July 23, 2018

Please, meet baby girl! ♥

We have something VERY special, beautiful and heartwarming for you...Yana and Sasha have welcomed their firstborn to the world, a baby girl named Nadiya, Nadya(Hope). They call her Nadiyka. What a gorgeous family! Sooo very excited for this sweet couple!!! ♥♥♥

This is amazing blessing in the BOM family!!!Daddy and mommy love very much their precious daughter! It warms our hearts to see their tender love and care to their newborn. And little Nadiyka is everyone's favorite!!! ;) What a beautiful and lovely blessing in the BOM family!!!

Daddy's little princess ♥

Doctors were delighted with how wonderful Sasha cared about his wife during childbirth. What a beautiful testimony of God`s grace and love! Yana's birth was very difficult. But thanks to the wonderful doctors, the support of the husband and the grace of God, the darling daughter is alive and well, and Yana feels wonderful! God is soooo very good!!!

Please, remember this lovely family in your prayers.That God would have filled their spiritual and physical needs. That they both grow spiritually in love for God and for each other. And that God's will was done in their precious lives.

"The greatest desire in my life that my daughter to grow up, become a Christian and serve God!" Yana, mother of little Nadiyka


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