my.This all is AWESOME! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

December 11, 2013

"I go to prepare a place for you"

(John 14:1-2) Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me... I go to prepare a place for you. 
These words Jesus told his disciples that He will prepare a place in heaven for those, who love Him and trust Him.But I would love tell you a little testimony, how Jesus prepared a place for His homeless children, here on the earth.

"For my thoughts [are] not your thoughts, neither [are] your ways my ways, saith the LORD". (Isaiah 55:8) 
This is what God said in His Word. Sometimes our thoughts and plans can not match or not accord with a plan of our Saviour. And as always, God's plan is absolute and perfect! When He does what planned, it leads to delight and surprise. You thank God in prayer for what God did and did NOT do what you planned. Your heart simply rejoices and exults! :)
 "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose." 

Do you remember, how wonderfully God blessed with housing our precious Yaroslava?Do you remember that we planned to settle down there one or probably two more girls? Some had very bad situation in families. Well. It was our plans and thoughts...

And several weeks later we had urgent prayer request for Kozak family. Because they had no where to go. They had to vacate the apartment, where they lived and move out. But where? Where to move? Where to go with the child in arms?Olya and Sasha were scared very much.All our attempts and efforts to find them a housing, were unsuccessful. :(

And what, if they will settle in an apartment Yaroslava? There's enough place for all of them. Two rooms. Everyone will have their own room.

So, our plans changed. We decided. We thought to settle  family Kozak with little Ehdick for a week or a few weeks or until we find them housing... But every day we see and believe that this is exactly what the Lord has planned! He knew that they had nowhere to live and He had prepared a place for this sweet family. It reminds me words of Jesus  "I go to prepare a place for you". And He did it!He already prepared a perfect place! Before we learned they should to move out. Wow! Is not amazing our Heavenly Father? I so LOVE what God is doing!!!!!

This is funny, when we looked for a housing for Olechka and Sasha. We called many agencies that help to find housing and no one could not help us! Is there NO house or apartment for rent, where is population over 300.000 in city?But this is what God has done!

So, today in one apartment what Jesus has prepared, live 4 sweet souls and 5th is on the way. :)
Their building

Near is trolleybus stop and grocery store

The room of Sasha, Olga and their little treasure

The room of Yaroslava. And Ehdick loves to be here :)

The bathroom, restroom and corridor

The little kitchen

Also somewhere in April Olga has to give birth to baby boy.Oh!Yes, they will have one more precious boy :) I think probably Yaroslava can help to Olga with children? Hmm.Who knows? That would be sweet. :)

Look, what God has done thanks to your prayer support! We are soooo glad to know and see all these precious young adults safe and are out of street thanks to your love and care.Thank you very much!

Oh! Somewhere in the end of Spring, in some months, we should to find a new housing AGAIN to Sasha, Olga, Ehdick, their little son and Yaroslava. Will you remember them in your prayers God will provide and bless? Honestly, it seems that God tests us also. :) Because it is absolutely not easy...Thank you!

December 5, 2013


Awesome!Awesome blessing from the Lord Jesus! Such amazing beginning.We are SO rejoicing.We have already $1,300 to hire caretakers! Praise the Lord!!!

Please, please, please, keep share, pray for our current project and help, if you can... Every $, every little gift, every penny is VERY helpful. Every a little blessing means a LIFE for these precious boys! Life, what can be a little brighter and feel loved. Caretakers are instead of mothers...who take care of them. 
Thanks a lot for your participation!May God bless you!

To bless boys you can through PayPal and leave a note that this gift to hire caretakers. Thank you!!!

December 2, 2013

About income and budget

   Often teenagers after leaving the orphanages or boarding schools are not adapted to life. Orphaned children have great difficulties in life support. They do not know with whom to consult, how to keep house, do not know how to build your own life and to organize leisure. Graduates of orphanages have difficulty in solving small household tasks, such as baby care, cooking, documents and many others. Often do not have the skills to simple personal care,  for apartment etc. They can not plan their budget. Teenagers and young adults just do not know how to manage money.

These children need very significant adult, which directed them to the right decision , help, support, showing the care and God`s love. They just do not have somebody to tell them, as it is usually do parents in families.
To help children adapt to life must begin from childhood, but with this not very good in our country yet. After orphanage support necessary to orphans as air.

So this time we were talking with young people about money and their budget.The meeting was wonderful and awesome!
Our goal was to teach how to manage money and why it is so important to buy  before everything vital things.

I like that reading the Scripture, children wrote down important things in their notepads.

Nadya then showed how many food you can buy for a minimal amount that would be enough for a week, for an one person. It was not difficult as knowing their income as government pays a stipend, salary, pension, etc. We took a minimum income. Of course it's hard to buy the all vital things for $125  and live a month for these money. But having personal experience,  our goal was to teach how to live, not to survive.Of course it was took into account that BOM helps some young adults with housing thanks to your support.

The teens were amazed! So many! Wow!They loved it! 
(On the picture is much less food than it was before) :)

Then Olga and Sasha helped putting food without knowing that this blessing will be to them. :)

Yes, these all 3 bags were to their lovely family.When BOM delivered it to their home, Olga and Sasha were amazed and so happy by this huge blessing :)

The funniest and ridiculous the situation was during the meeting. When these precious souls did not believe that all of these purchase at the bags BOM paid about $56. They shouted. "No! It's impossible! We do not believe!" They thought we paid much more. :) But when looking carefully bill, they were so impressed! 
Trust me, it was so funny to observe! We laughed a lot :)))
Of course, the income that they have. This is a very small amount. And buy everything simply  is impossible. Therefore, thanks to your wonderful and generously support, these souls are not on the street, get the necessary medical care, get the necessary clothing or shoes, personal care items, etc. So our goal was to teach to use of the little what they have, correctly and wisely.

And then we all (minus 2 more guys) had a lovely chat over a cup of tea. Continuing debate about the money :)

Everyone was so glad by the meeting that no one wanted come back home. So sweet. :) Everything was so wonderful and fun!Praise God!


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