September 30, 2012

The meeting again

Such a great joy!We had one more possibility to meet our kids in other orphanage and to conduct the Bible lesson. We are so excited and so glad that again met them and could say what tells the precious God's word.

It so warms heart and gives hope. This such blessing to know, when children wait for you. We couldn't visit this orphanage last Saturday(as we visit these kids usually). When we arrived this time, children were so glad, and asked why we didn't arrive last week. And as all the time hugs, kisses, hundreds questions.It`s such a perfect and great joy to see these sweet souls again.We missed them so very much!!!

We had good time with kiddies.
At the beginning we congratulated who had birthdays, them was many this time.Oh, how they were glad of their gifts! Some children hid them to themselves closer to heart, others rejoicing, showed to the friends their gift. Some children so strongly wanted to receive a gift that invented their date of birth, if only to receive something.
When we sang the song, which they very much love, remembered what the last time and other earlier Bible stories learned, we could continue studying following according to the plan of history.All of us rejoice to "travel" according to the Bible, studying great heroes and what the Lord speaks in His word.

So, this time we had a story about the great prophet Elisha and about his many miracles, which our alive God created through him.

One of by miracle was, when the Syrian captain Neeman, he was healed having plunged in the Jordan river.(2 Kings 5
 As we had already printed Neeman's picture and laminated, (we made in advance) that wouldn't become wet in water. We drew leprosy by a felt-tip pen and when dipped into water, it was easily washed away. Children simply admired! "Look! Look! He already has no leprosy!" They love it! :)

Children VERY much love puzzles! To make it more fun, interesting and useful. We made big puzzles having printed with help of the printer and having stuck together sheets of paper among themselves. Then it covered with a scotch tape that could serve long and in other orphanages. We didn't laminate, because there is no such big a laminate and it costs a little expensively. Also picture would become very rigid. That would make problems at transportation. After all, all things to occupation with children, we carry with ourselves. Therefore for us it is important that would be not only it is colourful and interesting to children, but that we could carry it in public transport or in our mission van.

Who from children gave the right answer on a question on stories about Elisha, had the right to attach a puzzle piece to the overall picture. It was fun!
Then we studied the Bible verse."But without faith it is impossible to please him." (Hebrews 11:6)KJV

I like something unusual and interesting for children. Therefore having printed big picture and having painted by color pencils. We made a verse unusual. On clouds we pasted cotton wool, leaves of a palm tree, made of a foam and to a fiery chariot pasted a crape paper. It took certainly the whole day that to make. But children loved it! And for us this most important that they would like to study Bible verses, to hear stories by means of different interesting materials.And it`s blessing for us. :)

At the end we did a craft Elijah on chariot of fire with the Bible verse that children could remember history and the studied verse. All were very occupied. :) The room was full of children and it wasn't easy with discipline.
But children were delighted with the craft! They were excited very much  and  with pleasure did it. Especially they were struck when the wheel and a chariot could move."Wow!" :) We attached it with the help of brads fastener.
I so excited and so thankful to a friend, who sent to us this Craft book, Bible Stories and Crafts(old and new testament). I LOVE them!Crafts are easy and just perfect for our kids.It helps a lot to save our time, when we prepare for Bible lessons and is such great blessing in many ways.

It was so sadly and heartbreaking know that 12 new children arrived to this orphanage in the first class(grade) and some new children in other classes. So painfully  to know that many children on summer vacations having been at home, were hungry and parents absolutely didn't care of them. The majority of children of this orphanage, the social orphans, which parents don't worry and absolutely of them don't care. Therefore children remain on the street hungry, dirty, start to tramp, to steal, that somehow self to support.

They feel lost
 without hope
 and unloved...
 Please, pray God protect these children.Pray they love to hear the God`s word and Jesus change their hearts and lives.Pray, that they will understand, if parents abandon them, they have Heavenly Father, Who never leave and loves them more than they may think.

  "When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up. " (Psalm 27:10)KJV

September 28, 2012

Bible story to small ones

Hello to everyone!I had not blogged about a week. Oops! We stay busy as all time.

We so excited and so glad to see new followers of the blog!Thank you! Hope you will enjoy our ministry for the Lord Jesus and it bring you joy, encouragement and many blessings. :)

We are so blessed  had the opportunity  to visit small our treasures this week.We had absolutely amazing and such wonderful day and visitation!God is so good to us!

When we only arrived girls started to run together from everywhere. There was a lot of joy, hugs, questions, kisses.Everyone was sooo glad!!!
Because of a lack of time we had a meeting only with smaller children. The older girls were very upset that we couldn't hold a meeting with them. But nevertheless we all were glad of the meeting.

So, this time we told to our dear small friends Bible story about the tower of Babel. All of them sat so silently! It was amazing blessing for us!

 But at the beginning we congratulated, who already had a Birthday. You would see their shining eyes, when they received gifts. How they rejoiced and admired!
 After all nobody doesn't congratulate them there and gifts doesn't give. For these children it is BIG pleasure, to receive this beautiful and cute blessing from Lord Jesus.Thank you, friends for sending these blessings to the orphans and to bring a joy in their lives!
Look at this precious smile!
 When we studied with them a new song that a name of Lord Jesus is a strong tower, they had a possibility to listen and take active part during the story. Some kids helped to build the tower. They so were excited!

 Then they pasted stickers to big picture.It is good game helps them to study and distinguish to distinguish forms of drawings. They very much love it!
  Also by means of bricks or squares of a different form, the children built a tower. By means of this game we learned with them where a bigger and smaller brick.And they did very well!

 It was amusing, when one girl sat silently and it seemed didn't pay attention to all events in room. When we took her in this game. One caretaker told that she understands nothing and won't distinguish where a bigger or smaller square and is useless to take her in this game. But she was surprised that this girl found a square of the necessary form! :)

After learned a Bible verse with our small ones...
 we had craft project.
 They love very much to make crafts and so excited!

This sweetheart wanted to make picture  of her with her finished craft.Oh, you would see how she were excited to see her face on camera! :) It`s so and so funny!We love them so dearly.And we thank God for each possibility to have a time with them.
During the meeting with these dear kids, in a corridor the door was open, where several caretakers sat and could hear the God's word also. We are so glad that they can hear everything what is written in Bible! Isn`t it a blessing? :)

September 21, 2012


Praise the Lord!We have one more amazing blessing!Here I told you that BOM helped to an orphanage with gates.So, now I can share with you a picture of this beautiful blessing.

We are so excited to improve orphanage!It`s a great project and we thank God for His mercy and love to poor orphans!It`s so sadly I can not find picture of old gates. :(  There is big difference.These gates on the picture are absolutely new.Director is so and sooo grateful!She was ready to jump and sing!She huged and kissed BOM. :)

Thanks a lot for your support!Your support helps a lot to share Gospel with staff of orphanages and brings glory to the Lord Jesus. :) We are so blessed to have you all!

Beautiful blessing to little ones.

God loves and cares about orphans!!!

 Look at this adorable little girl!
How about this little sweetie?
 Isn`t she precious?
 We so glad to tell you that BOM was able provide clothes, jackets, to these little ones.They are soooo cute!!! Kids were so thrilled and said all time," look, how I am beautiful!" :)

 At the end they huged and kissed BOM staff.It was sooooo sweet and pleasant.
 They asked: Do you love me?Awww!
I love his smile!look how he is happy!They all wanted hugs, kisses...

 It is only a small part of blessing to small kids. Other part that was sent by our dear friend Susan, we will bring to other orphans, to our beloved ones.There a lot of nice jackets to smallest ones.It`s such a joy!
 We are so happy for our small friends, they could to receive such beautiful and such cute jackets.Staff of orphanage were amazed and so thankful!What a joy and big blessing!Thank you so much, Susan!
Thank you so much for your great support and wonderful care of poor orphans, dear Friends!You are awesome!

September 19, 2012

The last court...

It`s such encouragement to have those, who stay with you in prayer!It`s such great blessing to see and feel God`s love through your support!I`m so thankful for your prayers, dear our friends!It means more than you may think...

I don't know from what to begin and I do not know how to you to explain everything about court...

The court passed not well... Everything became against us. All arguments and facts that I gave last time, didn't help though are proved and it enough facts and justifications. Even evidence of witnesses that came this time, the judge didn't consider, as she asked me lead them before. Everything was somehow very strange, absolutely all another. I wasn't ready to such action and eventually simply became lost. Everything pressed on me... I was ready to cry hardly constraining tears.

Eventually the judge found our mother guilty (though there is no proof), and awarded to pay to neighbors the huge sum of money. I explained to the judge that not mother and not we have such huge money. Everything was arranged, so at me simply didn't remain a choice, as to give a land to neighbors... The land where I would like and dreamed to build a home to homeless teenagers, where they could to find support, care and love...The land I gave to the Lord with all my heart and such joy, it seems that we lose.I do not know...I do not know why it happens...

Everything is so difficult and confused. I still can't understand some things. If last time we had all possibilities to win court, this time all on - to another and wasn't any hope. Friends, everything is difficult so much... 
Having come home I cried all the time. It is hurts. Tears. Bitterness. In total as that is strange and it is not clear.It was so heartbreaking because of orphans...Because we love them dearly and dream they have bright future and roof over their head.

 I choose the way as Apostol Paul says:

"Now therefore there is utterly a fault among you, because ye go to law one with another. Why do ye not rather take wrong? why do ye not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded?" (1 Corinthians 6:7)

Jesus said:
"But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloke also." (Matthew 5:39-40)

I tired from this case...and want that everything will finish. Lord Jesus called me minister to orphaned children.So, I want to do His will, what brings me such light and pure joy, perfect peace, many amazing blessings and happiness.

We live in sinful world and God lets evil come to our lives.We meet injustice...I feel sad at these days, but life goes.I have to trust to the Lord, "that all things work together for good"...

 Job said:
"the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD". (Job 1:21)

September 17, 2012

Tomorrow court

Tomorrow, the 18 of September, will be second court.Please, will you pray with us? Many thanks...
 I would like, really want that everything will finish soon...

September 13, 2012


What a joy!what a joy!Look what we received!Praise the Lord for His mercy and goodness!
We are so thankful and so excited for each thing.There are a lot of beanie animals, construction paper, Bible craft book(for Bible lessons in orphanages) clothes for our newest babies, Edick and Timothy, gifts to supported kids, peanut butter, honey, Trail Mix, and much more.It`s so fun to receive different gifts to orphans and BOM team as well, from different sweet families in one package.

Special thanks to our dear friends and families Duffy, Katsma, and Musk family, who helping by so many different ways for BOM. Their family's adoption blog. We are so grateful to Sabrina, my dear friend, who not just support our sweet kids but blogging about BOM. This is one more great way to spread the word about BOM, about need of our precious kids. Probably some one is interested to help BOM by this way also? Just idea. :) We would be so grateful!

September 8, 2012

Windows and door for house

We are so excited and so glad that Valya`s house has new windows and door!Praise the Lord!!!
Thank you so much for all your prayers and support!Little Timothy is doing well and hope on Monday, they will be at home finally.Valya is very thankful for all your prayers and Christian love, what you show through your great support.Many thanks, friends!We so grateful to Jesus Christ to have you as sweet, kind and wonderful friends.God is so good!!! :)

Please, keep praying, because huge work still there are.Thanks!

September 3, 2012

The family is saved!

Look at this precious baby and beautiful mommy!They are saved from street life!We are so excited and soooo happy for them!

 This such young family has hope, future, joy and faith.Oh, my goodness!Can you believe that they have a roof over heads?They feel and see astonished God`s love and His tender care.
These teens not  afraid more and don't think, where they will spend the next night. They in the safe and nice and snug apartment. They are so happy that they have hot water and a place where to sleep!Sasha and Olya are so thankful that you helped them in renting  this beautiful apartment and saved them.They LOVE this apartment and so excited!
We are so thrilled that 3 dear souls are saved from the street life and nightmares!
We are SO grateful to all for your prayers and donations!We are so thankful to taking a part in their lives and to rescued them from horrible and stressful days.Thank you!Thank you!Thank you so much!Thank you to open your such kindness hearts and showing to them, WHAT God can do through His wonderful and amazing love!!!You are awesome!

We have one more wonderful blessing that is connected with this sweet family.Yesterday Sasha said at church, that he would like to be saved from hell, to be child of God and become Christian.We were so surprised to hear that!Wow! How amazing is our Lord Jesus!
I believe, Friends, that your great kindness and surprised God`s love, helped him become a Christian.Through your care, he saw Jesus Christ. :)

Sasha and Olechka are so young family, mother and father, wife and husband.They both stay as children ABSOLUTELY NOT prepared for adult life.They both are so young Christians and it is necessary to learn so many, and so many and so many life skills.Please, remember them in your prayers.Also pray, we can raise enough for renting of their the apartment.As we are far away from our goal yet.Thanks a lot!


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