January 30, 2011

Trip to orphanage

   On Saturday our team was able to visit orphans again.One part of team could have a meeting with older children 12-15 age.Second part of team could have meeting with smaller children 6-11 years old in this time.
The team with older children had very good time.They sang songs, had Bible study and fun time.Everyone was happy to have meeting this time.

  In class with younger children everything was not so well.This is special orphanage where are children mental retarded and  nervous sick.Some of them get a medication in special hospital for psychotic sick people.It is so heartbreaking to know some kids were there.It is worst place for children! We can not describe of few words how is there.Some members of team visited there some people.It is horrible place for people still same after communism.

Just tears and tears runs on your face and much hurt your heart because of people who are there.How they are unhappy, oppression and melancholy.People walk there like zombie after got a treatment.They eat awful food!It is often not soup but just water and potatoes.They never get there any fruits.In dining room they get just few pieces of bread.People all time are hungry there.If some one visit them and bring food they eat it with esuriency. It is look like they eat it in first time for few days!Women live in one big room.Same is with men.They steal difference things each from one other.Most of all food.So, they can not keep their things. Everything they have, they have hidden it under pillow where they sleep.Many not good things are there.
It is awful place!It is so hurt to know these kids get into this place  sometimes.

At this time several kids did some troubles.Almost in the end of lesson they were good finally.Their behaviour was no so bad. We were glad.

But one boy in the end of meeting did a one more trouble.Oh, no! Lord, please! All team was frighten to the death and we thought we will have a big trouble with administration of orphanage.After meeting we had talking with caretakers and they said everything is ok.So, we came back to home with piece in hearts.Praise the Lord!

At this time we met a new girl who came to this orphanage lately.She is 6 years old.She is first time in the orphanage.It is very sad but her mom was in same orphanage.We do not know reason why she left her small and sweet little girl there.A kid when saw us she looked much scared.She had big eyes, looked confused, afraid to speak.
But in the end of lesson she was difference girl.She smiled, did not afraid any more come to ask us something to help, did not afraid to ask any question.She is not afraid us any more.:) But we were in little shock when we gave a candy to children.This girl when recieve it, she was soooo happy!She was laughed, smiled.She told us, she adores this candy!How she was happy got it!Also she said she will leave this candy for her mom.Oh, poor little girl!


                                                            Is not she sweet?
Several pictures of meeting with kids.

Happy kids who received toys for Birthday

Children enjoy to play act of Bible story in characters.
Yes, we came back to home more late than usually, because of some troubles.We missed our bus, were waiting on stop some time and freeze as was cold much in the evening.But we were happy we able to visit orphans, everything is well and everything is not so bad like we  scared.

We understand and know now more deep we need more prayers, we need wisdom, we need patience, we need power and everything  what need to work with these kids. We are not perfect.We need the wisdom of the Lord all time! We need Lord all time! We understand and know the wisdom will not comes when is everything just well.God gives a wisdom just in hard time.

All these kids are creation of God.They are special! They need good friends, hugs, time, smiles, good words, our  love and love of the Christ and many many things what they can not receive from other people.We love them much! We love them much so we are ready come back to home  very much tired, hungry, our bus miss and walk to next stop for bus  in cold weather for a long time with heavy bags(where everything for lesson), spend half of day that to get there and after  spend time with them.We are ready to be sick in cold weather, freeze our hands and legs, lost our voices.We are ready to weep and pray before the Lord for their souls, tear our hearts in prayers and much more to suffer because we love them much! Jesus Christ died on the cross for salvation their souls! He suffered much, people humiliated Him, did beat of Him.He bleed to death because of our sins! So, it is for what we do for kids and we are ready to suffer it is nothing if compare with Jesus!
He is our Saviour, God, Shepherd and Friend!We have everything in Him! We are happy we have amazing God Who is Jesus Christ!

January 28, 2011

Talking about life of Jacob

   Today God gave us opportunity to have Bible lesson in orphanage K.What we like when we came there, children already were sitting and waiting for us.That was nice.After dinner they know, they have go to class and wait until we come.We had played games, had listened Bible story.
   We had spoken about life of Jacob when he lived in his uncle laban.That was funny.When we said we will be listen Bible story now.Some of kids had pulled of their hands and asked may i be Laban or Jacob and other character?We decided to change the way how to tell them story.That would be interesting to them.We took a flannel. Second reason for it.Last time we had 4 big bags.There were costumes for Bible story, Ukrainian borsch(we cooked it at home) and many other things. We bring some things all time what we need for lesson.Sometimes it really heavy. Our hands were in pain somewhat.
 Especially heavily when a lot of people are in the bus and also it is impossible to go through them when your stop. Sometimes it is need stand  on "one leg" and ride in the bus of 45 minutes. Because of a lot of people are in bus and their big bags.But is it ukrainian life.Sometimes it is funny. :)

Any way we are happy come to kids, tell them about Jesus and spend time with them.
This time children listened attentively during all lesson.
In the beginning we had a little puppet show.About a small mouse.How It was temptation for it to eat cheese.A mouse did not obey a mom and mousetrap did catch it.We have explained to children.Often it is a temptation to say a lie to any person.We must to obey God or a sin will catch us.

 Children were enjoy this little puppet show.

The Bible story about Jacob and his life in home of Laban.Some of children have helped to put flannel on board.
 The game.Children have to find Bible names of hero in this story.
 The game-stickers.We came up with an invention this game.We do not have opportunity to buy stickers.So, we print it in big format had placed a sticky tape on picture.And we have big picture stickers.Children really enjoy it!
                                                                 Next game
 Children enjoy craft camel with Bible verse.Are not kids sweet?
We were in surprise when they all told us the Bible verse what we had learned last time!It is amazing!We glad they remember and have desire to learn it!
We had blessed time with children!We are happy we able to visit orphans and tell them about Jesus Christ and His love to them!

January 26, 2011

We can not come

We can not come and visit orphans tomorrow in P. where are girls with Down`s syndrome.We have found many of them are sick and a quarantine is there.The quarantine will finish just in 2 weeks. :(
Also we can not go to other orphanage where are boys with Down`s syndrome for some reason.Maybe next week.
Please, pray for sick children.Thank you!

January 24, 2011


  Yesterday we able to visit orphans in social dormitory. We have few friends who live there.They did study in G. orphanage where we have ministry.Also we have met there a girl who is from U. orphanage.Where we also have a ministry.She graduated from this orphanage also.Most off all children live there from G.

  There about 25 orphans (girls and boys) live in one building and on one floor.They have their own rooms.There can live 2-3 persons.Of course boys and girls do not live in one room.But they have one kitchen and one refrigerator for all 25 persons.How they live there? It is terrible!Maybe some time i will say about it more.You can not say just few words about it.

  After graduation children from orphanage have to study in college.They acquire a profession a plasterer.They must to study there even you do not want.It is very bad they do not have a choose to find other school, college where they would like to study.But director of orphanage in G. he loves much children and it is all what he can do that help these children after graduation of orphanage do not stay on street.We were talking with him many times.The government is not interesting to help orphans after graduation.The Ukraine do not have any program, nothing for it that help them.

  Children are unhappy that they were study there.Because they would like to study where they want.They had many and many difference troubles there.You can listen them hours and hours.But they do not have other way...

  So, we could to have nice conversation with few kids.Misha Director of Ministry could to speak with guys.Sisters could to speak with girls.We had very nice time!We are not able to help them in their needs.Of course we would like and pray about it.But we have Bible, we able to visit them, we can pray with them, we can have a fellowship, we can tell them about Jesus, we can teach them about things what they need to know in this life,invite to church and etc.Some of them already visited our church.Some of them already asked Jesus to saved them. But there are much and much work with these kids.

 We all were blessed yesterday to have a nice time!We are thankful to Jesus for it!

January 23, 2011

We are so exciting!

We are so exciting!If God`s will we are going to visit 3 orphanages this week. In orphanage where are girls with Down`s syndrome, we are going to have there a special meeting with children.We need permission of director this orphanage that he will let us come there.Please, pray for it.Also we would like bring to children something else what they need.They have a LOT OF needs.We able to bring to them just candy.Please, pray God will provide everything they need.Thank you!

January 21, 2011

They were waiting

Today when we came to orphanage to have a Bible lesson.The children already were sitting and waiting for us in class.It was nice!We had almost 30 kids!God blessed we had a great time!

We told a Bible story about 2 brothers Jacob and Esau.How Jacob 2 times deceived his brother.Genesis 25:27-34;  27

We have read Bible and children were playing act of this story.They liked it much!Also we sang a song, have played games, have learn a Bible verse 1John 5:17(a)  "All unrighteousness is sin..." and have made a craft.

Also we have fed children a "red pottage". We do not know to the end what it was when Jacob cooked.So, we cooked a red Ukrainian borsch.It is seems red color also.Children enjoy it much! When they have done to eat, we understood here children often hungry.We know it.But when you see, you approved in it. Because they just came back from a dinner what they had 30-40 minutes ago.
They ate all borsch and asked us for more.Some children were licking their plates.Children do not have their own games or toys. They asked us to presented them plastic plates and spoons  what they have used already.Can you imagine it? They wanted to play of it! It is very and very sad children have ready to play anything they got does not mean what, because do not have toys or games.

Here children have to say what is inside of bags.It was hard for them.We explain to them that people often deceive of blind people what is sin before God.Their life is real heavy.Same Isaac was blind.His son deceived him.

                         After we told them the Bible story.They were enjoy of it!


                          Oksana cooked Ukrainian borsch and have fed children.

The game.Children had to answer to questions about story. After game we learn with them the Bible verse.

                                                      Children made craft.
We were blessed to  have this meeting with these sweet kids!Praise the Lord!

January 20, 2011

They missed for us and we missed for them

"We  missed for you much! We miss you often!" These words we have heard today all time when we came to visit orphans in orphanage, where are mental retarded girls.Of course, we missed for them too!When we came there they run to us to hug and kiss.It was so nice!

We had a great time with children!God blessed us much!We had more than 45 children on Bible lesson.Yes, it is a little hard when in one not big room are 50 people(with team). But we all were happy to see each other!

In the begining of meeting we congratulated 2 girls with Birthday and presented to them a Birthday gift toy.How they were happy! They smiled, their faces were shine and they showed to everyone a toy what they got!
After we continue a meeting with children.We told to them Bible story Tower of Babel, sang songs, have played games and in the end of lesson they made craft about Tower of Babel with Bible verse.They liked much their craft.Children liked most off all to build a tower from cardboard boxes. They enjoyed it.It was fun for them much. When children have done everything, we gave them sweet marsh-mallow.

Oh, dear Friends, you need to see their happy faces!We could give them just a one little marsh-mallow to each child.But they were sooooo happy!We have heard all time.Wow!It so sweet, it is so nice.They were much happy to got these.Many children never did eat it before!Can you believe it?! They all were shine, some children jump when they got it and show their hands that they like it! We were happy to see their happy faces!

The team pass out tracts and Christian literature to employers of orphanage also.Our Director of ministry Michael could to speak with administration of orphanage about Jesus Christ at this time when we had the Bible lesson with children.We are much blessed today that we had a wonderful time with orphans and we had a great time with some employers of orphanage too!Praise the lord!

                                                Children got the Bithday gifts

                                      Nadya told the Bible story Tower of Babel

The game

Nadya expalin how make a craft tower.


                                                       Children are making a craft.

 This girl we teach how to cut.She even does not know how to use scissors.It is very hard to hear from her all time."I can not do it, i can not do it." But little by little we teach her what we can.


                                                 Children get the marsh-mallow.

Also we have not good news.The principal of orphanage and other employers of orphanage asked us to help in needs of children and orphanage.They have a lot off needs.It is a big list.The biggest need is today matrasses and pillows for children.They still do not have it.Small children sleep under thin blanket.In Ukraine the winter is real cold sometimes.It is -10, -25C`


                                                 The matrases what use children

       Also some children have worn out much their winter coat.Children freeze often.

Also they asked us much to help buy a special fabric for embroider.Some children are talented much and they can to embroider very nice pictures.It helps them to develop and be quiet because these children are with mental delay.Can you believe children embroider so nice pictures!? In these orphanage are children difference.Some are much talented.Some of them does not know how to use scissors and hold of a needle.

A girl Annya still do not have a wheelchair about what we said earlier.

There are many and many needs what they have.
We do not have possibility to help them.Please, can you help these orphans in their needs, be happy and praise the Lord?

If the Lord Jesus gives you a wish to help orphans.Please, click HERE. If you can not help financial.You can help if you will spread the word about these orphans to other people. Big thank you on behalf of these orphans! May the Lord bless you!

January 19, 2011

A testimony of God`s grace

Dear fellows in Christ,
    My name is Yaroslav. I was born in a non-Christian family. When I was about 10 years old my parents got divorced. I did not know much about God, actually very little. My mom found another man and started to drink alcohol with him. My childhood was pretty tough. Because of drinking my mom did not have much money and I used to be hungry quite often. 
   But I had a friend Vasya who lived in a Christian family. They were my neighbors and they helped me with food and cloth. So time passed and after I graduated from high-school I wanted to continue my study in a local technical university but I didn’t have money. I didn’t know what to do. Mom still used to drink. No money. No job. No future. Life seemed so miserable to me, so empty.
   But one day my friend Vasya invited me to come to a youth meeting in his church. I agreed. It was a group of Christian young people. I really enjoyed it. They were so friendly and happy. They were different than other people I knew. We sang songs and played games. I liked to fellowship with them. They also told about Jesus Christ and how everyone can become a Christian. But I was afraid. Something restrained me.
     And then one day Vasya invited me to listen to an American evangelist Don Betts. It was very interesting to hear an American speaking so I went. I remember I listened very carefully while he was talking about Jesus’ life. And then he asked who would like to accept Jesus as a personal Savior. I realized that I needed to do that. So I came forward and prayed to God to forgive my sins and asked Jesus to come into my heart. I was very happy. It happened on April, 22 of 1999. I know God works in different ways, but this is the way He worked with me. I’m glad He did. I know when I die I go to heaven because I’m a God’s child since Jesus came into my heart! Amen!
    God has been very good to me. The same year when I got saved I won scholarship and entered the Technological University for free which I graduated from in 2004. I was so excited about the Lord that I also decided to find a Bible school to learn more about the Word of God. There was one school which allowed evening classes so I entered it. During the time of study we passed Bible tracts, preached Jesus and helped orphans. God blessed me with good friends. One of them was Michael Glazov. We studied together and used to help each other in the time of need. We prayed for each other and served the Lord together. It was such a blessing! 

     So I graduated from Beacon Bible College in 2003. A year later I was invited to the US to witness about God’s work in Ukraine. And the Lord really blessed my trip. I experienced an American culture and learned the way the ministry is organized in American churches and missions. When I returned to Ukraine the Lord had something else for me. God taught me a good lesson. The life in America was quite different than in Ukraine. I thought I could do everything by myself but I was wrong. I had to learn to trust the Lord no matter whether I’m in America or Ukraine. I realized that I had to humble myself before Him and wait until His time. I knew that His will for me was to wait until He shows a right place for me in the ministry. I moved to Kiev and got a job as a software engineer but at the same time I was trying to serve the Lord. I passed out the tracts, visited orphanages and hospitals, participated at the tent meetings and witnessed about Jesus Christ to other people. Many got saved! Praise the Lord!

     Sometime later the Lord led me to join  Bible Orphan Ministry which was found by Michael Glazov – he is also the pastor of Bible Baptist Church “Charity” in Zhitomir. I have known Michael for 12 years and I can say that he is a good pastor and a great friend. I am glad that we can continue to serve the Lord together just as we did when we were in College. I am glad I am a part of the team of people who love the Lord and who want to serve Him and I know that we can serve the Lord better together not just one by one.

      As I do not have any regular support at this time I have to work at a secular job to support myself. Of course I am thankful that God gave me this job. I know I can work and serve the Lord at the same time. But I cannot do much because the work takes a lot of my time. And I was thinking to myself the other day: “ok, Lord what do you want me to? I have to work to earn money but the work takes time and there is not much time left to do anything else.” And the Lord answered: “Just do what you can!” There is a verse in the Bible which says: "The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few" (Matthew 9:37). There is also another verse: “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19). So I know that if this is God’s will for me to become a full-time minister He will provide the needed support. I will simply do what I can step by step as the Lord opens the doors. Please pray for me!!!

You can read more information on the web-site and I urge you to consider becoming a part of this ministry by praying and helping financially as the Lord leads you.

Thank you!

God has answered better than we asked Him!

We have a big blessing in our Ministry! We have prayed for a long time and tried to find an easier and convenient way to donate to our ministry.Because the bank account what we had is not real good and we had a troubles whith it sometimes.
Our Lord is great and good Lord! The Lord has answered on our prayers even better than we asked Him! He sent us a Christian Yaroslav Yasynskyy, who is agree we use his account PayPal for donation. He is a member our team. We know him for a long time.Almost all team study in Bible College together with him during some years. He is a good Christian who tries to live pure Christian life, who loves to read Bible and testimony to people about love of Jesus Christ. God already used him many times in our ministry for His glory! We are happy to serve the Lord together to save souls, preaches the Gospel, visit orphans and help them in their needs! We are thankful to the Lord for great mercy to us!
Please, pray for our team!

January 15, 2011


Yesterday when i said about our trip to orphanage.I did not say all.Really i did not know need it to say or no...May be do not need to say about it...maybe necessary...I hesitated.So, i decided to say.

Yesterday we had one girl at class who was very upset.She did not want to play any game, she did not want to sing, she did not want a candy, she ignored it. She was just sitting and drawing something.We saw she was thinking about something. Later she has hidden her face and was weeping.She did not want to speak, she did not answer no one question.When the lesson was finish all children left the class, she did stay at class.She did not want to go away somewhere.Later we found she wanted to see her mom and papa.Oh, it is so heavy...

She just came back to orphanage from winter vacation.Now she wants to home again.I came to her, did try to hug, stroke her head and tell good words to her.Also i told her i was study at orphanage too and i understand her very well, how she feels.I remember very well when i wanted to be at home, weeping and prayed.Yes!I started to pray in this time.I asked God all time that my parents come and take me to home.It is very hard to describe what you feel at this time.Almost 20 years gone away but i still remember what i felt!

When i told her it, i was almost weeping.It was just a moment! Now i`m typing and almost weep.It is unusually! A big lump is in my throat about these kids who stay at orphanages and want to see their parents who sometimes do not want to see their kids...

I do not know did she hear me, i do not know did she wanted to hear me, i do not know did she accept my words, i do not know did it help her what i told.I do not know. I do not know answer to many questions.I just wanted to help her do not feel lonely, let her know that we and Jesus Christ love her.I just wanted she stop to weep.I understand we are people.We can not give a comfort and piece in hearts just God can do it.No candy, no nice and new toys, no good new clothes, no good friends can not replace parents for a child.We saw many tears of orphans who just wanted to be at home, to see mom or dad.We saw faces with tears who asked, please be my mom or daddy.

Dear Friend, who are reading  it now.I do not know are you Christian or are not.Bible says we must to have heart of feel with any person.We must to have a quash heart.

If you are a Christian.Please, pray for abandoned children in Ukraine, pray for orphans in orphanages, pray we able to come more often to these kids, bring to them hope, joy and love, pray God will change hearts of parents who leave their children in orphanages...



It is very sadly but we could not visit orphans today in orphanage whom we visit every Saturday.We have called to administration of orphanage.They let us know, children did not came back to orphanage still, from winter vacations for a many reasons.So, we hope we able to visit them next Saturday.

January 14, 2011


Finally the winter vacations had finish at schools and orphanages.And finally we could to visit orphans in orphanage again!Praise the Lord!

In the beginning when we came there we thought we will not have a Bible lesson, as there was a some problem.It is not because something bad.No, no! Some usual affairs of life of orphanage were there.

 We were thinking  come back to home, as we saw was not a chance to have a Bible lesson with kids.But we decided to wait some and will see what will happen.Maybe something will change and we will have a meeting with kids?We asked again a administration of orphanage.Can we have a Bible lesson with kids?They had let us do it.(We call to administration of any orphanage all time and ask can we come to children a have a Bible lesson before we go there?)
So, we wait almost a hour.Everyone was busy.Finally they finish some and we had a meeting with kids!

We had not many children today, because many of them were busy some affairs of orphanage.But we had a good time with other children!

Today we had Bible lesson about Rebekah is bride to Isaac.We played games, sang a song, have heard Bible story, made craft.But most of all children liked as they were played act of Bible story.We took some kiddies who wanted to play.Of course, they all wanted to play! So, we clothed them, read a Bible story and they played.For them it was fun, they liked it much!As these children are mental retarded some.Some was hard for them to play.We told them what to do and helped.They were glad much to do it!Hope they will remember this Bible story.

Kids are playing act of Bible story

Children are collecting puzzles together

Next game is Bible verse. "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding."Proverbs 3:5    We did hide the Bible verse in class.They had to find it and put in right direction.

Children are making a craft Bride and Fiance  with Bible verse

We hide surprises for them at this bag.They closed eyes and took it.Oh, how they like it!

Other orphans who could not be on Bible lesson with us :(


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