October 31, 2013

Housing again?

We call these recent months, September and October, "Months of Housing". We have to provide a housing for one more family. :)

We were looking for housing for family of Zhenya, then for Yaroslava. And now we have to find housing for a family Kozak. The owner has sold an apartment and we have to find a new home for them. We have only 2 weeks! This is a very and very short period of time! 
In addition, we need to help find housing for another orphaned boy. This is interesting what God is doing!

Olga and Sasha pray that God has provided them with housing. They have nowhere to go. Will you support them in prayer to God to set it up? That we will find not expensive and good housing for this lovely and young family.This is urgent, Friends!Thank you!

Also continue to pray for my health. The other day I felt a little better. But today the whole day I spent in bed again. Thank you very much for all your wonderful love, prayer support and emails. It humbles my heart in thanksgiving to God for all of you.
My love to all!

October 26, 2013

Quite a stressful week.

We have some troubles and this week is quite stressful for us. I feel very upset and disappointed. Some moments absolutely breaks my heart.My eyes do not dry from the tears. Several days already my hearts hurts... I very hope it is not because all these troubles. Would you pray, please? Pray God protected us from evil, pray for wisdom and strength,  do Lord`s will and see His guidance and good health for us. We really need your prayer support  these days.Thank you very much!

P.S. I have several updates for you and would like to share . I am going to do it every day. But...it is hard. I will do it as soon as possible. When I will feel physically better. Thank you for all your love!

October 15, 2013

Olga is at home

Hello everyone! I am very glad to tell you that our sweet girl Olga is at home, she is not at hospital.She is healthy and continues her studies at school.Thanks to your many prayers and support, she started to recover very quickly. She is very grateful for all the prayers and support to assist her.
Praise God for all His mercies and blessings!

Also as you can see on our thermometer, on the right side of the blog, we need only $261 to be fully funded. Awesome!Thank you very much, who is helping to support her studies and in her other daily needs!God bless you!!!

October 7, 2013

Terrible suffering and then be surprisingly blessed

I am sooooo thrilled to tell you amazing news and blessing!!!It seems that my heart now will jump out for joy and excitement. :)

But first. It is a heartbreaking and terrible story. :(
It is only a little part of an orphaned girl, who had so many troubles in the last few weeks. It is just a few things what happens with orphans after they leave orphanages.I will tell you a little what are the difficulties and trials meet face to face these lonely and defenseless children.It will be heartbreaking story with happy end.

Well. I will start from the beginning.
Do you remember that several months ago we asked you to pray for a one precious soul, Yaroslava?Do you remember that we did not know what to do and how to help her?All we could, it is pray for her...

Very soon, director of the dormitory where she lived , began to tell pressuring on her every day . That Yaroslava would enroll in some trade school. If she will not go to this school , director would kicked out this poor girl on the street. Of course Yaroslava was very scared and under pressure , with tears and fear she went there to study. But the worst thing is that she feels embarrassed there, because it's school only for boys. She is only an one girl of 22 boys of her group . At this school, where about 130 guys are only 2 or 3 girls . 
How do you think she feels like there ? Take classes, where you do not want , where you feel uncomfortable and pressure. Is it fair to acquire profession boys what do not need for a girl, only because not to be on the street?

Director of dorm promised that this sweetheart could live there for another year. Then, each day she changed her mind. That Yaroslava will be able to live just before the New Year. Then, just before December of this year. Then, she said different. And it was every day! One day, she said. You go to that trade school, then you must live in the dormitory of the school. 
Trust me. We saw this dorm. It seems worse than ever seen before! Windows and doors are beaten. Locks broken out. Torn mattresses on the beds, the beds are broken. Horrible spectacle. Moreover guys often fight with knives. Police there is often a guest. 
And the director wanted that this precious girl lived in a dorm for boys? This poor girl, in tears,  every day called me pouring out the pain of her soul....

Oh, my!It is so heavy seeing poor orphan in tears and feeling myself so helpless! All we could. It is give comfort her and pray trusting to the Lord.

Then in a one or two weeks again а trouble... 
Administrator of dormitory was cleaning all sorts of unnecessary things from one of the rooms, where there was a storage room.In that storage, all children(of the dorm) could to store their winter and various other things. 
Some winter clothes what belong to children orphans, including things of Yaroslava the lady threw to garbage on the street. It was the only one Yaroslava`s winter jacket, boots, and a few other clothes! Can you imagine the shock of these children??? What did they feel? Who would wipe their tears? 
With only a few things that belong to them, someone without their permission dispose of them. Throws in the trash, depriving the only one things.It seems that these "graduated" children still live in orphanage... 

When Yaroslava complained to the director of the dorm about this trouble. The director replied coldly to her. "That's your problem, deal with them yourself." And that's it.... :(

When children start to complain about the workers of  dormitory, they name-calling them rude and demeaning words. Humiliate them. There is no understanding, etc. 
Yaroslava not once complained about workers and crying about which humiliating and rude words they called them. The administration does not believe the words of children thinking them liars. Or may not want to believe because it is beneficial to them? 

Then this sweetheart was sick 3 weeks. She is now much better and she feels good. Glory to God! But another problem again...
One teacher from the school, where the study Yaroslava came and began to complain to the director dorm that Yaroslava shirk school.If she will not come to class , she was turned out of school ?What?

The director knew at the time that BOM supports Yaroslava . We bought her food and medicine . She called us and started to complain. We are quite well aware of this girl and we knew that she could not cheat. After listening to the director we have explained , giving her to understand that we believe more to Yaroslava, and no one to another, who was involved in this situation, we have never had any problems with her and that she really is sick. This woman unexpected that we will stand up for this poor orphan . She paused for a moment. Apparently not knowing what to say. After a moment, she said , "well I 'll decide problem myself" . But we knew well, who was right and that she will no longer offend this poor girl .

But the story is not over...
When Yaroslava felt a little better , the director has again started to put pressure on her. If she does not go to school, she would kick her out of the dorm . If I was a mother, I would not let my child in this state to go to class. But sometimes we are helpless ... 
At this time in Ukraine was terrible cold. Usually this weather is in late October or early November . But not in the middle of September! Many houses , schools , kindergartens , hospitals, etc. not heated . And many people have became ill . We were worried that Yaroslava not feeling still well, went to school, get sick even worse. But by the grace of God and the prayers of many , she feels good.

At this time , all students received stipend . When her turn came, Yaroslava  was refused . Explaining that she  shirked all the classes at school . When she started to explain that brought sickness certificate from doctor that she was really sick. She still was refused.

Poor girl again in tears, came pouring out of her heart . She had hoped that this money will be able to buy something to get dressed and put on shoes . After all her belongings thrown out , as I mentioned above. This is terrible! How it can be ?Where is the justice? This is a crime!

"Remove not the old landmark; and enter not into the fields of the fatherless: For their redeemer [is] mighty; he shall plead their cause with thee". (Proverbs 23:10-11)KJV

This is her field and money belongs to her!

We realized that the head teacher of the school, is up to something and is not going to give money. This precious soul every day reminded him of stipend. We decided to pray and ask God to intercede and intervene on behalf of this poor orphan. If in the next week, nothing happens. We thought to go and ask him. Why did he illegally holds the money of that student girl? And that Yaroslava went and wrote a statement about head teacher at the prosecutor's office that she would have given her money. 
The head teacher became even more angry and was not going to give this poor girl owned her stipend finding all kinds of excuses. At the last meeting, he threw her out of the office and having called humiliating her.

And do you know what? We did not have long to wait! Very soon, this man went unexpectedly somewhere. No one could understand why he just "left" his job without a reason. Later, everyone knew that he was caught in a very bad case and was disgraced for all the school. 
"A [good] name [is] rather to be chosen than great riches, [and] loving favour rather than silver and gold". 
I do not want to say what. It is very bad. But not because of the money. He was deprived of his actions because a criminal one. Now director of this school is looking for another head teacher or vice-principal. Woman, who temporarily replaces him, and found out the problem Yaroslava promised that next month she will receive a stipend for two months. 
We were VERY surprised that God has answered our prayers and so quickly resolved the issue. Wow!It is amazing!

 "Rob not the poor, because he [is] poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:  For the LORD will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them". (Proverbs22:22-23)

All this happened during little more than month...:( This sweet girl has undergone so much misery and hardship and shed so many bitter tears ... It's all horrible and heartbreaking ...

But God loves this precious and lovely girl! You will not believe, but Heavenly Father sent her housing!
A one beautiful and lovely family decided to support this beautiful young girl. God connected  their hearts by an invisible thread of love. :) They sent her huge amount of blessing, which is enough to rent an apartment for a year! Also they blessed her with new shoes, winter boots, autumn/spring jacket and other things! It is more then amazing!WOW!

When we were looking for housing for family of Zhenya. At the same time, we looked for apartment for Yaroslava. It was not easy. We had some difficulties. But God is SO good as always! :)

We decided to make her a small and pleasant surprise showing how God loves and cares about her. We bought flowers and balloons. And left a little message on the card.

When we were walking to the apartment, she absolutely had NO idea what is waiting for her! :)

There was a note which had a text:
Dear Yaroslava!
God loves you! He heard your heartfelt prayers and sent you this rented apartment.
Since this day you can not worry about where you will live next months.
Only live, be happy and thank your Heavenly Father, who always takes care of his children, especially orphans who love Him. :)

 With Love in Jesus: BOM and M. family <3

She was blown away!
                                                  She is such a treasure!

This lovely girl was AMAZED!And all time said," I am in shock. I can not believe! I can not believe!" :)

                                                     We love her so much!

This sweetheart said that she is even MORE then happy and hugged everyone :)

Then she began to learn her home.

Also she was surprised that there is piano. Honestly, we were surprised too. :) We know that Yaroslava dreams to learn play on piano. When she saw it, she start to play immediatly!She was SO excited!

We pray God will make it possible that her dream come true some day. It will costs her $50.00 per month. Maybe someone is interested to help this precious girl her dream come true? :) It is not late yet to get in music school. We do not wish she study at trade school for boys, where she is now and very soon she will leave it. If God gives you a wish, please email us bibleorphanministry@gmail.com Thanks!

This is not all! Yaroslava will not live alone. There is enough place for several girls! So, we plan to settle someone there.How is AWESOME this blessing?! :)

I am just AMAZED how God organized everything and did everything in time!

You will not believe it , but we know this treasure only 3 months! When we found out that she will have no place to live after a few months , we began to pray that God would be given her shelter. At that point, we had NO idea that we will support her, and that the BOM will take part in it. We invited her to our church , and since then , she faithfully attends every service . As it is very easy to talk with her , so we became friends with her very quickly. Then more we learned what she had suffered as a child in the orphanage and now. The more it broke in pieces and humbled our hearts ... 
After a few weeks Yaroslava will have to leave the dorm. Just a few days ago, she was very worried and prayed.  She just had no where to go! But God sent housing in time and she is very happy! Praise Him for that!!! God is awesome and amazing!!!!!!  :)

"Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow". (Isaiah1:17) KJV

October 3, 2013

Need prayers for healing

I was going tell you about some awesome blessings we have. But a some precious soul needs our prayers of healing during these days.

Olga student, who because of your wonderful care and support today is getting an education. She is very glad! 
This sweet soul needs $661 more to be fully funded! Our thermometer on the blog, shows that we are so close to our goal $1700! :) Great! Thanks a lot everyone, who is taking part in it. 

But on Tuesday from school by tutor was called an ambulance and she was taken to hospital with high fever. On examination she was diagnosed with purulent tonsillitis . Poor girl . Olechka is very sick right now and looks very sickly. She can not walk alone. When she stands up, she feels dizzy and feels bad. I do not know the reason . Maybe because of the high fever? 

But on the first day, when we came to visit her , we have not talked for a long time . And she decided to show us the wound on her hand opening it, because she already  putted a drip. It was a bit bleeding . She said, "Oh, I wish I did not show you it. I feel sick".  Poor girl suddenly felt bad  and fell to the floor. We have not even had time to react, because we did not think that she might lose consciousness! Oh, my! We're all frightened started to call on the help of nurses . We worried that she did not have a concussion because she hit of the head. Most  sadly that we could not catch her and give help . As we were talking at the door , through a special small window, where you can visit the sick in the isolation ward and communicate. All that we could shout it , knock on the window and call for help. We were very scared. Poor girl . Nurses ran in time and looked  fearfulness also . When we explained to one of the nurses that Olga girl from the orphanage , alone and she needs special support . The nurse started to calm us , that we would not have to worry , because there are all good providers in this ward . And they will take care of this precious girl . It's a little reassured us .

 Every day we buy it necessary that the doctor prescribes medicines and food. The hospitals are not well fed. If you no one will bring additional food, you'll be a long time to recover, or even more sick...

This loving soul needs your prayers now and these next days.Also, please, keep pray we can raise all necessary funds to help this sweetheart with education and getting medication to be healed soon.Thank you so much!


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